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Genre: South American

Additional Styles: World and South American


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 120

Cool authentic Cumbia sounds in this set from Loopmasters. If you are looking for the true style of looking to mix up a hybrid - this is a great collection of sounds. According to Wikipedia, Cumbia is a folkloric genre and dance from Colombia. It brings together three cultures - African, Indigenous and European. The African influence gives the foundation in rhythm of the drums and movement while the Indigenous based flute blends in the melody. These styles and sounds are represented quite well. The accordion loops are what gives it that authentic feel. Bass, drum, gtr, keys, synths, vocal and percussion loops round it out nicely. You also get one shots with patches for all common samplers. If you know this sound - this is a great choice of sets.

The first volume of these fiery carnival flavours were snapped up by eager punters looking to add...

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