Daniel Myer

Daniel Myer

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irst Release as Haujobb 1993 Resident DJ 1994 - 1999 at PC69 Club in Bielefeld Founder Member of Technoclub Neuroserve in 1994 Releases from 1998 under various aliases on labels like Zomba, Groove Attack, Hard:Edged etc Remixer for Bands like Depeche Mode, Black Line, Camouflage, Conjure One, Recoil, Oomph!, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, Covenant, Eisbrecher etc… First U.S. Tour in 2000 and from that one on almost every year 2002 Soundtracks for Videogames, for example the X-Box Game "fist of the lotus" made by a Chicago based company Joined Covenant in 2006 2008 started the Radioshow "Insomnia" on MDR Sputnik 2010 successfully toured as Architect with Ex-Depeche Mode Member Alan Wilder and his Project Recoil. 2012 on the road with Recoil as DJ Productions for Bands like Slave Republic, Kartagon, Diary Of Dreams, And One 2014 Produktionen for TV like Servus TV, Heiko Maile (Camouflage, Tatort, Die Welle…) ZDF (National German TV) 2013 Europa Tour with Haujobb and Front Line Assembly 2014 Europa Tour with Architect and Front Line Assembly 2014 U.S. Tour with Haujobb and Skinny Puppy 2015 U.S. Tour with Architect and Seabound 2015 U.S. Tour with Haujobb 2017 several U.S. Tours 2018 joined the band M.I.N.E (former Camouflage) 2019 U.S. Tour with Liebknecht and NItzer Ebb, later the year Europe Tour


  • Surprising release and a wonderful pack to dive into the world of Alex Tepper. Much more underground material, than expected. Really like the Low End in the Bass Loops and the Modular Loops are great to give you some inspiration for new tracks.

    Technophobia 02

    Rating: 8/10

    Delectable Records did a nice job collecting some more "warehouse" kind of sounds. The drumsloops lack a little bit of variety, but overall the soundpack is really good to get you started. Some of the Kickdrums are massive. Well done!

    Techno Atmosphere

    Rating: 8/10

    House of Loops delivers a good pack of atmospheric padsounds. Some of it is a little repetetive. But you get exactly, what you were looking for, if you aim for deep end evolving Padsounds. I wish, they would have added some one shots or presets.

    Berlin Hard Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    I have been following the releases of ISR for quite some time now and they are spot on with the current trends. Always one step ahead of the competition. Berlin Hard Techno is nothing short but perfect for creating clubtracks that will get instant airplay. Well done, Industrial Strength Records.

    Breaks Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    That is the Pack I have been waiting for. UNDRGRND Sounds deliver exactly, what is needed right now. If you roam the clubs in Berlin, Paris or London you will hear exactly these kinds of sounds. The conform Techno trend is over. The scene is finally back for some groundbreaking new material and this Pack delivers everything you need to get started.

    Introspective Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    The Synthloops in this pack is a great starter to get ideas for tracks. The ones you´ll find are the right combination of a Synthloop and with a nice Kick, you have got yourself a good banger. The Bassloops have a little too much FX for my taste, so I am glad, the One Shots are added to the Pack as well.

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