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13 String KOTO
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Genre: Asia

Additional Styles: World and Strings

Hachion Sounds are proud to present this authentic traditional Japanese musical string instrument sample pack – 13 String KOTO!

100% royalty-free, this instrument was recorded professionally by master player Asako Mochizuki in a high-quality recording environment, maximising the charm and grace of the instrument and ready for you to add exotic flavours to your productions.

The koto is a traditional musical instrument that has been used in Japan for more than 1300 years. The koto is the national instrument of Japan, also known as the “Japanese Harp”. Koto is about 180 centimetres (71 in) in length and is made from Kiri wood (Paulownia wood). They have 13 strings that are usually strung over 13 movable bridges along the width of the instrument.  To play the instrument, the strings are plucked using three finger picks (thumb, index finger, and middle finger). Players can adjust the string pitches by moving the white bridges before playing. The 13 notes are tuned to a non-western pentatonic scale, while it can sound delicate and pretty, using the plectra it can also sound steely cutting edge.

Inside this original brand-new authentic sample pack expect to find one-shots, loops, and processed FX sounds, all labelled with key for total flexibility.

Three patterns are recorded, in order to respond to the different needs:

  • Short sound material (contains the whole scale of the koto)
  • Loop material (contains traditional phrases)
  • FX processing material (contains FX sounds that match with electro beats) all high-quality recordings of 24-bit 96kHz

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  • 1.19 GB
  • 24-Bit High-Quality Samples
  • WAV & Apple Loops
  • 13 String Koto Performance Sounds
  • Over 300 Single Hits
  • 30 Bend One-Shots
  • 38 Finger One-Shots
  • 38 Harmonic One-Shots
  • 50 Loops
  • 68 Muted (Soft & Hard) One-Shots
  • 52 Phrases & FX
  • 38 Sustained One-Shots
  • 38 Staccato One-Shots
  • 38 Sukui One-Shots
  • 36 Tremolo One-Shots
  • 30 Vibrato One-Shots

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    • 1.19 GB
    • 24-Bit High-Quality Samples
    • WAV & Apple Loops
    • 13 String Koto Performance Sounds
    • Over 300 Single Hits
    • 30 Bend One-Shots
    • 38 Finger One-Shots
    • 38 Harmonic One-Shots
    • 50 Loops
    • 68 Muted (Soft & Hard) One-Shots
    • 52 Phrases & FX
    • 38 Sustained One-Shots
    • 38 Staccato One-Shots
    • 38 Sukui One-Shots
    • 36 Tremolo One-Shots
    • 30 Vibrato One-Shots
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13 String KOTO pack is cool stuff!! Sounds are very realistic, and unusual. Japanese musical instruments sample pack are few on internet I hope to make more of these.

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