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Creativity and energy is what it's all about for charismatic DJ Yves Eaux from Amsterdam. (pronounce as 'Eefo'). Jetting as a DJ globally from New York to New Delhi. From Cyprus to Siberia. From exclusive film premieres to massive sport arena's. Hammering (deep) house, techhouse and funky techno. A carefully selected mix of today's electronic music which can be only found left from the centre and straight from under the radar. Sharing the bill with artists like Sasha, Joris Voorn, Desyn Masiello, Laidback Luke, Ferry Corsten, Sander Kleinenberg, Marco V and even Infected Mushroom. He releases tracks for the global DJ scene on a monthly basis, most of them charted on Beatport, on labels such as Little Mountain Recordings, Kling Klong, GF Recordings, Vapour, Noir, Wazzup!, Spinnin', Baroque, Sprout, BDR Tapas Recs a.o.


  • Main Room house, it's the style I prefer to play as a DJ and produce as a producer. A bit hard to describe since it's not a genre. I guess it has to do with tracks being intense and energetic. Russia's super producer Re-Zone knows exactly what it takes to make a track suitable for the main rooms. Big sounds, smart loops and original fat sounds and FX. This package is a perfect start for those who want to make tracks that dominate the club. worth checking!

    John Carr produced a nice package for those who are into commercial progressive. The sounds are spot on. The pack also mentions Electro but you should see that from a more progressive house point of view. There is not much really electro going on here. Nevertheless good pack.


    Rating: 10/10

    Wow!!! This package is amazing! Not only the artwork looks great but it also sounds really fantastic. These sounds are perfect for soundtracks, game scores and special FX for all kinds of video purposes. Next to that i am sure that electro, dubstep and hardcore producers will like this a lot too. I am really excited about this, because the quality is very high and it's all in one pack. I don't think i'll be using this in my Yves Eaux releases but defo in my TV work. ACE!

    Spektre has done a really great job! They not only produce great tracks that i like to play out, they also created a perfect sample pack. All their production secrets seem to be released with this outstanding package. From individual drum sounds to loops and chords. I will be using this myself too, i am sure about that. Make no mistake, if you are into tech grab this package.

    This package is really fantastic!!! It's no secret that i also produce the music for most of the TV commercials i direct. This package comes in very handy for those who want their music to sound filmic. You can combine all kinds of solo's to create your own orchestra. Suitable for triphop, pop, rock… you name it. I am sure the more adventurous electronic producers know their way with this as well. I have rewarded it with a 10 because of it's outstanding sound quality and as a compliment for Loopmasters for bringing special packs like this. Must have if you are into real MUSIC.

    In a time where the trend is to lower BPM's and productions tend to be on a softer side Lee Mortimer treats us with a fat uptempo package. All sounds are exactly spot on. BPM's vary from 127 and up. If you are into Electro and commercial music you can produce complete tracks with this package alone. For those who produce in other genre's there is some nice cherry-picking to do with this pack. Cool stuff if you like your tracks to sound mainstage.

    Progressive House Melodies… And that is what it is. A nice pack stuffed with cool elements to create progressive tracks. Since it's limited to create melodies and u need to add drum sounds and vocals yourself you don't have to be afraid that your track will sound similar to others. It's a nice tool to give u quick results.

    If u are after creating some mayhem or producing the soundtrack of 'The End Of The World' this is the package for u. Big fat boshy and brutal sounds. The perfect pack for the harder genre's. Some think producing hard tracks has to do with volume. This pack proves they are wrong, it's all about using intense sounds and that is exactly what Computer Core 3 is. Intense!

    Monodeluxe delivers a fine package. Perfect Deep House elements for some sexy slow groovy stuff. I am sure i am gonna use this one myself too. Good stuff!

    This is a very good package. It's called House Anthems and that is exactly what it is for. This pack helps you produce big main room tracks with appealing sounds. If you want to write a hit records, check this baby out!

    A package that helps u remix, i like concepts like this. Straight forward thinking! This pack will give u a kickstart as a beginning producer. Will not only give u an immediate result but it will also help u to learn to hear how a track can be layered. Educational for beginners and inspirational for pro's.

    If you like it dark and analogue, this is the one for you. Perfect big fat bosh sounds. Suitable for various genre's. Defo gonna pick some samples from this one for my own main room tracks.

    SOR Hats & Tops Vol.1

    Rating: 8/10

    If you like it driving this pack works for you. All loops are tight, crispy and burst of energy. Perfect addition to your tracks.

    Cinematic Tools Vol.1

    Rating: 10/10

    I really like this package a lot. Next to my DJ/producer work i also direct (inter)national TV commercials and most of the time i produce the music for them as well. Cinematic Tools has all the right ingredients to create an instant atmosphere touched by the hands of a real pro. Perfect for filmic scene's and action footage. It usually takes a lot of time to find sounds that are not so generic. I am sure any producer who likes it a bit 'gangsta' or likes to add some darkness to his productions will find this really handy. As i stated before in my reviews, the freshest sounds for your productions come from sources outside your (sub)genre. Defo worth checking this special pack out! Compliments to Industrial Strength and Loopmasters for pushing the envelope with this quality pack. Silence!!! Camera's rolling ??? and ACTION!

    This is a real nice package. It has all the contents to create some really good grooves. I am defo gonna use this one for my own stuff. Great elements to produce some damn fine tunes.

    Cut em, slice em, chop em or just simply use them. This package is crammed with all kinds of vocal snippets. Perfect package to go through when looking for that little special element for your production. Personally i can't get enough of these, the more the better. I love to use vocals in my tracks, sometimes as a hookline but most of the time as a snippet for some 'warmth'.

    Pfew.. This pack will help u produce some real brutal grooves. It's good, fat and complete. If u are new to the genre, this pack is a perfect kickstart, if u are already down with dubstep i am sure u will find a lot of your liking here!

    This is really a great package! No wonder since it's produced by the legendary Tony Thorpe. It's complete, sounds really ace. It's labeled Dub Electronica, and i must say; if you like to produce music which is adventurous you should check this immediately A must have!

    Can't help it but when I listen to these samples I see images of The Wire in my mind. These samples are cool for the use in electro tracks. Take a whole bar or just cut them up. The vocalists are defo keepin' it real! aaaiiiggghttt ))

    Recently I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dom Kane from Cardiff on a Russian festival. Dom plays a very energetic and big sound DJ set. Where others only play Angry Birds on their I-Pad Dom is using it as a controller. He is all about equipment, knobs and faders. So it's no surprise why this pack sounds so good. Besides that he presents you tomorrow's sounds. You can find it on the crossroads of electro and techno but is useful for every big room production. MUST HAVE PACKAGE!!!

  • Russia's super producer, and really nice guy, Re-Zone produces tracks that are spot-on. This pack will help you produce Big Room bangers. Slightly on the progressive tip, but as i learned during my touring in Russia, the Russians are less pigeonholed when it comes to genre's than the rest of the world. If a track rocks, it rocks… The same with this package, the sounds rock, no matter what (sub)genre u produce in. Worth checking out!

    Prok & Fitch come with a very complete package. If you are after producing a huge house hit, grab this pack and start puzzling. The vocals are cool, the elements are great. This package is as well produced as their releases.


    Rating: 8/10

    With this release Loopmasters prove themselves to be at the forefront of electronic music. A big fat sounding package that has all the tools to create the next big Moombahton track or being a fresh library for producers in other genres. Very useful stuff to get inspired. Do check this one out!

    Atalanta Chill

    Rating: 8/10

    Every time a dance producer releases a full album there is always that 'downtempo' track. Most of the time it sounds like a broken beat trance track pitched down to let's say a 90 BPM. Chill Out music is a genre of itself. It's not easy to produce a track that is calm on the one hand and has just enough edge on the other. Atalanta Chill is a very useful package to create some downbeat beauties. You can't go wrong with this one… Relaxxxxx….

    Ultimate Risers

    Rating: 8/10

    No more endless searching for that extra sound that climaxes to your break. This package has them all. Perfect sounds for the harder productions.

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    Get ready for some real shiney disco balls… This package is essential for producing nu-disco tracks. All elements are there too create today's sound with a touch of disco. Loops, instruments, vocals it's all there. One little thing; the vocal samples, which are quite good by the way, are recorded with FX, i rather had them dry. But don't let that minor detail stop you from purchasing this package. I am sure you will like it.

    Russia's top producer ReZone knows exactly what it takes, some damn fine big tracks to make any event rocking! These DJ mixtools bring a complete new dimension to your deejay sets. Quality package!!!

    Jamie Anderson is THE MAN!!! I loved his previous pack. This 2nd is a great addition. Every Tech House producer should have a library with thousands of sounds Jamie produced. Absolutely ace!!

    This ace package makes me very happy, excellent pop and rock drums played all played live. Great additions to your productions!

    Australia's Nick Thayer is responsible for beefing up known radiohits to make them suitable for spinning in clubs. This package is all about that, the right ingredients are here. Low on the BPM's and stuffed with many recognizable sounds. If you are into bootlegging, grab this pack.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 8/10

    This package has just the right sounds and sweeps for your dance track. Especially when you are into electro, progressive or commercial dance music. Useful stuff.

    This summer I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dom Kane on a Russian Festival. He is not only a great guy and superb DJ, he is also a very skilled producer and that shows! This package will give you much mixing satisfaction, it's peaktime party stuff. Essential for future dj-ing!


    Rating: 8/10

    A package full of useful sounds. Those little samples that make your breaks break and the rises rise. You probably know the feeling, searching for hours for that one little sound. Look no further with this package you can't go wrong.

    If you dream of making a hit record, grab your chance the package is here. Upfront big fat sounds for tomorrow's radio hits and (commercial) club bangers. This package is top quality. If you can't produce a track with these elements that appeals to the masses then please find yourself another hobby.

    Female Dubstep Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This vocal pack is stuffed with usable hooklines. Recognizable and well sung. I am sure we are gonna hear them back in quite a lot releases.

    Heavy Bass Oneshots

    Rating: 8/10

    If you like them having a fat bottom, don't look further! She is here!!! This pack contains some really brutal basses to make your production really tough. Underground techno, dubstep and beyond; check this package, she might be quite fat, but you will learn to love her.

    Itialian superproducer Santos knows exactly what it takes… A little dirtyness here and there. This package is really perfect. It has all the elements to create some huge tracks, i love it!

    That Joacim has the funk! PFEW… Live basslines played by a real good bassplayer. Perfect to put the ass wiggeling factor in your tracks.

    Tech Therapy

    Rating: 9/10

    You might wonder why i rate so high all the time, well easy… Loopmasters release exactly the kind of packages an openminded producer needs. This particular pack is essential for those who want to produce some sick cool techno gems. Every element is there, all basic sounds topped with some nice signature elements. Must have for tech productions in 2011 and 2012!

    Herr Felix Bernhardt comes up with a real nice creative package. It reminds me a bit of Spectrasonics which i really used a lot for tunes for tv-adds. This package has loops and atmospheres that can really give your production a signature. Don't let the title make you catagorise it into the 'minimal house' genre. These key elements will suit all kinds of electronic productions.

  • You won't find a package more tribal than this. Gambian Maestro Musa Mboob plays the drums like no one else. Lively, warm, spiritual and infectious like crazy. If you want to add an authentic live feel to your electronic production Musa is your man. For myself as a producer i find a lot of inspiration in genre and border crossing music.

    Deep in House, and that is exactly what it is. Trevor takes you really deep into producing deephouse. All sounds are selected really carefully and with outstanding taste. With this package you will produce some of the best deephouse instantly, no wonder since Trevor is a legend in his field. I like this one a lot!

    The Reel People have produced a real nice package. Since i also produce music for TV commercials and soundtracks as well as music in other genre's, i am quite happy with this addition. The loops and samples are really well produced and for what it says on the tin 'Broken Beat, Nu Jazz and Soul' i find it very handy in other genre's as well. defo worth checking this one out!

    Ever wanted to produce like Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta or Afrojack ? Don't Look further this package is defo your thing! All essential sounds are here including some really nice vocals. All the dancefloor dirt is in this package. Essential for those who want their productions sound Dutch.


    Rating: 8/10

    Who could have thought there are actually producers out there who love to produce a sample pack full of sweeps… Trust me when i say i am very happy that people like them exist. This package has it all! From sounds fueled with melancholy to energetic sweeps that wipe your dance floors. Look no further, every possible sweep you might want to use is here.

    Dan and James created a nice tasty vintage sounding package, full of fat basses, nutricious moogs and rhodes as toppings. This pack is perfect for creating some fine deephouse or as a library to pick some really nice sounds for your production. Must check if you like it deeeeep.

    Essential package for producing techhouse and techno. Loops always come in handy, they not only lift your production to another level it also brings inspiration. This package is a nice must have.

    Minimal Tech Vox 2

    Rating: 8/10

    How many times are you working in your studio and looking for that extra little vocal ?? This package is a nice addition, tons of snippets to add to your groove and just about enough one shots for variations. I am sure we will be hearing a lot of these the following months.

    Legendary duo Inland Knights know their way when it comes to quality sounds. This package does exactly what it says. I am sure I will be using these sounds a lot.

    Alex likes it warm, deep, dark and sexy. (Move to the Caribbean I would say ;) No wonder his releases do so well globally. If u have ever wondered how you can make a track like that, wait no longer. All Alex' secrets are in this pack. Ace quality stuff. I love it!

    Dirty Dutch House

    Rating: 8/10

    It's dirty and it sounds Dutch. And I can tell since I am from The Netherlands. These loops and sounds will give you an immediate kickstart to produce a loud and fat house track that makes the Americans go totally wild. I am quite sure we will be hearing some big tunes on the radio soon based on these sample elements.

    Look no further, the roughest and touchest rappers are in this pack. Strong raps fueled with attitude. Must have for putting some edgy street vibe in your tracks.

    This package does exact what it says on the tin. Essential sounds that give your production just that little extra. Use them myself for a while now to good satisfaction.

    Pete has done a real great job. For me as a producer i work in various genres. But also if you are into electronic dance music you might find a cool loop here and there in this package. And hey! Don't you just want a legendary percussionist playing on your tracks )))

    Jamie Anderson's Underground Techhouse delivers exactly what it says on the package. A great variety of loops, drum sound and synths. There are also a few vinyl cracks and white noise samples to give your production some edge. I will defo be using some of these samples.

    For me as a producer it's like walking in a candy store. Always searching for the best treat that can do my productions well. This package is perfect to give your dance production a little edge by using some of the live recorded instruments, of which some have that 'vintage' sounding general noise. I think this package is a helpfull tool if you want something different than electronic snares or percussion. Da Lata's Afro Brazil Parade vol 1 is a sample pack with all necessary sounds to go for an authentic sounding Brazilian or Afro pop production.

    Faze Action have been around for ages and if anyone knows how The Nu Sound Of Disco should sound it's them. This package is complete, sounds familiair (because it's disco) but still it's crispy and sounds fresh. Very 2010 i'd say. No doubt disco will survive another few decades with this package.


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