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irst Release as Haujobb 1993 Resident DJ 1994 - 1999 at PC69 Club in Bielefeld Founder Member of Technoclub Neuroserve in 1994 Releases from 1998 under various aliases on labels like Zomba, Groove Attack, Hard:Edged etc Remixer for Bands like Depeche Mode, Black Line, Camouflage, Conjure One, Recoil, Oomph!, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, Covenant, Eisbrecher etc… First U.S. Tour in 2000 and from that one on almost every year 2002 Soundtracks for Videogames, for example the X-Box Game "fist of the lotus" made by a Chicago based company Joined Covenant in 2006 2008 started the Radioshow "Insomnia" on MDR Sputnik 2010 successfully toured as Architect with Ex-Depeche Mode Member Alan Wilder and his Project Recoil. 2012 on the road with Recoil as DJ Productions for Bands like Slave Republic, Kartagon, Diary Of Dreams, And One 2014 Produktionen for TV like Servus TV, Heiko Maile (Camouflage, Tatort, Die Welle…) ZDF (National German TV) 2013 Europa Tour with Haujobb and Front Line Assembly 2014 Europa Tour with Architect and Front Line Assembly 2014 U.S. Tour with Haujobb and Skinny Puppy 2015 U.S. Tour with Architect and Seabound 2015 U.S. Tour with Haujobb 2017 several U.S. Tours 2018 joined the band M.I.N.E (former Camouflage) 2019 U.S. Tour with Liebknecht and NItzer Ebb, later the year Europe Tour


  • Analog Sequences 2

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a great Library, not only you get single samples, also the Midifiles for the sequences are in the library. That is just fantastic, thank you Konturi for this great addition to my hard drive;) So even though the tempo of the loops is set at 128bpm, you can still use the Midifiles to create your own sequences and adapt as you please.

    This library from Leitmotif gives us more or less just a templates, or ideas to create our own cinematic tracks. I miss single sounds, especially the brass and choirs they use are quite cool. But other than that, Cinematic Orchestra is a solid starting point to create trailer music or interludes etc... I am looking forward to more libraries from Leitmotif.

    I like, what Leitmotif are trying to do here. Its similar to the Cinematic Electro library, I guess. You get a lot of starting material for tracks in the vain of Corvad and even Gesaffelstein or later tracks of Daft Punk, if you like. I wish for more single sounds, especially Basses and Brahms style. But other than that its a very good library. Thank you, Leitmotif

    this is a very well crafted library. you get tons of inspirational loops, from drums to basslines and arps etc... also the a atmospheres are quite impressive. my favourite though are the single drum hits. I wish, they would have also included single his for basses and synths. but I am sure there is a lot more coming from Leitmotif. Good Job!

    NIGHTFALL: Future Garage

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a library, that is completely up to my speed. Lots of loops, lots of single sounds. Very well crafted and perfectly delivered. Not only do you get all the sounds, its also a fantastic source of inspiration, not only for garage tracks. The atmospheres and melodic loops are deep and wide and just amazing to built tracks around. Thank you Ghost Syndicate.

    Techno Rebirth

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a pretty solid starting point for a modern Techno Production. Not sure, which specific genre this is aiming for, like written in the description its aiming for more mainstream techno, but there a miss a little the overproduced lead and stab sounds, but like I wrote, you can start with a solid groove here. The single sounds a okay, the synth sounds are a little short, but also good enough, to start to work with ´em. Overall a very good starter kit!

    Kind of a strange library, to be honest. All the single sounds and elements are really good, well crafted. But the bass loops, melodies and combi loops are for an acquired taste, I would say. But I enjoy this library. It gives a new perspective on how to approach, somehow like coming from the seventies, working with lots of fx. I definitely will dig deeper into this.

    Underground Hard Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    An almost perfect library for the current state of hard and fast techno. Almost, because I whish there would have been more single sounds, especially the bass sounds. The synth shots that are in the pack have a little too much reverb on them, also the basslines, that's why I whish there would have been more single sounds. But other than that, this library is a huge inspiration giver and very usable. Thank you Industrial Strength once again!!

    I really wanted to like this sample pack, because I am a big fan of the releases of Nite Fleit, but somehow it sounds like, something went wrong in the mastering of the Loops, especially the beats sound very thin. And most of the single Bass notes are too short, but some are usable. Overall this library is a really good if you want some inspiration to do some modern electro style tracks and a lot of the bass and synth loops are really good. But I guess I expected something a little different...

    Breaks Techno 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Somehow its still popular, even though in the clubs this genre almost disappeared, but producers of this style are still going strong, even though nowadays its way beyond 140bpm. But with this sample pack UNDRGRND SOUNDS gives you a solid starting point to make slamming techno tracks. You can also reduced it to the Electro side of things, there is enough material in this pack, to explore different genres of modern Club music. I would have loved more single sounds, especially the synth loops and stab loops could have been a little more diverse, but hey, if you know how to work your machines, its a piece of cake...


    Rating: 10/10

    This is big. Maybe the most complete library for this sort of Trailer, Soundtrack or Game Design. Even though its missing single sounds for Basses and Synths, you can easily build the ground rhythm tracks for your next production and the included Melody and Bass or Pulse tracks deliver fantastic ideas to create your own stuff. Thank you Cinetools for this wonderful library.

    What Blind Audio offers here is a perfect starting point to make atmospheric electronica tracks with some kind of cinematic feel to it. There could be a bigger variety in tempo and style, but if you know how to work your gear, its easy to adjust. The single sounds and loops are very good and the quality is fantastic. Good inspiration and like I wrote, very good starter pack for your next production.

    Motion Picture: Pulses

    Rating: 10/10

    Fantastic library and totally worth it. Cinetools gives you exactly what they promise. Pulses. From very heavy to very atmospheric. For different genres, like Techno or Industrial or even to spice up your Trailer Production. Very diverse, very deep, very intense, just perfect. Thank you.

    If you like the sound of Rufus Du Sol, Moderat or the Erased Tapes label the Chromosphere: Cinematic Electronic library is for you. A lot of great ideas are here. I would have loved more single sounds though, but other than that this collection of loops and arp is fantastic. Even if you just need a filler or some texture, this library is golden!

    New Rave Essentials gives you a really inspiring collection of sounds. I will most likely never use any of the sounds, but it gives me plenty of ideas. If you are into mid 90ies jungle, big beat or the new wave of rave techno, this is exactly what you need. I would have loved some inspiring drum sounds, but you can easily edit the loops this collection comes with or use the rex files.

    Techno Loops 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Tons and I mean tons of loops and single sounds in this library. Bravo. Very useful, very inspiring and of the best possible quality. Love this one a lot. Some sounds are familiar, but within the genre its just not avoidable, I guess. you´ll get even some inspiring Bass Midi files to work with. Great job, Industrial Strength.

    Drudge Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    I didn´t really know, what Drudge Techno was, before I got this library;) Apparently its slow, growling, a little dirty stomping techno. All the loops are at 120bpm. You´ll get some single sounds, but it could be more for my taste. Some of the samples remind me of the stuff that Tzafu is releasing. Cool!!

    Stutter - ASSET

    Rating: 8/10

    Another nice library from Industrial Strength. If you are a little lazy and just want to add some spice to your production, this is the library to go to. Though its more catered towards dance music, you can use it in all kinds of productions, I guess. Tons of loops, more or less "destroyed" with heavy glitch and stutter effects and some extra FX and Drone sounds on top. More single sounds would have been nicer, but nevertheless, this is a solid library to add to my Industrial Strength collection.


    Rating: 10/10

    Hands down one of the best libraries in the field of SFX sounds. Its kind of specific, because it caters towards designed, synthetic sounds. But the quality and quantity of sounds is incredible. I am very impressed. All the Braams sounds and benders etc are playable in your sampler. The loops are crazy, but inspiring. Only the Shepard Tones I don´t get. There are a weird tone/harmony shifting atmosphere/pad sounds. But other than that, wow!!!!

    Offbeat Techno Matrix

    Rating: 9/10

    Mask Movement presents a nice collection of "OFFBEAT" Grooves, which means here, not 4 to the floor Kicks. Really inspiring collection of sounds and loops. I would have loved some single bass and lead sounds, but you can chop up the music files also. As a bonus you get midi files of the synth sequences, which is also helpful. If you like the current Broken Techno Material mixed with some cheesy Synthlines, this library is for you!!

  • With this library UNDRGND Sounds give you are pretty contemporary view on the current techno scene in europe. Raw Techno describes it quite well. You get a good mix of not only 4 to the floor grooves, also some kind of leftfield, industrial, ebm feel also and even a bit of electro is in there. A good start for your next floorfiller!!

    Real Deep 3

    Rating: 8/10

    There are some real gems in the library, but you have to dig deep and manipulate yourself quite a lot. The drums in particular are not very special at all, but with some tweeks are and there you can come up with some nice material. But the bass and synth sounds have some really nice elements in there. Especially when they go off the mainstream House path. Nice crackles and Lofi edges and great to resample and create your own sounds!

    Mechanic - ASSET

    Rating: 10/10

    Industrial Strength must be my favourite company to provide me with ideas. The Tribe - Asset library is no exception. You´ll get 11 construction kits which are basically focused to create cinematic trailers or cinematic music. Unfortunately the tempo for all the tracks is set to 120bpm, but with nowadays DAWs its quite easy to manipulate the loops to your liking. Well done!!

    Nordic Electronic 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Nordic Electronic 2 is an almost perfect library. Loops, single sounds, midi files and presets, everything you need to start your new project. Almost perfect, because the library is a little limited. You get only two bpm to chose from, which is either 85bpm or 98bpm. That's not much, but the quality of the sounds is fantastic. Synthwave, slower EBM or Synthpop, or even Trap or other darker styles are possible with the material you get here

    OBJECT: 140 Jungle

    Rating: 10/10

    Ghost Syndicate released one of the best libraries in 2021 for me with Object: 140 Jungle. Tons of brilliant sounds and loops. Not only do you get fantastic loops, also the single sounds are really, really good and can be used for all kinds of electronic music. Bravo!! More of this, please!

    Alex Stein - Rise Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    Alex Stein - Rise Techno is one of the best sample libraries I heard in a while for Techno, Tech House. Very diverse sounds and loops. Everything I am looking for in a library I can find here. So if you are looking for sounds in the style of Oliver Huntemann, Heerhorst etc you can definitely not go wrong with this library!

    Solid release of Artisan Audio. Sentience gives you not much, but the content is of very high quality. I always wish, they would include more single sounds, but well, maybe next time. This library is supposed to be for futuristic electronica, yet it calls itself Dark Ambient, so its a little misleading. So don´t expect a lot of drones and pad sounds. You´ll get some, but not enough. But like I wrote, the content that is there is of very good quality....

    Neo Berlin Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    And another great library for everything electronic, basically. Its hard to make something special these days, but Mask Movement Samples definitely delivered! Lots of cool single sounds and loops, to make all kinds of Techno, Electro and even IDM. Well done!!

    You´ll get a lot in this package, that is worth checking it out. Loops, single sounds, drum loops in different categories. Its good. Midifiles would have helped, to alter the melody and bass loops, but well, its a good collection and gets you inspired and its useful, because of the single sounds.

    Distant - ASSET

    Rating: 8/10

    With Distant Asset is giving you exactly, what is in the description: Sounds to create distant, atmosphere and creepy, edgy ambience. Its 12 construction kits, all set to tempo 100bpm. Unfortunately that is it. No single sounds, no loops, only construction kits for the laziest of producers. Not my thing. I am very disappointed, even though the material is great, but I like different things.

    Just from the demo alone I knew, this would be interesting. I love the Native Instruments VST Massive X and I did some presets myself for them. Its one of my favourites synths and I am always curious, what other people do with this synth. And I have to say i am not disappointed. Very good and diverse sounds and on top you even get some midifiles. This is a total winner for me. If you like Lakker or even Autechre and Aphex Twin this synth is for you and these presets are incredible.

    I almost forgot about this one. With Fierce Techno Samplelife gives a pretty perfect state of current techno. All the loops are 140bpm which is kind of perfect for nowadays sound. Ravey, hard, and sometimes even some industrial techno loops you´ll get. Even all the one shot sounds are good. Very surprised and happy with this one.

    VOID: Dark Halftime

    Rating: 9/10

    Element One gives you not much, but the quality of the sounds are really, really good. Every loop is incredible. Almost all the single sounds are usable. If you are looking for some spice in your production, even for Techno or Industrial this is a perfect addition to your sound library.

    Techno Trance Fusion

    Rating: 9/10

    The current state of techno is kind of back to the roots, or even back to 90ies trance. With the release Samplestate's Techno Trance Fusion you´ll get exactly that. A lot of ideas to make tracks in the likes of Umek, Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens or any other Drumcode Artist;) I like it. Not my cup of tea, but its a very good selection of samples and ideas.

    EBM 3.0

    Rating: 9/10

    For a while during this lockdown I felt kind of lost, out of ideas. Listening to a lot of music gave me a nice boost of inspiration and this Sample Pack was there at the right time. Industrial Strength is just on top of the game with EBM 3.0. You´ll get exactly what you need to create banging Techno and EBM in the style of Randolp & Mortimer or Schwefelgelb, or even heavier stuff like Scalameriya or Ayarcana. The programmed sequences are also a good inspiration to add to your remixes or your own productions.

    Hybrid Cinematic

    Rating: 10/10

    Hybrid Cinematic is one of my favourite libraries from Industrial Strength. I was looking for heavy brass elements and some cool drumloops and here I got exactly what I was looking for. Very inspirational to create tracks in the style of Headless Horseman for example or just pieces, to fill up your productions with atmospheric elements. On top you´ll get heavy impacts and some inspiring Midi files to go crazy and create your own trailer music.

    Analog Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    This came at the right time. I was kind of out of ideas for my latest productions and this was a nice boost of inspiration. I didn´t end up using the loops, but I got nice ideas from this and the single sounds made it totally worth it. Very good drum and percussion sounds. High quality stuff!!

    Iron Impacts

    Rating: 10/10

    I am a fan of Industrial Strength packs and with Iron Impacts they've outdone themselves. So much material to chose from, its fantastic. For Industrial Techno you´ll find the perfect samples to get some harsh beats or just FX chops. But its also great for Sounddesign or Movie work. A really great library, Thank you!

    Synth Explorer Pulse

    Rating: 9/10

    Wow, this is a very wholesome collection of sounds. I didn´t follow the Synth Explorer releases up until now, but I guess I should check out the other libraries as well. Not only are the single sounds fantastic, but also the sequences are very unique and sound fantastic. I would have given this a 10 out of 10 if it would have included more drum sounds, but overall this is a fantastic library.

    German Hard Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Not sure what this library has to do with German Techno, but this is a very good collection of samples coming from Industrial Strength. Heavy Kicks, heavy basslines everything heavy you can ask for. But also the single shots are very inspiring. The FX sounds are topnotch. So load up your DAW and feed your channels with this inspiring library, suitable for harsh industrial/ebm techno which is still pretty hip in, ahem... Germany, hahahaha

  • Another good library from Artisan Audio. Very dark and moody Loops for cinematic like grooves. The FX sounds in particular are very, very good. I could have gone for less FX on some of the sounds, but its still good material to work with. If you need a quick fix or inspiration for some soundtrack or trailer work or want to spice up your other productions, this is the library to go to.

    ZTEKNO - Modern Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Very "complete" pack of samples for your modern Techno production. Lots of loops and single sounds to get your tracks started. It caters more towards the mainroom side of Techno, so if you want to sound like the Beatport Top 100 this is for you. The single sounds keep room for twisting though, so even though the sounds might be too soft or too simple, you can still mangle them in the way you want to give it a more edgy feel.

    Ruff Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a fantastic library coming from Industrial Strength. Ruff Techno gives you exactly what it promises: 2 GB of basslines, synth lines, drum loops etc and great single drum shots. Its not mind-blowing new stuff, but you can twist it the way you want it to, to make it mind-blowing. I am thankful for libraries like that, to get inspired, and just throw in a loop to find a groove and then play with it. Well done, Industrial Strength.

    Trippy Body Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    UNDGRND Sounds is at it again. This time with Trippy Body Techno. I am not sure, where the Body comes from in the title, but Trippy is pretty accurate. I like most of the Loops in here and you´ll get even a few single Stab sounds, which is always nice. Very good library for some harsher Techno, but could also be used for Tech House or Deep Techno.

    I am a big fan of Rockwell's minimal Drum & Bass releases and was pleased to see this library. And he does not disappoint. With Drum & Bass Dissonance you´ll get a lot of amazing material for your productions. Not only suitable for Drum & Bass. I love especially all the single sounds, the Basses are fantastic. Very good library from an incredible producer!


    Rating: 9/10

    Here we go with what sounds in the description like a perfect library for a dystopian, cosmic soundtrack. And indeed the loops are futuristic, very detailed and well sequenced. But be aware, that you´ll get only the foundation of, what you are looking for. There are no space melodies, no hooklines or other melodic elements. What is marked as Music Loops are Songstarters in my opinion. Nevertheless, its a great library and I would have given it 10 out of 10 if it wasn´t lacking some tonal loops and sounds.

    Dust Steppers

    Rating: 8/10

    With Dust Steppers Artisan Audio dives into the dubstep genre. I am not quite sure, if this is a contemporary view on the genre, since I stopped following the scene a while ago. What you get here are some interesting loops and single sounds, nothing spectacular, but still quite good. The single drum sounds lack a lot of the sounds used in the loops, which is very disappointing, because some of the sounds used in the loops are quite special and they are impossible to chop out of the loops. So overall its a good library, heavily influenced from the original earlier Dubstep Sound. But I actually miss the really innovative libraries from Artisan Audio.


    Rating: 9/10

    Now this is a great Sample back by Artisan Audio. Halos is exactly, what it promises to be, a collection of sounds to get you started to write generating awe inspiring soundscapes and thrilling audible cinematics. Very inspiring loops and sequences. Only the lack of single sounds is disappointing, but you can chop up the loops for that. Thank you, Artisan Audio for this inspiring Sample Pack.

    London Modular Alliance

    Rating: 10/10

    A new sample pack from Loopmasters called London Modular Alliance. If you are familiar with the releases of London Modular Alliance you know, what to expect. Crisp beats, heavy modulated Synths and the finest analogue Basslines. The loops are all very inspiring and useful. I wished for more single sounds, but what the heck, I take what I can get. Love it.

    Enduser Breakcore

    Rating: 10/10

    My friend Lynn delivers, thats all I need to say here. He sent me loops before, we collaborated several times, but with this release he is on top of his game. if you are familiar with Endusers releases you know, what to expect here. The heaviest Amenbreaks known to mankind, chopped up, put together in his special fashion. I love it. What I love mostly about his stuff and this sample pack is, that he knows how to combine emotions, depth and beauty with his amazing Breakcore harshness. Get this!!


    Rating: 8/10

    With Cyberpunk Loopmasters delivers a modern twist on the synthwave phenomenon. Too many libraries focus on lush, always the same kind of bass and drum sounds. Cyberpunk gives you something new. A lot of good loops that give inspiration for all kinds of new music, including chillwave, hip hop, even pop music. Although I think, Gibson had a little harsher future in mind, when he invented the term Cyberpunk, you can use this pack to create something quite unique here.

    Deep Warehouse Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    A little housey for my taste delivers Deep Warehouse Tech from UNDGRND Sounds yet another great library. Even though most of the loops are on the lighter Tech Housey side of things, you can twist the sounds to your liking and make it your own. The Bass and Synth loops also come with Midi Files, which helps a lot. So it actually is a very welcoming library, since at the moment its kind of trendy to mix harsh Techno Drums with House Chords.

    Deepchild's Darkroom Techno on UNDRGRND Sounds delivers one of the best and most thoughtful compiled libraries I ever came across. Even though it might not be in your style of music, you´ll get a lot of inspiring Drum loops, Percussion Sounds and FX Loops. In the Pack are also Basslines, Chord Loops and Synth lines and all the tonal loops come with Midi files also. Even the Vocal samples are special and can be used in different genres. Well done.

    Noir Electronique

    Rating: 10/10

    With Noir Electronique by UNDRGRND Sounds you´ll get a wholesome product. Everything you need to start a track is in there. You´ll get inspiring Drum loops, analogue sounding Bassline, and deep cinematic musical Loops. On top of that a wide range of single hits. So fire up your studio and create something special.

    Techno Insomnia

    Rating: 10/10

    One of the best Techno Libraries out there. Techno Insomnia by Singomakers is perfect for beginners and pros, that need a quick fix with Basslines, Arps or other inspiring Loops. On top of that Singomakers provide a lot of single Hits. Just add a little distortion and you can create the sound of labels like Perc Trax, My Techno Weighs A Ton or even more melodic stuff like Afterlife Records.

    Very good collection you get here from Class A Samples with 99 Patches Techno Explorer. Unfortunately you don´t get any patches, only samples. I wish, they would have included the Midi files at least for the Synth lines, because there are some pretty inspiring ones in there. But you get a lot of One Shots. Well done.

    Busted Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    sign of the times. the world needs some not 4/4 techno right now. the busted techno collection from Industrial Strength is the perfect start for your perc style techno slammer. heavy kicks that actually work in a mix and great ideas to start your own tracks, thank you!

    If you are looking for quick inspiration to do a current sounding Techno Track you need Massive Techno Sequences from UNDRGRND Sounds. Although its all made with Native Instruments Massive, you´ll get a wide range of Lead and Bass Sequences. Just throw it in your DAW of choice and get started!


    Rating: 10/10

    If you are looking for inspiration to create a world like Jon Hopkins or Max Cooper you´ll get some good groundwork with Loopmasters Constellations. A lot of contents for chill and atmospheric soundscapes to create mellow pieces in the style of Daniel Avery or the mentioned above artists. The lack of single sounds is a little downer, but you can just chop up the loops and create your own.

    Barcelona Hard Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    With Barcelona Hard Techno ISR gives you the perfect blueprint for the current techno sound. Just add some arps or cheezy rave stabs and you got yourself a clubhit. Really heavy kicks and great percussion sounds. I was hoping for some single sounds, but maybe next time.

  • Hypnotic State

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are working on minimal, or experimental Techno, House or whatever genre and look for sounds to spice up your productions or give you ideas, how to create interesting grooves, this library is perfect for you. Abstract Sounds presents with Hypnotic State a wide range of special, glitchy, fieldtype, organic, experimental loops. Only single hits are missing, that's why there is only a 9 out of 10.

    Michal Jablonski is one of the best out there at the moment and with the release of LoopmastersTechno Oscillations he manifests that status. Its a fantastic statement of the now in the techno genre. You get hard hitting drumsounds and loops and cool ideas for synthlines and basslines. The only downer are the Single Hit Bass Sounds. I guess, he didn't want to give away too much of his own sound;) Understood.

    The Bushwacka! - Tech Breaks pack is almost perfect. I recently fiddled with some Electrobreaks, so it comes at the perfect time. You´ll get some funky, techy beats and cool Basslines that are a great tool for inspiration. Unfortunately there are no single shots, which would make this pack perfect.

    Industrial Bass Music

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh what a fantastic library we get from RV Samplepacks with Industrial Bass Music. Everything is hard hitting, even the Hihats, hahaha. The Basslines are kind of funky, but you can chop it up and do you own sequences. You also get very cool Single Sounds that you can put in your samplers and twist and turn it to your liking.

    Thick Sounds gives you a high quality library with Dark Cinematic Atmospheres. You´ll get not many, but really high quality sounds. Its heavy, its deep and really interesting for all kinds of styles, where you need some heavy hitting Percussion and Drum Sounds. The atmospheres are very inspiring and the Synthsounds are very diverse. Great Library.

    Freaky Loops delivers an interesting library with Predestination: Cinematic Retro-Fi Themes. The single sounds are great, but you don´t get too many of those. But the loops are inspiring enough, to get your own creative juices flowing. Especially the pads are fantastic for cinematic, oftentimes 80's scifi flavours.

    Thrilling Cinema

    Rating: 10/10

    Whoever created this library knows his s... One of the most inspiring libraries out there I've heard lately. Freaky Loops really hit the spot with the Thrilling Game library. All the loops are spot on, the sounds are hard, the sound design is incredible and unique. I would say, Damage meets Evolve Mutations in the best possible way.

    Renegade Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    Renegade gives us one of the best libraries out there lately. It´s not a big library, but you get lots of high quality samples, a lot of good one-shot samples of Basses, Synths and Chords and really inspiring Loops. The drum sounds actually sound like Akai Samples, which is fine with me, I loved the S3000 back in the day.


    Rating: 10/10

    Industrial Strength goes hard with Broken. And they do it just right. Very inspiring loops, that you can actually just drag and drop into your DAW without adding much more fx. Actually, there is not much space left for anything. Really cool Loops and even better one shot samples. If you like releases on labels like Hands and Antzen, you will love this library. And if you are looking for some edge in your Industrial Techno tracks don´t look any further, this is the right library for you.

    Limitless Electronica

    Rating: 9/10

    I was working on a remix and needed a Moderate kind of vibe and the Limitless Electronica Library by Connectd Audio delivered exactly what I was looking for. The drumloops vary from housy to chill and dubstep kind of grooves. Very cool sounds; a little too generic, but nothing, that a little processing can't change. I am thankful for the single sounds. Always good to have the chance to programme your own sequences.

    I am a big fan of Artisan Audio Samples. This one here is no exception. You get a lot of nice, organic loops. Not only suitable for House productions. The single hits also don´t disappoint. My favourite part of this pack are the drumloops. Very inspirational, thank you Artisan Audio.

    20 years ago I would have loved to have this in my Akai Sample Bank. Lots of cool Basslines and expressive Drumloops. Reinforced would have been happy with this collection and could have made some killer Drum & Bass Tunes. For me it sounds a little dated, but I am not in the game for this kind of music any more, so I might be wrong.

    One of my all time fav Drum & Bass Producers. How can I not love this Sample Pack. I honestly was hoping for a lot more Amen Destruction, but I am happy with what I got. The Drum Hits could be a little more creative for my taste. I miss some of the punchy snares he uses on his productions, but maybe he wanted to keep it for himself;). I hope this series will continue and we will get more of the goodness. Love it!!

    Just for the One Shots I give this library a 10 out of 10. Very well selected sounds and a fantastic library, if you are looking for ideas for big atmospheric intros, trailer sounds or just inspiration for cinematic music. The drum loops have a little too much processing on it, especially the reverb could have been much less, but you get single stems and filter some of it out, I guess. Overall I am very happy with this library, congrats to Freaky Loops. Keep it coming

    Weird but very enjoyable sample pack by Unity Samples. You´ll get 38 kits split up into stems, which are very inspirational. The single sounds are not very unique, but offer quite a good variety of drumssounds. I would have hoped for some Synth single shots.


    Rating: 10/10

    Huge pack with tons of material to fill up your samplers. The sounds are wide and go from beautiful to gritty, from soundscapes to wobbly happiness. It fits lots of genres and gives great starting points to go in every possible direction with your tracks. Great release from Loopmasters.

    This is one of my favourite releases of UNDRGRND Sounds so far. Very gritty and analogue sounding material. The drumloops are a little too housey for my taste, but the single sounds make totally up for it. The loops could have used a little less reverb and delay or maybe could have offered a wet and dry version, but I use those for inspiration only anyways.

    Leftfield Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great release by UNDRGRND Sounds, spot on with the name and genre. There are some trancey arps, that feel a little out of place, but with some treatment you´ll also get them, where you want them to be. The drumloops are great and you get seperate stems of each loop. Also the bassloops are very inspiring. I would have wished for some single sounds, but you can always chop up the loops. Great job!

    Very surprising new pack. The name is the game. You want it dark, you get it dark. It also fits for current Techno Tracks. Just add a little bit of saturation or distortion on the files and speed it up a little, and you get the sound of DeWitte or Black Asteroid. I am excited.

    This is a very impressive library. A wide selection of arps and grooves and basslines. I can´t wait to work with the sampler patches and create my own material. This is very inspiring and delivers a good range of experimental useful sounds.

  • Cosmic Cinema

    Rating: 9/10

    Very good selection of otherwordly sounds. The beats are inspiring and the single sounds topnotch. I hoped for some more single sounds or VST presets. But I can work with what is given. Really inspiring pack.

    Max Liese Solar House

    Rating: 8/10

    Very musical sample pack. I am usually not a fan of this kind of "house" material, but the harmonies are not too cheezy and single sounds give room to programm your own stuff. The beats are quite special as well. I will check out Mr. Lieses productions.


    Rating: 8/10

    The beats have not much to do with cinematic soundscapes, but are cool nevertheless. Overall you get a nice collection of dusty, kind of lofi sounds. The single shots in particular are amazing and could actually be a little more of it. The loops give a nice inspiration to start your demos.

    Classic Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Some dirty grooves and great inspiration for tracks, that are not only 4 to the floor, but still banging! Great Job overall. UNDRGRND Sounds is my way to go for current, "hip" club sounds!!

    I was looking for some inspiration to start with new tracks for 2 productions I was hired for. It was very easy to find the right grooves with the drums and bass loops in the pack. Its perfect for current clubtracks.

    Surprising release and a wonderful pack to dive into the world of Alex Tepper. Much more underground material, than expected. Really like the Low End in the Bass Loops and the Modular Loops are great to give you some inspiration for new tracks.

    Technophobia 02

    Rating: 8/10

    Delectable Records did a nice job collecting some more "warehouse" kind of sounds. The drumsloops lack a little bit of variety, but overall the soundpack is really good to get you started. Some of the Kickdrums are massive. Well done!

    Techno Atmosphere

    Rating: 8/10

    House of Loops delivers a good pack of atmospheric padsounds. Some of it is a little repetetive. But you get exactly, what you were looking for, if you aim for deep end evolving Padsounds. I wish, they would have added some one shots or presets.

    Berlin Hard Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    I have been following the releases of ISR for quite some time now and they are spot on with the current trends. Always one step ahead of the competition. Berlin Hard Techno is nothing short but perfect for creating clubtracks that will get instant airplay. Well done, Industrial Strength Records.

    Breaks Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    That is the Pack I have been waiting for. UNDRGRND Sounds deliver exactly, what is needed right now. If you roam the clubs in Berlin, Paris or London you will hear exactly these kinds of sounds. The conform Techno trend is over. The scene is finally back for some groundbreaking new material and this Pack delivers everything you need to get started.

    Introspective Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    The Synthloops in this pack is a great starter to get ideas for tracks. The ones you´ll find are the right combination of a Synthloop and with a nice Kick, you have got yourself a good banger. The Bassloops have a little too much FX for my taste, so I am glad, the One Shots are added to the Pack as well.


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