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ZeroZero is a Drum & Bass duo consisting of Sam and Jesse from the UK, now based in Bristol and Vienna and coming into their 5th year of working together. With releases on labels such as; Ram, CIA, Dispatch, Spearhead, SGN:LTD, ProgRAM, Cyberfunk, and many many more, they’ve been making a name for themselves as versatile producers, able to conjure up the funkiest beats and dirtiest basslines across the dnb spectrum. Supported by artists such as Andy C, Noisia, Dj Hype, Rene Lavice, Fabio & Grooverider, and just about every other name in the scene and receiving plays on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM and 1xtra, ZeroZero are writing music that appeals to fans of all the various DnB sub-genres. Their sound is heavily influenced by their love for funk, deep basslines and technical sound design as well as the musicality you’d expect from a duo with a background in playing live instruments. As well as being a talented production duo, the pair have a combined DJ experience of over 20 years, and are constantly DJing around Europe, holding down multiple residencies and playing relentless 4 deck sets infused with a mix of the newest dubs and long-lost classics.


  • Dark Texture EFX Vol.2

    Rating: 9/10

    A wicked selection of dark FX sounds raging from textures to stabs, impacts, risers and everything in between. Weighing in at over 1GB this is a generous helping of darkness to add to your productions in any genre of bass music.


    Rating: 8/10

    Straight up intro vibes! Real nice pack of dark fx, pads and atmos which drop straight into your project for instant cinematic vibes. Organised in 5 unique construction kits with plenty of sounds in each and a bunch of full mixes if you need quick results!

    One of the best producers in the game and this pack reflects that, it's quite an old pack but the quality is still high. This is a go to pack for drum hits and loops for us! Would love to hear another pack from the iceman!

    Icicle - Deep Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    Everything Icicle touches is gold, we already know that, and this pack is no exception. Find everything in here from subsonic basses to clean and punchy beats, twisted synths to classic FX, not just limited to dubstep producers but suitable for any deeper genre!

    Massive X: Reese

    Rating: 8/10

    Gancher & Ruin have done a good job capturing the raw vibe of dark electronic music with this pack of Massive X presets, not just limited to Reese basses, which there is plenty, but they have thrown in some quality atmos and fx in too to twist up. A great basis for bringing your synth based tracks to life!

    Really nice pack as expected from Icicle. Some really unique sounds in here, I especially like the drum loop, really clever stuff! All in all a very high quality sounding pack which will see it's fair share of use for sure!


    Rating: 9/10

    As always with GS packs this one is packed full of juicy goodness. Super deep basses and trippy synths make this one good for any deeper style of electronic music. Some really unique drum and perc hits in here too. High quality samples all round!

    Badboy bass! This pack is full of heavy bass presets perfect for Dancefloor, Neuro and Deep styles of Drum & Bass. Fully macro'd up for easy tweakability this is a great pack for the price! EST Studios hit the mark again.

    Dread Hornz

    Rating: 9/10

    An extensive collection of very well recorded and processed horn samples. This is such a huge pack which includes full horn sections as well as the separate horns solo so you can have full control. There are also folders of effected horns with classic reggae style FX which saves time and makes them instantly useable in your tracks. Wicked pack and fully recommended!

    Retro Funk Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    One of the biggest vocal packs I've come across, although a lot of the samples are duplicates with FX there is still some very high quality samples in here and authentic funky sounding FX. Each vocal sequence is backed up with separated harmonies and phrases so you can really work toward the sound you want.


    Rating: 9/10

    Another great pack from one of the top labels in the game. Really well thought out and consistent pack with a lot of sounds to choose from and a few welcome bonuses as usual from GS! Really nice bass and synth sounds in this one!

    Classic reggae sound, from dubby drums to wicked horn licks and everything in between this pack has some gems to dub out your tracks. Kinda weak in the music/fx one shots but everything in there is well produced/recorded. Another great pack from Renegade Audio!


    Rating: 9/10

    Ghost Syndicate can really do no wrong and this pack is no exception! Full of jumpup and neuro sounds, this pack has a bit of everything and really well produced sounds that are ready to drop straight into your projects(as usual with GS packs)! We especially like the in your face bass sounds and tight but punchy drum hits!

    This pack is all about the FX folder with over 200 sounds in there alone there is so much to choose from! This makes it a great pack for people coming from other genres looking to add a little techno/dark flavour to their tracks. The synth sounds are also quite nice and I also like the drum FX loops. In general everything in here is well produced and useable.

    Total Blackout

    Rating: 10/10

    A monster pack full of very useable and versatile sounds from a mixture of great artists from the Blackout camp. With hundreds of loops and one shots to choose from each folder has a good variety of high quality sounds, not forgetting the generous selection of synth presets too! Highly recommended!

    Techno Fx Riser & Horn

    Rating: 9/10

    An extensive collection of FX including alien atmospheres, transitions, synth horns and general FX this pack has something for everyone not just limited to techno! We really like this type of pack as it is a quick go to when working on FX in our tracks. Definitely recommended!

    An awesome pack full of unique sound design which would be suitable to add some spice to any genre. This pack is full of sounds you wouldn't find anywhere else, we especially like the music loops, fx and foley sounds. Great work!

    Really nice pack of synth sounds not only restricted to techno! These will be used in our dark dnb projects. These presets are fully macro'd for ease of use, and there is nothing simple or generic about them, fully recommended!

    EST hit the target again with this massive dancefloor oriented dnb pack! This is one of the bigger packs we've come across and its packed to the rim with heavy bass, clean synth sounds, unique drum hits and FX! Another label to keep an eye on for sure!


    Rating: 9/10

    An extensive collection of 140 sounds suitable for any dark genre of electronic music. A generous amount of well engineered sounds in each folder as well as drum racks for ableton and even a template project to help you get started! Ghost Syndicate have smashed it again, definitely a label to watch!

  • A wicked collection of reggae sounds to dub out your tracks. This pack will be useful for our more reggae influenced stuff especially the music loops and vocals! There's loads of guitars and keys but I would have liked to hear a few more horn loops.


    Rating: 9/10

    One of our favourite labels at the moment. These packs are download on sight! This ones great for dark synthetic rolling dnb. Really high quality sounds especially the drum one shots and the bass loops!

    We expected nothing less from the rising star Creatures! Lovely sounding drum loops and one shots suitable for a range of dnb styles in here and some really deep basses and synths that reflect the classic Creatures sound. Top work!

    Amazing pack as expected from Rockwell! This pack is just full of tasty drums, bass synth and fx that will keep your tracks rolling no matter the genre. I really like the drum loops and top loops separated and all the one shots are perfectly processed! No negative feedback :)


    Rating: 9/10

    One of our favourite packs to draw for right now! From the drum hits to the synth sounds this pack has a lot to offer and high quality samples in every folder. Perfect for the darker sub genres of dnb/bass music!

    A great insight into the Renegade Audio catalogue covering 4 sub genres relevant to the label. Lots of great drums, music and fx loops suitable for a variety of genres. I will for sure be getting stuck into these for some jungle vibes. Will definitely be checking out more of their packs!

    Drums Of The Wildlands

    Rating: 8/10

    Really nice pack full of well recorded organic drum sounds and loops (and some more electronic sounding FX in there too!). Great for giving your tracks that organic edge. These will make for some great intro/breakdown vibes, a definite buy if you're looking for percussion out of the norm. I would love to see a similar pack with musical elements in this style!

    Sounds Of Shogun Audio

    Rating: 9/10

    Classic Shogun sound here. A great pack from one of the scenes leading brands! Well produced as you would expect, with all the tools you need to make your next banger! We're looking forward to more from the label for sure!

    Particle FYSX

    Rating: 9/10

    An extensive collection of FX sounds suitable for any genre. Exactly the kind of pack we're looking for when it comes to FX. Nicely organised into sub folders to make using them a breeze. These will come in handy for sure!

    One of the best dub/reggae packs we have come across! Loads of nice music, drums and analog style fx in here, in a range of tempos, which are great for dub and jungle inspired tracks! Fully recommended!

    Document One Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a really tasty pack, everything about it is well produced and ready to drop into any project with good results! Top notch stuff from the Shogun crew unsurprisingly! Looking forward to the next ones!

    An extensive collection of raw drum fills spanning from 100 to 170 bpm. I love the fact these aren't already heavily processed which gives plenty of room for experimenting. Lots of different snare, rim and tom sounds to choose from too!

    A lot of great sounds in this pack, well engineered and suitable for most sub genres of dnb (and other genres). The post processing makes these racks really easy to manipulate and work into your tracks. More like this please!

    A well engineered pack of fat bass, punchy drums and sick synth sounds useful for any style of hard electronic music. I especially like the fact they come with some post processing and macros which make these sounds easy to manipulate and fit into your tracks!


    Rating: 8/10

    An organised collection of easy to use loops and one-shots that would be an asset to any producer operating in the dark and techy side of DnB. With rolling drum loops, warm subs, punchy beats and twisted bass/synth-lines, rounded off with a decent amount of fx,, packs like this are always appreciated!


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