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Jody Wisternoff

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His early 90’s act Sub Love were one of the largest draws on the UK Rave festival circuit and his historic hook up with Bristol DJ Nick Warren in 1994 resulted in epic prog house outfit Way Out West. With big singles (The Gift/ Ajare/ Mindcircus/ Killa) the majors came running to the duo and it produced their enormously prolific remix period. Aside from Way Out West’s recording success, as a DJ in the early ‘90s Jody could be seen behind the decks at massive raves like Universe. In addition, he acquired a 3 year residency at Bristol’s seminal Lakota Club and was also found collaborating with Die of Roni Size’s Full Cycle Crew.


  • Amazing sample pack, used tons of times over the last year or so. Pretty much my go to library when creating the dubbier end of things. Love the ambient / drone type pads . There are tons of great loops too, mostly in the dubby vibe as is expected. Some pretty crunchy breaks too. Love the spring reverb stuff! Overall, an amazing sample pack so well done guys :)

    Nice selection of loops and one hits . Liking the shakers and drum loops the most , some cool and usable sounds for sure :)

    Designer Dance Cymbals

    Rating: 8/10

    Fantastic selection of hats/crashes/rides etc etc.. Very useful stuff, used loads last few months . One stop shop for everything metallic and yellow :)

    Amazing kicks/claps/snares etc... Some really brilliant club loops too , very raw and direct. Great stabs, some cool efx and interesting bass . Amazing overall :)

    Brilliant selection of claps and snares etc.. The one stop shop :) Used a bunch of them already , great stuff thanks!!

    The music loops are the best thing about this pack .Some really grainy, interesting flavoursome sounds !! Love some of the drum hits too , especially the kicks :)

    Wowow , some absolutely incredible music loops here !! Really trippy stuff, very very usable and right up my street ! The perc and beat loops are really great too , one of my fav sample packs so far :)

    Garage and Bassline

    Rating: 6/10

    Really feeling some of the Kick drums on offer here !! However, generally there isn't too much super useful stuff for my style in this pack . I find most of the sounds to be a bit clean and I hoped for a bit more grit , sorry :(

    A truly brilliant sample pack right here , Tom has really covered a lot of useful ground ! From the drum hits to hat loops , oldskool rave stabs and chords to the 808 bass boomas , this is a really enjoyable and usable set of sounds !

    Stereo MC'S - Vaultage

    Rating: 9/10

    Amazing sample pack , love the organic nature of the sounds . You can hear the outboard being rinsed to the max, great processing which just adds to the flavour of the samples. One of the most usable sample packs overall , lots of cool stuff to get your teeth into will be rinsing this one for quite a while :)

    Super cool bass patches, very usable !! Love the pads too, though some of the lead sounds are a bit too trancy. Godd stuff though :)

    Very usable selection of kicks/clap-snares and hats. The beat loops are absolutely brilliant too !! Some of the music loops are incredible , as are some of the efx. Gotta be the best sample pack yet in my humble opinion :)

    All sorts of freaky blipps and blopps here, as expected really ! Some of the tuned percussion sounds are great , quite easy to fit into a track. However, whilst a lot of the textures are really cool , they require a bit more work to become usable. Some really great stuff though, hopefully will feature some in my current remix. Thanks again for an interesting and inspiring bunch of audio goodies :)

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    Man , this has got to be one of the finest selection of snares and claps you guys have put out ! Loving the processed and effect drums too, instantly usable stuff there. Some of the guitar loops are wicked too, def gonna be using grabbing some of these ! Not sure about the vocals though, she has a great voice but little bit on the cheese side..Overall though, brilliant pack:)

    Really loving the drum hits !! Some brilliant claps and snares. Some of the SFX are great too. Drum loops are great too, loads of usable ones.As are some of the music loops, some very nice pads and stabs. Overall, a great pack :)

    Really feeling the Perc hits , wow ! FX are brilliant too, some really freaky sounds here ! On the slightly lofi tip, really usable stuff. Groove elements too are doing it for me. Top notch stuff, thanks.

    Loving the processed loops, some very usable percussive parts on offer here. The ribbon mic and U87 loops are cool too ,lots to choose from and very well recorded with great stereo imagery ! My only critisicm is that there isn't much variation with the sounds used.

    Wow, this is way more usable than I expected !! An absolute @!£@load of loops at 120bpm, some really gnarly messed up stuff but also some really tight clubby loops too. Love the individual drum hits too, super cool kicks snares and perc. Bigups !!

    Very useful , very large bunch of top loops and perc. I find the way to use these is audition until I find one that fits the vibe, then chop it up to taste. Makes my life that much easier, thanks again for the good stuff guys :)

    Some really cool FX samples,especially TassmanFxnotes I will be using that one !! Noise textures are also pretty good. Some great stabs from the MKS-80 too.Vermona drums are great, especially the dubby ones. Soild bunch of Kicks too. All in all , a brilliant sample pack :)

  • For me the most useful sounds in this pack are the kicks and snares. Some reelly great distorted hits, very usable ! Love the FX sounds too, for that twisted vibe. Some of the music loops are really cool too .

    Amazing FX and atmos sounds here, will be using some of these for sure ! The drum hits are also useful, and some of the bass sounds are wicked especially Beyti bass !

    Very strong kickdrums in this pack ,and a few snares I will def be using ! Some really cool FX , and stab FX too. The top loops are also useful , as are a few of the music loops. Good stuff all in all :)

    Wow, very impressed with this one ! The drum loops are wicked, the Kicks are some of the best i've heard, the chords are very usable and the synth loops are dope ! Fred everything is bang on it here !!

    Really impressive set of samples from glimpse, but this is no surprise ! The music loops are among the best I have heard, so many cool stabs very usable stuff ! Hat loops are brilliant too, as are the FX. A very strong package, thanks guys :)

    Some of the finest rimshots ive ever heard !! The hats are also really cool ! Some very usable basslines too, and the FX are totally spot on. A really cool selection of dubby style sounds, have used a bunch of these already :)

    Easily one of my favourite sample packs so far !! The dubby guitar samples are brilliant,drum fills really usable, spot on drum loops , and some really interesting riffs and samples. An overall winner, well done guys !

    If this is the instrument you are looking for, then you will be very happy ! Perfectly recorded and with a great variation of riffs , I cant really say much more about this than It does what it says on the tin. However, I havent managed to fit it into a track yet :( I will persevere though..

    For what this is, its absolutely perfect. Very well recorded and a nice variation of indian rhythms which fit perfectly with dancemusic. However, I would have liked a few more kinda indian/bollyowood style sound effects . Some great drum sounds though, very cool stuff generally.

    Always useful to have these kind of samples to hand. Also, very cool for live gigs. A well put together selection of FX, thanks !

    Fantastic selection of live sounding loops and some really great one shots ! The percussion loops are instantly usable and some of the kicks,snares and hats are spot on. Some cool musical loops too, though I was hoping for a few more fx sounds etc..

    Fantastic selection of beat loops on offer here. Really nicely organised into catagories in a way that hasn't been done before, very useful stuff ! Will be using some of these myself I reckon :)

    If you want that taurus sound, then this should be more than enough to satisfy ! Although nothing new, this is a concise collection of a certain classic tone that a lot of people love and Is very easy to fit into the mix. Thumbs up :)

    BHK S.E.4 Drum Step

    Rating: 7/10

    Best things in this package for me are the Kicks and Snares which are very very cool, and the Misc FX a few of which are very useful. Not really needing all the wobbly synth loops though..

    The sounds and FX wavs are brilliant, some stuff here that I will def be using. Some of the bass loops are really cool too, wicked distorted bass tones very usable stuff thanks !!

    Some solid African style beats which will fit into my style of music very easily. However, I was hoping for a bit more variation in the beats, maybe more rolling toms and stuff like that. Very useful loops anyway..

    Beautifully recorded and extremely usable . I can see myself encorporating a few of these into my tracks straight away ! Now everybody can sound like the bastard son of Hanz zimmer and Hybrid :)

    Disco Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    Right, that's me sorted for disco beats then !! Tons of extremely usable content here, the beat loops are just what im always looking for and the percussion is fantastic ! A big fan of this package !!

    Absolutely amazing !! In my opinion this is the best sample pack you have released, some incredible and very usable samples on offer here. I have used a bunch of them in a new track, so thanks again. My only worry is that everyone else will use the same sounds, because they are so fucking cool :)

    Some really great drum loops and one hits. Great selection of efx too.Nice stabs, some usable guitar licks for sure. Basslines are ok too but not the kind of thing Id use from a samplepack. All in all though, this is a great selection of sounds and is sure to inspire many.

  • Traditional Percussion

    Rating: 10/10

    Very usable bunch of percussion loops, makes a great alternative to Stylus. Some very cool vocal fx style loops too, and some tasty 808 loops to boot as well as a few cool kicks etc. Will get some mileage out of this for sure.


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