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Rare Jungle Breaks
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Genre: Jungle

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass


One Shots

BPM: 170

Step into the realm of vintage rhythm with Rare Jungle Breaks, a meticulously hand-picked collection tailored for crafting distinctive jungle tracks.

This pack is a treasure trove of time-tested breaks, each one a sonic relic waiting to infuse your productions with an authentic jungle vibe. Unearthed from the depths of musical history, these breaks hold an unparalleled authenticity that sets them apart.

From the crackling snap of snares to the thunderous kick drums, each element is a testament to the raw energy and infectious groove that defined the golden era of jungle. Elevate your tracks with beats that not only nod to the past but carry that unmistakable jungle soul into the future.

Complementing the breaks are a bonus set of classic pads that soar with ethereal beauty, providing a dreamy backdrop that balances the intensity of the beats. Add to that a selection of dubby FX that swirl and echo, creating immersive sonic landscapes that will captivate your listener's imagination.

But the journey doesn't end there, Rare Jungle Breaks also serves up weighty basslines, each one a seismic force that underpins your tracks with an irresistible, earth-shaking foundation.

Whether you're looking to create a nostalgic nod to the pioneers of jungle or to forge entirely new sonic landscapes, this pack is your key to unlocking the true essence of jungle music. Elevate your productions with Rare Jungle Breaks and embark on a journey through the rich history and future possibilities of jungle music.

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  • 463 MB
  • 19 FX Break Loops
  • 45 Layered Break Loops
  • 45 Raw Processed Break Loops
  • 6 Bonus Bass Loops
  • 9 Bonus FX
  • 30 Bonus Pad One-Shots

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    • 463 MB
    • 19 FX Break Loops
    • 45 Layered Break Loops
    • 45 Raw Processed Break Loops
    • 6 Bonus Bass Loops
    • 9 Bonus FX
    • 30 Bonus Pad One-Shots
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Need4mirrors big


Need For Mirrors
what an awesome pack Love it, a solid selection of well-produced and engineered breaks. expect to hear these popping up in raves for the next decades.


Future Dub Orchestra
Really love these sound packs. We travel to the past and to the future with this one. Really nice selection on this one.

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