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He then began playing his debut live DJ gigs at raves and clubs in Quebec and Montreal where he opened for Sasha @ Metropolis in 1993. It s around that time that Fred started to play out as DJ Fred Everything. In 1999, he moved to London to do a three month extended tour taking him all over the UK and to places like Norway, Spain and Moscow and worked in the studio with the likes of: AtJazz, Mark Bell (Shaboom), Nigel Hayes and Bougie Soliterre. At just 28 years old, Fred has over 60 releases under his belt (original and remixes) and shows no sign of stopping. Recently he has been bothering the buzz charts with his Missy Elliot Missy Thing bootleg, his remixes of Soldiers Of Twilight and Chris Lum, and “Light Of day” the first release from his forthcoming second album on 2020 Vision.


  • Very good product, well crafted and produced. The loops are very musical. I could've used more one shot hits (drums, keys, bass) as I don't really use pre-made loops in my music but If you do, it's an amazing package. thx

    Opolopo Electro Funk

    Rating: 8/10

    Very nice, useful and complete pack from Opolopo. You can really use this one to your own flavor and get creative. Well done.

    Funk Drops

    Rating: 7/10

    Drum Drops always comes correct with their sample packs. For me, it's all about the drums but If you need more construction kits, these will come handy for you.

    Compact Disco

    Rating: 8/10

    Drum Drops always come correct. This is yet another well engineered and well executed package. Very useful.

    Temple Of Boom

    Rating: 8/10

    Drum Drops are probably one of the best names in sample packs. Their drums are extremely well played and recorded. You can use them as stock loops to get inspired or even before you can rent a studio and get the whole thing overdubbed. Another way is to just use part of it in your existing track to add a little live feel to a more rigid quantized drum part. Well done!

    As usual, Reel People come correct on this sample pack with a variety of well played and well recorded parts. I usually head straight to the drum section. Lots of very usable stuff when in need of some organic elements. I would've rate this a 10 but I just thought it lacked in the Clap section. 2 claps is definitely not enough! Overall tho, great pack.

    I'm not a drum & bass producer but I always appreciated London Elektricity's output on it. I was also a fan of their house stuff as Galactic Disco/Funky Homosapiens. Overall great quality. Can bring some unusual sounds to your music, whatever style you're in.

    This pack is great when in need of electronic drums and textures in general. It gives you tools rather than "already chewed-up" loops. Something to work with to enhance some great productions.

    I'm a long time follower of the Knights...been playing their music since the early Toka Project days on DIY. This pack is very useful for any kind of house music really. It can work in a Deeper environment as well as on a bigger room sound...well done!

    I'm a big Moog fan, proud owner of a Voyager and I can say this pack brings something analog to the DAW. I never played with a Taurus but It sounds damn good to me!

    Very good pack for anyone looking to make their music a little bit more "lively". The quality of the sound is pristine and can be used in just about any style of music. Quality.

    What a complete collection from one of the unsung heroes of US House. There's plenty to go around here, especially in the drum area. I feel like Jon Cutler just gave us VIP access to his hard drive!

    Quality pack from Reel People. This is perfect when you need more organic drum sounds and loops. Well done.

    Drumdrops in Ska

    Rating: 8/10

    The Drum Drops series is one of the best out there. This one might not be useful for all of you but If you make any Dub/Reggae influenced music like Drum & Bass or Dubstep, this might be just for you!

    Deep Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a perfect addition to your collection. The Jomox samples are high quality and recorded through the best analog hardware (API,Distressor...). More on the electronic side of things, it will work well in any types of music.

    Temple Of Boom

    Rating: 8/10

    The ever reliable Drum Drops series comes correct once again. This time it's more of a downbeat affair. Expect the same high quality as usual!

    Drum Drops all the way! Yet another great pack full of basic, super well engineered and played stripped down beats. Api, Neve, Fairchild and Brand New Heavies's drummer!

    Fistful Of Drummers

    Rating: 8/10

    More multi track goodness from Drum Drops. Well produced and performed beats constructed and deconstructed.

    Goody Goody Drum Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    You can't go wrong with the DrumDrops series. This one will satisfy the funk/downtempo heads as well as the Disco fans. Highly recommended!

    Todd The God! What can I say, the man produced some of the hardest, meanest beats of the 90s. He led the way for a generation of House producers and you can still hear the influence he had in today's music. If you're a fan, this pack doesn't disappoint!

  • Such a fan of Mad Professor so it's a real pleasure to get this sample pack. It's all about the single hits for me but If you want construction kits it's all there.

    Very well produced pack from King Roc. Very useful for all the modern House producers out there.

    Disco Strings

    Rating: 9/10

    If you, like me, have a soft spot for disco strings, look no further. You can use the licks but for me it's all about using the sound separately to make you own melodies and progressions.

    Disco Drops

    Rating: 10/10

    This is an amazing collection of disco rhythms. All very well produced, they come with all the stems so you can make your own beats. Also comes with some great 1 shot samples. Essential!

    Useful acoustic elements for all the downtempo heads out there. Like having session musicians at your fingertips.

    Nice collection from the UK pioneer. Mostly electronic textures and landscapes but also drums and rhythm sections.

    Drum Machines 02

    Rating: 8/10

    Classic drum machine samples are a dime a dozen of course,but what separates this pack is the variety of hardware processing that has been used to make these sounds unique. Get all your classic sounds, loud and proud with a twist!

    Find much music too "clinical" these days? Add some live feel to your music with this pack. Well recorded and masterfully played, the next best thing is to have Pete Lockett as your roomate and Real World as your home studio!

    I still own Faze action's 1st 12" and I'm happy to see them still doing their thing. This sample pack has some good elements for the ever trendy "nu disco" sound. I like the sound fx and the 80s keyz the best.

    Very nice and diversified pack to add some organic elements to your House.


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