A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald

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Where do you start with A Guy Called Gerald? A hidden gem, the gateway between Chicago house / Detroit Techno and the UK dance music explosion in the late 80s. He is one of a few special producers who entered dance music in the jacking zone. He is the first UK acid house producer and probably the first producer to have two instrumental dance tracks in the UK charts at the same. He formed 808 State with a drum machine, a 303, 2 Roland SH101s and 2 other humans. His collaborations stem from Frankie Knuckles, Goldie, Finley Quaye and Derrick May through to Herbie Hancock, remixed for David Bowie, Lamb, Stone Roses, Black Uhuru, Can, Tricky, Roman Fluegel and The Orb and toured with New Order, Tricky and Bebel Gilberto.


  • nice deep clean sounds the stuff of inspiration i always feel like i can take a sound anywhere when its pure. i can these sounds to at the start on the production so i would want to keep everything as clean

    very nice backgrounds for me. i would use this in something outside of the space context like in the background of something with a soul vibe. or may be a chilled out part in a break beat track

    Very nice. I like the definition in this and there nicely spaced and imaged. I dont have to do to much work in the mix to use these sounds.

    this is nice and clean cut for deep house.its sonic sharpness evokes inspiration.used in the right way this a nice tool

    Cinematic FX

    Rating: 9/10

    This is what a sound bank should be. it opens up the imagination sparks of inspiration are flying around the studio.the spatial imageing is second to none. this gets the sci fi juices flowing i feel anything can happen from here this is a must have if your a genre busting producer

    interesting pack tho i found the bass sounds slightly muffled the loops are very nice tho.I could hear almost instantly what i wanted to do with the drum loops next.I think this pack is a great starter for the newbie producer and the pro performer

    I love the crispness of the sounds in general. i think this makes a good starting block for making a good track i think i could get a nice rugged backing for a fresh style of jungle from this package the rex work is nice and tight this adds to its crispness

    A tool for every thing from live jamming to production. It seems to fit into the nooks of my experimental stuff . There are so many little bits here to touch on. The inspiration just flows!


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