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M.C.D (THE GAME SHOP) is a manipulator, synth player, DJ and composer of the rock drum & bass band THE GAME SHOP from Japan.


  • it's completeness modern Jungle is about Jungle Cakes for me. if you have this you can make Jungle sound simply. break beats is separated so you can choose the one you want and you can use to effect to each of parts. that's very appreciated!!

    Good sample pack!! Vadim - Urban Dub & Modern Dancehall has a lot of samples, they are realistic sounds. Acapellas are good too. Drums are groovy and rich in pattern I can create many tracks with this pack

    Atmospheric Drum N Bass is good sample pack!! many loops and one shots if you like bpm172, don’t get lost. drum loops give groove to your track and sound better. if you get stuck in your creating, melody loops Inflate your imagination

    13 String KOTO

    Rating: 9/10

    13 String KOTO pack is very cooooool stuff!! Sounds are very realistic, and unusual. Japanese musical instruments sample pack are few on I can't make different tracks. I hope to make more of these.

    Complex DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    nice work! I love this pack. Out of all these, I like "CDNB_Kick_Pump_FRK" best. It's simple, clean low end and just right pitch. and there is excellence synth stabs F~A keys. If you use to inspiration Kits, your track be completed soon.

    Yes, I like this pack very well. If you want to more spice for your tracks, this pack is better I think that. there is a lot of sound effect for dark and spacey. I like it. it's right voice sound for intro and pre drop.


    Rating: 7/10

    nice work! it's many repertorie and very good design. I can use to this pack for atmosphere and some sound fx. I recommend for producer who uses mechanical sounds. game sound producer too. you are good to have this pack.

    Dubstep Mechatron

    Rating: 7/10

    Dubstep Mecharon by Loopmasters powerful synth sounds specialize in Dubstep and similar genres. there is a lot of sampler patches. very unique bass sounds are completed but it can also be used as layers I can make the music beyond my imagination

    i like this pack!! this is Brazilian, Latin sound by DA LATA i use beat detective in protools by samples. so i can get nice grooves by “jazz, afro, samba and funk”. warm sounds are also good. I think this pack fit various genre


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