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Utah Saints

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Utah Saints are Tim Utah and Jez Willis, and have been DJ-ing dance music since the birth of house music. Unlike many other successful acts who have turned their skills to DJ-ing, Utah Saints were DJ’s first and foremost before they had world-wide success with their production, remixes and of course Utah Saints.


  • Reggae Rockers

    Rating: 9/10

    Such a useful and varied pack – most of the sounds are super versatile and could be used in all sorts of sonic settings. A great, inspirational collection that works equally well for starting tracks off as well as adding sparkle towards the end of the production process – recommended!

    Old School House

    Rating: 8/10

    The sounds on here are authentic and the real deal while keeping a great Old School vibe but with modern production techniques. A really handy sample pack for either making dj edits of original productions to play in modern day sets or just to make something from scratch.

    This pack is great value for money, and Singomakers have always delivered quality in our experience. There are a lot of samples here, providing really useful construction kits, which become even more interesting once you start manipulating and chopping! The guitar samples provide extra texture and interest for tracks.

    This is a great collection with a strong identity that follows on perfectly from Volume 1. These can be used to construct legitimate sounding blues tracks, or used in other contexts such as dance tracks to bring in unusual elements, giving tracks an identity. A lot of care has been put into constructing this pack, with great attention to detail. Not only are the musicians of high quality, there has also been a use of authentic vintage recording equipment throughout, adding to the authentic sound. There is a grit and depth to the samples, making them very usable and a lot of vocal samples to add identity to tracks. A very worthwhile sample collection!

    Great pack of authentic reggae sounds, i was looking for a few more chops, but the loops on offer here are very well put together with a rustic sound. You can definitely add some flavour into your beats with some of these samples. If you are looking for clean samples this pack might not be for you, as the samples are very analog/dusty sounding, but in a good way!

    Future Bass Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    A great selection of samples here, my favourite of the future bass packs i've tried! The loops in particular are very well produced and sound clean and polished, as they should with this style of music! There is a lot on offer in this pack, and it doesn't strictly stick to future bass throughout, which is a good thing as the sounds can be used a variety of modern genres!

    A good all round set of samples that is exactly what the name suggests! This is a well produced pack, and the samples fit straight into your track with minimal tweaking! All the samples have a chunky in your face sound, and the variation in the different loops creates lots of inspiration when flicking through!

    Hip Hop Ultra Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    If your looking for an all in one hip hop pack this is one of the best. It is full of samples from great drums to interesting sampled ideas. The level of detail and vast array of samples you are given to work with here is great. A highlight would be the vinyl cuts!

    This is a great pack full of really catchy/hooky vocals. Kate's vocal is soulful yet powerful and the large range of ad libs and extras really make this pack stand out. The recording quality of the vocals is great and completely dry, which leaves you with plenty of room to do your own thing with.

    A top quality selection of acapellas on offer here. The vocal tone and writing is what sets this pack apart from the rest. Searching for vocals has always been a long and difficult process, these samples have loads of cool ideas and hooks that can give your production the boost it needs.

    This is a really cool Sample pack. When doing a recent pitch for an add, we had needed a couple of lines for a track that were more adlib and we found them on this sample pack. These are well recorded and many different styles of delivery and cool one shot phrases that will work on a variety of tunes. Good work :-)

    This pack contains a huge selection of top quality brass loops, with a well recorded authentic feel! This pack was useful to us, to give our more electronic based music some organic live instrumentation. The Large selection of loops can be slightly overwhelming, but we found exactly what we needed amongst the set. It is definitely one of the better packs we've tried for live brass.

    Great work from the Ghetto Funk Crew. Some great hype vocals on here that come in very handy when just needing that missing vocal line whether it be in a full production/doing a vocal for a Sync or a dj mix. One of those Sample Packs that is great to have in the collection for a 'go to' vocal. Good work guys :-)

    Summer House Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great all round sample pack, you will find everything you need for any genre of house. The tight production of this pack is what really makes it stand out. The vast selection of samples can be easily implemented into your productions with minimal mixing. When looking for sample packs, i find the best ones, are packs that give you an instant vibe and inspiration, and this pack definitely provides that!

    Compact Disco

    Rating: 9/10

    If your looking for some real instruments to incorporate into your next project, this is a great starting point! These loops can be used in any genre not just disco, they are great for hip hop and other genres too. If your tracks feel like they are missing some human feel, these loops will add a good organic feel to any production. The instruments are well played, have been excellently recorded and feature good rhythm to bring life to your tracks.

    This pack is perfect if your looking for inspiration on your next french infused track! It has some incredible instrumental loop cuts, that are instantly catchy and useful to throw into a project and start building a track around. The highlights are the loops, but there are also great drum hits you can utilise within any genre! This is well produced and thought out pack!

    Perfect selection of samples for the "gritty/dusty" house sound. The grooves in the drum loops are also on point! Would recommend for anyone wanting that defected sound!

    Trap Massive

    Rating: 10/10

    Industrial strength have made another great pack! These sounds are great for use across a wide range of genre's, not just defined to trap. The plucks for massive in particular, sound amazing! All the sounds fit perfectly within your mix, with little need for tweaking.

    Drum Fills

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is great if your after some more realistic sounding drum fills. Not just your standard 16th note snare build ups, featured in many other packs. The acoustic and percussive fills are what stand out the most, and can add real value to your tracks. Good organisation and some nice fx thrown in, make this pack an essential "go to" tool to have in your arsenal.

    If you are struggling for Vocals and just need some nice little one liners then this is a cool little sample pack. Having used Part 1 as well then this is a great addition. We never tend to use stuff straight and always cut it up and use in another context but there are lots of lines and phrases here that you can use to for the basis of a tune :-)

  • EDM Kicks

    Rating: 8/10

    Probably the most important part of getting any track to sound right. If you don't have the right Kick then you can forget it!! These EDM Kicks have a great selection to just flick between to get your track on the right tip. We didn't review this one straight away as wanted to test these out in some tunes and there are definitely some great kicks that you can just through straight in there and off you go...

    All the Complextro Products are at the top end of Electronic Music production and here again this Dubstep massive Presets is a great addition to the collection. You don't just have to be making Dubstep to appreciate these sounds as can be used right across the board whether you are making Drum & Bass, Dubstep or hard edged 4/4 music.

    Fearturecast is a leader in the midtempo/Party beats & breaks and this sample pack is an essential purchase if you are a Dj/producer or just wanting to use some great loops to spice up some of your old funk tracks so they stand up against todays modern production. Lee's has been doing this for many years now and is a master of his craft.

    Neuro Funk Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    The BHK guys and bang on the money here with these loops. All are fresh sounding well produced loops and ready to drop straight in to tracks to add those layers that you need. Whether you are making Drum and Bass or pitching these down to 110 bangers, there's something here for everyone. Essential purchase.

    Complextro Vol. 3

    Rating: 9/10

    The complextro series of Loopmasters are probably our favourite in Sample Packs and most useful. The production qualities on the loops is premier League. Volume 3 agains shows why these guys are the best at what they do. An essential Purchase.

    BHK S.E.4 Drum Step

    Rating: 8/10

    If you are making Drumstep, Drum and Bass or 110 BPM Bass Bangers then this is a great sample pack to have in the collection. The sounds on here are the real deal as you can tell from the Demo and everything is separated out so you can pull individual hits, kicks and baselines out to fit your tracks. This is a very adaptable sample pack and welcome addition to our sample collection.

    The Ghetto Funk Boys have Created a strong Brand for the down tempo beats and breaks scene and this pack has some great sounds included here. Stickybuds is a leader in this field and the current Glitch Hop Scene so if you are making this style of music then this sample pack is a Must for the collection.

    Really useful go-to toolbox for starting tracks - lots of room to tweak sounds and bounce off them into your own ideas. A great way to start is to take different loops, retune them and then trigger at different places, on off beats in particular to get some unique rhythms. This pack is a lot of fun, and very "now"!

    We are fans of Dom's work and also fans of Massive so having a bank of Massive Presets form him is great. These are really good Solid Sounds that you can use in your tracks. If you use Massive then you should definitely purchase this.

    This is a great set of massive Presets and a welcome addition to our Massive Soundbanks. you can use these sounds whether you make Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Breaks or Electro. When you need new and exciting fresh sounds for a new tune or remix it is always a great starting point to get a new bank of sounds and get going. We have always flicked through presets as a starting point to get ideas down for a track and then we go back and refine it later. Sometimes you just need to get an idea down while it is fresh in your head and you don't want to be spending ages finding or creating that sound. This where Dubstep shock will come in reall handy.

    This is a strong sample pack from Octane and DLR. We have a habit of always downloading the Drum and Bass Sample Packs first as we find the samples are good to use whether you are making Drum And Bass, Dubstep or 'Knife Party', 'Woolfgang Gartner' Stlye House music. There are some great sounds in this and whether you choose just to use the single stlyle hits and construct your own kits or go with the loops included there should be something to satisfy you here.

    This is an awesome pack of samples. Just by listening to to the demo you can hear that these guys have got their beats and production spot on. If you are making Dubstep and breaks as well then you will also find these sounds and loops very handy for the sample collection. An essential pack for the collection. Thnx.

    We needed to make a couple of drum and bass style tracks for computer games and library music and were lacking some cool little loops for our beats so this sample pack came in very handy. Anybody who knows London Elektricity will know from his productions that he is at the top of his game within this scene. This is definitely one for the collection if you are serious about making DnB.

    Black Noise Warehouse

    Rating: 9/10

    Great collection of retro and nu rave electro sounds -giving nods to the past with up to date production. Bringing these sounds up to date is a great concept as the originals just do not have the punch and power of the ones in this collection. We have always been fans of the Black Noise guys, and this collection shows how much experience they have of all genres -recommended!

    It's great to have such a specific sample pack as this. we are always looking for little bits of vocals that we can use for tracks and you are then always either have to re-create the vocal or clear the sample which can be a problems so it is great to have these to choose from and add to the collection. These have been well recorded as well so are also great to then use processing on to create new sounds and textures with them. Many Thanks for this one

    French Electro House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great Selection of samples on this one. Sorry for the late review on this package. We don't make straight up French house but have found some great sounds and loops on here that we have been using in our tracks and mixes. There are some really nice beats, basses and top lines on here as well which you can see for yourself in the demo. If you are a fan of the Ed banger justice sound then this will have some great little loops on here that you can use and is well worth having in the collection. Even though this is called french electro house, we think that there is stuff on here that will suit everybody.

    This is a great tool for Dj's and there are many handy little tools here that you can use to incorporate into your mixes. This is especially cool if you are one of those who use Serato or Traktor as ou can use may of the loops to drop into your mixes and there are also some great little samples that you can fire off as well. This pack is defo worth having for the collection. Thnx

    This is a great tool for remixers and producers. We are big fans for Mr Pember and this a great package for those making Tech Funk and Breaks. He has always been at the forefront of these Genres and those familiar with the Lot41 style and sound will want this in their collection for sure.

    Another Great Loopmasters sample pack!! All the sounds on here are the real deal and what Dubstep producers will be looking for. Even if you are making house or breaks as well, there are also some killer beats, basses and loops for you on here. It's great when you flick through a sample pack and every sound is useable rather than maybe 1 out of every 10...You need this sample pack in your life!!

    We have now had time to have a good look at this and this is what you can expect from this sample Pack - It is of the highest quality in terms of sounds and production and you can tell that Timo has spent many hours creating the right sounds which are all useable as too many times you find that maybe 1 sound out of 10 you can use properley in a track. If you are planning to make Techno and Tech House and require the right beats, sounds and sonics for your tracks then you wont go wrong by purchasing this.

  • We have been using this a an Ableton Pack for the past few weeks and there are some great sounds in hear if you are a fan of your bass and making dubstep, Drum and bass or Break beats. You can either use this with ready made riffs or what is better is to get inside the riffs and then you can have fun chopping them up and combining them with other riffs and changing the tempo's to create something completey fresh and new. Ed Solo is at the top of his game and this is a great Sample Pack that is very handy to have there sat in Ableton when making these kind of tracks.


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