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Both as a DJ and as a producer, London-based Luke Porter’s star is clearly on the rise. This native of Melbourne, Australia champions a unique, groove-driven sound that has rapidly propelled him to the forefront of today’s global dance music community, winning his records attention from the likes of Nick Warren and Armin Van Buuren, and his DJ sets peak-time slots at some of the world’s finest dance music destinations. Luke’s in-demand status is further cemented by his many regular radio appearances, both as the host of the show Alleys on globally-broadcast Proton Radio, and through frequent guest slots on internet and terrestrial broadcast stations around the world.


  • This pack has been an essential tool for me over the last few months in the studio. I've found these loops really compliment an established groove that just needs a little bit of magic to really bring it to life. Highly recommended addition to any sample library.

    Guy J Transitions EP

    Rating: 10/10

    There's not much left to say about Guy J. He's a phenomenon. This pack is a fascinating look right into the heart of his productions. Not many producers will let other people deconstruct their tracks in this way, so I would urge any budding producers to check this out.

    Really nice collection of presets here. I've already been using some of these in recent tracks. Definitely will keep coming back to these for future projects as well - great work by Axel!

    Jamie has put together a great selection of samples in this pack. It has everything you need to put together fresh sounding percussion lines for your tracks. The samples are very clean and well recorded, and all sit perfectly with each other in a mix. Will definitely be using these on some of my new productions.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 8/10

    A comprehensive and diverse selection of samples. If you are looking to pad out a track with some interesting FX or want to find some inspiration in some new stabs or sounds, this pack contains plenty of gems.

    Jim Rivers

    Rating: 9/10

    Always been a fan of Jim's records, and this collection of beats has proven very useful already. Really fresh selection of sounds which are perfect for Tech house compositions.

    Drum Machines 01

    Rating: 8/10

    Very high quality samples that require a minimal amount of work once they are dropped into your mix. Plenty of material here for all types of producers whether you are into techno, deep house or just pure electronica.

    As a huge Haji & Emanuel fan from way back I was very keen to check out this package and can safely say it delivers. Great mixture of hits and loops, and that classic Haji & Emanuel sound ready and waiting to be unleashed in new ways on new tracks.

    An essential collection of techy hits which should be a part of any producer's arsenal of sounds. I've already used some of these samples on my new material and keep going back for more. The loops are an added bonus for those who want their beats ready made.

    Always been a big fan of James' productions, and it's no surprise that this collection of loops contains traces of his funky grooves all the way. Good combination of full loops and stripped back versions so that you can pick and choose to suit the track you are working on. Great stuff!

    Groove Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    A fantastic arsenal of proper sounds for modern house productions. I've been using many of the the single hits in some of my recent production work and they sound amazing straight off the bat. Everything in here is so crisp and punchy - love it.

    When it comes down to it, I'm a bit of a snare man at heart. Within this collection I have found THE BEST snares. I can't get enough of them! This is not to detract from the rest of the samples either, which are all excellent quality once again. I'll be using parts from this pack for months on all my new material.

    Great selection of grooves with that instantly recognisable 'Swedish House' sound. The pack is perfect for aspiring producers who are into this style of music, but would like some high quality samples to use as a base for their track. The stems are extracted in a very useful manner, allowing the producer the flexibility to use as little or as many elements of the original track as required. In terms of sound quality, the loops are tight, punchy and crisp. They are ready to fit into any mix immediately. Overall an excellent selection of loops, perfect for building those punchy contemporary house grooves.

    This is a good package if you are into a more stripped back sound. All the audio is very well mastered and will give DJ's and producers alike a good base of sounds to start mashing together in different ways. The inclusion of the full version of the tracks shows just what is possible combining the different loops together.


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