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Need For Mirrors

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Need For Mirrors, a name that has rapidly positioned itself amongst the greats of modern Drum & Bass, whose relentless output of high-quality and original material has secured releases on the scene’s most prestigious labels. With a love for conceptual composition and a commitment to creating emotionally charged dance music that induces a visual response in the listener, it's time for reflection with Need For Mirrors.


  • These boys are top tier producers now, setting the bar very high for dnb. This pack goes you a taste of what makes them such in demand producers. I would focus on the drum loops as there all polished and ready to roll. They all sit at 174bpm and are perfect for a summer anthem.

    Freddie can't do no wrong, this pack is pure fire. Various bpms and a great selection of break names puts this pack at the top of my list for 2023. Expect to hear this pack in a few tunes in coming years.

    Goddard Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    A solid pack from one the new school who is rolling it out right now. Set packs are some of the best in the game and buy on site. This pack sits at 174bpm and bass all the loops you need for a roller.

    What can I say besides Satl is a wonder kid of production. His tunes are effortless and rolling and have a maturity above his years. This pack represents this and the high standards of North Quarter records and is a testament of Quality Drum & Bass.

    A big fan if the Ghost syndicate packs, always coming with lots of different vibes and originality with the science. This pack is no different have a listen and get it on. Heaps of one shots and loops and my favourite is the combo loops.

    Some impressive drums in this pack from EST who are bringing the serious dnb sample packs at the minute. The quality here is top you have some great loops and hits. I'm looking forward to more from Est.

    Monrroe - Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This Boy is just a breath of fresh air to d&b and this pack reflects that. Monrroe drum breaks are perfectly executed and I will be rolling these out in future productions. Everything you need in a pack right here.

    170 all day long, This pack just rolls out effortlessly a great selection of atmos loops bass loops and full drums plus some really tight melodies and all the top loops and one shots you need. Dreamy having a magical or pleasantly unreal quality; dreamlike.

    Arabian Flutes

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is set up at 122bpm not ideal for dnb but it still works. The pack for full of flutes perfect channeling your late 90s style dnb or new trap beats. Cut up the hits and melodies and rearrange for that Blue note vibe. Make sure to check out the bonus loops folder. Impressive most impressive. Enjoy

    Fix up look sharp, Fixate brings his A game to Loopmasters with this serious pack of hits and loops, I'm a fan of his drum work and its great to be able to get a solid understanding of how he puts together his signature drums.

    Document One Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    The EST Studios pack are a go to for me, keeping the sound current and at a standard above most producers out there. This is a perfect pack for novice or professional d&b producer. Get it and the Glxy pack.

    GLXY Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Yes guys what a solid pack to kick off the new EST Studios range. I'm all about the drums in this pack - the boys have some serious funk going on, Some great hits and you could roll out tracks with all the loops that are featured, Expect to hear some of this in my future releases.

    808 Bass Samples

    Rating: 8/10

    Apollo Sound Labs hit ya with this essential for all jungliest & D&b heads, a epic pack of 180 x 808 bass shots, high quality with great processing, expect this to get rinsed for decades to come. Check for the presets and sampler patches.

    Deep Dark Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    Deep like a submarine this one is pure scuba. Full rolling drums at 174 + solid loops and some decent effects and baselines and sounds make this one to check. From somebody who gets the vibe right. Dark it out.

    Dark Neuro Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    What a year this pack sets the tone Nice and dark a decent pack to keep me interested, tight drums and some synth and solid bass stabs, loving the talk bass and space organ. Keep it up. Recommended. Big up

    Future Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    Roll it out Vici, A solid pack from this French producer, I'm feeling the influences. The bass multi-samples are great I can see these getting rinsed plus there's a great selection of drum loops and hits. Enjoy

    Straight vibes this is perfectly crafted and as current as you can get. Its all about the drums for me, schooled up and funky. You have 3 folders of drums broken into fills, full drums and hat perc loops. This is a excellent pack. Highly Recommend.

    So I'm a fan of Proxima work, his recent releases on shogun is outstanding, this pack has all the flavour of his productions. The percussion and top loops have heaps of funk and I will definitely be using this.

    We keep it underground with this awesome pack of inspiring female vocals, perfect for drum and bass. they are all keyed up and there's also a great selection of effects on each vocal. I feel this style of vocal is missing in dnb. salute!

    Drum & Bass Oblivion

    Rating: 8/10

    Get lost in the sound with this giant pack of dnb samples. Everything here is at 172 bpm and interconnects for a all in one pack. mix and match loops or add to new original productions this is everything you need for a ll in one dnb pack.

  • Halftime Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    This is Super solid, check for it even if you don't like halftime dnb, the hits alone and bass sounds, drum hits etc are on point Im feeling the loops too. I'm on the 170 flex so this is great, who ever made this pack salute.


    Rating: 8/10

    Journey into space with this great pack from Ghost Syndicate, The drum loops and percussive glitches are excellent for the autonomic 170 sound that's missing in dnb. I'm a fan of the Ghost Syndicate packs - check for them.

    This can only be a 10 from such a talent artist with his own distinct sound. If you know his catalogue you will notice breaks and bass sound from some of his pivotal tunes, everything mixed to this high standards. Buy this now.

    Roads Of Halfstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Salary Man pumping out the packs, another solid outing here, some great construction kits to get you started. No half steeping herec- the pack is fire. Personally I would have liked an entire pack at 170bpm its that good.

    This is ultra and I love all the ultra packs, So much in this to get stuck Into decent drum loops a lot of half time drums in here. Great drum fx and bass loops. Everything you need to roll out a track.

    Salaryman are on the up with another solid pack. What I like about this pack is that there are two construction kits for beginners which can help give you get into the mechanics of a track, drag and drop and roll it out remix it and start to get some ideas rolling. For me I'm a sucker for new hits and loops.

    They see me rolling at 174bpm. Some schooled out drums in this pack that I will draw for, loving the effects and bass loops. The multi synths and and bass's are my thing, I'm always looking for more raw elements to twist up. This is one of the better packs available right now.

    A sample pack who's reflections produce changing patterns in drum & bass, Maybe I'm spinning but this pack Is solid. The pack has solid drum grooves and a great selection of one shots fx, tonal atmospheres synth hits etc. Get it.

    Neuro DnB Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    A Solid selection of drums perfect for all d&b don't let the name fool you. loops and individual hits, which sound chunky and warm. A great resource with a solid range of tempos. Big Up Ya Chest A Solid selection of drums perfect for all d&b don't let the name fool you. loops and individual hits, which sound chunky and warm. A great resource with a solid range of tempos. Big Up Ya Chest

    Modular Madness Techno

    Rating: 7/10

    This is great for those that cant afford or dont have the space for a modular set up. Lots of great stabs and bass sounds fx etc that can be cut up and used in dnb very much the sound that I'm into at the minute. Enjoy!

    Another 5pin Media Pack prooving that they are coming up with the serious sounds. I'm just a sucker for packs like this, the drums are rolling, solid bass hits and everything else you need. Thisis the liquid that I like. Rollersssssss. Rollersssssss. Rollersssssss.

    5Pin Media roll the minimal grooves. Heaps of well executed drums rolling at 172 with folders of , percussion, ride and shaker loops. plus rex acid and mind , sample patches and one shots. This pack will feature heavily in my future productions. check check check.

    Neuro Techstep

    Rating: 7/10

    Im feeling these Singmakers packs, Dont be put off by the name its not all near on this pack, The drums and bass's can be switched up for any genre of dnb. Overall the drums have heaps of energy and chunk, The bass sounds are all very current progressions. All the drums are at 17bpm which is a nice change as I love working at that bpm. Techsteppin...

    Serotonin Drum & Bass

    Rating: 7/10

    The d&b sample packs keep coming, Serotonin d&b keeps the momentum rolling, heaps of loop to mix up, everything rolling at 172bpm, the drums are solid, a couple I have already started to use. Some great melodies that I need to check for too.

    Original Jungle Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Original Rudebwoy material. This Is a solid pack with drum loops running rom 160>184 well thought out and engineered. Plus the individual drum hits a great. This reminds me of the old jungle warfare ads from back when. Essential.

    Apocalypse Now is all you need to roll out some rhythms, some proper drag and drop breaks that you can get rolling and catch a vibe from straight away, the pack also has some very good percussion intro loops that you will get serious milage from as this can be difficult to get right for a novice producer. Check for it.

    Salaryman on point yet again, plenty of drum loops ranging in tempos & percussive and top line loops pack that can help turn over sections in a track and keep the creativity flowing. I'm finding these packs are perfect when you don't have much time to finish off a track and noodle about but just want to catch a vibe so dropping in a perc loop just gets the extra energy you need to a drum line.

    Junglist Workout

    Rating: 8/10

    These guys know there beats, my thing is always drum loops and looking at what I can use from a dnb pack to give my tunes energy in that field. The drums roll from 174 to 180, a little fast for me, but they're solid and have nice separations for mixing between kits. Defiantly worth the purchase.

    Another liquid rollers pack, but this one is from monster sounds and its the real deal, it doesn't say who produced it but sounds solid to me, the drum loops are ready to roll and highly recommend. Also its great to have a variety of tempos some of the packs are very fixed on one bpm but this floats from 170-174. check it.

    Zeskullz Cloud Rap

    Rating: 7/10

    No chance of clear sky's with this pack. This is merkys and perfect for layering into some liquid dnb or an intro to a jump up tune, heaps of great vocals and ones shot's that can be dubbed off. It may not be for everybody but its what i'm into so have a listen.

  • Liquid DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    174bpm all day. This pack Is straight grooves, all the loop folders for drums and basses are perfect, I have already used some drum elements in some forthcoming tunes. There wasn't much to offer in the one shot folders besides some solid drum hits but otherwise it was the loops that did it for me. I love to drag and drop a drum groove and capture vibe quickly. Highly recommend.

    These guys are really on point and I hope to collaborate with them in the future, Patife has always been a vibes guy and Vangeliez is a top producer. This pack doesn't get any better, the drums alone are some of the best about and theres all the music and bass loops and extra bits you need. get with the flavour.

    Deadly & deep is another solid d&b pack more suited for the harder end of the spectrum. I found it more aggressive then deep. Their pack has solid drum loops all at 174. The bass stabs are very effected, more on the neuro vibe. There are a selection of bass and drum hits, which will always be helpful when needed. I found this pack to be more suited to those who like the sound of Dispatch Rec, early Teebee, Ulterior Motive etc.

    Dread come to conquer. All the Dread packs have their moments, I have them all I recommend you get them too. The percussion loops and drum loops are heavy, and bass hots and multis, top quality material. Dub vibes for days

    Jungle DNB

    Rating: 8/10

    Serial killaz on the flex, A very simple pack reminds me of the old jungle warfare packs but worth checking out. Some great fx, bass sounds and drum hits, classic snare tones and some great percussion hits. If your a fan of jungle dnb this is for you. raw.

    Acidddddd, im feeling the acid vibes at the minute, especially in my d&b. This pack is essential if you don't have a 303, just to cut a stab or loop up a couple of notes, this pack does the trick. There are some great synth loops, hits and fx. Long live Marcus Intalex the 303 master.

    Medium Rare, this has the juice. There is so much going on in this pack its hard to pick one part. You have a extensive collection of instrument hits, class, horn, synth, piano etc. and each folder is solid. Then theres the loop folders, which took me half a day to get through theres that much music here. This isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea but for me just a couple of chord detuned and some distortion and you have some 90s optical influenced dnb. I warned you.

    Drum & Bass Shadows

    Rating: 8/10

    Yes to this pack, all your typical folders, rec, midi and sampler patches. But I personally enjoyed and will use the drums all separated into loops with high snares and kicks plus full loops so you can mix and match between steps. Everything is at 172bpm so it's easy to get a quick groove running on the fly. Also note that there are perc, ride and drum fill loops that can be mixed in with the drums. Definitely one for the NFM library.

    Liquid Funk DnB Vol 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Following on from Vol 1 which I highly recommend, Vol 2 sets the standard high with a great selection of drums from 170,172,174bpm and basses, arps, melodies, pads & progressions all laid out with the key and bpm to get you ready to roll out the summer anthem. The one shot folders are solid and I will be rinsing this pack in future releases.

    Drum & Bass Fx 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Jungle is riding a wave of success in the media and the clubs of the uk, This pack is perfect to jump on the bandwagon. Most of the pack is 165bpm and is nostalgia ultra, excellent for layering into some proto-jungle or modern dnb compositions. Also hunt out vol1.

    A Brilliant pack from one of our genre's figure heads, a very personalised pack. I've had this pack a couple of days and have already managed to draw for a few bass sounds and breaks. This is what I would expect from George. Great work. Buy it for the Rhodes alone.

    Maximal Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Another one for the Library, I'm really impressed with the production values on this sample pack. The drums are current and well rounded and it's great to see the separation of hats kicks and snare plus full loops becoming a standard in the packs. A bonus for novice or professional producer is the inspiration kits. This will help those of you who are still trying to get an understanding of stem mixing and how elements sit in the mix.

    This pack should be screaming produced by Proxima. For those that love his style and level of production this pack is solid. The pack sets at 174 serious drag and drop elements. The drums got me, I love the detailing and weight. Grab this if your looking to write harder dance floor numbers with a tech edge.

    Lovers Rock & Dub

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack Rocks, so much resource and everything here is so well laid out, the loops selections can be mixed to create entirely new tunes, you have electric bass, guitar, horn, organ selection of per and piano loops all ready to be mixed up and lopped. Everything is well labelled and works well at 160-170bpm. Junglists, are you ready?


    Rating: 9/10

    Ghost syndicate coming with another stellar pack, pure drum education. Im not familiar with Ghostek but Nami is on fire with dispatch release, so you know your getting the goods here. The pack is broken into the standard formats, loops and hits, its all about the drums for me personally, the grooves and separation of loops is excellent. tempos range from 170, 172 AND 174. If your into dispatch 1985, exit etc grab this.

    Melodic Drum And Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Dabro flying the flag for d&b with a solid selection of loops and hits, there are also stem kits for those of you who want to just have a vibe instantly running. there are some great drum and bass loops, And look out for the guitar loops. I personal enjoyed the drum hits, its always good to keep adding and replacing your kit to give it a little shine.

    I'm not familiar with Nytram but I do have all 8 volumes of Dread recordings sample packs, and it's worth every cent. Sampler & rex folders and hits and loops it's all here from 172-174bpm. Some serious sub hits & multis and great top loops, which always add a little groove to your own signature kick and snare programming. Check for this and all the octopus arms.

    Neurofunk DNA

    Rating: 10/10

    A proper drum & Bass pack, The bpm is set to 172bpm, theres a great selection of bass loops and drum loops, which are of a standard that you can drag and drop with out any real work needed. The quality is up there. there are also some synth loops, one shots etc. All in all a solid entry for d&b pack of 2018.

    An excellent pack full of 6 inspiring tracks that can be re cut and resampled, looped and turned into something completely fresh. Everything here is warm and soulful and with a little treatment can really get your creative juice flowing. Tempo is irrelevant as I'm just looking for certain elements to dub off like a horn stab and the accompanying saxophone or bass loop that may work nice on a turn over. Give this pack a chance if you're into jazzy flavours.

    The title isn't very specific but to clarify it means good drum and bass. The tempo of the pack is 172 BPM, there are heaps of drum loops which all retain a personal groove. I'm not super blown away by the verb on them but with some editing the drums are fine for me. The bass loops and variations have their moments. You could write a entire track with dragging and dropping some of these elements together. Big up Soul Rush.

  • Im a huge fan of MJ Cole, his first album Sincere still hits the spot, and hasn't aged a bit. This pack still has those MJ strings and there are a couple of loops that feel like they have been lifted from that era. The bass hits and bass multis are perfect for jungle dnb, drum hits and synth hits etc also all work at higher tempos. I can't fault this pack. And look forward to part 2.

    Completely original, Synkro delivers what is a perfect personal pack of trademark drums and bass. The bass & synth multis are excellent and i will enjoy switching them all up as well as the drum loops parts and percussion, the atmosphere and dirt on on this pack is perfect. Don't think because its very minimal this cant be used for any other kind of d&b, the production is top notch and any groove can be created and reinforced with such distinctive skeleton drums. I real pleasure to work with.

    Live Drum & Bass Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    Original breaks are gold, this pack doesn't disappoint. There are so many breaks ready to roll, all laid out in tempo. What I like about this pack the most is the looseness in the drumming, very human feeling and not super quantised. Also there is a great selection of hits, rex files and sampler patches. I can hear these breaks getting sampled for decades.

    Drum And Bass 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack isn't for the light hearted, heavy drums and nasty bass, very synthetic FX and music loops. I personally liked the the top line drum loops and breaks, definitely something I could work into some full cycle styles. Some of the bass stabs work perfectly filtered down. Highly recommend for the those that want something dance floor.

    A very unique pack of nostalgic sounds perfect for all styles of electronic music as well as dnb. Even though the tempos range 90>140 bpm, parts can be re worked into 170. Also check for the analog synth section of the pack which has a great selection of roland & yamaha hits and stabs. The guitar slide and fx is also nice has that groove i could use in some full cycle productions.

    Jump Up DnB 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Jump Jump and we are off, Rankin on point as usual with another d&b pack, plenty of great drum, top, pad, perc and synth loops, Even though the pack sits at 175 bpm you can work it down to 170 if need be, which is my personal bpm of choice at the minute. For me I'm always on the hunt for new drum hits and bass stabs, so this has kept me busy for the week. The pack is exactly what you need if you're wanting to get a little taste of the current jump up flex taking over all the festivals at the minute.

    Summer DnB Vibes

    Rating: 10/10

    Summer vibezzzz, Im not sure if the title really reflects this pack well, this really does cover all seasons of d&b. The pack loops roll around 160/170 which is perfect for me as i enjoy the lower tempo more. Everything is drag and drop and the one shots and multi samples open things up to your own interpretation and original flare. I would also recommend getting stuck into the sampler patches and midi files and buy this just for the bass multi samples great for filling out your library.

    I love these dread packs, full of raw breaks and proper bass stabs. I'm not familiar with Saline's work but this pack is on point. All the breaks sit at 175bpm which means a bit of work for me to re-roll them down to 170 but the quality is there. Heaps to get your teeth stuck into, drum hits, synth hits and multis and bass hits and multis which i find really helpful. Essential junglist archive material.

    I didn't know much about MDE before this pack, so its been a good weekend getting immersed into this folder of goodness. I personally love the bass hits and synth stabs there are also some great synth and vocal loops to cut up. I have been working this into my techno inspired dnb.

    Proxima should have his named splashed all over this, highly recommended and very well constructed. He's a great engineer and this pack oozes groove. The pack is all set at 172bpm I'm a fan of the drums and percussion loops, which will get a good airing. Well crafted and essential.

    Minimal DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Minimal DnB is ethereal & atmospheric, this fills the void between other packs on the market and delves into the litchi end of the spectrum. I'm a fan of the percussion loops and hits. I work mainly around 170bpm so this is perfect for me, just drag and drop.

    Future Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Future futuuuuuuttttuuuuurrrrree. This pack is running, some classic breaks that have been recited and rolled out at 172 bpm. Great for starting off a tune and catching a vibe. My only issue with the drums is that the kick drum is very similar if not the same in a lot of the drum loops. But thats easily fixed with some editing. There are some great bass and music loops, one shots and sample patches, and overall this is one of the strongest D&B packs about.

    Indie Electronic

    Rating: 8/10

    Indie electronic is a must have for those who cross genres and like to try new musical directions. The pack is heavy, laden with some amazing drum, bass guitar and music loops. Great for getting ideas down, the synth hit and midi folders are really helpful. Big love Dabro music

    Melodic Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    5pin Media keep them coming, with another strong pack, stacked with rex2 live 9, groove templates, midi apple loops, multi samples and everything else. Great bass loops, drum loops grooves, one shots and awesome drums and perc fx. A great pack for deeper dnb. Everything here is warm and of the highest quality. Im very much a fan.

    Ultra Pack 3 makes me want to buy Ultra Pack 2 ( which i missed out on) note: Ultra Pack 1 is equally as good. Anyways you need all three. Its a huge chunk of resource, I have already sampled some of the drum hits and sub hits Its refreshing to have access to such a solid sample pack. also there are video tutorials, track starters and everything else you need to get started all ready to roll.

    Liquid Electronica

    Rating: 8/10

    Liquid - it's in the title, it has to be fluid and flowing. The pack isn't based around a d'n'b tempo but the sounds, melodic loops and one shots and ambient pads work perfectly at 170+. Expect to hear some of this pack in future NFM productions.

    Hybris rolls it out with this stellar pack of precision samples, superbly eqed and hitting all the right frequencies. All the loops sit at 172, the hat and perch loops just work perfectly drag and drop, i would also recommend the sfx loops. Check the bass multis and syth multis and drum hits work on any vibe d&b. Disrupt the system.

    Blinding work from Breakage. This is everything you would want from a beatsmith like Breakage. The pack is all at 170, the drums are to die for, percussion & tops just lift up your tunes and give them a perfect groove. I have already rolled out a couple of tunes with this pack. Expect to hear these breaks in dnb tunes for another twenty years.

    The Abstract transports you into a mechanical world of loops and sounds, which can be combined and flipped a multitude of times. Textures, tonal loops, ensemble drums and top loops make up the mass of the pack. This reminded me of Ed Rush and Optical's creep album, plenty to get your head around and vibe off.

    Hip Hop Chilla

    Rating: 8/10

    Chilling in the cut with this authentic ambient and hiphop fusion sample pack. This pack is perfect for jungle with all the grooves sitting around 80bpm, some excellent drum breaks and bass loops. The midi and rex2 files are excellent and you also have the sampler patches. If you're about warm grooves this is for you.

  • Another concrete pack filled with garage vocals bars and Production-ready hooks. Well recorded and of the high standard all keyed up with bpms and ready to drop into your DAW. Simple and to the point. Essential for liquid d&b.

    Cinematic Hip Hop 2

    Rating: 8/10

    I totally recommend this pack a wicked resource and perfect for adding a cinematic edge to your compositions. There is a great depth to the pack and its very thorough. A great selection of melodic atmospheric and stripped loops plus some vocals drums and bass loops. This is perfect for deep drum & bass.

    Organic to the core, this pack has warmth. Perfectly laid out loops on one shots, all keyed up and with the bpm which makes it really easy and useful to use. I'm personally into the drum breaks which are really well constructed. There are also stripped drum loops if you're just after some broken percussion or tops without editing out the kicks and snares. I'm looking forward to vol 3.

    Dark Cinema

    Rating: 10/10

    Opening credits, atmosphere and the drums roll in. Another seamless excursion in sound from Loopmasters. Synths, drums bass, guitars and percussion all at various tempos and some seriously great hits of all the above. It's worth purchasing this for the synth multi packs, really thorough.

    Futuristic RnB

    Rating: 9/10

    For the Futurists out there, two folders of loops and one shots, all keyed up and ready to roll out. Some great vocals + guitars and field recordings to bend your ear. Innovative and inspirational. A must have!!

    Some great resource right here, tempos ranging from 120>128 but if you know what ya looking for re cutting and time stretching these vocals plus pitching them up and down will work perfectly for d&b. There are some great phrases and riff cuts to work with plus some spoken word. Expect to here some of this on forthcoming NFM productions.

    Experimental DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    The catch line to this pack read's "If you're a fan of the dark, moody and adrenaline pumping sounds, you are going to love “Experimental DnB”. Well i am a fan and this pack is exactly what I'm looking for. The tempo of the pack ranges from 165/175 bpm and you have everything you need to write some thought provoking d&b. I personally liked the drum loop and ones shots especially the percussion.

    Movie Soundtrack

    Rating: 9/10

    pow this was unexpected, so much to work with, the quality is top notch, great cinematic atmosphere. All the loops are sitting at 140 bpm but just a huge array of drums top loops, music and bass. I found this very useful. This pack will start you off at the open credits and make your music wide screen.

    Drum & Bass Liquidism

    Rating: 8/10

    I love this catch line "tranquil sounds to take you to a Drum and Bass Nirvana" pretty much sums it up. This pack is very current in its formula, i wouldn't say it encompasses all liquid dnb its very clean and well thought out. you have full drums, perc loops and top loops all at 174. I think this pack is worth it just for these folders alone. Buy on sight.

    Rockwell UK Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Rockwell has forged ahead with some of the most forward thinking d&b in the last decade. This pack reflects his recent catalogue of productions and the quality he brings to d&b. I recommend this pack to all d&b headz as its in a league of its own, the bass sounds alone are worth the buy.

    This pack isn't for the faint hearted. its pretty in ya face, with the dnb style, the basses are a bit full on for me, but it was the drums that i grooved with. A nice selection to fill pout ya library. I would also look at the synths and atmosphere folders full of useful air candy.

    This series keeps on giving, another great resource for the newbie or professional D&B / Jungle producer. In this pack you have a nice cross section of drums hits & bass sounds + fx, plus a folder of synth multis + synth hits. You also get full drum and bass folders wicked percussion loops and atmospheres. Its always good to upgrade your sample selection or add to you library this is that kind of pack you need. look for packs 1-4 as well.

    Lo-Fi Trip Hop

    Rating: 7/10

    Lo fi but but perfectly recorded rich with nostalgia and warmth. The pack has various melodic and percussive vocal loops which all work great with d&b. + a great selection of drum hits and short melodic samples. well recommended.

    Hip Hop Shadows Vol2

    Rating: 8/10

    One more from the shadows, the follow up pack to vol 1 which gives you a series of construction kits based around a tempo and key. I find these packs super fun to work with, as it sets the tone for me to build from, often i end up only using one of two elements from the pack before everything else is deleted but as a resource to kick start some ideas this is really useful.

    Hip Hop One

    Rating: 8/10

    Finally a pack that screams NFM golden age beats. Im a huge hiphop head and this pack suited me perfectly vintage vibes. you have 3 folders of loops, music bass and drums plus bass hits, drum, fx midid some great multi bass and synth stabs. Simple and to the point

    I Love the Sitar, and used one previously on a tune on playas called Virmana, So this pack is perfect for me to readdress my love for the instrument. This is a simple pack 5 folders of tempos. flip it how you want and lets see if anything works in future releases. This is suitable in any genre.

    Hip Hop Ultra Pack

    Rating: 7/10

    Absolutely loving this pack.. Its big and weighty coming in at nearly 2gb. This pack is jammed with bottom grooves, drum fills, loops and some cool rap vocals. Interesting scratch loops, sfx and sampled loops. There is also some templates and video tutorials to wrap it all up. This is the chronic.

    Blinding pack from Lenzman, This guy has put a lot of effort into this pack it oozes soul. You have everything you need here sampler patches and rex files wav loops and separated folders of drum hits, bass hits atmospheres and stabs. This pack is worth it for the drum loops expect to here them used for the next 20 years or more. This pack is from somebody who really cares about dnb.

    Gully Grime

    Rating: 8/10

    Current UK Grime sounds, great vox and fx, plus bass multis, drum loops and musical loops. I found the drum hits and instrument multis really helpful. Essential if you're following the original UK sound.

    Laid back in every which way, I'm totally vibing off this pack at the moment. As they say in the promo "laid-back blend of soothing melodic elements, rustic beats and sun-soaked bass. Step into the crystal clear waters of Liquid Beat and Future Chill and watch the sun rise!" Im in agreement. This pack ticks all the boxes, has your standard rex files, sampler patches and bonus midi, + plus a great selection of drum & bass multis and fx and synth multis. Also there a extensive amount of loops to get stuck into and switch up. Check out the demo pack, really nice elements to add to deep dnb.

  • Atmospheric Chill

    Rating: 8/10

    When i read the description and it said "Trippy progressions" that was it, I'm sold. A excellent pack which can be manipulated and used for many different genres, i personally enjoyed the field ambiences and and synth loops. This pack is very personal and maybe not for everybody, but if your into the Need for mirrors sound this is for you.

    Cinematic Hip Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    So so dusty, proper tings from Rankin.Loving the tone and groove of this pack so much soul. The pack is broken into loops melodies, percussion and baselines, plus melodic and percussive one shots. very simple but effective pack. hunt this out if your into the raw cuts packs also.

    If you like your Detroit house then this is gonna wet your appetite. you have full tracks to flip and switch up and rex and files. I would have liked to have one shots for this pack also. Overall another great pack from Defected.

    Trap Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Im building a solid trap sample bank, and maybe swaying on my views of the genre. i really enjoy the trap elements it works perfectly with drum and bass. This pack has everything you need drum and bass loops, middi files one shots rex files, you name it, its here. + templates, vat synth paths. i could go on. Im a fan of the drum hits and bass stabs. check it

    Easily one of the strongest left field electronic packs I've used, synth hits, multis, fxs and lots of bass its all here and ready to roll. This pack has a nice balance of elements and sounds but i would get familiar with Brassicas work as this may not be for everybody but it is for me. ps check the bonus midi and rex files and sample patches, hours of fun.

    Another addition to the library, lockjaw who I'm familiar with from his dispatch release puts together this very current sounding pack. All the loops sit around 172 which is my only draw back but you can easily get around that. The production is top notch and his drums have plenty of dynamics and air which make them also very timeless. In this pack you have drum, bass perch and music loops all keyed and ready to go and plenty of hits bass multis, music and drum hits sfx and my favourite dark horns. Big up all the aussie crew.

    Hip Hop Lunar Cycles

    Rating: 7/10

    One more collection of left field electronica full of synth, beat and bass loops and drum hits and fx plus sample and rex files all easily manipulated for dnb. All you need is a couple of bars of one of the guitar loops and your off with the bones of a solid roller. Make sure you check the altered guitar loops folder.

    Future R&B

    Rating: 8/10

    Another stellar pack from Rankin, jam packed with everything, bassloops, shots, breaks, drum hits, drum loops and sounds layers,fx melodic loops and some great vocal loops.This is perfect for adding a some warm groove to your tunes. I feel this pack works really well on jungle dnb bpms of 170-174 bpm.

    Akinsa - DnB Restructure

    Rating: 10/10

    Easily a 10 for this one. The bass folders are broken up into Reece, 170bpm sub and various shots plus some serious drum breaks, totally schooled out and so good i couldn't fault them, drag and drop or flex them out. The pack is bare bones D&B just how I like it.

    I wasn't sure if this had anything to do with dread recordings or a new artist but regardless its a solid collection of rolling drums perfect for the beginner or expert junglist. You have drum loops effected and raw all running at 175 bpm which was my only gripe. it would have been good to have a selection of bpms. However this is a good pack and a recommend it for building ya resource of beats and breaks.

    Lynx Kinetic Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Another blinder of a pack from Lynx. bass loops drum loops fx, music perc, all rready to drag and drop into your daw. Great one shots and multis that are of the highest standard. This is a timeless pack and essential buy. I will smash this pack to bits.

    Im not a huge fan of trap but I enjoy elements of what makes it current and what connects it with hip hop and jungle. The strength of this pack is its well rounded hits and loops, bass sounds and fxs, perfect for what I'm into. I would also check out the vocal fx and vat synth patches which have come in handy for my tunes.

    I have followed defected for many years so this was a no brainer. A versatile pack with a great selection of chords, claps, bass loops, drum loops and everything else you need to bring some house flavour to your drum and bass.

    Mr Icicle is back with his 3rd pack for Loopmasters. Here you have everything you need to create a some punchy drum & bass. I personally love his bass lines, always full of funk. This pack is jammed with everything you're looking for synth, percussion, drum and bass loops all at 172. plus a huge collection drum,bass and synth hits and multis.

    Another versatile pack from Terry Grant. This is full of various tempos 80,100,120bpm plus bass guitars,synth bass, pads, piano loops and percussion and fx. I love the quality and depth of this pack. I am always looking for new and inspiring textures to get my brain working overtime.

    I was lost in time with this one, excellent for fx and synth hits and multis, i would also recommend the bass hits for drum and bass. There is a lot of great one shots and multis, with the right effects and tempo you can create some very interesting compositions regardless of the tempos equipped. I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys vintage atmospheric music.

    I have always loved Eveson's drum programming, he has a good knowledge of how to roll out classic breaks and supporting baselines. This pack encapsulates his sound and progression into his new endeavour "dead mans chest". This pack has all the loops you need mostly rolling around 172 and 170bpm. A real treasure trove of dnb gold.

    Ultimate Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    A giant pack with a huge variety of lyrical content. Some really emotive samples from some very talented singers. The scope of the pack covers everything from dub, funk, blues indian and robot vocals everything in between. The recordings are perfect for cutting up and adding fx. Everything here is in key and well laid out. top notch

    Deep Tech FX 2

    Rating: 7/10

    A nice and dirty pack, and a great sequel to part 1, which is a strong resource, This is a staple for anybody building up a solid studio sound bank and library. Everything here is in loop form which is the only disadvantage but Its thorough.

    Berlin Deep Tech

    Rating: 7/10

    Soundbox dig deep with this pack which reference the berlin underground scene, everything is set to 124bpm but can be re jigged for 170 dnb and the quality is top notch. Great drum loops clap, fx and synth music loops, not so many one shots across all the folders but still strong. A great pack for tech dnb.

  • Modern Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a immense pack for techno producers and music lovers, ideal for darker dnb. A solid collection of bass, drum loops, and interesting effects and sounds. I would focus on the drum loops in this pack, there great cut up and worked into dnb grooves.

    Boom Bap Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    I have been up all night working with this zip, various tempos perfect for dnb. Full of hits and loops. Tempos that can adjusted and reworked for jungle. The breaks have great crunch and human feel and a nice depth and texture. A must for break collectors or producers looking for something with a little warmth.

    Invading the dub world with this one. A duty pack of all the dub elements you can ask for. Check for the guitar and horn hits and the multis. There is also some great percussion lps and drum loops to cut up and rework. Dubmatix on the case.

    12000 One Shots

    Rating: 10/10

    What a way to kick start 2016 this pack is a goliath. There is to many folders to count packed with drums, glitch vocals and synth shots and everything else in between. This is really well rounded sample pack and another huge resource. Recommended.

    Future Soul & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    A robust pack full of big drum kits, loops & hits, bass sounds and vocal chops, essential for dnb. There are also synth, key & string loop folders and various other sounds and great ethereal loops to fit into your music. This is more suitable for deep atmospheric dnb.

    We House You

    Rating: 8/10

    Another excellent pack of House flavours crucial if your looking to add some of that vibe to your drum and bass productions. This pack has some heavy drum hits and bass hits plus fx and synth stabs. with some tweaking this works perfectly into my current productions. go get it.

    Dubwise Vol 2

    Rating: 9/10

    My vibes. A heavyweight pack of everything you need to roll out some rhythm's. brass, keys, guitars, fx, vox, drums & bass and everything else you need, all of the highest quality and ready for the dance floor. Check for the fender bass stabs, thats my money well spent. Check for more of the dub wise series.

    f9audio present this ridiculously huge pack of 80's samples. Essential for autonomic style dnb, you can easily use any of the drums and bass, hits atmospheres etc for any tempo. There are some great midi files and sequence loops and the snare drum designer is excellent. I look forward to more from F9 audio.

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a very large pack the drums are seriously hard, you have many folders of great bass loops, drum fills, fx and loops plus one shots and midi files. Also this pack has some good video tutorials and templates to work with great for all dnb heads.

    Deep Techno Collection

    Rating: 9/10

    Such a great collection of techno sounds. You have a huge pack full of drum hits and loops, bass hits synth, chord and various outer hits, a great selection of fx and everything else you can wish for. Its thorough. I will be writing a lot of deep techno influenced drum & bass and its because of this pack.

    Liquid Funk DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack has been a awesome supplement for me in the studio. I have already sampled some of the drum hits and break components Its refreshing to have access to such a solid sample pack. Watch out for some forthcoming Need for mirrors tunes c/o Liquid funk drum and bass.

    More dread beats and bass for the new head or professional drum and bass producer. This pack is full of bass sounds, music loops and drums hits and fx. This is a great update of new dnb samples to help build your library. I recommend it for the percussion loops.

    Live House Strings

    Rating: 10/10

    A solid pack filled with nothing more then fantastic strings. This pack is for house music but dnb is influenced by all styles of music and a lot of my recent drum and bass has had some house feel to it. I find these packs can work really well detuned and time stretched into place. If your into some atmospheric stings and deep liquid grab this pack.

    Heavy elements, this pack is spewing with dirty bass and some serious beats. Most of it is drag and drop. You have single hits of bass,drums and synths, plus folders of instruments and main loops. I need to check for part 1. This is to good.

    The Big Dreamer

    Rating: 8/10

    Rawcutz never disappoint, One of the top sample companies about. This pack has a great variety of drum elements, and a excellent selection of one shots. These packs are essential.

    Ultimate Hip Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    A bad boy pack absolutely rammed with a huge selection of bass and drum loops, some great melodies and sliced loops all at 90bpm. look for the vinyl fx and one shot hits. great for half time dnb.

    A great producer and this pack is a great statement of his talent. You have all the basic hits and loops and stabs but it's the quality of what's on offer and the clean production and standout grooves that set this apart from the other drum and bass packs. This pack is perfect for your drum library a real resource that is value for money. I hope to hear some new Octane music soon.

    This is a seriously good pack, Mark fletcher drums are some of the best. try and catch him live if you can. In this pack you have some excellent tools, hits and ave loops broken down into various bpms. I just love this vibe. get it.

    6pod9 Deeper House

    Rating: 8/10

    Another very strong pack, crammed with rex, synth loops, fx, drum loops and drum hits and a nice selection bass loops. A great pack for deeper, techno infused dnb. Everything here is original and of the highest quality. Im on this vibe totally.

    Hip Hop Progressions

    Rating: 8/10

    I recommend this pack a it is very progressive and a solid resource and perfect for adding some groove to your tunes. A great selection of bass loops at 90>110bpm , beats, drum kits, fx, gats and turntable effects. This is excellent for drum & bass.

  • Abstract

    Rating: 10/10

    outstanding pack and series, buy everything rawcutz releases. These packs have great drums and drum hits everything is gritty and warm. perfect for that soul flavour.

    Techno Invasion

    Rating: 10/10

    A adaptable pack full of various vox, synth and drum & bass loops, something you can never be short of. Im addicted to these kind of sounds. I am always hunting for inspiring textures to layer into my tracks and this is luminous.

    Fragments 02

    Rating: 8/10

    More interferences coils and atmospheres plus bass hits and atmospheres that work great with dnb. There are also some great drum hits. I'm looking forward too more from this series.

    I strongly recommend this pack on the merit of Submotion orchestras catalogue this is a solid resource and great for giving your music a human feel. The packs have great bass and drum folders, moog hits and some solid rhodes and trumpet hits and multis, that work great at 170+. There are also folders of great vocals and synth lines. Everything here has a real live feel and i look forward to part2.

    Deep Tech FX

    Rating: 7/10

    Another great resource heaps of abstract impact sounds and transitional samples. This is a staple for anybody building up a solid studio sound bank and library.

    Ultimate Garage Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    More amazing vocal packs to sink you teeth into. This pack is a useful addition to your sample library, and has a great selection of female and male vocals, all keyed and in tempo. Listen out for these vocals in forthcoming releases.

    Hollywood Soundtrack

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow this pack is serious. drum loops, hits and fx plus 10x folders of pre made themes to get you started. Everything here is well recorded and ideal for a epic dnb intro. You won't get tired of this sublime pack.

    Basement Ensemble

    Rating: 10/10

    Such a innovative pack full of various acoustic atmospheric instruments something you can never be short of. I love call and response drum sounds and percussion i.e. bow bells, gongs, octave tubes and golden plates and this pack fits perfectly with my sound. I am always looking for new and inspiring drums to layer into my tracks and this is brilliant.

    The Legendary Carl Cox presents this stellar sample pack. Coming in heavy weight at nearly 2gb of royalty free music, this pack is more of a bible of sound. This pack is jam packed with hits and loops, a great selection of bass sounds and groove loops and everything in between. I have spent all night cutting up little stabs , and its been totally worth it. Buy this on sight.

    Cinematic Indie Rock

    Rating: 7/10

    Such a solid pack Cinematic sounds all day. The drum fills, hits and loops folders are jammed with quality. But its the song kits that are the real backbone to this pack. 10 or so folders all with bpm and key and broken down accordingly into bass, guitar lead and drum parts. This pack is something a little different for the normal dnb head but I fully recommend it.

    RnB & Soulful Keys

    Rating: 8/10

    Another Great Resource melodies samples in wav and midi. 90 or so samples to choose from a small but very pure and well played pack. This is a staple for anybody building up a solid studio sound bank and library.

    Fragments 01

    Rating: 8/10

    A solid collection of interferences coils and atmospheres, essential for dark dnb. There are also some great drum hits and loops. I'm looking forward too part 2.

    Reel people do it again with this heavy pack full of soul and perfect for making my music more earthy and organic. The pack is full of great sounding drums , sounds fx, electric & synth bass, guitar loops and some great horn and flutes. Reel people packs are always essential.

    A great sample pack full of patches, rex files and wavs. The bass hits, drones and fx, textures are excellent for drum and bass. There are also folders of inspiring loops that sound rich and warm. You won't get tired of this pack.

    lab samples killing the game, arguably the best you can get with sample pack's. A solid selection of drum breaks eqed to perfection, plus bass and music loops, drum hits, bass hits fx atoms and pads and strings, all keyed up and ready to go. Total science its in the name.

    This pack has a great selection of drum hits and bass stabs swell as fx guitar and orchestral & vocal stabs. Also there are multi loops of guitar and music loops that can be screwed up and time stretched for 170bpm. This is a house pack but with some imagination and creativity you can use pretty much any musical influence for dnb.

    Deep Vocal House 2

    Rating: 8/10

    A well balanced pack full of funk and suitable for drum and bass. The bpm of this pack is 122 but it can work at 170. This pack has great music samples, and synth and top line packs plus some vocal stabs. Very inspiring.

    Its always good to stock up on breaks and bass sounds to layer into your arrangements and this pack is perfect for that. Sappo knows his breaks and everything hear is nice and dirty and sounds full and well programmed. I would recommend this pack for the bass sounds alone.

    A Strong pack of keys & chords, excellent for deeper soulful dnb, the bpms are suited for house 118>125 but for cutting up and replaying the quality of the source material is awesome. Look out for soul rush packs very good quality.

    lab samples is the best you can get with sample packs, and when Dlr drops a pack you know that its gonna be rinsed by the man dem. These are some of the beast royalty free drum breaks you can get your hands on plus a cross section of amazing drum fx , perc and bass loops. Also there are folders of drum hits and fx and atmos. Everything here is eqed to perfection. Dlr does not mess about you can pretty much use all of these samples dry ,as they are that good. Keep them coming, I'm looking out for part 3.

  • Classic 90s House

    Rating: 8/10

    Classic can be easily over used, but this pack warrants the name . Here you have original house beats and drum programming perfect for cutting up for dnb, also there are piano, string and bass stabs that scream nostalgia. These are great for your blue note inspired drum and bass.

    Dream Vocals Vol2

    Rating: 8/10

    An very interesting vocal pack full of various vocals of assorted styles and tempos. This pack is not for everybody but its worthy of checking out if your interested in adding a human feel to you tracks. This is great for dnb if you know how to chop it.

    UK House Essentials

    Rating: 10/10

    Like the saying goes "Does exactly what is says on the tin" Another solid selection of samples that give you a taste of the current UK house sound. Everything is here from bass hits, chopped vox, drum hits and loops, pads, strings piano riffs and stabs. This is great for drum and bass. highly recommended

    This is a great resource for the newbie or professional drum and bass producer. In this pack you have a nice cross section of bass sounds and drums hits and fx, plus a folder or reece stabs and synth hits. You also get full drum ops and bass ops and a solid folder of shuffles. Its always good to update your sample selection or add to you library this is that kind of pack.

    A Superb set of sequences, I have had this pack for only a couple of hours and have already laid down some great ideas based around some of these atmospheres. This pack is broken into 3 tempos but with some effects and resampling it works great at higher tempos. Great work.

    A well rounded selection of vocals that sit perfectly on drum and bass tracks. If your track needs a little hook or human touch then you need these vocals. Everything here is keyed and comes with the bpm. This pack by Kate wild is very current and perfect for a little liquid roller.

    This is as solid as Vol 2, containing loads of inspiring samples bass, drum, fx and music hits. All instrumentals are split into component parts from 77-131 bpm. If you like this check out the rest of the series. I recommend this for the drum hits nice and organic perfect for drum and bass.

    A Really helpful selection of atmospheric pads & drones and massive presets exactly what it says in the title. Perfect for dub transitions or setting the mood. Layered and drenched in effects these sounds are essential.

    A Great pack of Afro tech vocals and vocal loops that can your tracks depth and a hypnotic groove. Adding one of these vocals will give your tracks a entire different feel and futuristic edge. I recommend this for drum and bass as these kinds of vocals are lacking in this genre.

    This pack is thorough from drum hits, kits & fills, loops & construction kits, percussive loops, groove fillers and everything else to set down the bones of a your tune. You have bass hits and loops, music hits, vocal stabs and atoms and fx. This is a one stop shop for everything you need to step out a little deep drum and bass tune. Think outside the box.

    Famous audio come with a serious pack of one shots and loops, A very simple pack essential for deep house driven drum and bass. If thats your vibe this will be very useful.

    Deep Analogue House

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack set me in the mood for a week of writing. A huge stack of everything you need to create deep atmospheres and textures, you have a cross selection of midi clips, music loops, pads, stabs & chords plus vocals, drums & bass in loop form and hits. If your want to dive into the deep analogue sound, then this is the place.

    Dark Dub House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a amazing sample pack from freaky loops, some cool, vox loops, fx loops & hits, textures & pads fx plus well rounded bass and drums. Even though this is for the 4/4 this pack works perfectly with dnd & dub, recommended.

    If you're into the garage, 2step influenced dnb then this could work for you. You get a great pack of samples patches & rex files sounds fx and wav loops. Also there is a great selection of bass stabs, chord one shots drum hits & loops, perch loops and synth one shots. This has been perfect for my deeper dnb.

    A Dutty pack of everyting you need for a dub infused drum and bass / Jungle tune. A heavy selection of bass guitars, dub fx, drum fills and hits and instruments dry & wet, plus a nice folder of construction kits to flip and re work. You also get rex and sampler patches. This has huge milage buy on site.

    Wideboys on point as usual with a this stellar pack. Essential for deep drum and bass, you can easily use the drum hits and bass stabs for any tempo not just house and garage. There are some great construction kits to switch up and a collection of bass and drum multis and synth stabs & effects. I look forward to more from Wideboys and loop masters.

    Chillstep Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    This collection of vocals is a great resource for drum and bass tracks. Even though the tempo is from 126 to 140bpm you can easily cut up and loop phrases and hooks to any tempo you desire. Everything sounds very current and relevant. Well recorded and excellent to work with.

    Straight from the laboratory, Break brings the funk with this seminal pack of drum & bass science. Break has pretty much owned the dance floor for a few years now and this pack gives you access to drum breaks and bass sounds. The drums come effected and clean, plus folders of extra drum hits. There is a great selection of pads, and keyboard, string and synth hits. These come in wav, rex and sampler patches. Im pretty sure your going to hear every one of these breaks surface on various tracks from now on. essential.

    A very inspiring back, not something i would normally go for, but its perfect for what i needed to get me in the zone for some of my deeper drum & bass. Great drum hits and bass tones, and a little stash of vocals for good measure. perfect

    Bladerunner is always rolling out the nostalgic beats and this pack is no different. I excellent collection of rolling drums and bass that is perfect for the beginner or expert junglist. you have rex files sampler patches and a strong selection of drum hits, bass hits and fx and music hits. I was really drawn to his drum breaks, its always refreshing to have some new well processed drums with groove at your disposal to recut or edit to your tracks. Dont sleep on this, i did but now im converted its a timeless pack.

  • Kasra Presents that Critical sound like no other. The quality of this pack is top notch and is a real pleasure to use. The highlight of the pack is the drum breaks, A great selection of Lps that sound like there straight off the record. This series is a a must. Im looking forward to more from the critical camp.

    Seriously on point with this pack. A fine collection of vocals, musical loops and sounds & fx which really suit the style of drum & bass i am working on at the minute. Im also really into the synth hits and bass one shots. I look forward to more from Audio jack.

    Ultimate House

    Rating: 10/10

    Love this pack, such a great introduction into the house packs available from loopmasters. You have a huge pack full of drum kits, hits and fills, bass hits music hits, a great selection of fx, construction kits and everything else you can wish for. Its thorough. I will be writing a lot of deeper house influenced drum & bass and its because of this pack.

    A Brilliant Pack from one of drum & bass's rising talents, I love this guys music i just hope he release's more. This pack defines why i appreciate his approach to drum & bass, Solid drums and great bass tones. Its great to have access to some of his drum banks and bass multis. His drum work is signature and has a fantastic natural groove, with the right amount of air and punch. This pack is a real staple for any true d&b head.

    Future House Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    A upfront and current sounding vocal pack with strong lyrical content. Some fantastic singers and unique tones. This is a great pack, awesome recordings and perfect for cutting up and adding effects. Everything here is in key and well laid out. Buy on site.

    I have ever Reel people pack and this keeps the legacy going. The quality is outstanding and quantity of great samples is great. You have electric & synth bass selections, guitars in acoustic and electric plus a selection of all the keys your need and drums and sound effects. I have always recommended The reel people volumes as its essential for adding a human touch for your hiphop & dnb.

    Deep House Grooves

    Rating: 9/10

    I enjoyed this pack for its vocal stabs and fx. Also parts of the drum loops are great for cutting and resampling for liquid dnb. The pack is perfect if your looking for a pack to suit your house influenced, minimal drum and bass.

    Delectable House

    Rating: 7/10

    Great to hear some new grooves and a palate of new sounds. This pack has a strong selection of drum elements perfect for drum & bass. plus rising and falling effects to help turn over the tracks. You also have folders of basses, leads & pads and some really interesting vocal loops. This is perfect for liquid dnb.

    Atmospheric Vinyl Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    A Ridiculously great break pack. Full of hits and loops. A variety of tempos that can adjusted and recut for dnb. The breaks have great groove and feel and a nice depth and texture. A must for break collectors or producers looking for something with a little warmth.

    Loads of great samples patches & rex files sounds fx and wav loops to get you juiced up. Also there is a great selection of synth stabs, drum hits, and bass lps, tempos range from 118 to 130 but use your imagination and this is a great palette for the deeper d&b.

    Killer Acapellas 3

    Rating: 10/10

    The killer for killer Acapellas. Great quality lyrical recordings, well organized in key & tempo and then fully broken down into full and layered stems. Im looking forward to the rest of the series. Great for retuning and looping and perfect for d&b.

    Atalanta Chill Vol2

    Rating: 7/10

    I totally recommend this pack a wicked resource and perfect for adding a atmospheric edge to your compositions. There is a great depth to the pack and its very thorough. A great selection of guitars strings and synth loops. This is perfect for deep drum & bass.

    Dub & Reggae XL Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubmatix does it again, another solid pack and perfect follow up to the previous volume. These packs are perfect for jungle & drum & bass. Great drums and bass stabs, multis on everything. A huge collection of instruments all keyed and ready. I personally love all the fender samples and percussive elements. This is a serious pack with massive milage.

    Chilling House

    Rating: 7/10

    Cafe Del Mar all day, this pack is perfect for incorporating into deeper drum & bass. A strong selection of pads, keys and rhodes and some nice drum loops that work well at 170bpm. If your using this pack for drum & bass, jungle you need to be open to experimenting.

    Cinematic Tools Vol.1

    Rating: 7/10

    A Bad little pack, a variety of sound effects and textures, lots of impact hits and sounds, pulses and tripped out drum loops. This pack is perfect for intros, break downs and transitions. Reminded me of some of the earlier jungle packs. Rewind selecta.

    Classic Synthology

    Rating: 9/10

    A very unique pack of nostalgic sounds perfect for all styles of electronic music as well as dnb. Even though the tempos range 90>150 bpm, parts can be re worked into 170. Also check for the drums section of the pack which has a great selection of arps, blips hits and stabs from modular, moog & wave station and many more synths. This pack is a good introduction into vintage sounds.

    House Acapellas Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Vocals in Dnb will always be needed, this pack is a great resource just for the pharses or adding some abstract human voices to your soundccape. Well recorded but you need to add some science to this pack and drench out the vocals in effects to get that dirt.

    5pin Media do it again with a very strong pack, stacked with rex, midi apple loops and live 8 formats. Great bass loops, drum loops grooves, vox and music loops, one shots and awesome drums and perc fx. A great pack for deeper dnb. Everything here is very rich and of the highest quality. I totally recommend this.

    A chunk of drones, sweeps and other random analog textures to build up some atmosphere to your sci-fi productions. Very much in the vein of the BBC Radiophonic workshop sounds that populated Doctor Who, Blake 7 & The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and many other BBC sci-fi programmes between 1958 & 1994. This pack is great for if you use kontakt,nnxt,sfz,halion or exs24 you can get inside the patches and really start to create some different modulations and add you own effects to get it more dirty and low fi.

    Cinematic Fx Vol. 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Vol 1 is a must and this follows on nicely, filter detune and drench these with effects and you have that depth to create some fantastic futuristic cinematic music. Perfect for drum & bass, reminds me of the radiophonic pacs that are also worth checking. class

  • These Brothers always come with goods, super talented blood lines, and this pack sums up what's good about drum & bass. And for me is all about the drum loops. These guys have a great knowledge of breakbeats and chop drums really well. You have a nice selection of drums ready to just drop into productions my only criticism is that i want more drums and refills and at various dnb tempos not all at 174. The pack also has some construction kits, basses and top lines etc that are all top class. I think i may roll something out shortly with this pack. Salute

    Cinematic FX

    Rating: 9/10

    This Superb pack has NFM all over it, reverse flip and drench these with effects and you have that depth to create some fantastic futuristic cinematic music. Perfect for drum & bass, I need to check vol2 asap. Sci-fi heaven...

    Strictly Melodic FX

    Rating: 7/10

    All sorts of melodic rises and falls perfect for transitions in drum and bass. Everything here is well laid out and perfect for adding atmosphere to your productions. Everything in this pack is rich and well recorded with great depth and tone.

    Bad man producer DLR come correct with another strong pack of everything you need to create a solid drum & bass tune. I personally love his drum work its a step above the rest and this pack has a good collection of clean and distorted drums and percussion. A must for anybody who loves well engineered music.

    Uk Garage Vocals Vol1

    Rating: 7/10

    A solid pack filled with garage bars and full songs. Its always difficult to work with verses that mention the mcs name but there some parts that could be used in other genres. Well recorded and of the high standard that Bass Boutique continue to roll out.

    Live Deep Jazz House

    Rating: 10/10

    A versatile pack with a great selection of acoustic and electric bass loops, horns, piano, rhodes drum loops and everything else you need to get you hitting the blue notes. Great for dnb, use your imagination and this pack can take you places.

    Broken Breaks

    Rating: 8/10

    A great collection of new breakbeats all really well recorded and processed which can be used with and without effects. Try some clever editing and these breaks are a fantastic resource for all genres. A Solid pack of Breaks that you will continue to come back too.

    Rasta MC Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Killah pack absolutely rammed with a huge stash of vocals, With some effects delay reverb your on your way to destroy any sound system. Everything you need is here chants, one shots, phases and processed vocals. Everything Nice.

    Voodoo ray voodoo ray voodoo ray... Gerald is a legend and pioneer in electronic music and this pack is a testament to his production. Evyerthing from ambient loops fx and atmospheres to transitional fxs, bass loops, chord progressions, drums and musical loops. I look forward to pt2.

    More Dubmatix what can i say that i have not already said about these packs. They are quality and essential if you want to add some roots to your music. everything you need is here, to cut up and flip how you feel fit. drums & bass and synths, guitars, horns the lot. Get this and go and get everything else dubmatix has released with loopmasters. I have used this quote before but i will use it again "Dubmatix has developed a unique signature sound and style that is immediately recognizable – a Phil Spector-esque full sound utilizing heavy bass, majestic horn lines, thick-set percussive grooves, and strong production values." rockers

    Love these kinds of packs takes me back to the years of jungle. A real strong pack full of drums and bass , guitars, horns, keys, organs, percussion and everything else you need to complete a solid reggae infused piece of rooted electronica. this quote is awesome "Dubmatix has developed a unique signature sound and style that is immediately recognizable – a Phil Spector-esque full sound utilizing heavy bass, majestic horn lines, thick-set percussive grooves, and strong production values." I co sign this.

    If your looking for sound system vocals this series is the 1, so much gold here it will get used reused and used all over again for generations. These vocals just switch your tune up in seconds and give it the depth you need from everything from hiphop, dub, drum and bass and electronica. Pitch it, distort it and dub it off. killah

    Dub & Reggae XL

    Rating: 10/10

    This is my vibe right now. A dutty pack of everything you need to roll out some rhythm's. Rhodes, organs, keys horns, guitars, fx, vox, drums & bass and everything else you need, all of the highest quality and ready for the dance floor. Check for the bass multis for a great selection of low bass notes. This is what you need for some proper jungle. Check for more of the dubmatix series.

    Loads of samples by 5 different rappers broken into one shots and full loops, tempos range from 60 to 128. perfect for cutting up and re sequencing into your tracks. perfect for setting the tone for your tracks if you need that southern hospitality.

    A versatile pack full of various atmospherics, pads and fx, something you can never be short of. Im a sucker for these kind of sound. I am always looking for new and inspiring textures to layer into my tracks and this is brilliant.

    Psychedelic Dub Chamber

    Rating: 10/10

    Here is a Amazing collection of sound fx that can work with most styles of music as long as its depth you want. Ambience, textures, sweeps and stabs plus many other glitchy / quorky sounds to get lost in. A User friendly pack.

    Deep Elements

    Rating: 7/10

    Some interesting variations of sounds and samples in this pack. Sub, synth vocal cuts and some great melodies to create tension. some excellent percussion glitchs' to chop into your breaks and create very hypnotics grooves. A good all round pack not ideal for dnb but if you know how to work it its a lot of fun.

    This is the real goodness in vocal sample packs if your into ya jungle this is gonna be perfect. u roy, dillinger, camo, jnr cat and jnr tiger on the pack. heaps to get ya head into and pitch and cut. I need to go back and check 1>3 of the series.

    Ultimate Studio Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    Frontline kick back with a massive kit of killer drums. from 75bpm to 180. This is a excellent edition of high quality studio drums. This is value for money and if live drums are to your liking then this is perfect. Its worth getting this purely for the hits let alone the full breakbeats. class

    Dream Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Various vocals of assorted styles and tempos there is some interesting phrases that can be taken out of context, and some vox are accompanied with pads and leads. This pack is not for everybody but its worthy of checking out if your interested in adding a human feel to you tracks. This is great for dnb if you know how to chop it.

  • Another stella pack from Lynx, a true maverick of drum and bass production and electronica. A great follow up from vol 1, this pack has some awesome drum loops and bas loops, and lots of rex2 files and soft sampler patches for you to get immersed in. The pack is perfect for those who are new to drum and bass or a veteran as there is so much here to work with.

    Awesome textures and cinematic atmospherics perfect for drum and bass. some of it is a little filthy and more suitable for idm. various tempos all of a high quality. Check our the other Particular packs for more of the same.

    It started with this pack and now i have them all. vol 1>4 are a awesome series full of great drums and instruments to integrate into your deeper compositions. I love the broken beats and bass stabs great for drum and bass. There is little crossover between the series and each one builds on the previous. The definitive Broken Beat, Nu Jazz and Soul Sample collection, i think so...

    A great pack if you dot have your virus handy and are on the road. The quality is great and its all there for you to twist up and work into your productions. There is a lot to chew through but if you know what your after its Perfect for the tech rollers.

    Another great pack if you dont have your virus close by. The quality is great and its all there for you to twist up and work into your productions. There is a lot to chew through but if you know what your after its Perfect for drum and bas & dubstep. This is a real staple for dnb.

    Downbeat & Leftfield

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a strong pack full of great drum kits, hits and loops, bass sounds and fxs, perfect for dnb. There are also guitar, keyboard and pads strings and various other sounds ad great atmospherics to work into your compositions. One of the older packs from loop masters but still very current.

    Baker brothers are buy on sight material. Every pack is another layer of quality analog funk. The drums are crisp and tight and if you think outside the box perfect for creating interesting human feel to your tracks. The horns are awesome and check out guitars and bass folders loading into 4 tempos and perfect for drum and bass.

    I love my nu jazz and its often a Reccuring theme in our music, so this pack is perfect for inspiring some blue notes into our compositions. the recording quality is great and there is so much to dig through, there is a great selection of brass, flute, sax, trumpet, double bass and everything else imaginable. The drums have great groove and there are also some construction kits that work really well at 170bpm. This is a must for anybody thats building up there jazz and soul sample banks.

    The legends that are the baker brothers are back and i must get every pack they release. The quality and variety of amazing drum fills hits and breaks are refreshing ad rich. There is also a heavy amount of guitar horns and key lps and 4 tempos of bass folders all of which can be twisted up. I would also recommend the baker brothers funk session series.

    I have been on this all week entirely for the great energetic drums and drum construction kits and hits to deconstruct and make your own. Total science are masters of effortless drum programming keeping there sound progressive and yet retaining everything that is good about the previous two decades of jungle. Also hunt out some ice bass stabs and atmospherics and musical rhythms. Its also worth noting that the first pack the released with loopmasters is worth checking.

    Im heavily addicted to these packs and even though it feels like your getting the same product re interpreted there is so much more hidden away. I personally like this pack for its percussion and drum loops it also has a great selection of guitars and keys and strings and synths. Everything is of top quality recording and a pleasure to work with.

    Live Lounge

    Rating: 9/10

    Wow so much goodness in this pack. I really enjoyed the drum loops and hits some great breaks in there. some great rhodes chords and stabs and fx pads and multis. drum hits and loops are a great resource. There is a lot of great music loops to get you inspired and motivated and everything in the pack is faultless.

    Lounge and Chillout

    Rating: 7/10

    This has to be one of best chill out packs i have come across, its full of a great cross section of bpms and sounds. You have bass loops, chords. double bass multis, fx ad atmospherics ad some good drum kits and percussion hits, also rex and sampler patches which with some work can be twisted up into some awesome.

    Loved volume 4 so now im on 3 and working backwards. So much quality and variety in one pack its a real testament to the series. A great selection of keys and strings plus some horns and guitars samples all natural sounding and original.

    I have been a fan since i first herd "connected" back in 1992 and this pack reinforces everything i enjoy about there music. There is some great brass, guitar and key hits plus some awesome fx and vocoder stabs. enough to get you funked up. I need to check for vol 1.

    Vintage Keys

    Rating: 8/10

    A pack with real depth rex files and wav loops. Rhodes, clav, piano organ, hammond its all here. And in great abundence. 7 different tempos and i the highest qualty. perfect for dnb and other tempos. very easy to work with and makes producing bloody simple when your not having to record these in your self. Another classic pack from frontline.

    Analogue is all i need to see and im in. A solid selection of bass hits, sfx, synth hits and some extra vocals for good measure. Amazing sound qualty and a great selectio of sampler patches so you can get inside of the sound and own it. Very inspiring and solid work.

    Super cool pack funky and full of everything you need to get ya in the groove. you have bass and drum parts but the real juice is the fender, rhodes, guitar and horn and flute parts which have some great variety and are un like anything i have come across before. I am going to enjoy this volume fully.

    Atjazz Deep & Analogue

    Rating: 7/10

    A excellent pack full of inspiring loops and sounds. great leads, pads rhodes chords and sfx, plus bass and drums in hits and breaks. Everything here is warm and soulful and with a little treatment can really get your creative juice flowing. check the sampler patches to really get inside the analogue sound the best you can with in the box. real analogue soul.

    The Blues Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Wow this was unexpected, a real depth of atmosphere with these dusty samples. I found them very useful and so much to choose from, you have the various packs broken dow into drums, guitars and bass, harp and keys and vocals. All are packs i there own right and very thorough with each pack broken down into bpms from 60 to 160 you just need to know what your looking for or enjoy getting lost in the haze. This pack has top production values and is perfect for giving your track character and depth.

  • Movie Dialogue Vol. 5

    Rating: 7/10

    Recommended for that cheeky track that you need a lil vocal for but nothing to extreme. there is so much to resource here its great for adding that human element to your tracks. with some delays and reverb and the right line and your set. this is the kind of pack you can keep as back up for decades and will always be helpful.

    Deep Dub Tek

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a really juicy pack from Loopmasters. There are alot of great elements in this pack various kits from 136bpm to 160bpm, some great sampler patches and fx and synth multis. And more great drum hits and bass notes, its worth hunting through the kits to find some really interesting ideas to incorporate into your songs.

    This is a lot of fun and perfect for novice or professional producer who wants that analog edge but cant fit all the synths in his room, its a multi genre pack and very clean and full and great to work with. Great if your using reason or kontakt, halion etc and as audio. I found the modular rhythms and fx, chord and pads to work perfect with our compositions.

    Another High quality pack perfect for reworking into your arrangements saving you a lot of time and effort. wither its soundtracks or songs the depth of the samples is perfect to set the mood on your productions. some of the pack is very organic and fits perfectly into our arrangements. it would have been great to get the sampler patches for some of these samples there that good. Another solid pack from particular, hunt out the rest of the set.

    Atalanta Chill

    Rating: 7/10

    I strongly recommend this pack a solid resource and perfect for adding a atmospheric edge to your compositions. There is a great depth to the pack and its very thorough. its worth checking out the drums in this pack which was not a reason for me getting it but a pleasant surprise.

    A great pack, low sub bass and ambient textures are a delight to work with. Everything is arranged perfectly, you have all the drum and bass hits and loop multis, plus fx, music loops pads, percussion and synth stabs and multis which fill it out and make what is a very solid and detailed pack. One of the best packs yet.


    Rating: 7/10

    All the basics are here rex, sampler patches, sound effects and wavs, You have a great selection of drums and bass, atmospherics , cuts, gats, sirens, feedback, key chords, reverb tails, vox shots and melodies. All in great quality and perfect for drum and bass jungle. Used correctly some this pack is lethal.

    I have been a Fan of the Mad professors sound for decades and its great to get a taste of it via this sample pack. In this pack you have the rex and sampler patches and a great selection of sounds and fxs, a awesome selection of musical hits, dub horns, flutes, gats and sirens, fills and loops at various tempos its all here. Also all the bass and drums you need i was drawn to all the one shots and hits which have helped out our sound a lot. This is a must for those who want something a little dusty for there tunes.

    A very talented producer and a great pack which shows off everything good about Enei's productions. You have all the basic hits and loops and stabs but its the quality of what's on offer and the clean production and standout grooves that set this apart from the other drum and bass packs. This pack is perfect for your drum library a real resource that is value for money. Im hooked on Volume 1 and cant wait till volume 2 drops.

    Some great resource here, All the basics are here rex and sampler patches and folders of great sounds to add depth to our more musical productions. You have some great textures pads and fxs and a solid selection of bass notes that will come in handy for some dnb inclined producers. I would also recommend checking the drum section of hits as they are all clean and well mixed and great to use on dnb. A solid pack for those with soul.

    this is one of the best packs to date so much depth and quality, all the sounds are so polished it makes for effortless production. There is a fantastic selection of well processed Korg Polysix, Sequential Circuits Pro One bass sounds and samples plus Roland SH-101 stabs and loops plus heaps more. This is a inspiring pack and a bench mark for other packs to follow.

    Analogue fun again a awesome resource for soundscapes and atmospherics. I found the video very helpful and the impulses work great in cubase with Reverence. Everything is broken down into tempos with a huge volume of resource for each. There is a lot of great cinematic samples and with the right effects and tempo you can create some amazing compositions regardless of the tempos supplied. It would be great to have some more packs in this series.

    The Sound of Trap 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Wavs wavs wavs and a lot more, a huge selection to choose from, sirens, risers, synth bleeps and trap horns its all here and ready made. The drum section is ok some elements to get you started. But it was the horn riffs and bleeps i was after with some good effects these sounds can be used in dnb and dubstep and twisted up to give your music some different dynamics. Lets see if we get any trap step rolling.

    Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a must have for those who like there dub dnb and deeper grooves, you get it all bass hits and loops drum loops and hits, fxs, tonal sounds and vocal chops. Everything is well laid out and easy to find. also check the bonus combination stems and the rex loops. I love this series so much for so little, i just keep digging up little sounds and atmospherics in here and drenching them in more effects. You cant go wrong with this as your number 1 dub resource.

    This is juicy so much vibes to pick from i really enjoyed all the hammond organ multis and dub effects. there are a loud of vocal takes to cut up and re phrase. The musical section of guitar, bubble, horn & piano stabs are excellent and the main reason i went for this pack. The drum kit hits are good but do not have the tempo or a full track fill attached to the folder which made it a little slow to chew through when your looking for a certain vibe. I feel that this needs to be essential in all packs. Again sampler patches and rex loops are great to use.

    Dark Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Great Resource heaps of bass samples even though they are at 140 its the one shot hits your after. There is also a great selection of percussive and rhythmic loops and sounds to chew through. The drum components and hits and fx are the highlight for this pack. everything is well laid out and of the highest quality recording. This is a staple for anybody building up a solid studio sound bank and library.

    I was not sure what i was getting into here, I like to write downtempo tracks and enjoyed the demos that where available to check before purchasing this product, but expected to get the parts clean and not so dirty. But overall some real nice grooves and hits i am sure i will find some time to utilise this pack. I have only gone through all the wav packs and not the sampler patch's. recommended for headz that enjoy well produced dirty grooves. Real hip hop.

    K-tee is a very solid producer and this pack is essential library material. and after the friction and Icicle pack a follow up shogun pack cant go wrong. You have all the basic rex sampler patches and a huge volume of sounds fxs and wavs. Everything is broken down into hits and multis and for me i was more interested in his bass parts and synth hits. But the drums are very good and all round i just cant fault this pack i keep going back to it and catching vibes. serious resource.

    Future Dub 2

    Rating: 7/10

    There is alot to get through on the construction kits, I focused more on creating ambient soundscapes and implementing this to my drum and bass using the rex kits via reason into cubase. the kits range in bpm and have basics to get you started and help you create your own sound. There are also some classic vocal cuts to look for. I wouldnt recommend this for somebody starting out unless you know where your at. This is a good framework for a seasoned producer to own.

    data's "sentinel" was one of my favorite tunes in previous years, so i was eager to get deep into this pack and see whats what. its drum parts are broken down into basic hits plus there are multis and the same for the bass section he has a few folders of synth and fx hits/multis but really your after his drum grooves and percussion. his clinical production shines through and there is a depth of parts to start and finish full tracks. I recommend this for new and old producers to build there own kits or reinforce there drums.

  • I was really impressed with how much there own signature sound they put into this pack. as opposed to some other packs this goes very deep into sound design and very well engineered elements of drum and bass. The sounds and fx section is a thorough pack with everything you need to start and finish a very cutting edge dnb track. This gave a me a greater appreciation of there music and how talented they are is a electronic act.

    Nu tone is Such a talented producer and with this pack he is giving you a full palette to work with. For me its his piano, rhodes, strings and synths which have always caught my attention. This pack gives you a taste of that plus his uplifting bass loops, stabs and drum hits and loops. I would recommend this for anybody that wants to add a little soul and funk to there tracks.

    So much to play with in this pack, the drums are seriously hard, you have a folder of amen edits and cymbal loops which are worth every penny, the hat hits and rides will give your tracks added energy. The bass stabs and riffs are of the highest quality and have a great selection to pick through. Also check for the percussion folder for some cheeky edits.

    These guys are one of the most prolific acts in drum and bass and this pack the volume of tracks they roll out is ridiculous. And its this pack which gives you a perspective on what makes there tunes so good - Energy. You have all the basics that most packs have but its the Drum construction kits that are the key to there tracks. You can just drop these kits into your arrangement and you have a instant groove playing out which well eqed and ready for club action. Try mixing and matching the drum packs to create your own grooves and check the bass pack for some classic bass stabs. This is a must have for any dnb producer new or old. I didnt know what i was missing until i downloaded this.

    More from Pete Whitfelds industry standard series of strings. This one has added a chamber to our library, giving us a timberland dynamic to our dnb productions. check for our track d.f.t.f for a interesting approach to using this style of string. Even at a low tempo this pack creates some interesting ideas that can be worked around 170bpm. Again this is serious quality and i need the rest of the series.

    I have always enjoyed Loxys drum programing and this pack alongside Resound has given me a great insight into the technical side of there production. The construction kits and drum lps are the highlight of the kit. The guys have a great knowledge of classic breaks and there own unique take on programing drums. check there album on exit for a taste of there diversity in this field. The only negative of the pack was there wasnt enough bass parts and atmospherics which is two of the key elements i like about their tracks. But overall its the drums your getting with this and if your starting out this is a great entry level pack.

    Real Strings

    Rating: 7/10

    Pete Whitfield a legend in his own right, his real strings packs are highly sought after and its worth checking out his blog to see how many artists are credited for using his work. The main focus for us is the full string loops section of wavs which has a large selection of progressions, and the strip downs are also worth checking. what i enjoy about this and other packs by real strings is the ability to mix up the strings and build seamless arrangements of your own. What your buying here is a pack which cant be replaced or matched by other string packs, its the real deal.

    Twisted Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    This a staple in the studio right now, the drum hits are refreshing and for drum and bass or dubstep this is essential. there is also a good selection of clav, key , organ and piano stabs, atmospheres, textures and fx. i didnt find the bass loops suited what i was looking for but the deep roots flava, key loops drums etc this is the one. i would also recommend the future clash pack.

    Future Clash

    Rating: 9/10

    Im on a dub flex at the moment so this was the 2nd pack I have tested the other is twisted dub which I recommend. This pack has 6 different tempo sections, I choose to go with the lower tempos around 82 and 90 and take individual hits from the loops and melodies. Also check for the vocal parts which can add the hook to any jungle stepper. The one shots folder is the highlight of the pack and the selection of drum shots and bass shots make sure thats throughly exploited.

    I enjoyed this pack for its sounds and fx section, also the drum fills and and drum hits are worth checking for. there are some great ambience phrases and riffs from various acoustic instruments, For drum and bass i found that i used some of these sounds more for back ground textures as opposed to lead sounds or riffs. With some good effects this pack is worth its weight, i need to check the previous volumes. This pack is suited for producers who want to build up there own drum kits and bring some depth to there recordings.

    Jazz Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    It took me a while to get into the vibe of using this pack as there is just so much to chew threw it was daunting. but once we where acquainted with the pack things feel into place. There is a great section of brass and chord fx, flute solos, sax solos, trombone and trumpets, Everything you need to bring that blue note vibe to your tracks. The percussion section is also a valuable resource. just note that there is a huge volume of material to go through in this pack.

    Wow these guys are killing Drum and bass right now with some of the best engineered music about. We where drawn to the pack due to the drum refills and bass parts. The guys are perfectionist's and if you after that expert sound you cant get a better drum and bass sample pack. Check for the percussive parts which give added funk to your beats. We have already started to use parts of this pack in our creations and we are sure this pack will make its way into many other established artists sample libraries.

    Krust is a huge inspiration for our music, and this sample pack reinforces that. We have found that this pack gives a great insight into how krust gets that trade mark organic sound, which had a sense of mystery to us. The drums are dirty and have that krust v synth texture and energy to them. We where more drawn to the arp sounds and mini moog sound design samples and layers that are on the pack. fantastic if you dont own this hardware already. This pack is a staple resource for any electronic producer. Salute

    This pack has been a welcomed supplement for us in the studio. We have already sampled some of the drum hits and break components but its his use of reverbs and fxs on the bass patch's that are second to none. Its refreshing to have access to such a solid sample pack. Watch out for some forthcoming Need for mirrors tunes c/o eclectic drum and bass.

    Fracture is a true drum and bass wizard, This pack contains some great drum construction kits, a fantastic selection of kicks, snares, hats, rides shakers in full break form or its composite parts and some very progressive organic bass stabs and parts that are all keyed and with there bpm. This is great for a novice producer or established artist and has been for us a great insight into the astrophonica sound.


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