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Genre: Electronica

Additional Styles: Cinematic, Downtempo, Ambient, and Electronica



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 130

This is a gold mine! I absolutely love the quality, the variety and the inspiration this sample pack is offering. So organic but yet granulized and digital, it gets you to a different playground. I 've heard water sounds or even rocks combined with very cool controlled distorted drums that put together sounded wicked! Looking forward to using this in my projects. Very good job!

The quality of content that comes out of the Loopmasters studio is outstanding. This pack will provide so much scope for producers of all genres. These textural packs are some of my favourites as they provide moods and ambiences that immediately inspire imagination and instinctive direction for explorations into rhythms, further harmonic and melodic content and sound design. Warning: these packs can get addictive!


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