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Designer Dance FX
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Genre: EDM

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For smart producers looking for the most fashionable FX sounds and samples, Loopmasters are very proud to present “Designer Dance FX”, a collection of the most upfront, perfectly processed sounds, expertly engineered with the Dance floor in mind.

This fully formed collection of elegant sounds has been created for Producers looking for the Perfect Impacts, Bleeps, Rises, Drones, Echoes, Gated Sonics, Transitional Tones and Uplifters; which together creates what we think will soon be considered the “Ultimate Dance FX Collection”for all modern music genres.

This 1.4GB collection of 24Bit FX samples includes no less than 600 expertly processed samples from the studio of Marc Adamo, and also includes 28 ready to play patches for Reason NNXt, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt compatible samplers.

In detail Designer Dance FX includes 22 Bleeps, 6 Chord Gates, 43 Cymbal FX, 38 Downshifters, 45 Drones and Tones, 40 Echo FX, 24 Gate FX, 29 Hits and Stabs, 56 Impacts, 40 Noise FX, 16 Reversals, 65 Supertight Risers, 8 Essential Sirens, 11 Sub Drops, 93 Transition Spot FX, 41 Uplifters, and 6 Unique Vox Builders.

Produced using the pinnacle of studio processing technology including the Eventide H8000 and the TC System 6000 expect incredibly detailed sound design, perfectly placed spatial ambience and the most luxurious reverbs in the business. Designer Dance Effects gives you maximum bang for your production time and makes it easy to create massive build-ups and breakdowns in minutes.

If you are a producer looking for the most cutting edge FX to use in your music, we highly recommend you check out the demos for this royalty free and exclusive set of sounds today!

  • Complete gear list
  • Moog Voyager
  • Future Retro XS
  • Nord Modular G2
  • Access Virus Polar
  • Camel Audio Alchemy
  • FXpansion Synth Squad
  • Eventide Harmoniser H7600
  • TC System 6000
  • Fairman Valve Compressor
  • SSL Bus Compressor
  • Soundtoys Native
  • U-HE Uhbik
  • Sonnox Elite

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.3GB Content
  • 22 Bleep FX
  • 6 Chord Gate FX
  • 43 Cymbal FX
  • 38 DownShifter FX
  • 45 Drones And Tones
  • 40 Echo FX
  • 24 Gate FX
  • 29 Hits and Stabs
  • 56 Impact Hits
  • 40 Noise FX
  • 16 Reverse FX
  • 65 Rise FX
  • 8 Sirens
  • 11 Sub Drops
  • 93 Transition FX
  • 41 Uplifter FX
  • 6 Vox Builder FX

Split Packs:

Crashes Noises and Reverse Pack:

  • 43 Cymbal fx
  • 40 Noise Fx
  • 16 Reverse Fx

Drones Tones Stabs and Impacts:

  • 45 Drones and Tones
  • 29 Hits and Stabs
  • 56 Impacts

Gates Sirens Subs and Vox:

  • 6 Chords Gates
  • 24 Gate Fx
  • 8 Sirens
  • 11 Sub Drops
  • 6 Vox Builders


  • 65 Rise Fx

Tones Bleeps and Ekos:

  • 22 Bleeps
  • 40 Eko Fx
  • 93 Transitional Fx

Ups and Downs:

  • 38 Down Shifters
  • 41 Uplifters

Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24,Nnxt and SFZ Included in Main Pack Only.

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Phaeleh big


Great selection of sound effects in a really well laid out format. Highly recommended!
Subterra big


Really liking this sample pack for its clarity, all the sounds are pristine quality and really full sounding
Carbone big


Davide Carbone
Loopmasters have done a fantastic job saving us producers hours and hours of work
Lukeporter big


Luke Porter
If you are looking to pad out a track with some interesting FX or want to find some inspiration in some new stabs or sounds, this pack contains plenty of gems.


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