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Subterra is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the most respected young DJ's within the scene, with a wealth of bookings across the country and worldwide including the likes of Eastern Europe and South America. With moves into production underway plus the running of his own night and involvement in countless other areas of the scene the future looks set to be very busy for the man from Guildford.


  • Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Really liking this sample pack for its clarity, all the sounds are pristine quality and really full sounding. There really isn't much you need to do in the way processing, maybe a touch of delay or reverb. I've found this pack really useful for FX , fly-bys and buildups mainly in intros and breakdowns, some of the sounds really help to glue atmospheres and pads together nicely. All the sounds have a great stereo spread and sit really nicely in most situations. Great pack!

    Wow! This pack is serious, these guys really show their multi talents by concocting a drum & bass sample pack of this calibre, they've set the standard big time (As if their tunes weren't enough!). Some fantastic and interesting samples all round, its very hard to fault it in any way!

    Dj Krust, what a legend! Really enjoyed checking this sample pack out, its full of really fat sounding content. All the sounds have clearly come from some old skool synths and had some great analogue treatment, it's got his sound all over it. Some of the drum breaks are not quite to my taste, but would be great for layering and combining with others to give an nice underlaying punch. All in all i would say this pack is a really nice addition to my collection and have been getting really stuck in.

    Easily one of the best drum & bass sample packs i've come across for a while. Some lovely bass sounds and loops that have got loads of character and substance, and the fact they are all separated into high and low frequencies really gives a lot of control. The drums are great also, they may not be slammed and 'in your face' but thats the beauty, there's enough room for you to process as you wish. All the content is really well engineered (especially the basslines!), while still allowing for your own processing. You really need to hear it to believe it. All in all i would highly recommend this sample pack to any producer, beginner or experienced. its that versatile. Big up Fracture.

    Being a huge fan of Total Science I instantly felt the need to check out what was in this sample pack. Classic breaks from their older tunes, rude basslines, and some serious reeses too. Great tool to play around with and manipulate. To add to that, theres some very nice melodic sounds and loops to play with and get you inspired. A great sample pack from (in my opinion) 2 of the greatest producers of drum and bass.

    Light Textures

    Rating: 8/10

    When checking out the Loopmasters library, i'm always on the hunt for something a bit different to help think outside the box. This definitely delivered. Great pads and atmospheres to give you a really nice starting ground for something more chilled out or experimental. I keep this pack in close reach when looking for transitions and flybys, it just always seems to deliver. Great work!

    BHK FX

    Rating: 8/10

    I've always heard a lot about BHK's sample packs from fellow producers and was a lacking some inspiration on a recent remix project, all i can say is that this sample pack fully refilled my empty glass of inspirational juices. Lots of tasty licks and hits all with a sound that is fully workable and adjustable to taste.

    Coming from Drum & Bass i thought i'd look outside the box for some different sounds and ideas and after hearing some good press and tracks from Untold, i'd thought i'd have a peek into what his sample pack had to offer. There are definitely some nice sounds and drums within the pack, but maybe not all of them suited for drum and bass. A very good sample pack for Dubstep, Funki, or even Techno.


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