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Mark Mendes

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He is a young producer from Toronto, Canada. After learning tips and tricks from his uncle, he entered the production world, and ever since has been producing top-notch tracks over the past year. Much of his early-found success is from the enormous success of one of his 1st tracks ever created, better known as ‘Mark Mendes – His Music’. The track was number one on the Beatport Chart for over 2 months. To kick off 2008, he has followed suit with his interpretation of a melodic-techno track titled, ‘Beneath You’, also hitting number 1 on Beatport for over a month. Making the top 10s of literally dozens of superstar DJs, there is no stopping this tune! His ‘Beneath You’ track is guarenteed to be adored and appreciated for years to come. As he tries to mainly focus on his own musical works, he has spent the last year developing his techno record label, ‘Starter Records’, which already has been a huge success in the mere months it has been releasing tracks.


  • Love the sounds of this pack. Really liked that the sounds actually do indeed sound 'organic' and a bit oldschool. Great to add some flavor!

    Trap & Twerk Vol. 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Big sample pack here at 1 gig of samples, so cool to download. Really dig the vocal samples in this pack which is why I went for the download. Great way to add a natural element to your track.

    Really good house vibes in this sample pack as expected. Will surely be checking this out and incorporating bits in future productions. It's always nice to have a variety of sample packs, and so why not indulge in the defected brand! Mark

    Really cool pack thank you for this will try it in my productions. It is nice to have some Trap samples in my collection as I do not have many in the genre to date.

    Seems like a really cool pack. Title is very appropriate as I think its very useful if you are making Future House or even good for any sample-based music. Nice to have packs like this to go through when looking to add just a little something instead of using a vst so that it sounds more natural, be it a vocal sample from here or whatever you desire. Will try this out for sure in my own stuff!

    Thomas Penton always makes amazing packs! These snares and claps are perfect for me. Love the layering and fullness; they are always quite processed and sound ready to go. Highly recommend these as I'm sure they are great sounding and so speed up workflow. I support!

    Really excited to get a second installment from Matteo Dimarr. Loved his first sample pack, and so naturally was drawn to this. Really like his drums as usual, they always have a nice dark vibe to them, so will be a go-to pack for me for sure! Great stuff, looking forward to using it and give this my recommendation!

    Classic Synthology

    Rating: 7/10

    Really liked the sample when I heard this. I am such a sucker for classic synth sounds! It is so refreshing to hear sounds that are not always created in the digital realm, as so many are today. It's not your typical short synth shot pack, more in tune with showcasing different modulations. This is a cool pack to have to had some unique substance to a track. Personally, I think taking some of these sounds and using short bits of them with delay effects might work really nicely, will definitely try it out!

    I really like these snares. I am going to try and see how these work out in upcoming sessions. I really like the way the snares are layered in this. Great use of the stereo scape. Perfect for new music that needs to be super clear. Great organization and extra bonus to have the key of each snare. Great all around!!!

    EDM MIDI Melodies

    Rating: 7/10

    I really like midi packs recently. I never really explored them prior to this year, but find that they can be great to bolster ideas not only in terms of melodies, but also patterns. Great for beginner producers too, since they can see different variations of midi and how they may work in a given track.

    Nu Skool Afro Tech 3

    Rating: 7/10

    This is a good pack. The name describes perfectly what your getting: AfroTech Samples! I have many samples already like this and am happy to add it to my collection. If you do not have afrotech samples yet this is a good pack to get.

    Loop Tools & Grooves

    Rating: 7/10

    I really like the idea of having the 'groove assist' folder in this pack. I like sample packs that try to be a little bit different, so this might come in handy when I'm looking for that extra little sound or groove bit. I will definitely try to incorporate some of these in my tracks.

    Ultimate House Sax

    Rating: 7/10

    These are awesome samples! I'm eager to see the outcome as I try and incorporate these into my productions. There is quite a bit of variation regarding melodies, and the sonic quality seems good, so if you are looking for Sax samples this is a great pack to add to your collection. Specific packs such as these can offer variation to your productions and hopefully give it a more organic feel!

    A great addition to my own personal sample library collections. I am always looking for live/real snares rather than synthetic, so this pack has a lot of selection for just that! I like how it is split up into the different aspects of the snaredrum as well, which should make it a bit more quick when layering snares.

    This is an incredible sample pack. If you are a fan of Matteo DiMarr's signature drums, then you are going to love this! I actually am Matt's nephew, and started producing music because of his influence. Many people have asked him how he makes his drums so phat, and now everyone can do the same! Matt surely held nothing back when making this pack, and the proof is in the samples. Pure quality. Full support!

    I really like the sounds in this because they are very simple. They work as a good foundation when creating new sounds. There are some really nice sounds in here that will work well to incorporate in electronic productions. There even is a cool virus ti preset that is pretty decent! Going to try and build on these!

    Cool sample pack, many good drum sounds that should be useful to use. Good for the drum sounds, but everything else is a bit too typical for me. I have already many sample packs with rhodes and chord samples that sound the same. I have never used synths from sample packs, but would be nice if a sample pack came out with some really different sounds. Is your typical expected pack, still good though.

    Deeper House Vol 2

    Rating: 7/10

    This is good for deep tech house, has the usual synth stabs you can find in sample packs. What I enjoyed most was the phat kicks I heard in some of the loops. I think there is some nice clear samples in this pack, is a cool one to have; the drum loops sound nice.

    I have always enjoyed Steve Lawler's style, so when I saw this sample pack I was quite excited! I am happy to say that after browsing through some of the samples it sounds like it definitely is a great pack with that classic Lawler sound! Can't wait to try these out.

    This is my favorite sample pack from Loopmasters so far. It has proven to be perfect in creating drums and everything sounds so phat! I have really enjoyed using the drums of this pack, and am really impressed with it.

  • These drum sounds are so crystal clear, and perfect for making professional music. I am very excited to try out some of these kicks in my new productions. I think that this is one of the best sample packs I have downloaded in a long time. I am really impressed, really!!

    Groove Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    This sample pack is perfect for making tech house! Amazing grooves can be found in this pack, this is an excellent addition to anyone's sample libraries! I am very impressed with this sample pack and hope to see more of this great stuff from Loopmasters! :)


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