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Ils (real name Illian Walker) is a musician and producer who has released records on labels such as Marine Parade and Distinct'ive Records. Ils started his production career on LTJ Bukem's drum 'n' bass record label Good Looking Records. He was signed to Marine Parade by owner Adam Freeland, who cited Ils' unique breaks production. Ils is influenced by electro, funk, and techno artists in his Idiots Behind the Wheel album. Ils album Soul Trader represented a more even sound, with few particularly energetic or downbeat tracks. He also mixed an album for Distinct'ive Records' Y4k series.


  • Dubstep Metal Guitars

    Rating: 7/10

    this is a very quick way of trying out studio quality guitar riffs over dance tracks. it provides a fair range of distorted guitar sounds ranging from 90 - 150bpm. there are enough stabs and parts to be able to cut these riffs to fit into most tracks.

    Funk Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    FUNK DROPS OFFERS SOME OF THE WORLDS BEST LOVED DRUM GROOVES FROM CLASSIC LOOPS REPLAYED ON LIVE DRUM KITS. there is a wide range of BPMs to suit most uses. its a very useful way to quickly gauge which grooves may work with a track. the only down side is that they are very similar kits used for most loops and they lack the mastering & comp that one gets from using vinyl loops. however the beats are good for layering under other kits.

    The Blues Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    a very large sample pack that offers value and original samples. i was surprised by the range offered by this pack. finding some strong beats was also an unexpected bonus. over all, many of the sounds / bass ideas are usable for genres outside of blues production and the title of this release may offer new ideas to producers from a wide range of back grounds

    Latin Horns

    Rating: 7/10

    a huge selection of horns to work with. many samples are in the same style and i had difficulty using some loops for tracks that were not specific to the latin genre. however, if you make latin style music or would like that influence in one of your tracks then there will probably be sometyhing usable here for you...

    Atmospheric Guitars

    Rating: 8/10

    a great tool for working with singers and song writers especially if you are in a rush or do not know where to start! i generally have difficulty with guitar sample packs because they sound as if all the samples were done using the same rig. this pack is different because it offers a nice range of soft acoustic to distorted ideas. i also liked this pack because it is one of the more 'organic' sample packs i have come across at loopmasters (its not all electronica or synths). this pack offers a good source of 'real' instruments to add to your electronica collections

    Dubstep Basses

    Rating: 6/10

    a good sample pack, some good processing on bass lines etc. the only 2 drawbacks i found were that the basses did not work very well with musical soundscapes and the different basses were fairly similar eg many basslines sound as if they were all done using the same synth / plug-ins. there is not much variance from the demo loops above and the entire sample pack, so if you like the demos buy this pack... i used a mix of tiny cuts from different basses from the pack and mixed them with my own bass ideas, so i found this a fun addition to my library.

    Epic House Riffs

    Rating: 8/10

    Epic house. very usable construction kits. there are enough variations in each kit to be able to use them for sevral projects. the synth and bass leads are up to date and can help start a project off quickly. defintily worth a try if you are looking for house/dance kayboarda nd you are in a rush.

    yes. love it. a great sample pack that can be used for a wide variety of projects & genres. a lot of the beats at higher tempos work well when slowed down too. this is a good buy for anyone that likes having decent live drums kicking around the studio.

    French Electro House

    Rating: 9/10

    this sample pack has loads of content. some very strong bass loops which are very useable. great lead noises too. a great sample pack for those people who are not even into this style of music. highly recommendable stuff. the beats section was ok, but probably best suited to people actually making electrohouse (unlike myself). anyway definitely worth a listen.

    Indie elctro offers some great elements. the drums are big and the bass/ leads are up to date and useable. definitely a good addition to anyones library even if you dont make electro. this pack will work with many genres and production styles. if you only had money for one elctro pack i would suggest the French electro series instead, but only just.

    Great! one of the better dubstep sample packs. very clean sounds, good variety of beats and fx.

    excellent sample pack. covers house / breaks but has elements that could be used for any genre. strong keyboards section that many others fail on . good work guys.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 9/10

    very useable for most genres, it has a lot of reverse cymbals etc that most people may already have, but there is enough unique content and some powerful stabs etc that make this pack worth having. it does what it says in the title..

    Dark Dub

    Rating: 8/10

    very usable construction kits, great basslines and beats a good starting point for rolling out some dubstep, i found it useful for some drum and bass work too.

    Deadmau5 XFER

    Rating: 8/10

    a well known outfit have provided us with a large range of house material for any producers that need a lot of content, its all well up to date and shouldn't disappoint! i especially liked the bass lines & fx provided


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