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Picked up in early 2008 by Hessle Audio, Jack’s Kingdom EP was the third release on the then fledgling imprint, introduced a musical palate that was both nuanced and understated but with bags of bass weight. By early 2009, Jack had been hammering a selection of awesomely anachronistic but idiosyncratic music on CDR; fuel for an ever-growing DJ schedule. 2009 continued to unfold with a slew of essential remixes for 2nd Drop and Planet Mu, alongside original material on Hotflush and Brainmath.


  • This is a well constructed and useful pack for modern sounding drum and bass and beyond. There is a good variety of slamming, percussive and processed drum loops that can be easily chopped up and customised. The bass and synth sounds are on the darker side, lots of sci-fi growls and whines, all nicely recorded, and eq'd perfectly to slot into most tracks. There is a nice selection drum and SFX hits that will work for any electronic style, great for layering and as a starting point for deeper modulation.

    Syncussion Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a really unique sounding pack that is full of useful hits, clicks and bleeps that will spice up any electronic drum kit. As usual with Wave Alchemy the samples are beautifully recorded and many are ready to use straight out the box with no further processing needed. The percussion samples and drums recorded to tape are excellent.

    Fantastic collection of carefully crafted sounds that will work for any style that calls for a more natural sound. The drum hits in particular are really useful for sculpting your own original patches.

    Beautifully played and recorded collection of percussion loops. I found the tambourine and shaker samples particularly useful for adding extra groove to dance music drums. The ambience in the recordings is very natural and subtle making it easy to chop up the loops and add reverb to taste whilst sounding coherent.

    Drum Fire

    Rating: 8/10

    Really impressed with this collection. Very unique sounding kits, I especially love the sound of the Mfb Schlagzwerg. These are great for layering and in many cases carry enough punch to use on their own. No hiss or extra silence before the waveform starts, these are good to go straight from the pack. If you're looking for a unique sounding alternative to 808 or 909 drums this is the one to get.

    Drum Tools 01

    Rating: 8/10

    Great collection of processed drum machine samples, all nicely recorded with consistent levels and no hiss or nasty resonant frequencies. The snares in particular stand out, there are some really unique and punchy ones in there that are perfect for layering.


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