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Fierce French-based producer Veak started to play Drum and Bass in 2004. Once he had perfected the Djing side of things he knew he would have to take the next step and started learning all about production in 2007. Veak is in high demand for his Dj sets all over Europe from his home town of Reims to the massive dnb movement in Germany. Veak is regularly booked for his high energy Dj sets fed by a lot of his own productions. His style is accross DnB / jump up / jungle and roller which he has perfected both in the studio and on the decks over the years. Veak has shared been on the line up along side names such as Teddy Killerz / Annix / Hamilton / Blocke4d / Phace / Supreme Being / Inside Info just to name a few.


  • Banger alert! This Serum preset pack is very well done, a big dose of jump-up / dark dnb roller bass effective in any situation. The basses are modern, clean, varied, very technical. Serum's capacities are pushed to the maximum for a groovy, dancing and dark rendering. Pads and synths allow you to craft really cool and unique intros. It's a real pleasure to find new ideas and make new presets from this pack. There will always be this current color and grain. If you do dnb, roller, jump-up, jungle, dubstep, deep dubstep you need this pack.

    High quality Serum Xfer presets! These presets are crazy nervous and efficient. The sound is shaped to perfection, creating variations is easy and very pleasant with this kind of high-end equipment. So you put your touch on it and you chain the bangers. Really looking forward to testing this new sauce on a big system. WAV files are really handy when you don't have Serum. Go there with your eyes closed, it's a hit.

    These guys know what they are doing, this sample pack is absolutely essential to your collection. The drums section is cut out for the dancefloor, the inspiration comes immediately as soon as you start assembling different parts. The synths and basses leave you on the floor. They are very technical, very clean and current. It really gives a smile to work with such material. Everything is already perfectly sharpened and adjusting, adding your touch is child's play. Let's go for the next banger.

    This high-quality small pack is really cool. Each selected element is of great use to be able to quickly build and develop a good dark dnb roller tune. The basses are powerful and very heavy, the effect on a sound system is monstrous. The drums are clear and crisp, exactly how I like them. The sound/atmos fx are perfectly calibrated for this style. There are hours of endless play with the one shot drums/bass, all you have to do is put your touch on it for guaranteed results. Your friends are going to freak out. This pack will greatly help you explore and cross to the other side of dark minimal dnb. I LOVE IT!

    I clearly took this pack for its masterclass Serum presets. The pack offers loads of variations of modern sounding basses. The presets are of high quality, very complex, current and infinitely modifiable to add your touch. It's really nice to think of those who don't have Serum and to have put the bass one shot in wave. The very affordable price makes this pack essential to its collection. Another banger from EST Studios, well done guyz!

    DYSTOPIA: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This series of packs is essential. A great richness and variety of sounds with a modern and sharp design. Designed for all lovers of hard-hitting new school drum and bass. Drum loops and hit drums are just perfect. Add any kick and snare from the pack to a top loop for a punchy and danceable beat. The basses are stunning, very technical and groovy. Synths and synth loops bring a particular flavor to each production. And all the ultra-useful content such as fx and atmos complete the file. Great art.

    Dread Hornz Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack has me totally hyped! I use this kind of sample a lot in my productions Drum and Bass, Jungle, Roller Dnb, Dub, Break Beat and it's pretty hard to find, unless you know an instrumentalist. Suffice to say that this sample collection is rather rare. The tempos are very varied ranging from 90 BPM to 140 BPM. The samples are super quality, very groovy, with just a few effects, bass and good drums you create a danceable track with a pure Reggae Dub vibe. The fact of having separated the different brass sections makes the settings and adjustments very precise. I validate 100% this pack!

    Reggae Rockers Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    I highly recommend this pack for any style of production where you need to infuse pure reggae dub style. The electric basses are groovy, very clean, some with the noise of the strings which gives a very appreciable authentic touch. Bass synths hurt! This is very effective for big dub sounds as well as more electronic productions like drum and bass, jungle, break beat and many more. There is a rich variety of bpm, you always find the sample you need. The drums section is really extensive and very clean. The different kits, loops in spare parts make it easy to build custom drums. The melodic part is also well supplied, the samples are current and classic, with fx or not, this gives you great freedom of construction in your productions. Well done guyz!

    Reggae Masters

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is a gold mine for me who seeks to restore a cool, modern and classic sound in my productions Jungle/Dnb/Dub. The loops are very effective and of very good quality. The big advantage is to have put the "Dry" and "wet" folders, it's perfect for arranging with your own settings. The Dub Fx folder is too cool and allows you to immerse the track in a good atmosphere very easily. And thanks to the quality of the One Shot file, you can rebuild everything and make it all sound your own way. Good job, I recommend this pack!

    Ragga Vocals Vol. 3

    Rating: 10/10

    High quality pack aimed for those wanting to bring that unique Reggae / Ragga sound system vibe. The recordings are really top quality, perfectly adjusted to the different tempos that we could use. The processing is really clean, there is no need to edit with an equalizer. With these vocals it only remains to bring the horns and the bass 808! This pack is truly a must-have to have in stock for anyone who loves: reggae, dub, dubstep, jungle, drum and bass, break, and many others. Full of inspiration & music ideas, great pack, great price!

    A solid pack with some great sounds! This pack is really good quality and is made with style in mind. High quality pack aimed for those wanting to a classic and original Dub techno sound. Full of inspiration, music ideas & great collection of classic dubby sound! This pack shines, especially in the Chord Loops, Vintage Loops, Atmospheres, with the filter and the delay so recognizable in style for all dub techno music producers. The Drum Loops are really well done and very practical, you immediately feel the vintage atmosphere you need.

    Here is an amazing collection of deep modulated synth and bass sounds full of inspiration and music ideas. This pack is ideal for installing a superb Dub techno atmosphere with high quality loops to allow your productions to progress quickly, all the elements are very useful. This pack shines, especially in the atmospheric & trippy synths / pads sections. The drums are percussive and deep, we can see that each parts had a lot of attention and work. I recommend this pack, must have it in stock for all style fans and others. There are no filler sounds in here!

    This pack immerses you directly in the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and meditation music. The tribal rhythmics are very varied and of super quality. The recordings of atmospheres and textures: water, birds, jungle, etc. are just perfect and very useful for dressing up the background of a project. This pack shines, especially in the melodic loops, they are very varied and of very good quality. Clean synth sounds, unique drum hits and FX! If you make relaxation or meditation music you must have this pack it will be very useful to you.

    Kazbo Chill Pop

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is very interesting the Chords, Pads, Atmospheres and the instrumental parts are very worked and high quality. It offers a variety of samples giving a touch of both Zen and Pop, which allows for an incredible mix of atmosphere and to be able to have fun on different tables which is very appreciable! I especially like the Chords and Pads sections in this pack but the Drums and Fx are especially useful and well done. Everything has been worked very well, there are no unnecessary samples in this pack. Great pack, great price!

    Eden Flow

    Rating: 10/10

    An efficient and very useful pack, all the Drum, Synth, Bass, Instr, Vox sections are of a great variety and have been designed with great care. This pack is ideal when looking to make relaxing and atmospheric music. The synths allow you to create a warm and soaring atmosphere very quickly, which keeps your project moving in the right direction every time. What I also like is this melancholy touch, it gives a very interesting tone to the productions. There are no filler sounds in here!

    Rygby - Hybrid UK Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    A solid pack with some great sounds! So modern, this pack is made for demanding producers looking for quality and freshness. High quality pack aimed for those wanting to upgrade easily the level of their productions. Expect to hear - dark melodics, huge punchy kicks, crisp snares, subsonic distorted 808’s and much more. The 70 Midi Files are so useful, really love the work of Rygby. Great pack, great price! Big work!

    Modern UK Garage & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is punchy as I love them! Big equipment to dynamite the dancefloor. Quality Pads and Synths, with sounds mixing old school classics and modernity. It's a very good collection of powerful modulated bass sounds, for all bass and dance music producers. Clean synth sounds, unique drum hits and FX! There are no filler sounds in here. Big up Sample Diggers

    UK Garage & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is really cool! With its groovy riffs and top production quality it offers a wide variety of purely UK Bass samples. The drums are powerful and particularly effective, they are very nice and practical to start a project and to be able to quickly develop our own touch. Also a lot of different basses and synths loops : funky, deep, heavy, clubby! Special mention for the Vocals which give a new color to any production. The midi files are very inspiring and varied. Well Done! Many thanks to UNDRGRND

    So dope! Fresh basses for Xfer’s Serum synth. High quality presets aimed for the dark side of the rollers. So clean and unique bass sounds from Document One. Really perfect to give Groove and punch to your projects for all styles of Bass Music. With a high level of modern sound design, the 50 Xfer Serum Presets are all very effective in a lot of situations. It's also very nice to have the Wav tracks, big vibrations and very practical. Very useful pack, big up Document One!

    Flo - Drill Trap

    Rating: 10/10

    This Pack is really amazing. The melodic Loops, are all Excellent. The basses, 808, Drums are all high quality and definitely so dope. There are no filler sounds in here! The style is really unique and totally interesting. Too hard to choose only one in the Music Loops folder. You instantly bring a catchy atmosphere every time to your Trap projects. Great pack, great price! Must have. Big up to ODD Smpls for this pack.

  • Emo Drill

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is very modern and already classic. All the Drums, Basses, Melodic Loop are amazing. I discovered Shuriken Audio with this pack and it's a real pleasure. It's very pleasant to work with this kind of high quality pack. The ideas and the atmosphere that this pack brings is very inspiring. This pack shines, especially in the Music Loop section, i love all of them. A solid pack with some great sounds!

    Dub & Reggae Horns

    Rating: 9/10

    Reggae / Dub music has found a place in most dance genres over the years, i personally like to mix styles, especially when it comes to Jungle and Reggae. This is why this Pack offered by Loopmasters is a Must Have for your sample collection. The Riffs are original and classic, the recording quality is optimal. Add in some reverb effects, sirens, vocal and you travel without moving. Highly recommended for the Dnb / Junglists producers! Come to experience true sound system pressure!

    Massive X DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Loopmasters offers you this Pack from Industrial Strength and it brings the fire and energy necessary for all Drum And Bass Dancefloor productions and more. It is varied, well supplied and always brings you good vibes and new ideas in your productions. The 808's, dirty reeses, subs, splashes, risers are clean, modern and infinitely changeable. Highly recommend for users of Massive X !

    Jungle Colossus 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Big up THICK SOUNDS for this one ! Highly useful tool, clinical drum workouts with weighty kicks and snappy snares being coloured in by sharp percussion shuffles and skittering hats. A large array of expansive pads, dirty leads, smooth keys, morphing synths. Love to use these Music hits and loops in my projects to have some punchy reggae vibes. Ultra pack with everything you'll ever need and a whole lot more in one. The Serum and massive patches are a great bonus. This pack is absolutely essential!

    OK, this is a big one! Such a massive collection of gorgeous female vocals. Offering a vibrant range of textures suitable for any kind of genre. A lot of wicked vocals in many different style, i also love the different FX versions. Pitched & processed shouts, soulful vocal touch or dark and gritty robotic groove, serving as the perfect addiction for all your production purposes. Beautiful, flowing singing into some serious vibing hooks to really get those heads nodding and those feet moving. Love it!

    Jungle Colossus

    Rating: 10/10

    I will be absolutely rinsing this pack! The beats are produced to high modern standards and have been organized into individual hits that is perfect for the beginner or expert junglist Tons of music loops, skanks, sax and the usual reggae vibes. Comes well packed with some nice fine brass instruments and the bassline loops are awesome! Not to forget its nice lush FX sounds and Synth Sounds. Highly recommended.

    I'm a big fan of Fourward's music.It's a pleasure to open and enjoy it !High quality samples, there's inventive sound design, the synths and pads haunting and the drums are satisfyingly wonky and original. The bass loops hit exactly where they need to, really feeling the variation section of music & synth loops. A big thumbs up to Fourward and salute on this one!

    Vocals With Attitude

    Rating: 9/10

    I'm always looking for Soul and Funk vocals to add warm and color in my Jungle / Dnb productions. These are very clean, varied, pre-cut and easy to use. As well as the original version of the voice there is a whole series of versions with different effects, which can save time in perfect settings. Would work great as pitched or distorted. There are 5 kits with a full spectrum of vocal elements for each and you also get 2 folders of additional shouts and phrases. It's a nice touch to have the text for the lyrics in the pack. It's really cool vocal soundsets from Loopmasters.

    Dub & Reggae Sirens

    Rating: 9/10

    A really good choice of dub reggae sirens. It's exactly what you need to have original sound clash sound on your jungle tunes! This collection will fill the space between transitions and breathe new life to your productions. That's deffo a wicked selection of reggae dub FX, the sound quality and timbres are great. Useful well organised pack of sounds for Drum and Bass, Jungle, Dubwise, Reggae, Jungle, Would recommend.

    I really like Whiney’s productions, it's a pleasure to open and enjoy this pack! This pack is wicked and brings huge offerings of tight snares, big basslines and amazing sound fx. The bass one shots are fat yet clean. A lot of clean, spicy, classic and modern drum parts and drum loops. Brilliant selection of melody and one shots of powerful synths and real instruments sound. FX are cool and original with a whole lot of textures. Great arsenal to do Drum and Bass, Roller Drum and Bass, Jungle, Deep Jungle. Excellent as expected from Whiney

    Dub & Reggae XL Vol2

    Rating: 9/10

    Outstanding producers package for you reggae jungle junkies! You get Keys that give you a good option and choice to start your tracks off setting the sound palette for your next dub-plates. Supreme quality content, really high quality Horns, Bass & Guitar loops. Perc parts and loops are really cool to do tribal rhythms. I really enjoy working with this sample pack there's everything you need for a dub infused drum and bass / Jungle tune. A mighty fine collection of new and old school sounds! I highly recommend this big tings for all jungle and dub lovers.


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