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There are few electronic music lovers that haven’t already heard Jamie Anderson’s work. He first made his name internationally in the early 90's and quickly became a recognised pioneer of the UK Tech-House scene. Coming from a strong musical background Jamie set up Artform Studios where he engineers and produces the majority of his work and collaborations. Now with a countless number of releases under his belt Jamie continues to deliver classic recordings and outstanding performances worldwide.


  • With so many Techno sample packs available its sometimes not an easy task to find one that has the sounds and loops you need. I was looking for some inspiration and came across this quality pack which has hit the spot. Complete with some tough drum loops, a selection of excellent synth loops, and solid sub-bass loops. The noise loops are also there too for adding tension along with useful vocal loops and Drum one shots

    This is a great collection of brushed snare samples and loops. The loops are well recorded and performed in a variety of timings and styles. One shots are equally well recorded and of high quality. If you are looking for brushed snares then this is it. Only thing extra I would have liked would be some long 16bar freestyle snare loops and patterns.

    28000 One Shots

    Rating: 9/10

    There are literally thousands of one-shot samples in this bank. All good quality and covering most electronic genres. There some great stab, bass and synth sounds, vocal cuts and tons of drums. Sampler patches for EXS24 are very handy too. This is a great collection to own and use!

    Speakin' & Preachin'

    Rating: 8/10

    Speakin & Preachin is a useful pack of vocal phrases made to fit easily into your productions. The styles are organised into directories such as Male, Female, Freestyle, effected and vogue. The quality is good and well recorded, perhaps a bit too clean for some rougher productions styles though so additional processing might be needed. In each category there is a mixture of cliched and unique phrases so there is a high chance of finding the right hook for your track. I would however liked to have had a selection of longer full length speeches to edit from rather than just short phrases.

    There are quite a few retro and 80's synthwave style packs available at the moment and the general quality is quite high - this pack is no exception. Combined with other packs of this genre it will add to your production arsenal, on it's own though there are a few areas that are lacking - namely the bass and synth wav loops as these are quite a standard affair, not bad and not outstanding. The drum wav loops and drum one-hits are great though and I will be coming back to this section again and again to find sounds and ideas.

    I really like this pack - it provides inspiration, good quailty sounds and loops, the right amount of lo-fi and a dose of nostalgia. I kind of has a John Carpenter soundtrack feel to it all, which is a good thing :)

    Back To The 80s

    Rating: 9/10

    I was looking for some 80's bass sounds and came across this excellent sample pack - it gave me exactly the sound I was looking for and more. I love the synth and bass one hits, the loops also sound useful and on point. The drum loops are solid too - would have liked more separated variations of these but there is enough good material there for inspiration anyhow.

    Akkya – Dark Tekno

    Rating: 8/10

    I chose to go for this pack because of the dark atmospheric percussion and drum loops which are great for laying down tough grooves. The Drum one-hits are also really useful and not the usual 909 style but with some creative saturation, processing and filtering to give them a unique aesthetic - it would have been nice to have these in EXS24 or Kontakt format though. This is a great pack for building a dark industrial rhythm with a solid non-melodic bass groove.

    Double Tiger's Dub Vocal Pack comprises of a selection of seven different vocal songs - each song is in varying tempos with the recordings both dry and effected. The quality of the recordings and the performance from the vocalist is excellent - so loads of great source material to choose from.

    Push Button Bang deliver a concise collection of well crafted rhythmic textures, tonal loops, top loops and percussion loops. All the loops included are heavily effected, layered and filtered with a wide stereo field - some perhaps too much if you are looking to just add some background texture as the loops stand out almost three dimensional. I found for most cases I just had to add a mono plugin or reduce the stereo width by about 50% to have these sit in the mix. All round good well produced useful loops can be found here to fit most styles of music.

    Voice of the Machine

    Rating: 7/10

    Voice Of The Machine by Looptone is a collection of well crafted vocal chops and fx. In the loop section these are two folders - Melody Loops and Glitchy Loops both of which offer a decent selection in different keys in either 120bpm or 140 bpm. The style here is probably directed more towards commercial dance music production. Also included is a Sounds and FX folder with a useful selection of one-hits and vocal fx hits - these can be manipulated to fit many styles and is good source to find a good vocal chop to add to your production.

    Sacred Indian Chants

    Rating: 8/10

    Sacred Indian Chants is a sample pack of well recorded authentic Indian male and female vocals. There are 7 folders of wav loops separated into styles with the keys of E, D and C with a BPM of 60, 70 and 110 - A few more variations of keys and BPM would be useful, although its straight forward to time-stretch these vocals and re-pitch to fit your own project. Overall a great pack of enchanting vocals with lots to choose from.

    Rare Tones

    Rating: 7/10

    Rare Tones is a pack of one shot samples from a wide selection of world instruments and drums. There are also a selection of percussion loops using drums like the Udo, Pandeiro, shakers and tambourines. Along with performance and instrument loops using the Kalimba, Steel Drum, Santoor etc. The main part of this pack is the one-shots - these are an extensive collection of quality samples and a worthy addition to your world music collection. My only fault in this pack was the omission of any Kontakt or EXS24 sampler patches.

    Detroit Signature takes influence from the deeper side of Detroit House music with a distinct flavour of Jazz and Funk. The loops included are all great and usable, but where this pack really comes into it's own is with the Bass and Synth one-shot patches. I love it when a sample pack comes with key-mapped sampler instruments and this pack delivers! All sounds are on point and extremely playable.

    Worldwide Reggaeton

    Rating: 9/10

    Worldwide Reggaeton is one of the best packs for this style of music I have found. The drum, music and vocal loops are all on point and usable as is the one-shots, which are keymapped into sampler patches. The chords, drums and vocal chops can be also used with many other styles of music from Afro-House to Techno which require a modern flavour.

    African Rhythms

    Rating: 8/10

    Quality pack of useful percussion loops using traditional West African instruments. There some great shaker loops along with loops from the Sabar drum for adding to or creating an authentic groove. The fills and drum ensembles are also equally of high quality. Definitely a welcome addition to your collection if you need some African drums in your productions.

    An exceptional pack of authentic recordings of Mbira thumb piano loops and sampler instruments. There are five minor and major key variations in BPM ranging from 100 to 130 along with additional FX loops and 6x4 time signature loops. The Mbira used here sounds good and is recorded well - so if you need some African thumb piano then this is the pack to get.

    An outstanding collection of loops and key-mapped sample instruments from a variety of traditional percussion drums from Brazil. The loops and samples are performed and recorded in high quality and in a range of regional percussion styles and BPM. If you need some percussion then this is the pack to get.

    A solid set of tools here. Drums are well processed, raw and gritty. Bass sounds are tight, chords and stabs sound strong. You can't really go wrong with this pack - almost makes it too easy to make a cool track!!

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 10/10

    Sometimes it's the simple things in life that work the best, and this pack of Chords & Stabs from Wave Alchemy is no exception. There is an extensive collection of chords, pads and stabs played on a range of synthesizers, pianos and electric keyboards. Mainly the chords are in Min7 and Maj7, but also in other variations and alternative inversions. The sounds are all keymapped to your sampler so they can be played and manipulated to fit any track. Bottom line is this is a really useful pack to have in your collection - and it sounds great!

  • Timmo delivers an extensive pack of Techno loops and sounds that will elevate your production to that next level. The kick drums and kick loops are really useful - solid and deep with an industrial edge that provide that much needed backbone to any track. The synth and bass hits and loops are all very on point as are the rest of the synth-multi, music loops and percussion. All round great quality pack!

    Vintage Drum Machines

    Rating: 9/10

    This is the ultimate pack of drum machines! If you only ever buy one sample pack of classic drum machines then make sure its this one. Each drum sound has been sampled using a variety of recording techniques, including 1/4" Struder Tape, SSL desk and MPC. The sampler formats are provided in both kit form aswell as drum type, which is really useful for programming drums from multiple sources. The only way this pack could be improved would be if the drum sounds were also recorded 'round robin' so that each time the sample plays the rhythm has a more organic feel.

    Essential Alchemy

    Rating: 7/10

    The highly rated Alchemy hybrid sampler / synthesizer is one of latest instruments to now come included as standard in Apple's flagship Logic X DAW. Admittedly I have only ever had brief encounters with Alchemy but have been promising myself to dig deeper get to know this world-class synth indepth. With Essential Alchemy you get a whole load of new presets based on classic hardware samples and a great selection of Logic channel strips to play around with, all expertly crafted and ready to be tweaked. Perhaps the included presets aren't genre specific enough for some producers, but this pack is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for an expansion for Alchemy.

    Deep Analog Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    I couldn't fault this excellent sample pack - all the sounds and loops included here are top quality and will be a useful addition to any collection. The individual drum hits are spot on, the drum loops and top loops are crunchy and dirty, as with the percussion. The synth, bass, chord and arp loops are warm and analogue. I can highly recommend this pack!


    Rating: 8/10

    The Revolution-606, like the outstanding Transistor Revolution MKII which provides an extensive round robin sample pack and Kontakt instrument based on the infamous Roland TR909 and TR808 drum machines, takes on the legendary 606 drum machine and replicates it perfectly. Perhaps not as useful for all genres as it's popular siblings the 606 holds it's own with a strong collection of drum sounds with a distinctly early electro and acid house flavour. If you already own the MKII then this is a welcome addition to your arsenal, or if you always desired recording an original 606 into your productions - then this it!

    This sample pack of the 909 and 808 is simply the best sounding replication of these two iconic drum machines you can get. Each drum sound from each machine has been sampled multiple times on each combination of settings - a huge task but essential in replicating these machines! The Kontakt interface based on the hardware is exceptional and enables detailed parameter configurations for advanced editing of each sound. The level of soundshaping you can get is actually better than the actual original machines - so often I find myself opening up the MKII to get a ride cymbal or Hi Hat rather than record directly from an 909 or 808. For me the Transistor Revolution MKII is an essential addition to my studio.

    Turf Smoke

    Rating: 8/10

    I love this sample pack! The sounds included are top quality and on point, from lo-fi vinyl Jazz chords and cut up keys to crunchy MPC style hip hop drums this pack has it nailed. There is also a decent selection of loops split into 10 different construction kit track folders, these are all very useful for creating backing tracks or chopping up into your own productions. It would've been nice to have more loops to choose from but I am more than happy with whats already included in the one-shots folder to make my own. Highly recommended!

    This is probably one of the most extensive and well recorded collection of Brazilian percussion loops available for electronic music production. The recordings are authentic and live performances available as full group percussion ensembles and hi-end loops (aka top loops) which are also broken down into a folder of loops for each separate instrument. Everything here is very useful for including in dance music tracks, each loop is performed tight and at 128 BPM. It would have been nice to have had regional Brazilian rhythms included at different tempos and time signatures along with individually recorded drum hits, but then that could possible be overkill on what is already an exceptionally good sample pack.

    Classic 90s House

    Rating: 7/10

    Overall decent pack here which delivers some excellent loops and quality sounds. My personal favorites from this collection is the drum construction kits and string pads - all very useful! I would have liked to have had a larger selection of drum one-hits to choose and some more authentic 90's House sounds, as musically this is more of a modern take on classic 90s house rather than capturing the true essence of the era. That said, this pack does what it says and is great fun.

    Live Bass Grooves

    Rating: 7/10

    Tons of bass loops in this pack, expertly performed all well recorded. The basslines are recorded at a variety of tempos from 115bpm to 127bpm and in a style that will fit uptempo funk and disco genres, although with a bit of inspiration could also easily fit electronic tracks. The sound of the bass guitar is very similar for all the loops, so it's either something you will love or not find that useful - so check the demo first to hear if it's the bass sound you want. Saying that it's a good all-round bass sound which can be built upon with additional processing if needed.

    Good all round palette of sounds and drums in this pack. The loops here are mainly construction kit based which contain some decent parts to dissect but the packs strength is in the large selection of drum hits, bass sounds, chord stabs and vocals. A useful addition to any sample collection.

    Looking for interesting textures, spaced out synths and weird sound effects then this is the pack for you! All loops and sounds are top quality psychedelic dub sound effects. In every section I found something I could use in a track - whether that be an ambient background or solid synth stab. Great for dub-Techno, trippy house and anything else that needs that extra dub dimension.

    There are many House sample packs to choose from these days, some are good, some are not... every now and then you come across one that stands out - this is one of those! It's hardly surprising coming from a producer with the expertise and experience in creating top quality House music such as Steve Mac. It's a no brainier really - this should be in your collection.

    Does what it says on the tin - if you need some claps and snares to add to your productions that are ready layered to give your tracks a full sound then this is for you. Here you have a selection claps and snares separately organized into tight, reverb, smash layers, stax and big sections, so you can just go direct to the type of sound you are looking for. My only gripe with this pack is that it didn't come with ready mapped sample formats for EXS, Kontakt etc.

    Lots of great acapellas to work with, songs have been broken down into verse, intro, backing parts etc. There is also a selection of shouts and phrases. All good quality recordings and vocals are well delivered and tight. These have been recorded dry, so you can add your own effects and processing to suit your productions - all in this is another excellent pack of vocals with lots of potential uses. Personally I will take words and phrases from this pitch them down, add mad delays and get creative. Good stuff!

    Loopmasters raise the bar again with the Vintage House sample pack from Monodeluxe. Everything here is top dollar - everytime I delve into it I find something else to kickstart a new production or to add to a track. This is a must buy product that I highly recommend!

    Another excellent sample pack from Loopmasters. Straight up useful Techno tools here, some really nice and interesting bass loops, mad synth loops, solid drum top-loops and a quality selection of one hit drums were the first to grab my attention. The FX are standard yet essential, while the added bonus of the Lead and Synth Multis will come in handy for some inspiration. Could have done with a few chord stabs in here but I have loads of those already ;)

    Similar in style to the recent Rasta MC sample pack, this contains a decent selection of quality Reggae Acapellas. With stems recorded dry and backing parts through auto-tune, the vocals in this pack are separated into complete songs from each artist. Also included are one shot shouts and phrases along with useful keymapped sample patches. There is enough here to keep you busy cutting and chopping up, while adding effects to these will bring the vocals to life. Could have done with some ready made dub vocal effects - but then if you know your way around the studio it's always better to create your own. That said, another great sample pack of vocals!

    The Sound of Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Very simple and to the point sample pack. Like the style represents this pack contains phat 808 kicks and crisp hats along with a selection of claps with the right amount of crunch. The drumloops are good too, and are broken down into all the elements. This pack is essential if you write tracks in the Trap genre - it's all there and on point. For me this is also very useful for writing in any style with a strong 808 backbone as your drum section, it totally adds the flavour with no weakness or flat sounds. The synth loops are good and substantial but there needed have been more of them for me to give this quality pack a ten mark.

    Rasta MC Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack delivers exactly what it says it will - good quality rasta vocals, both as one hit phrases and full hook lines. My favourite section of this is the Vocal FX, which include vocal shouts and dubbed out delayed parts which can be thrown into any track or production that needs some authentic rasta vibes. The bulk of the vocal parts here are recorded dry, so a touch of reverb and space echo is needed to really bring out the best in these vocals. The FX section will give you inspiration and with a bit of added creativity and time spent working your own effects onto them then you will find this a really useful pack of vocals to have in your collection no matter what genre of production.

  • Disco Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    I've given this perhaps a lower mark than the pack actually deserves, but my expectation from this was a selection of authentic 70's sounding disco drum loops and one hits - with phased hats, Chic style claps, fat wooden kicks etc. You don't quite get that here, but what you do get is an exceptionally well recorded drum kit playing really tight disco rhythms, broken up into individual elements, stems, one hits and overheads. Once you get over the fact that this isn't a collection ripped off from old vinyl records, and realise the true creative potential of having such a nice sounding fat disco drum kit at your disposal, then this pack scores much higher. It basically comes down to how good you are as a producer to work these drums - the hard work is done, all you need to do now is simply add your own effects to give this kit some flavour.

    PRO II

    Rating: 9/10

    Having regretted missing out on buying a Pro One several years back when a friend had a couple for sale (I took too long deciding if the £300 he was asking was worth it!), it has always been on my mind to pick up a synth by Sequential Circuits - only to watch the price triple in recent times. The sound and phattness of these synths are awesome. So to see this pack released with both the Pro One and Pro-II extensively sampled was one of those days where I knew I would be locked in the studio no matter what the weather! Wave Alchemy have captured the machines beautifully - the sound is big, bold and nasty yet warm and smooth all at once. Basically full of analogue warmth and character that any vst synth can only dream of. I used this mainly with Kontakt 5. The addition of the well designed front-end controls bring the Sequential Circuits firmly into the 21st Century, with the ability to control all the parameters as you would a dedicated synth plug-in but with the raw sound of a real analogue classic.

    Real Strings

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a nice selection of quality warm organic string pads. The chord progressions work well in a variety of styles and genres, and can be chopped and filtered with any production that requires authentic string sections. Unlike string romplers and synths, these loops are already programmed and engineered to sound good 'out-of-the-box' - so if it's real strings you are after, Real Strings delivers. My only gripe was that I wanted more... but then I have to wait for Vol.2 ;)

    Ragga Vocals Vol2

    Rating: 8/10

    The Ragga Twins are the original UK kings of cross-over Ragga-Acid-Techno-Rave from back in the day. These guys still sound as good today as they did in '92. This is the second volume containing a selection of acapellas in various tempos and styles, and as with the first volume the vocals and recording is high-quality. There is more than enough here to suit a cross section of genres - as with there own releases over the years, fusion is the game here. So many creative options are possible using this pack. I recommend getting the first volume and if you need more, then get this too.

    Ragga Vocals Vol1

    Rating: 9/10

    I remember buying records by the Ragga Twins back in the day, and have since been a big fan. So having access to chopping up some of their vocals and including them in a track was a pleasure. As expected the vocals are tight and recorded perfectly - the apple loops fit them exactly to your track. Each vocal includes the full arrangement, then broken down to dry and effected parts of each rapper. These are useful for creating a full song to adding the ad-libs to spice up a track. I will find many uses for these across many genres of music.


    Rating: 10/10

    Lately I've been making some dubbed out Techno and House, so looking for some authentic samples I came across the Dubwise sample pack. These are of exceptional quality and were exactly what I was looking for. The drum loops are spot on, as are the musical loops and fx. Needless to say I have already used several parts from here and will keep coming back as my 'go to' first choice for samples in this genre.

    Drum Machines 02

    Rating: 9/10

    I own a 909 and an 808 and have used them in my productions for nearly 20 years. At one point if my 909 was broke I was unable to make any music, the samples I made from each drum hit just didn't quite sound as good or as authentic. But now with this drum machine pack including full kits from both the 909 and 808 with each drum hit recorded through a variety of analogue hardware EQ and compression units, filters and valves, I have that classic sound at my fingertips. These sounds are still very much as relevant today in modern production and are still an essential back bone to most forms of dance music, R&B and hip hop. So being able call up professionally recorded 808 and 909 kits direct to a sampler on my laptop is invaluable.

    Tribal House

    Rating: 8/10

    On first listen I knew this was going to be useful, it has a collection of authentic acoustic percussion loops with live recordings of Bongos, Woodblocks, Djembe and Congas as well as a good selection of solid one hits from the percussion elements - this alone is a handy addition to my sample archive. It was when I decided to delve into the drum loops, vocals and synths I realised there was a lot more to this sample pack. I liked the way the samples didn't feel over produced already so adding my own effects and using just these loops I was able to rub together a convincing tribal based deep house track in under an hour, keeping real to my own flavour of production. There is a lot to choose from here as a great tool for inspiration and to give that final percussive touch to all forms of House music.

    I've been a big fan of Martin's productions for years, so this sample pack was eagerly anticipated. My first port of call was the selection of drum hits - these are of excellent quality. The bass drums, hi-hats and snares work nicely together and needed little processing to build a fat house groove easily. Add then the top loops, one of the many bass loops and chop up some of the percussive loops and you have a great sounding track in minutes. All the samples here are useful in creating solid Tech-House with a professional production sound. My only gripe is that I wanted more!

    Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best, but then to keep simple ideas interesting you need to use complex effects. This sample pack provides the tools for taking your music to the next level and more. Like the title says you get some great build ups and breakdowns to compliment your tracks, but you also get loads of cool glitchy fx and off keys drums and synths to get creative with. You can never have enough decent sound effects in your collection and these are at a standard of quality that will be your first port of call when adding that extra spice to the mix.


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