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Tom Middleton

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Classically trained in piano and cello Tom understood music’s essential rudiments and theory long before he could grow those iconic whiskers on his chin. It’s this adept understanding of the true technicalities of music – how it works, how arrangements compliment each other and how you can convey the strongest message – that’s helped him carve a unique career that’s spanned from his deep space delights with Mark Pritchard as Global Communication and Jedi Knights to last year’s breathtaking debut album ‘Life Tracks’, a homage to the ambient and soundtrack music. To this day he refuses to sample other people’s music, preferring instead to create his own sounds using virtual orchestra and band software he’s programmed himself.


  • Exquisite collection that will provide days worth of new tracks in terms of inspiration. High production values and instant emotive scene setting and storytelling mean you can literally walk into a world and then embellish in any style you wish. For TV/Game/Media and app content this is priceless.Exemplary pack!

    LoFi Hip Hop Odyssey

    Rating: 8/10

    Hits the spot with the groove, vibe, ambience and instrumentation. I think these could be used in other contexts as well. Therein is the fun part. Creative sampling! Why be constrained to the current tempo and genre. Just use your imagination and see where you can take this pack. First rate production and great value.

    Dusty Lo-Fi - ASSET

    Rating: 9/10

    This is what I was seeking! Great pack with 25 complete kits to kickstart more refined directions or you could remix them or interchange beats. The sound is as it says on the box, dusty! If I was to describe the feeling, veers more to wistful and nostalgic, rooted in minor modes. Skilfully crafted, and immaculately executed.

    First class beats, bass and groove elements from a maestro of his art. I could listen to this calibre of production all day. If you want to learn how to make this style, look no further. This is like a sneak peak behind the scenes. Outstanding pack. Whether you're into this style or not, there will be inspiration found within!

    Jay-J's Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is abundant with feeling, soul and energy. I dare anyone not to physically move whilst auditioning these impeccable loops and elements. Yes, it's a specific niche style within house music but to be honest, these days, anything goes, just play with pitch, tempo, formant, warping and glitching and you'll be in uncharted territory in no time. Thanks to Loopmasters for always curating the best talent and generously sharing the insightful content with the world.

    Glitch Machine

    Rating: 8/10

    Glitch Machine offers expertly crafted kits with twisted bass, glitched percussion, and inspiring MIDI patterns. Dive in for instant creativity, tweak to your liking, and channel the vibe of Tipper, Koan Sound, and more!

    After digging into Mindspring Music's whopping 6GB+ Psychedelic Dub & Glitch pack, I found it incredibly useful for kickstarting compositions. The diverse range of sounds - from ambient soundscapes to deep basses - offers endless inspiration. A valuable investment for any producer seeking a fresh take on Dub and Bass Music styles.

    What a treat to see this here! A rare chance to listen to not only legends and masters of their craft but the OG's that wrote the sample, cut and paste no rule book. Unpack the elements and layer together to paint sound collages that will have that reverential Coldcut sonic DNA.

    Chilled Glitch

    Rating: 8/10

    The beauty of Loopmasters is you'll never run out of new inspiration and useful production tools. Often you go off on tangents and explore a genre or are reminded of one. Stumbled on this with key word searching. Not disappointed! Interchangeable and endless combinations to explore within this specific style.

    Lofi Breaks

    Rating: 8/10

    Ooof! love the feel of these, vibey lofi production, loose grooves, tons of variety. These will add so much personality to your tracks. Blend in or bring to forefront. Lovely stuff! Will be deploying for sure.


    Rating: 8/10

    Beast of a pack, with multiple hits, combos, loops and grooves. You'll instantly want to make your own rhythms with such a comprehensive pack of percussion elements. More suited to game/TV/Film but with a little creative imagination these could be worked into dance music as well. What I love is that even just one loop or sound could inspire an entire track. The beauty of sample packs! Keep digging.

    This went under the radar first time around. Pretty timeless when you audition. Epic atmospheric pads and scene setting textures, plus foley percussion hits and loops. I can listen to textures like these all day, get lost in their complexity and ability to transport you. So that is the key compliment and achievement. They already work! Will be digging deeper into this catalogue.

    World Fusion Groove

    Rating: 9/10

    You have so much inspiration here. Where do you want to take your track? Literally overflowing with starting points, each loop on it's own could kick start a track. An then get creative with the loops and off you go. Indispensable in your arsenal of track starters.

    Atmo: Ambience

    Rating: 8/10

    Love packs like these. One texture/atmosphere/soundscape is almost a tune in itself. Just add more layers or give more context with a rhythm/genre and then off you go! Would love more packs like these.

    Afro House Generation

    Rating: 8/10

    A solid collection of starting points to inspire you. Slick production and attention to the all important groove give it instant usability/playalongability. That's the key to packs like this. Do they motivate to make more from them. Yes is the answer!

    Tape Loop Experiments

    Rating: 8/10

    It's all about that delicious warm, wowy, grainy analogue tape flavour here. And as soon as you hear these loops you just want to start creating. A decent palette of sounds to cover various uses, weave into other productions for mojo or simply provide inspiration. Haven't found many packs like these with this level of detail. Nice work!

    Cinematic Piano

    Rating: 9/10

    Some beautifully emotional and epic piano compositions. Should be releases in their own right. Meticulously and sensitively recorded. With the midi files and the options to experiment with tempos I wonder what else is possible with this pack?!

    Glacial Ambient

    Rating: 8/10

    Epic collection of slick, high end, immaculately produced sonic elements perfect for contemporary ambient styles. And of course, a little imagination and this could be repurposed for multiple genres. Sometimes it's as simple as a looped atmospheric texture or pad to inspire an entire direction to explore.

    Seriously, I love packs like these. One of the most undervalued aspects of sound design for music making is setting a scene. These inspire so many scenes all you do is allow you mid to wander and get lost in these environments. Then .take them wherever you wish. Excellent pack!

    Elements to install instant peace, calm and as the title says. Unusually there aren't a lot of packs geared to this emerging genre so it's a welcome and refreshing addition to the expanding library of therapeutic sounds. My hope is that therapeutic/healing/mystical tags will start making it easier to find these kinds of packs. Great stuff! Thanks

  • Expansive collection of inspiring starting points for all kinds of atmospheric content that could span multiple genres. Enjoying the sampler patches, where you can craft your own starters. Just add imagination!

    Retro Funk

    Rating: 8/10

    Solid, authentic pack which will give you some foundations to build a groove with baked in vibe. Props to the team for maintaining quality and diversity and providing hours of new directions to explore. I love packs like these as they are Swiss army knives of sample packs and could be repurposed across many genres. Just use your imagination!

    Heading off world in this huge pack, which perfectly compliments the first. Seriously impressive collection of elements. You could dive in randomly and get instant inspiration for multiple genres. Also really useful for game design and multimedia uses. Outstanding pack raising the bar for production, diversity and value.

    Epic, eclectic and instantly inspiring collection of highly useful starter sounds, effects, loops and environments. You could literally dive in, randomly select a handful of loops and sounds and make all kinds of styles from this pack if you wanted. Exemplary production, highly recommended.

    Funky Hip-Hop Cuts

    Rating: 8/10

    Tasty pack with lots of usable loops and hits. Slick and authentic production. Will cover a multitude of content creation needs. Would love a whole pack of old school scratches actually. Dj nailed the scratches!

    Soul Magic

    Rating: 9/10

    Pow! It's that Baker Brothers authentic sound! Virtuoso instrumentalists, jamming in perfect synchrony, immaculately recorded, flawlessly produced. Mint collection of grooves, licks and elements that would fit in a Craig Charles Funk and Soul session. Can't wait to explore the individual elements and see how they might gel together or merge with other sources.

    A meaty pack loaded with useful textural elements and vibe kick-starters, it is clearly in a particular style but useful for so many applications. Just remember that a sampler is your most valuable tool. 'Anything' you can hear can be rep itched, warped, stretched and compressed to create even more textures. Great pack!

    Ethereal Harp

    Rating: 8/10

    Useful pack to add that particular sound to your toolkit. And the bonus multisample instrument really is a gift. Highly playable. There's something about this instrument and the sounds it makes that instantly transport you. I could listen to these sounds for hours on end. Close your eyes and drift off.

    Aethers 01

    Rating: 10/10

    Timeless and epic pack loaded with inspiring rhythmic, harmonic and textural sound design elements. You could make days and days worth of music just exploring and remixing this content alone. Outstanding production and worthy of recommendation. No need to think about the date this was created. It's relevant and useful today.

    Urban Scratch Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    Interesting that this seems to be one of kind in the world of sample packs, unless I'm missing something? Was searching for something that had some proficient and slick rhythmic cuts for a while now. Some classics in here! Lovely to hear. Maybe an opportunity for a pack with greater tempos outside of Hip Hop and more complex cuts and scratches? I'd grab that!

    God-Zilla Hip Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Pow! This drops you right into the classic hip hop era of monster horn stabs and Japanese monster soundtrack vibes. Some amazing textures and authentic sounds. This is niche, but honestly, you could repurpose for Trap, Downtempo, Bass music, and other genres. Thanks for creating this!

    African Rhythms

    Rating: 8/10

    Awesome pack abundant with the natural groove, feel and vibe that comes with live percussion playing. This is focused on the sound of Senegal so the instruments are authentic to this region. You'll get plenty of mileage out of this in multiple genres.

    Future IDM

    Rating: 10/10

    This ticks all the boxes for style, production and diversity. Probably because it's based on my era! Makes me smile. Well done Loopmasters for continuing to create content that delivers. For those looking to explore the new territory of intergeneric hybrid styles that sit in the mid tempo realm this is spot on.

    Progressive Afro House

    Rating: 8/10

    Decent selection of groove elements to get you inspired and motivated. Made me nod and want to move so definitely nailed the brief here. Production values are immaculate and you get great value with a pack of this size.

    For those exploring the deep roots of dance music, returning to percussion based grooves is what it's all about. The hips will start moving and you'll probably want to make a beat and head to Black Rock City. Yes, it's a niche style, but it's on trend and you can use your imagination to repurpose and add to these. Recommended.

    A legendary performer who has graced hundreds of recordings bringing a unique flavour, groove and feeling to all he touches. Aren't we lucky to have access to the Bashiri Johnson magic to add a little of his mojo to whatever style takes your fancy. Broken down into various iterations that you can rebuild into new arrangements.

    Laya Project

    Rating: 9/10

    It's great to discover sample packs that still stand the test of time 8 years post release. Award winning and rightly so, timeless given it's release in 2012. Location recordings from around the planet that are simply stunning in capturing the beauty and simplicity of unaffected musical expression. This is a beautiful collection of ethnic, indigenous, tribal and ceremonial soundscapes, performances and scenarios all worthy of the awards. Get inspired.

    Reggae Rockers

    Rating: 9/10

    A rich and diverse pack full of authentic elements to set the tone and provide the background and foreground to a variety of Reggae-centric directions. This could be used across multiple genres using a creative sampling approach. And the high production values mean instant gratification. Recommended.

    Drums Of Sparta

    Rating: 9/10

    Pow! It's like listening to every epic battle scene ever filmed or even yet to be filmed. It's exactly what you need for excitement, drama and tension. Huge pack loaded with all the elements and components you need for trailers, cues, games and soundtracks. And inspiration to use with imagination in many other contexts.

    Mellow Chillhop Beats

    Rating: 9/10

    Huge pack of elements to jump into your sonic kitchen and start mixing up new audio recipes. The quality and size of packs like this justifies the cost ten times over when you consider a handful of elements could inspire lots of new material. It's a kind of musical pass the baton..and this is full of gold batons!

  • Luxurious collection of tasty starting points and sonic ingredients. Inspiring and as the title says, 'beautiful' musical elements to spark a fresh direction. Fantastic value as well. You could literally make albums worth of new material from this alone. Recommended.

    Decent pack with plenty of scope to explore this tempo and extend the content well beyond the intended genre. That's what I love about packs like these. You aren't limited by just one style/tempo. Use you imagination and take things into which ever territory you wish. Class production as ever.

    Future Toronto Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    A great starting point if, like me you are no expert in this genre. It will enlighten you to the nuances of the style and acquaint you with the spectrum to get your ears re-calibrated! Enjoying these even without vocal/rap toplines. Could be a place for playlists of instrumental Toronto Trap! A decent pack loaded with all you need to sound authentic.


    Rating: 9/10

    Well this is exceptional. Love the diversity, textures and atmosphere's. Abundant with inspiring starting points and mood setters. Would be useful for so many genres. Don't be shy, get in and start exploring these worlds of sound and see where they take you next on your own journey.

    Dub Techno Intention

    Rating: 8/10

    Love the mood of this one. Totally nails that particular vibe. Dark, sublime, bass heavy, grooving, atmospheric. Always worth going outside of your normal comfort zones to learn from producers who specialise in particular fields. A great value pack with plenty of inspiring starter kits to get you moving.

    Mega is the word. Great value, diverse, production ready pack with all the elements you need for this contemporary style. Delivered with meticulous attention to detail and outstanding musicality. Even if this isn't exactly your style, it could be inspirational and educational or simply provide sources that could be integrated and warped into other styles. Recommended.

    Pow! Some of the highest calibre, authentic, slick, swinging, production ready material you are likely to hear in this style. It's a bible of authority on the genre from a master of his art. A comprehensive and complete pack that packs a punch in every corner. I could listen to components and elements like this on there own - they're that good. Inspiring and highly recommended.

    Oof! Check this, what a collection. This elevates the House game with a broad frequency spectrum of immaculate production ready sound elements that will instantly translate onto the biggest systems out there. Deftly curated by a true craftsmen, clearly with exceptional ears! Sounds massive! Totally recommend!

    Sacred Indian Chants 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Useful collection of elements that are immaculately produced and ready to integrate into projects that need a very authentic sound, style and delivery. I can see this being useful in areas of interest I work in particularly music for wellness.

    Evocative and inspiring. This will have multiple uses speaking multiple styles, tempos and feelings. Vocal textures are crucial to adding human feeling and this pack delivers! Imagine I'll get a lot of mileage out of this pack.

    Remembered this pack from it's original release but didn't review back then. Thought I'd mention it will be the kind of resource that is actually back on trend and still relevant. So if you missed it first time around have a listen. Features a compact selection, that could give you a useful starting point for this style and to integrate into the deeper progressive sounds like Anjuna Deep.If only there was more! Back then sample packs where quite spartan, whereas today we tend to expect at least a Gb+ of content!

    This is awesome. You've entered a time machine and you're immersed in warm 80's analogue and zingy digital sonic goodness. Instant nostalgic satisfaction for a an 80's music fan. If you like the current wave of 80's revival this is for you. Exemplary production values as always.

    Exemplary drum and percussion stems and loops. The grooves, vibes and moods are really next level in terms of 'starter kits' for this genre. They are so well produced and mixed and basically mastering ready. The diversity even within this sub-genre is broad. An exciting pack all in all. One comment; BPM naming was missing on some of the files which could hinder auditioning.

    The quality of content that comes out of the Loopmasters studio is outstanding. This pack will provide so much scope for producers of all genres. These textural packs are some of my favourites as they provide moods and ambiences that immediately inspire imagination and instinctive direction for explorations into rhythms, further harmonic and melodic content and sound design. Warning: these packs can get addictive!

    Simply on quantity alone, this is unbeatable value. But it excels on production values as well. This is one of the most comprehensive and useful Downtempo/Hip Hop packs you'll find. Loaded with authentic SP1200 and MPC beats, elements, one shots and music. Yes it's a significant investment, but in the grand scheme of things it could be one of the most rewarding purchases in a while if this is your sound.

    Boom Black

    Rating: 8/10

    Phat boom bap! This is so authentic, you can't really go wrong. Loaded with ready to go starting points that ooze vibe and groove. Rhodes galore too which is a personal favourite. Rawcutz get it right with their production values and nail it every time. This is an education and an inspiration. Recommended.

    Vintage Vinyl Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Outstanding performances with authentic production values. Impressive to say the least. Not easy to replicate breaks from 60's and 70's and this hits the spot. Will be fun to explore in new contexts as well. Drop these into an SP1200, or digitally downgrade the loops by reducing sample rate and bit depth to get even more crunch. Nice work Loopmasters!

    Ultimate Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    The title is accurate. This is a deeply curated pack - best of compilation - covering all bases and basses. If you want one 'go to' comprehensive collection to start a track rooted in Jamaican Dub culture this is it. Screams value, authenticity, high production values, attitude and energy.

    If you're a fan of this legendary producer, as I am, you'll probably just want this to listen to and simply to learn more Dub production wizardry. It's fascinating to hear the elements in isolation. Highly educational as well as highly useful for that authentic flavour and feel. Outstanding pack. Almost a new genre - edusampling.

    Another instalment of incredible inspiration in the field of dub production. You only need to spend a few hours studying the loops and elements to get a sense of how to impart that unique feeling. Full of useful components to kick start tracks spanning many genres. Magnificent pack!

  • Terminus

    Rating: 10/10

    Even more great value from the amazing Cinetools team. This is oddly the kind of content I would listen to for pleasure! As in, I love sound design and highly respect the recording and production processes to arrive at these highly imaginative alien and other worldly scenarios, atmosphere's, effects and tools. This is ideal for enhancing the storytelling process. I can get lost suspended in space observing alien worlds for hours. Awesome pack!


    Rating: 10/10

    Gargantuan pack of highly useful content that would suit games, TV and other media applications as well as integrating into music productions for the more creative sound design focused artists among us. Given the sheer quality and scope of content I'd say it is great value and I can see this going a long way in multiple use cases. Just because it might show up in film/tv type searches, these types of packs give a variety of starting points and atmospheric enhancements that you rarely find in other more generic music packs.Exemplary work!

    Comprehensive set of highly useful 'sea-centric' field recordings that will support a variety of different genre applications. Love the detailed and focused listener view points and perspectives. I will be exploring ways to integrate with sound design and take these waveforms into new realms.

    Broad selection of super handy ready to groove elements to supplement a variety of dance floor styles. Production quality is exceptional, you won't need to do much to get the parts working. They're mix ready! Decent size pack, which always makes it feel like you're investing in value. All in all nice work. Will give you plenty of starting points for months and months!

    The Deepshakerz

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack has such a fluid groove. Rare to capture that exact feel beyond lose fitting SPs and MPCs. I could happily listen to groove loops like this without anything else, that says a lot!If you're into the current wave of minimal, deep, tech, tribal and playa vibes - this is for you. Will get you rolling in minutes. What a gift!

    Lo-Fi Trip Hop Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Tasty selection, always loaded with personality and flavour. It's slightly niche relative to current styles but I think everything has potential to be repurposed beyond it's intended genre. Never underestimate creative sampling possibilities! I'm a big fan of dusty lofi retro sounds so this ticks boxes for me anyway.

    Essential Lo-Fi House

    Rating: 9/10

    High production values in this vast library of very usable resources for this underground degraded sound that really adds so much character to any creations in this genre. I'm diving in right now to see if there's some of that lo-fi mojo to spice up a beat or two. Fantastic work. Will be checking more from this brand.

    It may be a compact pack in terms of quantity, but hat's off, the quality is outstanding. Prisitne, authentic production. I'm a fan of the sound of this era, and this is spot on. Very useable, very listenable as is! This is a solid pack and defintely worth considering if you're looking for that classic 80's electro-boogie sound.

    Strictly Jackin

    Rating: 8/10

    Fantastic, authentic and classic sounding beats, stabs, bass and grooves that really have the flavour of early Strictly Rhythm. I'm a sucker for this era and always on the hunt o expand the collection. Nice work! Looking forward to having some fun with this pack. Would defintely recommend to anyone who is looking to get that particular suffle and feel of vintage NY house and garage

    Shinobi Beats

    Rating: 8/10

    Unusual and varied selection of sounds and loops to add some unique flavour to your productions. I say this a lot, but it's always well worth expoloring the potential in other genre's and tempo's with any pack you get. And this is no exception. I can see many uses across many styles. Sonically it's absolutely mint.

    Tropical Kaleidoscope

    Rating: 7/10

    Possibly a one trick pony for a very niche style of music, but for this style, this is first class and all you'll need to get you going. A comprehensice toolkit of loops and samples all with mix and match tempo/key detail to start arranging very quickly. I'm no expert in this sound but it's very authentic and sounds like the real deal to my ears. Even had comments like 'is that in the charts?' so thumbs up from the audience!

    Dark Bassline House

    Rating: 8/10

    Solid collection of loops, grooves, mix and match elements to get your tracks into shape in next to no time. The one shots are very playable, and the bass loops are where this pack shines. Dirty, sci-techfunk with loads of low end. The swing on the beats is spot on for this style too. The energyis high and attitude is raw. It's go tons of swagger! Nice work!

    Majorton 2

    Rating: 8/10

    A quality follow up to the first pack. More of that ubiquitous pop sound of 2016/2017. Authentic, high quality production values and diversity should yield plenty of production mileage. Probably a few hits in here if you're quick to deploy ; )


    Rating: 8/10

    Sounds like a real go to pack for this style. Should tick all the boxes and then some. Very authentic to my ears! Quality production values and broad selection. Beyond making sound a like pop reggae ton my interest is in where you could take this beyond the genre it was intended for...

    Compact but still quite versatile selection of chords, pads and stabs ready to deploy in your productions. The production quality and variety of sample personality makes it particularly unique. Will be fun dropping into an MPC for some 90's House and Garge grooves!

    Synthwave Generation

    Rating: 9/10

    "If you're a fan of" .. etc etc..YES. Feel like a teen living in the 80's all over again. Brilliant pack! Spot on for the style and sound. Lots of well curated elements, loops and beats that will integrate into a multitude of genres. And some choice multi sampled and one shot instruments too. Nice work!

    Blissed Out Synths 2

    Rating: 7/10

    A compact pack of very high quality. Warm, lush, animated sounds to augment your sample pack library. A modest selection of synth one hits rounds off the collection. It definitely has potential for quite a few styles even though it's really a niche 'synth' pack.

    Vintage Rhodes

    Rating: 8/10

    Solid, soulful, pristine collection of sublime Rhodes elements for multiple genre use. Very playable low cpu hungry multi sampled patches too. All in all a very useful tool for many permutations and iterations of the ubiquitous Fender Rhodes electric piano.

    This is a glitchy rhythmic tops enhancer. Great grooves and should work well in context. Production is immaculate. Not a huge pack but a worthy follow up to the others in the series. A demo track might help aspiring producers hear it's potential.

    *Champagne cork pops* Been waiting years for this one! An honour to have access to the unique sound palette of a living legend and innovator of the scene. I'm fascinated by workflow and techniques of artists I respect and admire. Head straight to Mr Cole’s trademark badass Beats and Bass for deep 'forensic' Riddim insight, and trademark Rhodes and Strings loops to hear rare solo performances in isolation. OMD! And hold tight for the 2-Step Riddims! World - this is an education and an inspiration, so listen, learn and then go swing some beats. Full marks and well done Loopmasters.

  • This is an exquisite pack of song starter ideas, melancholic moods and dystopian sci-fi atmosphere’s. Both insightful and inspiring to get a snapshot of production values from the mind and soul of one of the UK’s finest neo ambient electronic/D&B artists. For aspiring producers it’s a meticulously curated pack with highly playable multis, textural elements and super useful rhythmic components. Stunning work Joe! Boom! Another first class release from Loopmasters. Keep em coming!

    Cinematic Downtempo

    Rating: 8/10

    Seriously useful pack. Great harmonic and textural starting points. Good selection of rhythmic and percussive elements. All the loops are at 110 bpm which is handy for auditioning. With just a little creative license and colourful imagination you could make a lot of music spanning a variety of tempos and styles with just this pack! Nice work!

    An exemplary ed-spirational (educational/inspirational) pack from a pioneering Techno maestro and legend of the UK scene. 25+ years of production and DJing experience and expertise are reflected in this essential suite of starter kits, loops, instruments and hits that will cover Techno, Electronica, House and beyond into all the neo sub-genres. 11/10

    Oriental Synths

    Rating: 8/10

    Arabic/Middle Eastern/Oriental keyboard and synth performances and parts played by virtuoso key-tar legend Hod Moshonov from Bemet (Israel). Was hoping for midi files to have a bit more choice on the sounds used, but, with pitch to midi should be able to extract the data!

    Highly useful and beautifully recorded library of epic, esoteric, textural and abstract vocal content. Befitting all kinds of genres and styles. Particularly trailer/soundtrack/game cues. Can see further uses in creative sampling, integrating and manipulating as sound design starting points as well.

    Biomechanical DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Vegans beware! Some nasty meaty twisted screw face sound design here. Nothing polite about it, will get you fast tracked along the road to dark alien technoid D&B. For me, just missing sampler instruments, so you'd need to use the one shots and loops to playback Bass sounds at different pitches in your sampler of choice.

    Love this stems kit of low mid and top elements that could be re-pitched and interchanged to create thousands of textural ambient soundscapes. Warp, twist, granulize, add as wavetables...all very useful!

    Dark Atmospherics Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Outstanding pack with state of the art widescreen sound design, broad variety in mood and tone, pristine production and huge soundstage. If you're in the world of composing cues, or even just wanting to give your productions that cinematic 'trailer' edge then this is for you. Inspiring and exciting. Highly recommended.

    Useful niche pack, weighted more for Trance/EDM/Prog/Electro sound. Providing a broad palette of tonal colours that can be adapted to span most styles of dance music. The analog synths used are abundant with personality and character that will shine in context.

    Digging for specific content I found this gem. Phat, electric sounds with heat, grit and attitude. You'll get a lot of mileage from this pack and could easily use in a variety of contexts. Nice work!

    If you're after unusual and quirky retro sci-fi with that authentic Radiophonics flavour then this is an essential product. It's a collection of textural sequenced phrases and ambiences so don't expect sample instruments. I think this would actually be a great for use in wavetable synthesisers such as Serum.

    Man vs Machine

    Rating: 9/10

    Authentic pack that captures the spirit of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. I'm a big fan, and know their productions inside out. Drums are spot on. Just add spring reverb! I think it has a greater reach than just 110-120 electronica, so get creative and use these retro analog instruments and loops tools in whatever context you wish. Nice work!


    Rating: 8/10

    Really impressive raw and treated recordings under the category of cinematic/score/cue reverses/wooshes/fly-bys/pass bys. It's a niche pack but a really useful one for this sector. Personally looking forward to exploring the raw recordings as a palette of unusual waveforms for sound design experimentation.

    This is an exceptional pack from TS Repman. I've auditioned a few in this niche genre, but this is the best I've heard to date. A complete starter kit of inspiring, energising and exciting riddims and elements to give you an authentic backbone to your tracks. Recommended.

    Swingin grooves that do indeed have that old school 2 step flavour as described, if you're after a bit of MJ Cole/Dj Zinc/Groove Chronicles/Zed Bias/UKG. Always gets points for deconstructed loops minus kick etc. Solid pack.

    Solid and slick pack for modern 4/4 dance floor sub genres. You'll slip straight into rocking Kreature flavoured grooves and will find it quick and easy to mix/match interchangeable elements that all work well together. Top stuff!


    Rating: 10/10

    First class 'Hollywood ready' trailer/movie/tv/ad/game/app content from media music maestro Glen Nicholls. A superb pack of construction kits, atmospheres, drones, beats and evolving elements. If you're a fan of movie scores such as Drive, Tron, Oblivion you'll love this pack.

    Outstanding pack of acoustic instrument sample, loops and hits with unusual and atmospheric treatments, such as expansive reverbs. Really characterful and unique. Not heard many other packs like this. Highly recommended.

    Techno Tools

    Rating: 8/10

    Solid collection of crisp and thumping techno essentials to mix, match and mash into groove starters. Aimed squarely at the techno genre, it should satisfy most production needs in this vein.


    Rating: 9/10

    Mesmerizing collection of inspiring atmospheric sound beds to start a fresh direction, set the scene and provide that all important vibe to embellish upon with your own beats, rhythms, melodic and harmonic elements. A secret weapon in the music for picture/visuals/apps sector and I'd personally listen to these simply looping standalone as ambient epics.

  • Great selection of useful loops and kick-starters for directions in techno, house and minimal styles. All tempo matched to keep things simple for swap outs and finding compatible companion loops. Solid production! NOTE : (Check the small print as some of it was previously released in another pack).

    Enormous collection of original and unusual sound design, background ambiences, textures and musically useful starting points. Huge scope for integration into all kinds of media. A veritable goldmine. Outstanding.

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    Gargantuan collection spanning all styles and genres. Well organised and meticulously produced. This is the Grand Daddy of all Drum sample pack collections. A studio essential!

    Drum & Bass Liquidism

    Rating: 9/10

    Beautifully produced, elegantly performed and deftly curated super high quality liquid ambient DnB gear, if you're into the likes of Lenzman and Blue Mar ten. Could have uses beyond the genre too, wink wink. Lovely!

    UK Garage & 2 Step

    Rating: 9/10

    Have been hoping a pack like this would surface. Not many out there. First class grooves and essential elements for this niche sound well overdue for a revisit/revival that's permeating into Grime and post dub step scenes too. Recommended.

    Dark Cinema

    Rating: 9/10

    Great variety of coloured and flavoured loops and sounds. Reminiscent of Cliff Martinez's Drive soundtrack in places. It's all about the saturation/overdrive/ring mod/granular treatments that impart real character. Impressive and extensive selection of guitar loops ready to tweak the pitch, for those interested! Recommended.

    Epic Movie Themes 2

    Rating: 9/10

    For aspiring Hans Zimmer wannabes out there - I can see this getting plenty of use. Perfectly balanced orchestral stem kits to start assembling very authentic soundtrack cues. Would have been nice to have dry so you could choose your own reverb, but this is a minor niggle. First class pack!

    Organic Downtempo

    Rating: 8/10

    Sounding like a pack fit for a label like Ninjatune. Deftly crafted and curated for authentic, atmospheric and highly usable contemporary electronica. A vital template for those looking to venture into today's downtempo sound that fuses post dub step, glitchtronica and wonky beats. Very nice indeed.

    Zen Ambient

    Rating: 9/10

    Delightful and subtle, mesmerising and evocative. An essential niche collection of specialist percussive and melodic tools to inspire and complete your sonic arsenal. Recommended, really beautiful - need volume 2 now!

    Cinematic Sci Fi Stems

    Rating: 8/10

    Great value atmospheric pack of starting point background textures, layers and ambiences. NB You won't find multi sampled instruments or drums. But it will be very useful for music producers in the tv, game, app, ambient, futuristic sectors.


    Rating: 9/10

    Huge and impressive pack with vast scope for all kinds of media and content applications. Almost overwhelming, you could easily get lost in the detailed sound design and textural ambience, it's so good. This represents tremendous value for inspirational starting points. Epic!

    Berlin Falling

    Rating: 9/10

    Solid pack of slick sounding kits, samples and loops that will kickstart many contemporary deep, tech and house styles. Broad selection and even though it's from 2011 it should still add value in todays productions.

    Alien FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Imaginative selection of sound design and effects elements that will suit many situations and contexts across genres, styles and tempos. It's obviously slightly niche aimed squarely at the Space/Sci-Fi/Alien sector but undeniably useful and of a very high standard.

    Solid pack, with some hefty sounding hits, bass, beats and loops. Filthy bass which is one of the essential boxes to be ticked! Not a huge amount of diversity but in creative hands it could yield elements for all kinds of multi-genre directions.

    Evil, nasty widescreen growling digital baselines, unusual half step drum rhythms and niche elements for this oblique sub genre. Some quality bass dirt in here. Will be very useful for a number of styles.

    Superlative starter sets of essential elements to get you in the zone for Detroit flavoured grooves. Don't forget to add the all important vinyl/noise/crackle layers and side chain off the kick for authenticity. Recommended!

    Decent size pack of brutal, twisted and scary atmospherics and sfx for Sci-Fi soundtracks, glitch and neuro bass style D&B. Should get good mileage out of the one shots as Bass samples too, so It's an ideal addition to any library.

    Exemplary, meticulously curated pro film sound effects level quality pack from Evac & Phidelity. Diverse and highly usable across genres and sectors, so will suit sound designers for TV/Game/App as well as music producers looking for unique, otherworldly sounds to integrate into their productions for that 'edge'. Recommended.

    Love this pack, some utterly surreal and alien, Sci-Fi sound design elements to boost your collection of SFX tools. I've been digging a while now in this niche area and this pack is definitely ticking boxes for me. Not so much too choose from, but this is about quality over quantity.


    Rating: 8/10

    Super useful pack, loaded with pristine examples from a niche genre. Would suit a number of styles and situations. Enjoying the Bass offerings from loops, highly playable multis, one shots and hits. Great value as ever and a handy addition to any producers toolkit.

  • A well curated pack of starter kits that provide all the basic elements you need to explore the deeper end of Post Dubstep and Future Garage. Nicely swung beats and smooth atmospheric texture layers instantly give you the flavour to take your productions deeper into this sound.

    A sublime collection of inspiring elements to fuel your D&B arsenal and inform your productions. Diverse and deeply soulful, loaded with atmosphere, emotion and groove. This is an essential pack and a highlight within the D&B production universe. Highly recommended.

    Dubstep Monster Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Nasty! Great collection of starting point waveforms and loop sequences. Sounds maybe a little cliched now as is, but for sound designers with imagination, these can be taken even further. ; )

    Raw Skillz

    Rating: 10/10

    The quality, quantity of content and value you get from Rawcutz is seriously impressive. My top tip is don't be put off by the obvious generic associations. Think outside the box, get time warping and stretching and tuning, and you'll realise that these well curated kits have uses to span all tempos and genres. Recommended.

    Cinerobotic Fx

    Rating: 10/10

    High quality SFX for games, tv, film, apps, sound design, and all 'futronic' music genres. You've got everything you need as starting points and essential elements all appropriately described so searching folders is a breeze. There aren't many niche robotic SFX packs of this calibre, well worth the investment. Recommended 10/10!

    Vintage Beats & Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent value, whooping 1.2 GB pack with very authentic vintage sounding production and super slick drum performances with killer grooves. Useful for all kinds of genres and purposes. Recommended!

    Excellent pack, loaded with stellar performances and highly useful sounds that cover a broad palette. Will find uses in many productions that are rooted in blues. Highly recommended

    Love this pack, really fluid and focused selection, expertly curated and crafted, and really shows off Alex's superior talents and his production prowess next to other D&B packs out there. Encompasses the full breadth of the current D&B scene. Highly recommended.

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    Slick selection of essential ready to rock elements to cover all your D&B needs. It's contemporary yet still reveals it's roots in a scene spanning over two decades. Don't forget to draw inspiration from packs like this for producing in any genre, you never know what might trigger a new direction, style or starting point.

    Future Cinematic FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Great cross section of brooding, moody, atmospheric sound effects, textures and hits to augment any game sound design project, TV/Film project or simply spice up a music production with inspiring futuristic content. Some sounds are so good you they could form the basis of new tracks. Great pack, impressed.

    Mainroom Future House

    Rating: 8/10

    On-trend pack for the full 4/4 Future / Deep / Tech House scene. Text book version of beat elements. Nice compliment of quality and useable one note hits. Immaculate production, and a very good starter pack for anyone wanting to produce this style.

    Future Sound Of Ambient

    Rating: 10/10

    Nice work Glen! Authentic without being so retro as to be useful today. Sound palettes are so diverse you'll get a ton of mileage out of this regardless of the genre you make. Musicality shines through, and you're getting great value in this regard. Highly recommended.

    Slick and tight production that provides all the current 170bpm sub genre essentials. I particularly like the reconstructed classic breaks we all know and love, now refined in the back loops sections with low end rolled off for you add your own kicks and snare combos.

    Classic 90s House

    Rating: 8/10

    The talented Audiojacker gives you a fairly compact pack of authentic sounding construction kits, key mapped loops and essential ingredients to get that 90's House sound. It's very clean, which is ideal for getting things going, but you'll need to dirty it up, saturate, overdrive, downsample, erode...and give it some tape compression to make it sound truly vintage. It's on point for today's retro sounding productions.

    Classic 90s House Vol2

    Rating: 9/10

    It's got everything you need for making retro 90's style House anthems, (plenty of hands in the air piano loops!) with modern clean and crisp production values. Musically speaking it's abundant with memorable hooks and motifs which is great for the less musical aspiring producers. I love the new standard in de-constructed kits, with component parts and individual beat elements ready to re-contextualise.

    Future House Festival

    Rating: 8/10

    Yeah, totally on trend. This pack will deliver what you need for all the latest cross over / overground / pop / EDM sub genres of contemporary House music. Super phat and cripsy clean production will fit into the mix straight away.

    Dark Heavy Neuro DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    The title is correct! So whilst the 'vibe' is decidedly dark side, it's still going to appeal to any imaginative/creative producer. An essential multi-genre utility pack. Everything is immaculately engineered and ready for mix down if required. A good cross section of beat/bass loops, one shots, pads, stabs, FX.

    Future Ambient Drone

    Rating: 8/10

    A most welcome selection of highly useable drones, tones, textures and atmospheres to kickstart basically any tempo/genre production. Load 'em up, tune, warp, twist, morph. Masses of creative possibilities. Plus a large folder of tasty abstract drum loops. Nice!

    Fresh pack for the Drum & Bass genre, loaded with next level beats, bass, samples, stabs and sequences. All D& B packs are not the same.. but this is a standout selection of the highest calibre. Totally recommended.

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 9/10

    Super useful pack for sound design, games and filmscores plus you can integrate into your music productions with a bit of imagination. High quality sci-fi and futuristic sound design. An essential addition to the sound effects library.

  • Solid pack of shuffling loops and punchy patches. Head for the sample patches for instantly playable Bass, Stab, Synth, Drum and FX one note hits. Love the old school horn stabs. Could this mark a return to the wild pitch sound? One neg; Drum loops are only provided complete with Kick, which can be a bit limiting. So whack a HPF on it to cut the Kick and your sorted.


    Rating: 8/10

    Immaculate collection of just loops, with bonus midi files. Will cover the Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House, and even Bass House styles. (No sample patches unfortunately.) Drum loops with and without Kick - box ticked. Bass lines are fresh and loaded with Techno attitude. All in all, very useable for those who just like to work with loops.

    Modular Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    On trend modular mayhem that will really add that analogue character to a digital production. Extensive selection of drums, basses, bleep and percussive patterns. Lot's of oddball, weird, alien, sound design material that could get used for game/soundtrack purposes. Recommended.


    Rating: 9/10

    Boom, the first pack of heavy hitters for the recently baptised dark and moody sound of 'G-House.'(Wonder if G stands for Grumpy?) Not a million miles away from the other Bass heavy, Deeper sounds of House, so you could use this pack across any House/Tech 4/4 style. Nice work!

    2 Step Garage

    Rating: 9/10

    Not many packs in this style, which is back on the mainstream radar again. Top notch production. Slick and sexy swing feel to the patterns/loops, and solid, useable kits, hits and one shots. Got me bouncing around the studio..hahaha.

    2Step Garage Anthems

    Rating: 9/10

    Fierce and funky pack for the those seeking a bang up to date spin on the 2Step Garage style. Great balance of useful loop kits to get the vibes flowing. Not so many patches, but the one shots included are authentic ; ) Good stuff!

    Textbook, definitive Jungle / D&B kit pack from masters at the top of their game. Ideal for novices and pro's. Mix, match, warp and tune classic and essential beat loops, add a monster bass line, get arranging, roll the beats, add a drop and your off. Tidy work chaps. Recommended.

    Mega value and super slick debut pack from Mr Vale, very useful for anything in the 4/4 House/Tech domain. Killer swing to the beats and tops. Tasty and familiar sounding contemporary and retro hits / stabs. All very playable which is key for inspiration and vibe. Another great release from the Loopsters!

    Huge pack of essential latin percussion elements, that can impart that global/ethno-tech groove and flavour to all your house/tech tracks. Worth noting that they mostly have a pulsing volume/filter modulation effect which can limit them to 4/4 Kick patterns. Would have preferred the choice in the case of making broken/nu-jazz/breakbeat track with syncopated off beat Kicks...however..this's a killer pack.

    Berlin Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    Pristine, solid, contemporary deep house flavoured beats, loops and music elements. It's so polished that it maybe needs a bit of dirt and grit, overdrive, sample rate reduction or tape processing to add a bit more of that underground flavour. Not a great amount of choice though compared to other packs.

    Neurofunk Bass Weapons

    Rating: 9/10

    Youch! A monster nasty, dirty porno bass pack with Elephant balls on to make you pull a money shot face. These are badass muddyfunsters. They don't mess around. Strictly for meat eaters, vegetarians beware. To quote Altern 8 " Watch ya bass bins I'm tellin' ya." Recommended.

    Robostep V2

    Rating: 8/10

    Useful addition to the sound design arsenal. Would suit mostly the Sci-Fi/Technology Soundtrack, Bass, Techno, Electronica and Experimental genres. But as with any sample pack, with a bit of imagination, some of these sounds could find their way into all kinds of productions. Personally, I love these futuristic, twisted metal melodies!

    Future House

    Rating: 9/10

    Great value pack with tons of useful beats, bass, stabs and hits that will suit the current chart sound du jour. Plenty of scope to utilise this pack in other contexts but primarily, you'll be well set to get your 4 to the floor, retro 90's house flavoured grooves rolling, jack those tech stabs and put a whopping donk on your square wave bass.

    Planet 909

    Rating: 8/10

    Great selection of processed 909's. Pre-processed with lots of analogue outboard for unique character. Very useful addition to a drum library.

    Naked Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack delvers many kits that really capture the spirit and sound of classic late 80's early 90's Detroit Techno. So if you're into Derrick May, Jeff Mills et al, this will float your boat! Very authentic production, highly recommended.

    Jersey Club

    Rating: 8/10

    Surprising! This style wasn't on my radar, so it's fascinating hearing the fusion of 3 decades of club beats distilled into this new genre (with added squeaky bed springs!) Some highly useful groove starters all delivered to a high standard.

    Trap & Twerk

    Rating: 7/10

    High quality product, and others may gain plenty of use from the slightly limited number of loops on offer. Apart from that, I've heard these sounds before. So a little disappointed. Solid programming and production. Great intro to making beats in these genres.

    First class state of the art bass, beats, textures, loops and grooves for the 170bpm crew. Immaculate, production ready quality throughout. You need this in your arsenal for sure. Love the evolution of classic D&B breakbeats into micro-sampled new beats. Highly recommended.

    Uh oh..this is fun...makes me wanna grow a set of centre parted curtains, pop on some Osh Kosh dungarees and wallabees and do a running man. All boxes ticked, lets ave it! 10/10

    The Raw Cutz Super Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    OMFG! Deep and vast goldmine of grooves, beats and vibes loaded with rough and raw SP/MPC Old School attitude. Honestly this'll keep you going for a very long time. And as I always say, not just useful for sub 100bpm beats...just use your imagination.

  • Bass House & Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    Predictably essential pack for sounding current and contemporary in the Deep Bass House market. All boxes ticked, no unexpected curveballs (which I personally look for). Slick production, so everything is ready to make your beats.

    House Arrest

    Rating: 8/10

    Good stuff! You get everything you expect from a consistent quality brand. Highly useful house tempo kits, to help the aspiring producers find their way and supplement the pro's. Packs like these are educational as well as useful. Thumbs up!

    Deep & Jackin Garage

    Rating: 9/10

    Some cracking club ready grooves. My favourite in the Niche Audio series to date. Really captures the retro inspired house sound of now. If you're not a Maschine or Ableton user, don''t be put off, it'ss till worth investing in as it will integrate into any production set up and DAW.

    CAPSUN Presents Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    Authentic monster size beats, bass and synths with loads of attitude aimed squarely at Trap producers but I'd say, also useful for other styles too. The 808 patterns are right on point. And the synth patches are particularly good for upfront speaker shredding lead sounds, sirens and whoops. Really makes you want to bust out some Trap as it goes! Uh oh..I've started doing the Harlem Shake..

    Another solid instalment of uber fashionable mid tempo beats, bass and synths for contemporary House styles. Quality bass line melodies and harmonic stabs..a real bargain for those who don't want to write their own melodic parts. Well worth grabbing this and the other two in the series. Thumbs up!

    Quality pack for on-trend deep, tech and bass house styles. Ready to mix crispy phat production and a good cross section of everything you need to get the grooves rolling. Don't forget, packs as strong as this can also provide tools for other tempos and genres...always check the multi-sampled instruments , hits and one noters even if you're not a House producer.

    Underground City FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Sublime and edgy at the same time. The scope of possibility with this pack is vast. Go in deep and use your imagination, it'll span all kinds of genres. Lush pads and textures to kickstart a vibe and slick drum programming to get the groves rolling. Very fresh.

    Superb collection of drum loops, hits and kits. Check the Simmons analogue synth drums for 80's retro authenticity! Loops in variety of tempos all with headroom and dry enough to add you own ambience and mix flavour. Solid investment for House, Disco, Balearic and Downtempo producers.

    Daft Funk 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Ooh Lah Lah! You should know what to expect with the title and branding. Gets 9 for Daft P style, musicianship, variety of solid hooks and production value. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synths, FX, all present and correct. Multi's are particularly good. Would be 10 if it had some vocoder action!

    Killer Bass patches, pristine drum kits and useful synth stabs. Ready to go loops and kits with the deep bass house flavour that's all the rage right now. Immaculate production that shouldn't even require much tinkering to get phat mixes. Highly recommended.

    Cinematic Tools Vol.1

    Rating: 9/10

    Beyond the description, in my opinion packs like these have infinite potential that crosses all genres, so unless you're after obvious, on-trend style packs, I'd say just grab this, load up a bunch of sounds, and let your imagination go wild. There's going to be a lot of mileage in this pack, I can tell!

    A one trick pony in terms of style/genre/tempo but nonetheless a very useful addition to a contemporary dance and bass music producers arsenal. Like instant micro-rice, just add those highlight ingredients, such as a relentless sample on repeat and your more or less there! As usual, exceptional quality and highly authentic production make this a worthy investment.

    About as contemporary as you can get. Absolutely the retro-neo sound of now. No need to go into too much detail, suffice to say a handy toolset full of go to sounds to get vibes happening quickly and make tracks in the style described in the title. Recommended

    Cinematic FX

    Rating: 10/10

    You don't need to look any further for 'go to' sound effects and sound design if you want to add that Cinematic dimension and impact to your productions. Quality, easy to find, pragmatic solutions to cover many genres and styles. And if let your imagination run wild, for the creative sampling heads out there you've got a ton of unusual new waveforms to experiment with in new genres. You should check the second volume 2. A very useful 'must buy.'

    Cinematic Fx Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Superb sound design on this essential follow up to Cinematic FX Vol.1. You'll find uses for the well organised WAV's in any genre or field of music production, even beyond TV, Ads, and Games. Whether you need Sci-Fi FX, booming sub impacts, weird soundscapes or found sounds to punctuate your productions. Covers so many bases. Totally recommend this.

    Solid, pristine and practical ready to mix looped elements, samples, grooves and vibes from trustworthy industry veterans. You can't go wrong with this pack, it has all the Bass and Chord stabs du jour if you're feeling the current new wave of Deep House that gives a direct nod to early 90's US House and Garage. Nice work!

    Plenty of inspirational and most importantly, musical Bass loops, across slow, mid and D&B tempos. A worthy follow up to one of the Bass Music secret weapon packs...seriously, don't look any further if you want ready to go under the counter, nudge nudge wink wink PORNOSONIC BASS patches...utter filth!

    Grime Scene

    Rating: 9/10

    Authentic and raw, feisty and loaded with attitude, sounds like it's straight off the pirates. 8 construction kits that not only set you up with song starters, but give you that invaluable production incite into the Grime genre. A useful addition to any Bass Music producers arsenal. And if you listen to the components, they could be reworked into modern Bass Tech, Future Garage and Deep House..wink wink, say no more.

    Good to see the newer Bass Music genre's represented across all the tempos. A multipurpose pack that ticks all the boxes if you want a taste of Trap or Juke beats, bleeps, bass and fx, and set's you up with bunch of solid song starters. Packs like these are educational for understanding the pioneering production methods in new genres, I recommend as a go-to taster for the genres.

    Has a balanced mix of dark and light moods, useful beat construction elements and the music loops are strong starting points for new tunes. Needless to say, a pack of this quality will have uses across the genres, so Bass Music producers of any tempo should definitely give this a listen. Probably being greedy, but would have loved a few more beat variations, more of the tops etc.

  • Ah, now this is a fresh concept, and the content befits the title. Rather than just a generic pack, you get an evocative collection of loops and hits that span a variety of moods and vibes that could inspire any number of tracks at any tempo's. I think pack's like this should have their own tag/category; inspirational! Nice work..look forward to more like this. VFM..lot of bang for the buck in this pack, loads of on-trend House variety in tempo and flavour. Great stabs! Everything is immaculately produced and engineered so little work needed to get the loops sitting well. Love the bass, mids and tops versions of the beats, simple but effective solution to finding those extra groove activators for your own productions. All in all a good purchase.

    Quality pre-swung loops and grooves for those who love the shuffle in their beats. Diversity in tempo and flavour will make this a very handy song starter pack if you're into the new Deep/Garage/Bass House styles as well. Scott is a maestro, so you can trust that it's a fully loaded, Loopmasters backed Beats, Bass, Music, Groves and FX affair. All the elements you need to kickstart a Jackin' Classic are here. Lezgo!

    A succinct , first class offering, useful for all House producers after grooves that actually groove. Musicality is abundant in the loops, and overall production is crisp and well rounded. Don't forget to check the tasty contemporary vocal FX. Recommended.

    A high quality but obviously niche pack, with a good variety of styles, feels and flavours. Pristine recordings, just check under the headphones for the clear mic placement that gives a real sense of space. I can hear potential in this pack way beyond it's fundamental generic utility. Looking forward to rinsing these loops at contemporary tempos..D&B etc!

    A substantial pack of starting points to get you tooled up with monster kits ready to produce Trap. It will come as no surprise that it's aimed squarely at a niche genre, but that shouldn't put off producers of any contemporary electronica...the 808 kits and loops are ready to destroy sound further production required..but obviously you can go deep, twist up what's on offer and take the elements into different genres..I know I will ; )

    Peerless and flawless live percussion performances, it's self evident why Mr Lockett is so sought after in the industry. With REX and WAV loops conveniently grouped into ensembles and solo instruments, this pack should cover every genre and then some. Some really impressive cinematic low end drums and dramatic rhythms for game/film scoring too. You need this in your library!

    Beautiful collection of impeccably refined and well produced performances covering all types of contemporary jazz, funk and soul infused grooves. Drums, Bass, Guitars, Horns, Rhodes, Strings all present and correct! I always see potential in packs like this way beyond the tags and specified genres. So with a little imagination, and rule breaking, this should go a long way in your productions.

    Just the ticket for those looking to explore the many faces of modern D&B, with fresh spins on the familiar and classic, and immaculate production throughout. The drum loops have instant vibe and energy, like steel girders to support your track. Some utterly filthy bass patches..killer hits..and multis..and I would also look to packs such as this for making Bass House..wink wink.

    The big bold hash tag for this pack is #ANALOGUE! Sonically incomparable to other i.t.b. produced packs you can hear and feel the difference in Phil's mighty Loopmasters Pack. Suddenly the speaker cone moves in a seemingly organic way, the beats are alive and present. All the fast track elements you need to produce 'proper' sounding techno/electro are right here. Will be joy to play with this pack. Thanks Phil, and thanks Loopmasters once again.

    Great to hear one of your radio heroes and music inspirations sharing their production skills. Loopmasters have many heroes in their library for those that know or care to explore in detail. Chock full of quality groove elements that reflect the essence of Detroit and European 90's Techno roots. And for aspiring producers, head straight for the construction kits to reverse engineer the process and learn from one of the legends of London's early Techno scene.

    The more you dig into the Loopmasters library the more nuggets you discover. This pack is loaded with killer tops, grooves and percussion layers which tick all the boxes on my current quest for eventual fresh groove templates to experiment with the audio to midi convertor in a certain DAW I'm beta testing. As producers we all have similar tools and yet it's always surprising the variety of difference in feel, vibe and ambience to the loops in these packs. Great selection of instruments, bass and music loops too. Recommended!

    We must thank Sgnr Pucello and Loopmasters for providing this generous pack fully loaded with scores of fresh starting points. I'm properly inspired already having just auditioned the loops, and can't wait to try out a percussion vibe or two. Maybe over a year old, but grooves like these are gold and shouldn't date. As timeless as the House music umbrella is becoming, this pack should have great staying power. Tremendous value for all house music producers. You need it!

    A masterclass in 'proper' house production where every beat is swingin'! Thankfully the rigid beats brigade seem to have rediscovered early 90's House music, so packs like this are demonstrative of the way we used to do it, and the way forward to inspire the next generation. Every loop, groove and hit is pure class. Remember it's not always the fashion hash tag genres that will give you what you're looking for! Highly recommended.

    EDM & Main Room House

    Rating: 8/10

    Strictly speaking EDM is not usually my thing, but sometimes you should think outside the box, take risks, be tangental in your strategies. And it's always important to keep up with Jones's regardless of your production niche! Well crafted packs such as this provide valuable production insight into current trends and can inspire directions you might not normally take. And there's no denying it's all quality, whatever your usual bias is. I would recommend to anyone keen on learning the ropes of EDM/Main Room/Dutch/Swedish styles. And should be a strong performer with the EDM tag in the title too.

    I think this'll become one of those super useful go to packs for solid Drum track backbones. It's not a huge amount of content, but everything in it is well produced and 'ready' to go. Great to hear some swing and shuffle happening and not just straight up beats. All in all a very handy 4/4 Drum toolkit for aspiring and pro producers alike.

    Another first class pack from the masters of party Bass Funk, Breakbeat and D&B. Phat ass Drumloops and nasty Basslines to kickstart any Bass music production. The perfect compliment to Ed Solo's Bass Lab and Deekline & Wizard's Booty Breaks packs. I'm feeling the UKG/2 step revival right now and there are a few very tasty nuggets of UKG to be found here too. Plus some super handy breakbeat and percussion top layers to add varying groove and feel to whatever production you're into. Big ups fellas!

    Refined and diverse uber contemporary post ***step/ post IDM / post Glitch/ post and packing included. Moments of 50's/60's radiophonic/sci-fi cues thrown into a food blender with Warp and Planet Mu records. Head straight for the sample patches for some of the filthiest Bass patches you've ever heard. Refreshingly oblique on the ears compared to other packs..BUT leaves you wanting a lot more of it though. Can we have part 2 please?

    Jackin House Essentials

    Rating: 10/10

    If you want to put the Jack into your box then look no further. Loaded with everything to get the beats swingin', bass lines bouncing and grooves shaking. And don't be shy or purist, if you produce other types of 4/4 this will add new flavour to your productions. With generous triple tempo looped drum layers and toppings dripping with instant funk and feel, will put your productions on the same page as the kings of swing and masters of jack ; Inland Knights/Sneak/Carter/Love/Youngman etc..exemplary pack..big LIKE from me!

    Total Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    Just let your imagination fly and you'll find inventive uses for the less obvious percussion loops for things like scissors, keyboards, cardboard boxes. This pack should provide many uses for soundtrack/game production too. All in all a huge variety of unusual and less obvious percussion loops and construction kits for the broadminded producer of all styles.

  • Nu School Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    A refined pack loaded with everything you need to sound 'on-trend'. As usual, with Loopmasters homegrown packs, plenty of very useable contemporary elements to kickstart a track or inspire a new direction if you don't make music in this genre. Consider it one of your go-to packs for the new deep house sound!

    Sometimes, a swingin' beat and a funky ass loop is all you need to get the head nodding and put you in the mood to make a new track. Abundant with phull phat, phunk phlavour jackin top grooves, music and vocal loops this pack is. Auditioning the pack has distracted me from my current work..and I'm itchin' to get some grooves rolling now..doh! Stompy lovin Jackin House need this.

    Deep Dub Tek

    Rating: 9/10

    A dozen solid construction kits in the 140bpm deep bass music territory that provide instant insight and inspiration. It's actually the atmospherics that are winning for me in this pack. Any talented engineer/producer can make authentic sounding generic beats and bass lines, but to provide a backdrop, a mood, the stage, the essence of a soundtrack, a story..this is the real value in a pack like this. Big LIKE from me.

    A masterclass in modern Drum & Bass...cunningly deconstructed tracks to learn from and be guided by. Some really inspired sound design for some of the beats which are way beyond the traditional sound palette of this genre. Highly useable Bass patches (for Deep Bass House too..hint hint!) The name is correct : Cosmic!

    Bargain! 200 quality 120bpm tops and full drum + perch grooves to get a vibe rolling instantly. Think I've spotted quite a few loops in here that have been used in some big tunes already...which is a mark of respect and verification of the usability. A must for all House producers.

    Always worth digging deep into the cavernous Loopmasters archive to unearth some highly useable nuggets. In the days before convenience 'tops' and kick less beats, you had to work a little harder to use packs like this, but what a selection. Still valid today..6 years on. My tip, try them pitched down to around 115 - 120bpm for a very contemporary sound.... shhh ; )

    If you're making House/Tech grooves, then Oliver's pack of pristine, swinging kick-less starting points and groove enhancers will set you up for months, if not years! Fantastic value as per usual, with nearly 1 and a half Gigs of diverse 'tops' across the spectrum from tribal to glitchy/minal electronic styles. Plus 70 solid Kicks to add..never seem to get enough Kicks right(!) All in all, gets a massive 'LIKE' from me.

    Effected Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    A great addition to the sound design arsenal. Loaded with crisp, high quality metallic morphing and extruding effects, transitions, hits, industrial kits and textures. This is essential for any producers who want an edge in Ads/Trailers/Games/App productions that have a Sci-Fi/Alien/Robot/Machine/Industrial theme.

    Exceptionally generous and great value pack that covers the full spectrum of 126-128Bpm HOUSE music. Solid, swinging, shuffling grooves, extensive selection of quality Synth and Multi patches, unusual and highly useful song starters "AIR" loops - high pass filtered top end harmonic loops in key, to kick start a vibe. Recommended! (one minor niggle..if only the Drums Loops where organised into Tops and Full Loops, or No Kick..would save a bit of time auditioning....)

    Dubstep Mechatron

    Rating: 8/10

    Great value pack that's mostly angled towards the complextro/brostep sound but I can certainly work some of these into new tempos and contexts. And it's a great addition to the sound design library. Big, raw, dirty Bass patches and those zingy, flangey metallic transformer sound effects that leap out of the speakers.

    Some of the tightest, slickest D&B and Half Step grooves going. Just what I was after to demonstrate the current advances in D&B production to my Padawans! Bass patches - right and proper. Kits - slamming. FX and music loops - moody and menacing. Head to the Darkside with this pack!

    Lovely stuff! Clearly a musically gifted pair, which honestly is rare in this game believe it or not! Imparting emotions in sound is what I'm searching for and this pack delivers! Great balance of inspiring song starters and building blocks. And don't be shy if you're a Deep House or Bass music producer, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find and could give you a nudge to explore new territory.

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 8/10

    Can't really go wrong with this lot. Exceptional quality and tons of choice SFX whatever you're genre or style you're into. And for those in the Trailer/Game/TV/Apps biz - this is an essential addition to your sound design tool kit. Recommended.


    Rating: 10/10

    Whoop secret weapon alert! Sound designers dream pack. Want transforming, warping and mutating robots, plus massive, dramatic, cinematic/game/sci-fi impacts, zaps and hydraulic sfx? This is the one! DIrty metallic, clangs, scrapes and twists..scary alien beast sounds..all spot on. I'll say two more words : imagination and context. Recommended

    Live Lounge

    Rating: 8/10

    Really high quality collection of song starting points. If lounge/chillout with a jazzy, soulful, funky hip hop edge is your thing then this will get you going. But here's the thing, the loops, pads and hits work at different tempos, so regardless of the genre, you just need to be creative with the wave forms, and that's what excites me most... nice pad hits by the way!

    Bop is a very generous soul! Giving you so many quality starting points and construction kits. Absolutely essential for Deep, Melodic, Cosmic and Minimal next-wave D&B, loaded with first class Bass lines, Pads, Drums, Hats and Percussion loops. For a multi-genre producer like me, this is inspirational and educational. Oh, and by the way, his own productions are utterly sublime!

    How low can you go?..the house quaking E subloops are about as low as it goes here..making trinkets move across shelves, and windows rattle. A solid cross section of mix and match music, bass and drum loops for the 140bpm world. The great thing about Loopmasters packs is they provide valuable behind the scenes insight into the latest genres. Demystifying the production process by laying out all the elements separately. Another quality pack!

    Ready swung drums and tops spanning the current cool tempos of 80/95/135/140. Combined with the relentless low end loops, this'll set you up for styles like Footwork and Post Dubstep/Bass Music. What interests me is how I could incorporate some of these inspiring grooves into the Liquatech and Bass House styles at 123-128 bpm. The rule book has long since been dispatched out of the window, I'm looking for styles beyond the tempo I like to work at for nuggets of newness to adapt and re-contextualise. Expand your sound arsenal and learn from one of the leading lights in this future Bass movement.

    It's the instant emotive quality of the melodic and harmonic content that stands out in this pack for me. There's loads of inspirational loops to kickstart a new track direction. And regardless of the style and tempo you're into producing just get creative with your DAW time warping tools and experiment with these loops at different tempos. And stacks of vibey state of the art, sliced, chopped and swung drum loops and tops to get your liquid/melodic/ambient (or whatever the latest sub genre is!) D&B track rolling!

    Fidget House Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Fun size selection of chunky, pumping, funky fidget filth to get the club jumping. Compliments the first installment perfectly and will give you hours of new inspiration and starting points. Just add plenty of imagination and a dash of musicality! Head straight to the loops and start mixing, blending, mashing and trashing.

  • Twist

    Rating: 9/10

    Outstanding collection of multipurpose Music-Cine-Gametastic sound design and effects tools to add that professional touch to your productions. Damn I need at least another three clones of me, so I could be on it 24/7 making futuresonica, chillstep, techhop, scifunk and whatever else my/your imagination can conjur with using just this single collection. Far too much choice now Jedi..stop and make some tunes!

    This is going to be handy! I do a lot of band remixes so having some fresh grooves to initiate a direction is always useful. You can never have too many Drum hits ,I always say, and I must say, the Snares are real winners here. Some great Juno chords ready to play in your own productions and a great folder of SFX I'm going to delve into right now, thankyou very much. All around a proper champion pack.

    French Electro House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a solid and useable pack to cover many 4/4 styles way beyond the suggested French Electro House vibes. Impressive and upfront collection of elements to set the scene, augment what you're working on or drop in those important finishing touches and details with the FX and hits. Check the diversity of ready sidechained/pumping effect and inspiring music loops for starters. Another asset to any producers sample library.


    Rating: 8/10

    Get it while it's hot and be first to make use of these highly useable contemporary vocal performances. Will work across many styles and obviously if you're creative, you can twist them, chop 'em, distort and reassemble in anyway you want. A great palette of vocal colours whatever style you're into. Personally, can't wait to play with the ready sliced syllables ; )

    Tasty! Almost don't want to review this as it's so on the money for me. Some killer syncopated and glitched out rhythmic/percussion and Drum loops to start you off, sick sound design and fx backdrops and IDM flavoured musical elements (if that's your bag). Immaculate production, well balanced and going to be VERY useful. Thanks Loopmasters and hat's off to ASC!

    Some solid, swingin kickless tops and shuffley grooves at 130 and 133bpm to get you started and a fine selection of punchy, crisp hits to add to the blend. I was particularly impressed by the diversity of claps and unusual stab samples. This is a great value pack nd would suit House, Techno and even Electro House/Future Garage/Dubstep styles if you're confident enough to explore the possibilities.

    This is an outstanding, immaculately produced pack, with extraordinary diversity of charismatic performances and sheer variety of loops and sample patches.Yes, it's a very specific World Music niche sound, but you can't flaw anything here. I was captivated just auditioning it! Highly recommended.

    BHK UK Mashups

    Rating: 7/10

    Strong cross section of ready to roll looped Beats, Bass, Booms and Beeps which I can see being very useful right now. Spot on for current crossover Dance/Pop in fact! Skanking in the direction of the UK Funky scene, and loaded with Soca Rhythms, this volatile pack will set the dancefloor on fire. Toddla T hold tight!

    The Funky Underground

    Rating: 8/10

    Premium quality production ready content once more from the masters of Loop. Actually, any of these grooves would sit comfortably in the Beatport Tech House charts (and I would imagine are probably already doing so in some shape or form!) Lovely shuffles, tops and full kit loops to help you get your wiggle on. Highly recommended.

    Properly twisted sonic mayhem all with a unique character that will give an edge to whatever style you're producing. I'm itching and glitching to get stuck into this lot to see what i can do for my sound. Have quite a few tpys myself but hey, you can never have enough gadgets and sound toys right! Lovely stuff!

    For professional and aspiring "____"step producers everywhere whatever your "___" step niche, this construction pack will get you stepping in the correct style and fashion. Loaded with mix and match rhythmic and musical elements and tidy ready to play sample patches. Don't hesitate to buy this!

    Tight performances oozing that Queensryche personality but equally useful across a number of genre's. Well worth auditioning! I can forsee plenty of uses for this beyond the dancefloor particularly in the gaming/tv/film soundtrack industry. A sound investment.

    Vintage Breaks Vol1

    Rating: 7/10

    Very useable dry looped and rexed content with a consistent tone colour you can personalize yourself..just add plates and springs! Great variety of playing styles and plenty of tempo diversity from Hip Hop through Funk, Breaks and Dubstep right up to Drum & Bass. Ideal addition to any multifaceted producers sample library.

    Drum Tools 01

    Rating: 10/10

    Today I've put aside my standard policy of 'make it yourself' (as I'm a firm believer that with imagination and the right tools of the trade you can make anything you want.) But there are times when you just need quick solutions. So this is now the no.1 go to drum kit archive. Well organised and meticulously produced. More than you'll ever need..and we producers seem to crave more of everything! From the first time you audition a Kick..OOF! it's Tump, Chump, Kunk, Boom, Snap, Thwack, Tick, Tizz all the way..absolutely HUGANTIC sounds! This is the Daddy of all Drum sample collections. If you don't own this you should. Essential!

    Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Vegetarians walk the other way! Frack me, these Drum hits are meaty! And the bass loops and hits are absolutely wubbly. Probably more samples and loops than you'll ever need to get the moodiest Dubstep grooves rolling in the Studio. I've been auditioning packs for hours..and this is a real winner!

    Oh Hello. Yes please. Thankyou. Monster beats and badboy bass for funky breakbeat lovers. Grab this and Ed's Bass Lab Pack for starters and you're ready to bounce. Awesome readymade crisp and kickin' kits and some well rude Soundsystem Sirens. The booty is shakin'!

    A connoisseurs collection of funky/garage/step content from one of the original innovators of the scene. You can't go wrong with this construction pack, there's everything meticulously organised for you from Beats and Bass to Pads and FX. You'll be ready to get steppin' in under 5 mins. Essential.

    For any multi-genre producer, Loopmasters is the place to load up with inspiration and information. They're actually providing educational behind the scenes, fly on the wall forensic insight into other Producers laboratories. Here you find sick beats, porno bass and sci-fi sonics to bring you up to speed in the Dubstep race. A must buy.

    Atjazz Deep & Analogue

    Rating: 8/10

    Head straight to the sampler patches for some lovely warm analogue bass, jazzy pads and fusion leads. It's all about the subtle nuances and evidently detailed programming in these sounds and patches that I can never usually find in sample packs and normally have to make them from scratch. Pure class.

    Light Textures

    Rating: 7/10

    These lush sample patches are going to come in very handy over the coming months, so take's not always about the latest batch of Tech Loops! A good producer should be digging deep and searching far and wide for new sounds Here you'll find some really inspiring textures to add depth and atmosphere to any production style. This pack is a hidden gem!

  • Tech House and Minimal

    Rating: 8/10

    Love packs like these! Loaded with pro-quality beats, loops, synths, stabs, pads, glitches and fx. I could go on and on. If only I had more hours in the day to make tunes! It's an immense arsenal of 4/4 Production essentials. Tons of super slick content to get your grooves moving in a matter of minutes.

    Monodeluxe Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    Strong and useable collection of readymade Deep House flavoured loops, licks and lines. Covers a good range of 4/4 120 something tempos. Think I'll be making good use of the Chord hits in the studio today! Big thanks again for delivering the goods Loopmasters! Definitely a recommended purchase.

    Disco Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    Another outstanding pack of flawlessly produced and performed phat and groovy Drum beats suitable for so many styles, not just Disco! I can hear these being used in all forms of House, Techno, Cosmic Disco, Balearic, Chill Wave..really up to you! Crate Diggers and Breaks Hunters head straight to the incredibly authentic sounding Full Mixes, load 'em up and you're ready to spin that Mirror Ball.

    It's simple, MIke Pelanconi just KNOWS how to record real Drummers Drumming! Pure vibe captured for everyone to add to their productions. These are the new Ultimate Breaks and Beats for serious producers who want authentically recorded and produced ready to mix performances. Funkin' Fantastic.

    Jungle Ammunition

    Rating: 8/10

    The rudest bass lines and rockin' jungle riddims. Loaded with bad boy attitude, even auditioning this pack will get you jumping in your studio, and remember to check those bonus vintage film vox samples, a nice surprise. Even useful for Fidget, Electro, Grime, Dubstep..whatever...just use your imagination, rinse those beats and get those subs growling. Nice.

    Deeper House Vol 2

    Rating: 7/10

    High quality, ready to mix and match starting points for Deep House Padawans. You'll have to chop out sections if you want individual hits or stabs..but hey, that's the fun of sampling and editing! I'm a big believer in inspiring and nurturing the next generation and loops as good as these will definitely help you them on their journey.

    BHK S.E.4 Drum Step

    Rating: 8/10

    Can't wait to play with this lot! For me, this is one of the freshest fusions right now, half time Kick's and Snares over rolling 170 something bpm D&B grooves with filthy heavy duty Wub Bass. Loads of ready to go Wobble Bass, Synth patches, Drum kits, FX and loops. Beats and Bass need this!

    Some really solid, thumping, pumping and jumping grooves and very useable stuff for aspiring Counts, Lazers, Boyz, Crookers and Beetroots but there's not a huge amount of choice in the pack. I would suggest supplementing with another pack or two if you want further tools to produce in this style.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 8/10

    First rate collection of highly useable full frequency range sonic conjunctions to fill the spaces, merge the sections and enhance your productions from the dancefloor to the cinema. I can get lost for hours making sounds like these, so this will speed up the creative process no end. Really great variety across the board, I think this is without doubt the current no.1 collection of SFX for all forms of dance music across the 120-140 bpm range. Highly recommended.

    Great value taster selection of REX files built from over a dozen other packs. A 'best of' Loopmasters Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Breakbeat styles if you like. For professional and aspiring producers, this will give you a good arsenal of rhythmic and tonal building blocks if you're into these genre's. I've grown to trust Loopmasters selecting and curating abilities and would always 'go to' their products first as they have really tuned into the specific needs of recording artists and producers.


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