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Genre: Psy Trance

Additional Styles: Psy Trance

Psytrance Narayan!!! Narayana, a major Vedic god. another name of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is claimed to reside in Bhavsagar on a gigantic five headed snake named Sheshnaag. Narayan is also used in the following pairs: Nara-Narayana means human and god. Ideal name for such an awesome Psy trance producers package! This is a perfect psy goa indian style psy trance sound! Amazing Basslines from the standard psy triplets to total alternative edge which had me excited! The psy 303 sounding synths are sublime and very trippy! and some amazing vocal samples! A megga psy package perfect for any true psy artist and dj !

Inspired by the trance-tastic likes of Infected Mushroom, Astra Projection, Dragonfly and Ace...

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