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Halo/City Deep Music

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Halo's career in dance music has always been about evolution. His sonic education and progression throughout his professional life has contributed to his metamorphosis both as a DJ and producer. Credited with a diverse and remarkably long list of productions, remixes and collaborations, a stable and successful independent record label, a high profile vinyl outlet, prestigious residencies and a globetrotting DJ schedule, the past few years have seen Halo take the industry by storm. Now, with a newfound drive to proceed with a solo production career, extensive tour dates and an artist album on the horizon, Halo is once again shedding his skin and embarking on a fresh and innovative sonic journey.


  • WOW I have been a huge fan of Sante's production if you into modern day Deep House with a touch of Classic house you will enjoy his sample pack because of his inspired old school House production this wil be perfect to add to your productions

    Miami Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    Im loving this pack because I love incoperating techy rhythms & elements into my Deep House production and this has alot to choose from including riff's leads, perc fills and top fills also you will never run out of drum loops and kits there are some amazing sounding current kicks & hats in there to give your tracks a nice deep and techy feel. Im a Logic & Abelton user and love the Exs24 patches that are included in the pack. great job Loopmasters & keepem coming.

    WOW there is no shortage of drum and percussion bits in this pack , there are tons of current processed loops in here. I'm a huge fan of shakers and I seem never to run out since Ive downloaded this pack. Also there are some really dope top loops in here that fit perfectly into my more minimal & techy tracks, the groove asset loops are perfect for adding some really nice layers to add that final touch to your tracks.

    Goody Goody Drum Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    I really love this sample pack I like to use a lot of live drum elements in my tracks and Goody Goody Drum Drops has all the elements you will need to tighten up your drum tracks whether it be live sounding, Deep House, Disco and Techno theres something here for everyone.

    Drum Tools 01

    Rating: 9/10

    For me as a producer I can never find enough drum kits to add to my library, Drum Tools 01 has it all from your classic Drum machine sound to your more modern day drum kits including some top notch loops that will add that perfect color to your final production mix this pack is nice for producing Deep House & Techno and is super easy to drop into any sequence programs.

    Deep Tech Utility Loops

    Rating: 10/10

    Deep Tech Utility Loops pack has to be one of my favorite packs that I have downloaded on Loopmasters. It has endless and new modern sounding kits and loops perfect for producing Deep and Tech House. With over 500 diffrent high quality sounds to choose from I know I wont be running out of sounds for a long time. Thank you Loopmasters for producing such a timeless producers pack.

    Ive always been a huge fan of adding African rhythms to my production its been a staple for me after listening to the amazing high quality samples I have a felling I wlll be using almost everything in this sample pack. I have so many percussion cds but the Musa MBoob Tribal Drums is one of the best to date for me. Thanks Loopmasters for an amazing Tribal pack. Halo

    Ive been a supe huge fan of Santo's production for quiet some time now, he knows how to blend Techno & House in its purest form, Im really loving his sample pack it has all the new production tool elements you can use to incorperate into your own production including all the fresh Kick Drums, Snares, hats and amazing loops that never end, Im gonna be using this sample pack for a long time to come.

    Ive always been a huge fan of Glimpse when I found out that he did a producers pack I was super excited to get into this amazing package. from full loops to all the top quality drum kits.if your into modern day techno + deep house this pack will be perfect for you. Thanks again Halo

    Ive always been a huge fan of Faze action, and have sampled a bunch of sounds from the 12inch vinyls that I have from them, I love this sample pack because its EXS24 ready and you can creat your own sounds and drum loops. Im a junkie for live kick drums and high hats and this has exactly that in this sample pack. Thanks Halo


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