Vol 2 of this pack was great to see and I have to say well worth the wait. Pure class and top draw production, like Vol 1 this has been really well put together. The fact you get real instrumentaion is a massive plus as it gives this pack a timeless quality with a retro style and feel but sits very well in any modern genre, with the DNA of classic 70s production values, were you are surrounded by the best session musicians around. In this pack you just get WAV and REX files, but in this case it doesn't matter, in my opinion, yes I would like to of seen Midi & Sampler Instruments, but this is so good I can overlook. With a old skool approach its like digging the crates for that perfect loop or sound and chopping in your favourite sampler of choice. So the digging begins with Bass Loops very nice indeed as these are all part of song parts which you can start putting a composition together really quickly or flip and chop in any way you want. Drum loops are so good, tight and great sounding, you also get them tracked out to Kick and Snare or Rim and High Hat etc, which offers you a opportunity not to just use the loops as is, but dive deeper into your sampling needs. The Music Loops bring it all together, and very tasty and this is were the retro feel comes into play, really nice production on these sounds and instruments, very usable. Finally the percussion loops add that final ingredient to give your productions a solid foundation.

Indispensable collection of Neo Soul and RnB sounds, loops and samples. Well made, and well organised, in order to be able to create entire tracks from scratch, or to bring that extra bit of sauce to a work in progress. Got the first pack, and this one is just as useful.


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