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The changing pace at which Thomas Gold’s year has taken shape has been literally breathtaking for the Berlin based artist. Not surprising then that Thomas was quickly snapped up by mammoth recording imprint Toolroom Records, who invited him to join their thoroughbred team of talent; as both a recording artist and resident DJ for their infamous ‘Toolroom Knights’ events alongside the likes of Fedde le Grand and Mark Knight.  This strong start hasn’t gone unnoticed on the dancefloor either. 24 months on from breaking through into the international spotlight Thomas has nestled himself into the CD wallets of such luminaries as Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiësto, David Guetta, Chuckie, John Dahlbäck and Sander van Doorn, whilst discovering equal support at club level by regularly chalking headlining slots at prestigious venues like Pacha, Privilege and Ministry of Sound.


  • Bass Ride

    Rating: 9/10

    I like the SHARP allover sound anyway and this collection does not disappoint. Great collection of inspiring sounds and loops; the construction kits are well produced and include loads of usable stuff to work with or to start a production of. Each kit has everything in separate stems, dry and wet, loop and one shot versions - really professional approach! I like those pretty cool vocal shouts and chops, also the drum sounds and fills are unique and not the 'usual' stuff. Really cool pack, works well for anyone who wants to work on bass house, g-house etc.! A no-brainer.

    Nice set of tech house sounds from Genkins - great to start a real and authentic sounding tech-house production in 2019 style. You get all the parts and elements needed for an entire track, starting from loads of bass loops, drum loops as full, top, and partial loops plus the single shots. The FX sounds work perfectly for any kind of house track and they can add this special kind of 'spice' to a production. The collection of synth loops is huge! And there is everything from vintage stabs to analog hits, filter sweeps and rhythmic or sequenced elements. Really inspiring! SOme pretty decent vocal hits are there as well, so it's kinda easy to create a complete track with this pack. Nice one!

    Luke Nash delivers a great arsenal of loops and shots for all kinds of groovy house music, ranging from tribal to tech to bass house. The construction kits are pretty cool and and can work perfectly as starters or source of inspiration. As there are all individual sounds of the kits in separate available stems, it's easy to just pick some of them and include them into an existing production. All sounds are sell crafted and processed and have an authentic 'house' feeling to them. With this pack, a wide area of genres and sounds is covered and everything works well together. Great addition to any library and cool source of inpsiration!

    Soul Funk Acapellas

    Rating: 8/10

    Sol Funk Acapellas is a proper collection of authentic and well-recorded vocals, definitely can work as a starter for house/soul/etc. productions. For me it will definitely serve as a source of vocal chops and bits which I can use for all different kinds of house productions. The overall sound is great, clean and properly recorded with all the different separate vocal stems available. If one is looking for vocal ideas, this could be the one.

    Bass House Vol 5

    Rating: 9/10

    I'm a fan of the Dabro Bass House series and I'm happy they put out Vol 5 - this one's a gem too!. It is a bit different from what they did in Vol 4, but close enough so you can easily combine those 2. Great sounds as always, the drusm kick hard and punchy, the bass hits are cool and the bass loops (go from basic to crazy to weird and all the) are great for kicking off a track. Together with the stem files you can easily put together an entire production within minutes. No need to say that the vocal section delivers as well, a lot of fresh stuff in here. With the music loops and synth samples, there is also a lot of melodci inspiration available. Great pack!

    Bass House Vol 4

    Rating: 9/10

    I love the overall DABRO sound and this pack does not disappoint at all. Great variety of raw and processed sounds with all the grit and dirt you need for a proper bass house / g-house production. Everything is punchy and cuts thorugh a mix, the drums sound excellent adn 100% authentic for this genre. The bass loops can work as agreat source of inspiration and together with the druml loops (which are available as separate sounds as well) it's pretty easy to draft a track idea quikcly. The vocal section is cool too, loads of weird and crazy stuff in there as well. I love this pack and I cant wait to get my hands on this one.

    Rhyno Tech House

    Rating: 7/10

    Cool stuff in here, great collection of useful and inspiring 2019 tech house sounds. Nothing super crazy or unheard, but all the basic stuff is there. The drum sounds have an overall warm and full-bodied sound, perfect for this kind of music and it's easy to put together good sounding loops in a short amount of time. Many of the sounds and FX are inspired by Chris Lake Fisher . Anti-Up and can be useful to create extactly this kind of sound. I also like the vocal chops and bits, pretty nice collection in here. No-Brainer if you need to extend your existing tech-house sample collection!

    Tech House Loops 3

    Rating: 7/10

    Cool starter set for this kind of Tech House sound, or a nice addition to any existing library. It's all about loops and it's easy to put together a cool house groove in any kind of direction - everything's covered from deep, dark, tech, funky, groovy and commercial house. The all over sound is good, nothing extraordinary but fits well into any production which needs a bit of a groove injection. Nice one.

    This is one of those preset packs you can't go wrong with. All is well prgrammed and you can use many of the sounds imediately without further tweaking (which I would of course recommend though). All basic types of sounds are covered, basses sound fat and can cut through the mix easily; plucks sound fresh and clean; I like the selection of lead sounds which you can use for any kind of 2019 dance/edm/house/club prodution. There is some basic stuff as well as a few rather edgy and crazy sounds. The sounds also fit well together, so you could easily put together an entire production using only this preset collection. Nice one.

    MDE Twisted Tech Funk is another great and inspiring sample collection from the guys, if you're after some authentic oldschool groovy house vibes, this could be the one for you. The allover vibe is rather chilled and not too aggressive, but still 100% clubby. All kinds of sounds in there, drum loops are more 'standard' but sound good. The synth and percussion samples folder are a great source of inspiration for any kind of house and tech house production. Great to have most of the content as REX files as well. Nice one!

    Bass Music Carousel

    Rating: 9/10

    Really cool stuff - a great and inspiring pack, although it's mostly uptempo (above 150bpm), you can use many of the sounds and samples as a source of inspiration for productions within other genres. Crazy stuff in there, the drums and drumloops sound really fat and warm, everything has a lot of attitude and power. not much processing needed to make it sound great in a production.The rex files come in handy when it's about adjusting the tempo of the drum and music loops. I love the variety of the single drum hits, you can find almost everything you need for a modern bass house, trap or similar production. Great and inspiring set!

    Bass House Vol 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Cool collection of Bass House sounds, fits perfectly for other genres like Tech or G-House as well. Great sounds and inspirations in this pack; I used a bunch of the samples, chopped them up and created my own loops and grooves with them. There are a whole lot of cool and nasty drum percussion sounds in the pack which work great to spice up any production. The vocal phrases are a great source of inspiration and it's fun playing around with them. The bass hits cover the usual stuff but also go a step further, so you can create a more unique sound if you want. Great pack, it's all in there and the demos are pretty cool, too.

    We House You

    Rating: 7/10

    Loopmasters 'We House You' has an allover big and open sound, fresh and modern. Still there is a very authentic touch to many of the samples; it sounds like a bunch of old school house anthems have been the inspiration for some of the sounds, cool stuff! The drums are cool, fat and warm, well produced. Nice FX section and the bass and synth loops are great for getting inspired. A good starting point for new projects. Or chop them up and mess them further up with processing and mixing. We House You is a nice addition to any existing house sample library, you can't go wrong with this one.

    Funk & Disco Guitars

    Rating: 7/10

    Cool library, very versatile and comprehensive, everything is well recorded and you get not only the high guitar sounds but also the bass and mid guitar licks and riffs. Very useful. You can either just drop and drag the samples into your ongoing project and mess around with them, or just take the library as a cool source of inspiration; I like to just chop up the samples, pitch and process them and create something completely new out of this library. Much fun - and it's good to have all the loops in REX format as well, this makes it easy to just step through all available loops and samples in sync with your mix. Nice one!

    Leftwing 6 Kody - In Tech is a cool and super useful sample pack. Allover attitude is rather dark and groovy, with a great selection of drum, percussion and music loops. I personally love the synth shots, cool stuff in here and absolutely helpful as an inspiration. If you combine a bass loop with some of the drum loops, you instantly get a nice groove which can serve as the starting point to a whole new project. The FX section is pretty cool too, normal and weird stuff included. Loads of inspiring samples and sounds, no-brainer for any kind of tech house and techno. Not to forget the super cool vocal chops and loops, I immediately used some of them in my ongoing productions. Allover a great collection!

    Ultimate House

    Rating: 9/10

    Ultimate House is a huge and very comprehensive library for all kinds of house productions. If you are looking for that kind of 'basic' sample library, this is the one for you. Everything in there from single drum shots, acoustic and electronic drum fills to some cool FX sounds, music hits (great to chop and mess around with!), a bunch of cool vocal hits and some bass hits. The overall sound is kind of 'classic', not too experimental or crazy, so it's perfect for creating hits 'vintage' and classic house sound. Good start if you're just starting to make house music - or a nice addition to any existing library. No brainer!

    The Weekend Disco & Guitars is a cool collection of samples and sounds for all kinds of disco-ish productions, old school and temporary modern stuff. It can really help drive a production into the funky pop/disco house direction. Good selection of drums to make it sound 'authentic', the instrumental stuff and chord progressions are also nice and some good source of inspiration. I took some of the samples, chopped them up and processed them further to include them in one of my recent projects. The allover sound is warm and typical analogue sounding. Nice one!

    Effected House Loops

    Rating: 8/10

    Effected House Loops is a cool and fresh sample set to spice up any existing sample library. The 150 loops give you a good choice of processed, weird, crazy and funky loops. Good to have everything in REX format as well. If you're looking for the basic and 'usual' stuff, this is not the one for you, but if you're after some cool and inspiring stuff, check it out. I found some useful loops for my own productions immediately. Nice one!

    Retro Funk & Disco

    Rating: 9/10

    Retro Funk & Disco is a comprehensive collection for all kinds of disco and vintage house. There is a lot of cool instrument samples and loops, I like the huge amount of different phrases and licks. Drumloops sound great and authentic, perfect to include immediately in an ongoing production or for starting a project from scratch. The REX files are a useful addition. The FX section sports some cool and typical 70ies Disco effect sounds, nice! The vocal folder is not huge and is more of an inspirational tool. All in all a great and useful, good sounding library which can spice up any disco house tune. 9 out of 10.

    Plenty of Tech House loops and shots, the overall sound tends to be more electronic/drum machine like rather than real samples. Within the loop section, I like the electronic toms in all kinds of variations. Music and Pad Loops are a cool source of inspiration and the pads go definitely more the dark vibes way. In the SFX shot section one can find 'normal' sounds, but also some cool 'weirdos', nice to have! Synth loops are cool too, i could immediately use one of them in one of my ongoing productions. With vox loops AND shots you have a great variety of short and super short vocal bits; perfect to add some spice to a tune. If youÄre looking for some cool but not too crazy tech house sounds, this one could be a useful addition to your sample library.

  • Flamenco Guitars

    Rating: 7/10

    I was looking for some authentic flamenco sounds to add on one of my ongoing productions and this one did the job. As always with guitar sample libraries, you cannot have just everything in one at a time, but this one here has a bunch of great and authentic sounding bits! Even the percussion section is cool, great to add some authentic groove vibes to a track. If you want to have this original Flamenco vibe in your track, check this out, good stuff!

    Afro Tech Vocals 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Great follow-up on Volume 1, again there is a lot of usefual and inspiring stuff in here. The sound quality is very good, all sounds very warm and natural. Great to spice up any house/techy/tribal (etc) production. It's also good to have all samples both in unprocessed and processed format. Really diggin' this one! For me a no-brainer!

    If you're looking for some cool and authentic Afro style Vocals or shouts, this is the library to go with. Comprehensive, sounds great, you can find loads of inspiring and useful samples and hooks in here. The variety is cool, and especially together with Volume 2 of this series you are ready for any kind of super cool tech house/tribal house/afro house tune. Loving the overall sound and wamrth of this library; I will definitely use some of the material for my next productions.

    Nice collection of 'special' vocal bits and chants - if you're looking to spice up your production with a bit of some 'real' tribal flavor, this could be the collection to go with. There is a folder with all sidechained samples, but it's good to also have the non-processed vocals, so it's easy to use them at any other tempo than 120 BPM. Good stuff!

    Future Shapes Of Serum

    Rating: 8/10

    Really cool stuff in here, fresh and inspiring presets. i like the variety of the sounds, all well crafted. My fav is the plucky stuff! You can instantly start producing in any genre just by flicking through the presets. Nice soundset to add to any existing Serum library!

    This collection is dope! super fat, dirty, grungy samples and loops, tons of good material for any kind of house production. I love this pack, it has its very own unique vibe which you don't find often. It has a lot of 'Umek' but never goes too far into only one direction soundwise. Love it!

    Amazing pack! Even though it is kinda 'old', these sounds are coming back full force and it's fun ti play around with the single shots and loops. All samples sound extremely 'in your face' and I especially love the distorted drum shots. Also you have to check out the the percussion loops - really 'big' stuff in there! 100% fun pack!

    Fantastic and huge collection of all kinds of techy, housy, proggy styles. Loads of inspiring bits, absolutely great saounding and inspiring! I could use some of those samples immedialtey for my ongoing productions. Highly Recommended and makes you wanna check out the separate sample packs as well!

    Ultimate Guitars 2

    Rating: 7/10

    A bunch of cool guitar riffs and licks, everything is nicely recorded and sounds nice and big. Sometimes too much FX on the samples, but it's a good package to get creative on. Useful stuff!

    House Vocal Glitches 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Great pack, no brainer, great amount of all kind of groovy tech house vocal chops! It's both there Rhythmic and melodic elements, great top spice up any tech, house or other track!

    Great Package! Very inspiring and the samples and loops can be super useful to start a track from scratch or they can go straight into an ongoing production. It's all in there, the drum and percussion loops have both, the standard bits and also some cool and fresh ones. Great collection!

    Great vibes, great sounds. A nice comprehensive basic sample collection which you can directly start a track with. Really helpful if you want to create a summerish tropical house tune, but alos for any other kind of house similar. All in there!

    This is what you need if you are after afro and latin percussion sounds and loops. A comprehensive library, sound quality is great, and you have all kinds of formats to choose from. Good for any kind of music production. For me - together with Vol 2 - a must have!

    I needed this to spice up some of my recent productions with authentic Afro/Latin percussion sounds and this library does the job 100%. Any genre can benefit from this pack, for me it was a great addition to my existing sounds library. Highly recommended!

    Ibiza Tech House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great package! Basically everything you need for a complete production, there is a lot of inspiring stuff especially in the vocal glitches and vocal loops section, the drums sound phat and gritty and I'm really digging the FX bits as well. Good stuff!

    World Of Moombahton

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool pack with a lot of inspiring stuff. I love the collection of drums and loops, great variety and everything sounds big and fat and has a lot of punch. Nasty sound loops - not only for Moombahton... It's a comprehensive pack with tons of stuff. Everything tends towards the electro sound approach but still warm and groovy.

    Summer House Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    great and nice vibes! not a huge pack but basically everything you need to get a track started. quality of sounds is great and all of them go well together, you can easily throw them into any existing project as well.

    Future Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    Cool package, the sounds included are fresh and can go driectly into a production. It's great to have all individual drum elements as well as single shots as loops, the presets for Sylenth, Massive and Serum are cool and good to use. A lot of material to either spice up an existing porject or to start completely from scratch!

    Chilled Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    I love this package, so much nice, beautiful, deep and inspiring stuff in there! the loops are really great to either build grooves from scratch or to spice up an existing session. nothing sounds 'cheap', everything is kind of organic and you can create great atmospheres and vibes with this pack. nice one!!

    Surefire Trap

    Rating: 10/10

    Great pack with almost everything you need for a proper production. All single sounds and hits are there, punchy and gritty drum loops, loads of useful FX and everything available in REX format asd well. This library is pretty comprehensive and is a perfect starting point for any trap style (and also many other genres) focused track. All sounds are of high quality, great stuff!

  • Liquid Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Loving the drum samples and loops of this pack, they all sound fat, warm and authentic. Nice Fx section as well and the melodic sounds can be a great starting point for a song or you can chop them up and mess around with them, works well! Really nice and useful collection.

    nice library, good and quality stuff in there to fit easily into productions. the variety of loops and drums could be a bit better in my opinion. nice pack though!

    Great sample pack with a lot of different variations for each groove. Good to have all the single drum elements in separate stems. All the material is well procesed and sounds good, ready to go into a production. It is helpful to have both, the WAV and REX versions. Nice addition to spice up a track!

    very useful and great sounding pack, loads of cool and heavy drum sounds to play with. nice to have them in sampler formats as well - for me a nice addition to my sample library!

    Future Beats And RnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Great sample pack, a lot of inspiring samples and everything sounds great already, very warm and full bodied sound. Most of the stuff is ready to go into a production. The foley loops are a nice addition and it's fun to chop and re-arrange the music loops. A lot of stuff in there!

    Indian Sessions Vol. 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Good stuff in there, a lot of inspiring sounds and loops to spice up a production. I could instantly throw some of them into a project in progress and it sounds great. the vocal bits are also nice if you chop them up and process them - cool for making modern beats!

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack with great sounds - punchy and nicely crafted, loads of different formats make it easy to access the samples. I like the allover variety, everything is ready-to-use and goes nicely into any EDM or dance production.

    Future Beats And RnB 2

    Rating: 9/10

    loving this one! a great variety of sounds in the package. all samples are of high quality, sound warm and are almost ready-to-use. i even use those sounds for productions in other genres, good stuff to spice things up. nice groovy addition to any sound library!

    Loving this one, a lot of inspiring and usable sounds! Great variety and all the samples are ready to go straight into a production. Even for any other genre this is a library to spice things up. Good stuff.


    Rating: 8/10

    nice addition to any existing samples collection. all sounds are well recorded and there is a lot to choose from. great to have rex versions as well for quick and easy tempo adjustments. the content is up-to-date and works well in my productions.

    Future House & Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    top quality material, all very usable and fits perfectly into existing productions. i like to have rex versions of the samples and loops, makes it quick and easy to tempo fit any of the loops. great variety and everything is covered. went into my collection immediately. no brainer!


    Rating: 7/10

    good stuff in there, quality of the sounds is good but i think the variety of loops etc. could be a bit more comprehensive.

    Trap Takedown

    Rating: 9/10

    great stuff in here, good to have the loops in rex format and there's basically all you need included in this sample and sound pack. sound quality is very high, all sounds are well processed and cut through the mix. i dont use trap sounds a lot but this one covers nearly all my needs for the basic stuff. thumbs up!

    good package, all you need is in here. nothing really new but as there have been so many soundsets with this topic, it's hard to create fresh stuff. nevertheless, the package does what it should, sound qaulity is great. good tool!

    solid soundset with loads of cool presets. all patsches are well programmed and instantly usable. almost every aspect of a typical edm track is covered and it is easy to tweak the sounds to make them fit into productions. good stuff.

    Loving this collection! In combination with the 'Afro tech Vocals' sample set you have a perfect starting point for real cool tribal house stuff! IEven if you are not in this kind of genre, these loops aer inspiring and you can include them in actually any kind of dance production. I chopped up a few of the loops and reworked them to fit into my arrangements. thumbs up!

    Afro Tech Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    very nice and useful collection if you want to create some real tribal sound. the vocals are well recorded and processed, sound authentic and are easy to work with. perfect to creat this kind of 'real' vibe! good stuff!

    loving this one! eveyrthing sounds phat, warm and nice. there is a great collection of groovy loops in all possible variations, with kick(without(topend etc. - very nice. I also love the fx section a lot, there is a lot of fresh stuff, ready to use and some of them went into my ongoing tracks immediately. highly recommended :)

    useful collection of re-freshed classic house sound presets, nice one! gives you 100% the feeling of those old school house anthems! all sounds are well-programmedand ready for cool house tunes :)

    EDM Snares & Claps 2

    Rating: 8/10

    nice collection - eveyrything needed for a full production, not only EDM! there's a nice variety of sounds, all samples sound big and clean. nice follow-up!

  • cool addition to an existing sound and sample library. nothing really new but everything for dance/club EDM is being covered and the samples sound good, all high quality. nice add-on, so actually a no brainer...

    EDM Power Pack Vol. 3

    Rating: 9/10

    very versatile collection of temporary club music sounds, covering loads of styles and genres. the samples sound fresh and have been nicely treated with eq and other processing - ready to go into a production. i like the variety of loops a lot, very nice for cutting out single sounds and re-arranging them! great pack!

    EDM Revolution

    Rating: 8/10

    good package with everything you need to start a track with! sound quality is great, all usable sample and i like the variety a lot!. not all super new but this is comprehensive pack.

    FAT kicks in there!!! i like the jackhammer stuff and this one is no exception, all kicks sound big and clean, great collection!

    string sounds, energetic build ups and absolutely useful for any kind of beefing up buildups, drops or breakdowns. i used it instantly, the sounds have great quality and there is plenty to choose from. no brainer!

    Killer FX Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    useful and great sounding stuff! some of the samples went directly into my productions. good variety and there is a lot of stuff which can easily combined in a lll possible ways or just support any existing builds and drops. nice one!

    nice and useful soundset! even for "not complextro and electro" producers loads of inspirational sounds! good variety of types of presets and the programming quality is fine. can't go wrong with this one!

    Supercharged EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    good collection, a lot of usable stuff! i like the kisk a lot, punchy and in your face. some dirty nasty house loops in there and the bass loops can be an inspiring source for new ideas! cool package!

    fresh sounds and great variety, i think it's a very nice addition to any massive presets collection!

    nice collection of drum sounds! they work for all kinds of dance/club music, great sound quality, i like how the individual sounds and loops are processed, they're ready to go into tracks directly. nice collection of fills as well, good stuff!

    wow, this is a phat one!! loud, punchy, nasty, all samples are super strong and powerful! love the variety - perfect for making EDM style tracks! recommended!!

    FX Elements

    Rating: 7/10

    nice collection, not necessarily the basic stuff but rather a kind of add-on for existing FX libraries . i like that there is a bunch of fresh and interesting fx bits, sound quality 100%! great addition to my FX collection!

    Killer FX Drops 2

    Rating: 9/10

    great collection of fx sounds, loads of fresh new bits. the sound quality is top and it's all there to pimp up a full track. fits for all kinds of genres and this will definitely go into many of my next productions! top!

    EDM Kicks

    Rating: 7/10

    cool stuff in here, good selection of kicks for any kind of style. all samples have great sound quality and work well with any material. one of those good-to-have's!

    EDM Snares & Claps

    Rating: 8/10

    great addition to any sample collection, there is a lot of standard but also fresh stuff in this package. all samples sound great and fit immediately into a mix. very useful!

    EDM Tuned Kicks

    Rating: 8/10

    cool stuff, useful collection of kicks! could even be more of them to have more options to choose from. good sample quality!

    good collection, lots of sound and drum loops, i especially like the beats and short sample, good to use and great variety! the allover sound is high quality - phat, warm and punchy. i would have love to get some more separate drum shots. but apart from that cool stuff!

    great package! huge amount of useful samples, all of them work well and sound clear and clean. a lot of basics are included in this set. With all the necessary categories covered it works for all kinds of prodcutions and it's very versatile, good stuff!

    AZS Tundra Vol. 1

    Rating: 7/10

    nice refill for Dune, there's a lot of nice mellow, smooth and also edgy patches, really helpful for trance productions! a lot of basic sounds, useful collection!

    AZS Flight Path

    Rating: 9/10

    fresh and inspiring soundset, really adds to the existing lush presets, modern and powerful! the sounds can go into productions immediately, they are well programmed and fit into mixes nicely. the variety is great, all in there!

  • Big Room Tools Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great collection of fully useable sounds and samples, really powerful, punchy and hi quality stuff! Works all perfectly on today's house genres. There's a little bit of everything in the package, this should work great for starting or enhancing tracks!

    The guys deliver quality again, all in what you need to creat modern sounding house music. The variety is fine, all elements you need are in there and the samples are punchy, hi-fi and well processed. ONe of those "bread and butter" libraries where you can't go wrong with, nice one!

    Ultimate Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    this is a nice and useful collection - bith the samples and the massive presets work well, sound great and fit into a broad range of music, not only dubstep. nice to have the Massive preset settings so you can re-play or even alter the existing samples - very nice!

    very phat collection! all good stuff, the presets sound great and work well in mixes. fresh and powerful stuff and they make nice use of all the Masive features! fun to play with!

    great preset pack! all sounds are powerful, clear, and exactly what i expect from Massive. All easy to use, it's fun playing around with them!

    great soundset for massive! the bass sounds are phat and punchy and have great modulations already built-in! also the fx sound section works well for me. the lead sounds could be a bit more edgy and cutting through but all in all a solid package!

    Dubstep Mechatron

    Rating: 7/10

    phat sounds and nice effects! there's a lot of powerful samples in this package. no soft sounds, but everything if you want to give your track some edge and power...nice collection!

    very nice collection of presets! even though i am not in the dubstep business, these sounds work perfectly for other EDM genres as well, it's fun tweaking them and they all sound great, be it the bass, lead pad or fx sounds.

    i like this package, good stuff in there, very useful sounds and the variety is great! there's a lot of single shots to include in existing productions, all fits well and sounds phat! the melody lines etc. can help a lot to create own ideas as well.

    Ultimate Fills & Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    great package, i like the variety of the sounds! most of them come with FX like reverb/delay etc. on board, makes it easy to use them instantly. The impacts sound great, the downshifters collection is cool and all other stuff works well! I would not need the pads and textures every day but they add some nice vibe to the allover pack. good stuff!

    Elevation FX

    Rating: 7/10

    good quality stuff in this box, all in there - most of the sounds and fx is useful but i would have loved to get more of the longer build-ups. the allover sound quality is fine, actually a cool package to work with.

    Nice and fresh stuff for Sylenth! always good to have more of the sylenth presets, just a no-brainer, great collection of basic and freaky sounds!

    The set is full on, great stuff in there, fat drums, cool FX, nice sounds etc... very inspiring and great as a source of ideas and inspiration! if you want to make this kind of music, grab it.

    nice collection with some basic but also fresh stuff in there. works as a general library or as an add-on. some of the smaples went directly into my production. sounds all good and all in there!

    Dutch Electro House

    Rating: 8/10

    cool stuff, i like the overall variety, all in there. cool dutchy sounds and loops, good for adding to a production, i find them inspiring and fresh. the wav loops are nice to work with, good drum loops and single sounds as well.

    Cinematic Tools Vol.1

    Rating: 9/10

    yeah, loving this one! loads of phat and impressive sounds in there, really great for working into breakdowns or transitions. it's not only the usual stuff of this kind but many fresh sounds, great for combining and all sounds really good. very useful!

    nice collection, much useful stuff in there. All samples sound cool and phat. A little bit of everything so it can be a nice starter set for all kinds of house style tracks. LIke the additional sounds as well, they can be inspiring.

    Ultimate Risers

    Rating: 8/10

    good set of risers sounds, they are easy to use, sound cool and fit in well in lots of productions. both the rather melodic/tonal set and the noisy one are useful. i just used some of them for my in-progress tracks...

    really good stuff in there, if you look for some fresh new sounds for Sylenth, get those! all sounds work well for any kinds of EDM, well worth the money and inspiring!

    very versatile and fresh collection of new stuff for sylenth, all sounding good and very usable! ...not only for techno :-)

  • cool package, many nice, deep and tech house loops, i like a lot of the drum and percussion sounds used. also the percussion loops work well, easy to use for any kind of house production.


    Rating: 7/10

    Nice and comprehensive collection, good as an add-on to existing FX collections as there is plenty of risers and similar FX, most of them rather tonal than just noisy, very good tool to add into productions! good to have those preset files for NI Massive as well if tweaking is needed!

    good collection of samples - all in there, all sound work well and are 100% useful! I love the arpeggiator stuff and some of the drum samples directly went into one of my tracks...good one!

    I like it, great preset collection, sounds al good and useable!! good addition to the standard sylenth library!

    Nice new preset collection; it's not all brandnew sounds but they are all useable and fit well into productions; though some are really frah and nice! always good to have some add-on sounds for sylenth.

    Dirty Dutch House

    Rating: 9/10

    very good and comprehensive collection! all loops and sounds are useful and fit perfectly into existing productions of this kind of style - but also work in other genres as well; i like the good choice of grooves and percussion loops; sound quaity is great!

    Swedish House

    Rating: 8/10

    nice collection with loads of ideas and inspiration; not all is about swedish house, this library fits into all kinds of house and other styles as well; i like the big choice of melody and riff loops, there is loads of ideas; i would not just copy them into my song but use them as a start for more...good stuff!

    cool stuff, some inspiring sounds in there; i like the extra sounds, could even use more of those. nice little package!

    Fantastic drums sounds collection, tons of good high quality stuff in there! I love the variety of the samples and that they come in different versions - like the 606 in drive, dry, stereo and warm versions; helps a lot to immediately find the right one to fit into a track. the only thing i miss is the sampler instruments for EXS24, apart from that 10/10!

    Syncussion Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    LOVE it! great variety, comprehesnive collection of non-usual cool and phat drum sounds! Works really well with the tracks I'm working on! This is a nice addition to any existing sample library, apart from the general basic stuff!

    perfect collection! all in there, god variety and allover sound quality is top! nearly everything can go into my productions immediately, all usabel and inspiring material! the loops can easily be tempo adapted and the single shots fit into tracks without problems. thumbs up!

    French Electro House

    Rating: 8/10

    Great variety of sounds for this kind of music! The drum loops all fit together in a certain way, so there's plenty of material to build your own drum track with those loops. Most of the music loops are good and inspire to wprk with them. I only would have preferred to get all of the loops in 125 or 128 bpm. The sounds & FX section is not too big but nice. Although the FX are mostly in a certain key they work well when put into the right track. Drums not comprehensive, but all in great sound quality and cover a broad range of styles.

    Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 9/10

    all in there! i love the range and variety of all sound banks, sounds all phat and nasty and can go even into other genres' productions without any problems. big ups for the comprehensive collection, also the bonus pack does its thing, loads of ideas in there!

    Tech House Styles

    Rating: 8/10

    good stuff, good package - loads of sounds and ideas you can use! fthe kits are nicely packed, but it's even more interesting to get inspired from them and mix it all up; works!! production qulaity is really good; some sounds went into my productions immediately...

    solid package with all you need to get a track started, it's all in for building a nice breakdown section! already used some of the FX just to beef up some existing productions. Many of the bits are good for getting new ideas to develop!

    Minimal Tech Vox

    Rating: 8/10

    very useful, good stuff, loads of variations - good for those chopped vocal groove tracks! good to have singel vox hits plus vox loops. last but not least the little collection of bonus grooves fits well and can be also used for all other kinds of tracks as well.

    cool string bits! i can well use them for my pop and even house productions. good to have the score sheetsa as well if there is need to replay any of the licks. i also appreciate the midi files, perfect for getting the sampled riffs into my tracks with my own sounds. more of this please!

    Loads of inspiring bits and loops! Also like some of the oldschool analog style drums and loops! Good to have all the REX loops so the stuff can be perfectly adapted to existing tracks. High quality stuff!

    Really good stuff in there, I like the allover choice of sounds, usable for many kinds of house and tech house productions, inspiring and all well recorded. Bass and music loop work well, either to go directly into a track or as an inspiration. Big like!

    Great for adding some deeper touch to your productions, i could use a couple of sounds immediately for my ongoing tracks. good percussion loop in there in the bass section there's nice and useful stuff as well and also the synth loops work!

  • Ghetto House

    Rating: 8/10

    Refreshing and inspiring collection, all material is very useful, even if you're only want to add some extra character or groove to your own stuff, these loops and sounds work well! The bass multis are nicely sampled and good to use in any kind of production. Nice variety of musical loops as well! Solid package!

    great collection! comprehensive and inspiring, a couple of sounds went directly into one of my latest projects! if you're looking for trhat special oriental touch in your track, this collection will work well. both the hits and loops sections do their thing, even for 'not-indian'-style tracks...

    Great collection of single hits, loops and constrcution kits. The combination is nice to work with and you can get results in short time. Thumbs up! The construction kits are fine for getting started own ideas, inspiring and authentically produced. In the loops section the bass loops stand out for their deep sounds. The drum loops choice is small but nice, well produced and instantly useable.

    When stepping through the folders, for me the allover sound is more funky and electro house rather then deep & tech but nevertheless it's a great library! I like the fact that many of the drum sounds are processed, be it with room effects or other stereo treatment. good to use, fits well in productions! the number of samples is huge, lots to choose from. The noise and sweeps section is comprehensive, with a little own tweaking this should fit for any production. The instruments sections is rather a basic set but always helpful.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 9/10

    comprehensive and fresh - some sounds went directly into a new remix I'm working on. Comprehensive, diversified and not only the standard stuff. All-purpose library, just can recommend it. 9 out of 10!

    Really inspiring collection. All samples and loops sound phat and authentic. The kicks are really pumping and have enough low end... Just started an idea based on this library.

    Nice and inspiring collection, very useful. Check the crashes, cymbals and other drum hits. The instrumental loops are inspiring, especially when using them in Stylus!. Generally speaking: all in there - love the kickdrum selection and the drum loops, there's some nice grooves to start upon building your own loops using the bits from the single hits section!

    Fresh sounds and loops, all sounding earm and phat due to their analogue processing - this library can be a rich source of inspiration. The drum loops are really sounding nice, all in from basic beats to quirky percussion and fx stuff! The music loops are quite useful, I chopped them up a bit to fit them into my productions. All in there you need for some authentic production.

    Tribal House

    Rating: 7/10

    right after downloading i used some of the percussion loops in my tracks. very useful, many basic loops here (but you will always need them) but also lots of fresh material, inspiring! Good addition to any techhouse or electrohouse sample collection, fits well into nowaday productions.

    very complete collection - more than enough for creating up-to-date productions! eveything is there - from a huge choice of single hits and sounds to loops, everyone can find useful bits here! SOme sounds are clean, some dirty, so perfect for creating authentic tracks. recommended!

    useful colleciton of single drum and percussion hits. great value for the money as there is plenty of sounds, fitting well into existing loops and drum tracks. also the analogue style sounds are nice to use!

    throughout the whole collection good material - i like the variety, from basic stuff to inspiring loops. If you are looking for some nice grooves or real sounding additiosn for your music, you should have a listen. greast loops. 24bit sound quality and if you use the Rex2 Loops even independent from it!

    special collection with a kinda funky attitude - check the bass loops section and you'll see! It's fun listening through. the drum loops are a mix of 70s, 80s and all the rest of club dance styles. very inpsiring! if you're into soulful funky house you will love the instrument loops...also a good nice variety of single drum hits - useful for many musical styles - the choice and sound quality are great. Not the 'everyday' sample collection but with this one you can add some special edge to your music. Nice!

    Great loops and sounds - all very up-to-date. I like the fx loops which contain some cool build-ups. even the fully equipped loops with drums+instruments are nice to use. The synth loops are useful, you can use the full ones or chop them up, works well - good stuff!! Good quality and variety in an inspiring collection!

    All you need to start some decent tech house or house production. The collection of single drum samples is comprehensive, all there. The bass loops can be quite inspiring, there's a diversified choice. In the drum loops folder there are complete loops but also single sounds or fx - very useful in building up your own grooves! The vocal samples are nice to work with - chop them up and re-arrange them to get some individual bits. To round it off, some nice oldschool stabs are included as well.

    This collection is DOPE! Both parts, Electro House Underground and Electro House Progressions together in one pack make the perfect library for up-to-date productions. In daily use in my studio! All sounds are big, fat, clear and the variety is more than enough. Even the multisampled sounds sound fantastic, are nicely sampled and usable. 10/10!

    Comprehensive sample library, absolutely valuable for tech house and progressive house production. the choice of drum loops is great, from basic loops to more dense loops and percussion, all is included. good is that you have many of the drum loops in several variations, this makes it easy to create a whole track with them. many good and inspiring chord loops. the leads often contain nice little sequences which can not only be used to beef up existing melodic arrangements. nice to have those additional sidechained pads - good for creating ideas around them! all in all - very recommendable!


    Rating: 7/10

    Not the basic starter kit for a FX collection but a good addition or upgrade to any existing library like the Push Button Bang RISE collection. The FX are mostly a bit special or tonal but good for use in productions, be it as transitions, stops, drops or just in a more tonal context. The number of samples good for the price, I could recommend this library when you look to get a step furtehr than the usual noise sweeps and blips.

    Groove Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Great new collection for house/progressive/techhouse! many drumloops, from groovy house to techy stuff, very useful and comprehensive. the percussion sounds are cool, especially the toms are those you use for current house productions. the kicks collection is fine,one of them moved directly into one of my new productions. There are some multisampled sound, they are ok for a start but you would need more of them. In general a very useful collection for current productions with all you!

    good basic pack to start tracks from. the drum are solid, not overcharged. some nice old-school loops are included as well. i liked the kick loops a lot, warm and rich in the low end. also the percussion loops are great and with the included single shots - no problem to design your individual grooves. the whole pack has a more housy than too techy approach which is not bad! the basslops are deep, nasty and good to use for the deeper stuff. if you are looking for some nice basic kit and don't expect too freaky sounds - that's the one for you. 7/10 also for the nice price!

  • Traditional Percussion

    Rating: 9/10

    This percussion library is HUGE - with 100% sound quality. All you need for all kind of styles, from house to pop and all other genres. Really good sounds, midi files are helpful, the STYLUS files work perfectly and make it easy to work with. The only thing I am missing is the sampler patches for EXS24. otherwise 10/10!


    Rating: 8/10

    Good collection of drop/boom/deep fx, great for creating the transition into breakdown sections. Apart from some standard sounds there also are some fresh FX. I use them by mixing some of the low end sounds from the Drop Boom folder with the mid and high frequencies from the Various FX. Very useful!


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