In this video mastering engineer Rob Williams shows us a simple 3 step formula for EQing vocal recordings, to get your vocals sounding clear, professional and sitting in the Mix.

This short tutorial will get 90% in the right direction when it comes to turning your vocals into cleaner more balanced audio in minutes.

EQ Vocals With Rob Williams

Rob Williams is a mastering engineer and sound designer who runs and owns the 'Ultimate Mastering Formula' online course platform which offers users a remote learning approach to mastering basics.

"If you’re a musician producing your own tracks, or an engineer who wants to ‘upgrade your skills, The Ultimate Mastering Formula is a simple system that will give you the exact steps to turn your mixes into world-class commercial quality masters – without buying expensive equipment or wasting years (and a LOT of money) at sound school".

For more information and enrolling please follow this link: Enjoy!