Flash Brothers

Flash Brothers

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Live act / DJ's / Production trio pioneers in the Progressive House & Prog Trance scene in Israel. With over a decade of singles & remixes releases on top labels, including the hit Single "Amen" on Oxyd Records / Sony UK.


  • If a full pack of the most current & hot EDM big main room style is what your after, this one here is what u got to have! From the wicked melody loops that helps creating your tracks ideas on to the straight up Bass loops that will move your studio speakers for sure! We can say there is a real treat for producing some real banging tunes here, with also dope Drum loops that blows!

    Here's a fresh one for u out there that want to add some spice to your studio kit! Liking the well distorted vibe here of the bass & lines that work well loud on the studio speakers! Will use it for more cutting edge & dirty style that can fit into a new upcoming production! :-)

    A really cool pack of current fresh Deep House flavours straight from our fave Loopmasters homeboys! It has some some melodic elements with the breakdowns & synth leads, as well as the strongest parts that stand out for us here which are the varied baselines. Just check it out yourself, from groovy & punchy to deep yet clubby, that's what quality is all about! Going straight into the studio library :-)

    Rebel House

    Rating: 8/10

    Here's a very good package of fresh sound files for all you Deep house & groovy Nu-Disco heads out there! We really like the melodic synths here with the 80's vibe, should work perfect on our forthcoming studio projects. Also some cool loops of beats & useful baselines that sound great loud. Very recommended as were surely on it!

    Gotta say, this pack is for sure a must for your current House Music productions! Loving the vocal samples + cut vox here, can be used foe Nu-Disco & Deep house stuff as well. Some wicked baseline & drum loops that can add a lot to the structure of any produced tunes! Cant wait to hit things down with the brothers at the studio!

    Punchy Techno 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack came in the right time as we started a new Techno production at the Studio! There are some great Bass loops that can give a whole powerful standout structure of a new track. Also check out the wicked Chords / Synth loops you have here which can lead your future Techno stuff! In a few words - Its a must if you look for adding your productions some cool power!

    Future Electro

    Rating: 8/10

    What a cool fresh pack of the most current electro sounds over here! With excellent Music Loops here that ranges from melodic leads & harmonies to funky & dirty vibe. Also some great Glitched vocals loops, cut up & can add full power to any production :-) For sure one of the best electro packs to come out in 2012!

    Nu School Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    A very dope pack here for all you Deeper House & spacey tech house producers! We totally recommend the wicked vocal samples here that adds the right cut soul vibe, loving it! Also there are great melodic synths & pads were into, and really cool baselines we dig! To sum it us, a very surprising selection of sounds that can fit more musical genres then the Deep House one as in the title!

    If your into the real elite traditional sounds & atmosphere of House Music this one is surely for you! After the previous Volume 1 kit by Marshall Jefferson which we used in the studio, this next one already sounds like a serious part in our sound kit! Either its the wicked Pianos, Cool baselines that has Housey & Techy vibe or the Funky trumpets - u got it all here! There are useful loops of groovy house beats as well, so be sure to check out this kit!

    Opolopo Electro Funk

    Rating: 8/10

    Here's a fresh & very current package of really dope Nu-Disco, 80's & late 70's funky disco style to polish your studio library! We really like the variety here of some wicked pads, baselines & groovy loops that for sure will be useful at the studio. A really strong part here is the inclusion of those main loops of disco grooves beats that can work on different BPM's. To sum it up - it goes straight into our studio computer, look forward to test out some stuff here on the upcoming new productions :-)

    A very useful package here that although its called classic house sounds it includes a lot of very current elements going on these days! Try the vocal loops here which are wicked & varied, or also the anthemic strings that can add big melodic feel into your sounds kit. We really like also the Synth loops & Music Loops, really can play a part in a track construction, build up & creativity. Totally recommended & surprisingly good not only for Classic House heads :-)

    Deep Melodic Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Very interesting package as it was for us straight from the title of this pack! Regardless the fact that we love Melodic Techno stuff, this package here can fit producers who make also Progressive House or Deep House & Chill out music - it works! Really good music lines loops created here plus very useful Bass loops too on varied styles & powerful edge. Will be adding this pack right into the Studio kit - totally Dope!

    Make way here to one of House Music's legendary Godfathers Mr Jefferson, who presents here an awesome package here! We are totally into the wicked vocal loops which can be used on your Deep House, Tech House & groovy Underground productions for example. Good musical loops here with very cool Synths & Guitars selection to work with. There;s also these Chicago house strings we really like that brings back the late 80's Jacking original House vibe!

    We have been waiting for this kind of Vocal kit selection for a while & now its here. Really good songs performed here on varied styles by professional male & female singers. We can imagine using some of the vocals here in our studio, either by cut just a few hooks & phrases, words or short parts. You just have a very good material to use here - go ahead & get on it!

    One of the best packs we got on Loopmasters created by the multi talented producer Mario Basanov! We really like the varied loops here, either its Disco / Nu-disco, Groovy or Funky House, beats & cut up electronic funk that can take a really cool part on your dope productions. Even if u are djing with Abelton or samplers etc u can use stuff here, be sure to check out this wicked pack - its a must! Will be playing with some of the stuff here on the pack at the studio shortly..

    Just in time when we needed this kind of cut up vocals on our new production it arrived! A very cool selection of glitched vocal cuts that fits perfectly to Techno, Tech House & other Electronic music productions! Like the variety of Male & Female vox cut loops, the hi hats & bass loops here too that will be used for sure in our studio!

    Bass Monster

    Rating: 8/10

    Here's a really up-to-date small package with some of the most current electronic club music sound around at the moment! If its Electro, Dubstep, Dirty House or Electro House the interest, you got yourself a nice treat here. Wicked mastered bass & elements here to fill your studio kit & blow your monitors :-)

    A very cool & simple to use Electro sounds kit in this new package! We like the easy to use midi's over here either u choose here from these cool Bass, FX & Lead ideas. Very nice material to add your new production this powerful electro vibe, does not matter which electronic style ur doing, it can fit all. Were on it & it will be usefull for sure :-)

    Smooth Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a special package for all u emotional deep spacey house vibe out there. Melodic pads & synth lines, Groovy percussions & Baselines plus unique elements here to fill up your studio kit with some special deepness yet florfiller stuff.

    Oriental Orchestra

    Rating: 8/10

    If your into mixing a high quality classic orchestral vibe on your music production, this pack here is probably the right one for you! With different BPM's, Flavours & oriental influences here you can choose from varied types of very up-to-date classical music territory!

  • Discotecha

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a wicked package for all you 80's-Electro-Nuwave-Italo Disco influenced producers out there. The Cool Synth lines, dope loops & beats here can fit for sure & spice up today's productions with the classic 80's vibe!

    Very cool vocals cut, vocodered, effected, slashed & dashed into a fresh package of useful vox parts! Either your doing House, Techno, Trance or Dubstep, u will find here for sure something to twist up your tunes.

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    Very nice package that has inside all the basic elements to create funky groovy nu-disco productions. Cool baselines, midi piano melodies, kicks & FX's that can be used for sure to add some funk on your tunes!

    Compact Disco

    Rating: 8/10

    Very useful professional disco stuff here to add some funk on your productions & studio kit. The basslines here are strong with very cool keys to use as well.

    A brilliant package of funky 80's electronica & NU Disco stuff! All from cool guitar bass & Varied FX's to Groovy Synth lines & wicked Drum loops. You got it all here to use on your funked-up fresh productions!

    Great package here with varied influential styles of uplifting electronic dance music. Either its the banging techno loops, the dirty electro fx's or the uplifting Trance strings you will find something usefull here for sure!

    If your into sophisticated breaks with human funky raw edge to it, this is a perfect tool to use. Very good dubstep + d&b baselines, with quality fx's & unique vocals to try out in your productions.

    Nice collection of underground direction in Dubstep style. If u into the Jungle / Drum & Bass vibe be sure to check this one out, some cool FX's & bass to use around here!

    A fresh & updated sample kit for all you Dubstep style producers! We liked the variety here of the drumloops, basslines & synths that we could add & use in our studio producrtion work :-)

    Real Strings

    Rating: 8/10

    A very musical package here with varied styles of strings to use on your music. Either its cinematic, dramatic or peaceful vibe - you choose! Very good tool to add on your studio productions!

    Some good selection of sounds here to blow your tunes up! If you like it tough or just twisted a bit, check out the stuff here, for sure you'll fine something up your alley :-)

    Classic House Pianos

    Rating: 8/10

    Great selection of the classic piano sound for use in your House Music production. Good midi's & melody loops on varied keys to choose from, so u do not have to worry about starting your piano lessons with this one!

    As a long time producers of Progressive House music, we got to admit this package rocks. Lots of high quality loops, FX's & baseline's to choose from & create new stuff at the studio! Gotta put thumbs up for that one!

    You gotta put those hands in the air with that one! Another great pack here, really like the Chords & Percussion Loops, plus these wicked FX Loops! Good potential for creating some hot stuff here :-)

    An excellent pack of fresh & very current elements that for sure can be used for any top quality electronic music production! The FX's, buildup storming sounds & loops here are totally working it :-) Get ready to get blown away at your studio with this one!


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