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A true DJ at heart with many years experience under his belt, Nymfo has established himself as a strong presence in Drum & Bass with his fine-tuned skills in the studio and on the decks. Based in Amsterdam, Nymfo aka Bardo Camp, came to prominence as part of the now legendary Red Zone crew, and has released tracks on almost every major label in Drum & Bass over the course of his career. His breakthrough came in 2007, with releases on Shogun Ltd, Renegade Hardware and Critical, with singles on Metalheadz, CIA, & 31 Records foloowing quickly after. Going from strength to strength Nymfo’s track ‘Franky Mountain’, alongside Icicle, then earned a prestigious RAM records release on the ‘Dimensions 3’ EP. By now his name had become synonymous with a tough, dance-floor friendly style. He released his debut album Characters in 2012 on Commercial Suicide and has continued to release on a variety of D&B's premier labels ever since, including multiple EP's for Spearhead, Dispatch & C.I.A, an appearance on RAM again in 2018 alongside fellow Dutch heavyweights Black Sun Empire, as well as the multi-genre Barong Family. With his reputation now secure as one of the scene's most versatile and hardworking artists, 2019 will see the release of his sophomore LP, 'Pictures on Silence', on Dispatch Recordings. As an accomplished DJ with a diverse selection for every type of crowd, Nymfo is as adept at rocking huge festival crowds as he has done for the likes of Lowlands, Outlook, Sun & Bass & Audioriver, as he is the small, intimate clubs where he first made his name.


  • Motion Graphics

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack contains many diverse sounds to create a unique and original sound logo. It's also a must have pack for the perfect foley and FX sounds. The jingle folder is my favourite, because every sound has its own character and emotion. Which is making it much easier if you wanna create a specific mood or sound logo. A perfect pack for the composer or sound designer.

    Horror Soundtracks

    Rating: 9/10

    Thick Sounds delivers another must have pack for the composer who likes to write dark and scary soundtracks. This pack contains 6 construction kits including stems, MIDI and presets. Which is a perfect start to get into some horror vibes in the studio. All the sounds in this pack are well processed and sounding high end. If you wanna sound like Hans Zimmer you need this pack for your studio.

    Ghost Syndicate delivers once again the most top-notch sample pack with high-end sounds and great processed samples. Clean and minimalistic drums with rolling top grooves are my favourite. The bass sounds are heavy and low, but also with a crispy midrange part. It's a huge and extensive pack with focus on a lot of details. The FX folder is full of sounds which will give your track a lot of dynamics. This pack is a must-have if you like to produce the deeper sound of drum and bass.

    TEFLON: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Top notch and proper processed samples from the Ghost Syndicate camp. Perfect sounds for the minimalistic techy drum and bass producer. All samples are sounding phat and clean for a high end production. The drumloops are amazing with some very detailed top loops, the bass sounds are sounding heavy including gnarly midrange sounds. My favourite folder are the FX sounds, because they are sounding very unique. A must have pack if you wanna sound modern with your music.

    Ghost Syndicate is bringing you a unique bass preset pack for the more deeper drum and bass productions. Besides the amazing presets for Vital Synth, there is also an Ableton Live 11 bass rack included. All the bass sounds have a phat low-end feel which will give your songs a bassface-looking drop. And besides that, all the sounds are very modern. A perfect pack to give you perfect vibes in the studio straight away.

    This dynamic duo delivers one of the most wanted sample packs at the moment. A perfect balance between modern drum and bass but also great liquid vibes. The drum loops are super groovy and original including amazing percussion loops. My favourite are the bass sounds! The have all unique characters, but also a very warm low end. If you wanna give your tunes a clean and new sound, but still wanna keep the realness in your track, this is a must have pack!

    FD with the real and pure drum and bass sounds in this top notch sample pack. Drumloops to make the perfect roller but also very warm heavy bass sounds to create those deep liquid tunes. The music folder is also great to give you some unique ideas for atmospheric intro's and breakdowns. If you are a fan of The North Quarter sound, this pack is a must have!

    SHARKS: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    High quality samples from the Ghost Syndicate camp again. Tight processed minimal drums including groovy top loops to create great swings in your drums. Dark atmospheres to build exciting intro's and breakdowns. And besides that some really heavy bass sounds with strong processed sub and midrange. Ghost Syndicate is always delivering the high end sounds and they smashed it again with this pack.

    SCYLLA: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    This is my favourite pack at the moment. It has a perfect balance between the deep side of drum and bass, but also some big heavy bass sounds for writing big dancefloor tunes. All the samples are very well processed, so easy to use and getting in the perfect direction for a big mixdown. The FX are very original and basically fit in every song you are working on. All very easy to use!

    FAZE: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    When I see Ghost Syndicate, I know it's always a quality pack with high end samples and sounds. Faze is one of those again, the drums are all very clean and well processed. Perfect for the more minimalistic tunes, but still sounding big on a sound system. The FX folder is very useful to give your tracks more dynamics and details. I use the bass sounds a lot, because they all have a very warm sub but also a strong midrange.

    The must have pack with lots of modern bass presets and samples. All the sounds are high quality and amazingly processed. The low frequency and the midrange are super on point, so working on a good mixdown for your track is less stressfull. It's also perfect to use when you are looking for some great end of bar bass sounds, it's giving you a lot of inspiration to work with. Ghost Syndicate never disappoints!

    This whole pack has a very analogue feel with a lot of industrial sounding samples. The drums are very militant with nice techno grooves. The pads are very atmospheric and ideal for building long and eep intro's. All sounds are very unique and definitely not standard, which is making you work outside the box.


    Rating: 9/10

    This pack contains top notch samples for every producer who likes the more minimalistic sound of drum and bass. Very clean and sharp drums with a lot of punch, but also superb deep bass sounds. All sounding very modern and fresh. The synth sounds are my favourite of this pack, you can make some sci-fi techy intro with it. If you wanna make minimal tracks, but still wanna have them stand out on the dancefloor, this is a must have pack!

    Monrroe - Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Unique and original samples which are keeping your music fresh! This pack has some really pure and real sounds to make your songs very credible. The breaks folder is my favourite, the drums are very well processed and have great rolling energy. The music loops and sounds are perfect to make some dreamy intelligent intro's and breakdowns with. Another personal favourite are the foley sounds, they are giving your track a very live feel. I am big fan of this pack!

    Perfect pack for the producer who likes the deep minimalistic side of drum and bass. Very snappy and tight processed drums, heavy bass sounds with an analogue feel and a very relevant and dark music folder. Creatures manages to balance interesting and deep production with catchy hooks. There’s a surprising amount of variety here including some amazing drone loops. An overall top notch pack you can create some proper deep rollers with!

    Unique and fresh pack including high quality drums, basses and sounds. With this pack you are sounding original but still modern. The drums are my personal favourites, they all have high energy grooves and snappy snares. If you are interested to write more crossover tracks, this pack is highly recommended. It's giving you a lot of great ideas to write a bit outside the box.


    Rating: 10/10

    If you are a producer and like to write the deep minimalistic techy drum and bass rollers, this is a must have. I think I like every bit in this pack! But especially the drum grooves are amazing, they roll but also have a lot of funk. The sound design is also very detailed and the bass sounds are professionally processed. Love it!

    Dark Techstep Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    Proper Wormhole vibes with stompin beats. The bass sounds having all a great analogue feel which are giving you nice distorted basslines. When you listen to the synth shots and melody sounds, it feels like watching a sci-fi movie. All the sounds and drums are sounding very high end, pure quality! Are you a producer who is a big fan of the V!RUS sound, then it's time to get this sample pack!

    Nami Artist Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    Another top notch pack by Ghost Syndicate, they never disappoint. High quality bass sounds around my favourites, because they have a nice low and midrange to work with. The drums are super tight and clean and well processed including some original grooves and top loops! You can create minimalistic drum and bass tracks with this pack, but they still will sound big and will stand out. So this is a must have pack if you are a fan of that sound!

    Diverse and very detailed sample pack by drum and bass heroes Document One. Unique drum loops including a lot of funk and great grooves. And a perfect balance of sounds and music for the more deeper tracks, but also for the bigger dancefloor bangers. My favourite part are the bass sounds, they are all very deep with a lot of movement in every sound. This one is a keeper!

  • Deep Dark Rollers

    Rating: 9/10

    Super diverse and detailed sample pack for the producer who likes to make some proper rollers. The drum top loops are amazing to create some unique grooves! And I am also a big fan of the drum fills, because they are always hard to find and make. The overall sound design is also on point and done very professional. So this is a perfect pack if u like the make some heavy club bangers

    Rolling DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Very detailed and huge sample pack for creating big but rolling drum and bass tunes. Perfect drums with punchy kicks and snares. But also a wide range of musically elements for the people who like to think outside the box a bit. It has a very strong bass folder as well with great sub basses including a lovely midrange as well. I am a huge fan of this pack!

    A superb crispy and clean sample pack for the producer who likes minimal and tech drum and bass. The detailed drum folder is my favourite with every stem separated and funky grooves. The overall sound is sounding pro and well processed. There is still a lot of room to play around with every single sound to manipulate them more to your own sound! Massive like!

    If you like the deep rollers, this is the pack you need. The drum fill loops are my favourite, because it has a lot of original fills and very outside the box thinking drum fills. Another stand out folder is the fx folder with again not the standard fx sounds. The pack also offers a huge selection of musical elements, which can give you a lot of good ideas very quickly. Long story short, lovely pack!

    Future Rollers

    Rating: 10/10

    A refreshing pack with unique sounds and samples for writing modern drum and bass. The drum loops are punchy and very detailed when it comes to original drum grooves. The bass sounds are processed very well, so you know they are going to sound proper on a big sound system. The drums one shots are my favourites, because they sound clean and original. A must have for the techy drum and bass producer!

    Top notch quality samples by Dutch whizkid Proxima. This pack is for the lovers of minimal drum and bass. Even it's a minimal pack, all the breaks, basslines and sounds are heavyweight and going to sound big on a soundsystem. Also a lot of unique sounding samples and very outside the box thinking drums which are making this pack really interesting. This one is definitely on my recommendation list!

    Dutch technical wizard creates a diverse sample pack for the techy drum and bass producer. The drums part is my favourite part in this whole pack, all very punchy and tight kicks and snares and unique drum loops. The sound design is crazy good and it has a lot of sci-fi sounding fx. If u wanna write and techy roller, this is a must have pack!

    Amazing pack with unique samples and professional sound design. It includes a lot of classic drum breaks but well processed so they are sounding modern. The long deep pads are giving you the feel like watching a movie, typical Dom & Roland style. This whole pack has a proper analogue feel and you can hear Dom put a lot of details in every single sound. If u wanna write a dark and heavy track, this is the pack you need to have!


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