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Celt Islam is an English pioneering artist, producer and peace activist performing high octane Neuro Dub Driven Electro BreakBeat Drum and Bass, transnational dubstep and Future Synthwave electronica with a twist of the Orient. Using a fusion of music which combines Islamic and world grooves to create a dub driven dance crossover.The unique sound of Celt Islam is a fusion of western and middle eastern influences combined with a futurist Islamic dub attitude. Open the doors of your mind and soul to Electro Sufism! Celt Islam has played at various Festivals in UK and Europe alongside Public Enemy's Bomb Squad { Hank Shocklee }, Youth, Don Letts, Eat Static, DJ UMB, The Orb, Hardfloor, Gaudi, Engine Earz, DJ Bobby Friction, DJ Pathaan, Inder Goldfinger { Ian Brown-Natacha Atlas-Apesta}, Mick Reed { 1919, Ship of fools and Nine Invisibles }, Oova Matique, Dr weevil [ Desert Storm/ DMC] , Peppery aka Bongo Chilli, D Bo General [ The Arsonist ] and DanMan { Iration Steppers } and was chosen by the BBC to perform at the BBC Introducing stage Glastonbury 2010 (www.bbc.co.uk/glastonbury/2010/artists/celtislam/). Celt Islam creates music in quite a diverse range of styles and genres. His Sufi inspired Global Grooves create a sometimes Meditative Dub transfixing all who comes across it. Celt Islam is probably best known to date for his work in the genre of his creation – Sufi-Dub – which he singlehandedly developed and continues to define. He does so in collaboration with well known names such as Inder Goldfinger, tabla player for Stone Roses legend, Ian Brown’s band and Natacha Atlas and Dawoud Kringle who has recorded and performed with the likes of Lauryn Hill. Celt Islam is one of the most gifted producers of his kind. We can trace his melodies and samples back in the most progressive part of Islam: Sufism. He is on a mission to unleash the Sufi spirits in the world of 2014; a philosophy which is essentially inclusive, tolerant to difference and other religious systems as well as borderless by default. All Celt Islam albums and Eps are available on Urban sedated Records https://urbansedatedrecords.bandcamp.com/track/i-am-elektronik and Earth City Recordz: https://earthcityrecordz1.bandcamp.com/

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  • Tearout mayhem! boom what a kick-ass producer pack this box of warped ammo contains! Thrilling spine chilling warped out filthy rasping bass that rattles ya bones! Megga delight of Drums fat and crisp! lush synth loops and a neat package of Serum presets which are a delight! Kool neat package for the serious Tearout Dubstep bass head!

    Meedtempo Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh meaty Midtempo Cyberpunk mayhem from DABRO! Perfect megga pack of hard hitting thumping sounds fat crisp drums dirty bass rasping just peffect nice dark atmospherics and synths and a great collection of vocal loops and samples perfect for that cyberpunk driven edge! A must grab for you Cyberpunk Midtempo junkies and ideal for those new to this future bass scene wanting that extra edge for their tracks and DJ sets.

    POISON: Future Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    Dark and sinister bursting with an atmospheric dystopian dub-driven realm! Poison Future Beats! Oh this meaty-armed package kicks some megga warped filthy narsty Bass! In fact defo among my faves! So Yeah want some of that futurist neuro dub driven bass edge that ripps down a soundsystem with sonic delight defo come to the right place! Be you dubstepheads or Junglists alike you gonna love this thrilling neat package of goodies from crisp drum beats and synths to that filthy bass edge and much more sonic FX treats to add to one's compositions and live sets. Megga 10 outa 10

    Gatted modulated warped BASS MAYHEM!! OMDayz! now this is one serious kickass Tearout Dubstep driven producer pack to date from HY2ROGEN . A mega 30 folders of stems each containing epic mind-melting twisted bass filth and class synth loops plus some epic presets for you serum addicts and some bonus folder of midi files to play at delight! No Brainer must grab for any serious DUbSt3P Junkie!

    Thick Sounds back again with another epic producer pack Great rattling Industrial techno mayhem! Earth shattering drums with a dirty dark edge! A well laced package of techno junkie goodies! Offworld synths and crisp fx and deep bass driven electronic mayhem. Perfect package for throwing down a nasty techno number and ideal for banging in your DJ software for that extra live edge to mixes and performances.

    Tearout Dubstep 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Total Tearout freakin mayhem! Well them hard edge bass sounds will most def rattle any soundsystem that is for sure! Well, mega packed pro package for the serious producer/Artist! rammed and armed with the most outstanding Dub Step tear-out packages to date! EDM Ghost always comes with the best so I was expecting just that! Kick ass drums warped filthy bass loops and synths that any Dubstep Electro Punk will fully embrace with delight! A megga 10 out of 10!

    Cinematic Electro ! wow now this is a beautiful display of atmospheric dystopian cyberpunk music production! I have to say the synths sounds on this producers pack are of the utmost BEST! This box of treats will surprise most of its fine quality and creativity in sound design! 7 folders each containing mind blowing cinematic Drums , pulsating modulating basses, arpeggiated synths and off world dystopian and emotional atmospherics . This is a must grab for any serious producer wanting that extra depth and quality to their compositions. What is remarkable about this package is that it has a universality in which much can be applied to most genres especially Neuro DNB and Dubstep junkies!

    Cyberpunk Serum Presets

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters have blessed us with some absolute epic Cyberpunk serum presets perfectly manifesting that dystopian dark deep sound of Cyberpunk driven electronica! 64 presets crafted to sonic perfection for both beginners and advanced users of serum . The basses are bang on! leads and pads are mesmerizing just what us Cyberpunk junkies want to hear. Also comes with additional Midi files which i have been using the TD3 bassline synth on some merging both hardware and serum wow really packs a punch! Ideal must grab for any serious contender and artist!

    Midtempo Samples I

    Rating: 10/10

    DABRO does it again with another masterpiece of absolute synth wizardry! Introducing Midtempo sample! Well call it Midtempo or Cyberpunk this neat package is absolute Kick-Ass!! The sound quality and creativity in this package is by far one of their most outstanding packages to date! Well laced with fine loops and sounds the off beat bass loops are fat and acidic perfect Cyberpunk delight ! Amazing thumping drum sounds and sublime synths! also comes with some neat midi files for you hardware and softsynth junkies ! My TD3 bassline synth is loving them midi bassline files! Cyberpunk head will love this neat treat of goodies much to play with and ideal for beginners in this realm of Midtempo Cyberpunk driven dance music!

    Industrial EBM

    Rating: 10/10

    This is one outstanding Industrial EBM package! perfectly crafted atmospheric dark edge electro ! Wonderful deep basslines with that midtempo edge! and delightful modular style space sci synth loops and great crisp electro driven drums that thunder! also comes with some mega neat FX drum hits and dark vocals ,A perfect introduction to any serious EBM or Midtempo Cyberpunk!

    Future Rave Phenomenon

    Rating: 10/10

    HY2ROGEN back again and manifests a remarkable outstanding production package Future Rave" OmFg! This I am personally having a great time with! Besides being laced with amazing lush and kick ass Drums FX , Acid driven Synths and Bass loops also comes with great Midi files and Serum presets that are among the best ! Both my TD 3 bassline synths love them Rave Midi files totally recommend it for you Acid bass heads. This neat producer pack is perfect for beginners and bang on target for any serious up and coming producer! Wnat that real Rave edge? This is a must grab! banging 10 outa 10!

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 5

    Rating: 10/10

    Always a pleasure reviewing Singomakers producer packages especially their hardedge Hardstyle and DnB . This heavyweight banger of a package is well laced with 15 folders of absolute sonic mayhem and bliss! Roaring growling modulated mayhem bass loops and sounds sublime atmospheric pads and kick ass drums to set alight any beast one wants to create ! Also comes with some neat FX and Vocal samples and great rasping Serum presets for you Serum junkies ! This package has everything the serious DNB artist or Dj would wish for in a pack! Mega 10 out a 10 and a must grab!

    Hardcore Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh! Twisted warped and absolute kick ass! Thundering mega sound of Singomakers come again with another outstanding epic producer package laced and armed to the teeth with all one needs to bang a rattling hardcore techno driven track! Absolute banging kick drums and total anthemic synths plus some neat vocals and great serum presets of which i a having great fun with lacing a cyberpunk number! just what you need to create a club banger of a tune!

    Heavy Dubstep Essentials

    Rating: 10/10

    Freaky Loops blessed us all again with their stupendous sound design and colour! Heavy Dubstep is a pretty neat little package of Dubstep driven Bass ,drums and synth sounds created perfectly for laying down great ideas and adding that xtra touch of eloquence to ones own tracks and may i add ideal for you Traktor artists wanting to drop some spice on a live mix .

    Metal Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Metal powah! Gosh what a neat surprise this killah soundbwoy Drum and Bass package manifests POW! Roaring filthy gritty rasping growling bass and gutter filthy neat guitar loops in this kick ass! We need more of this in the DnB scene a great cross pollination of genre Metal meets DnB what a perfect combo! Well megga laced with goodies this package! Boss beats crisp and kickin and as i said before about the bass roaring and the synths are a treat! also comes with some neat Serum presets along with some epic FX and Drum/Bass hits! Mega 10 outa 10

    Furious DnB Mutation

    Rating: 10/10

    Furious DnB Mutation Mayhem! Woah! Soundbwoy Killah! Singomakers sure kicks ass again with another absolute epic dynamic sound package furious is defo the energy manifested well ! Roaring Rasping filthy tearing metallic Bass that is just totally perfect for any real DnB Bass junkie! crafted perfect for the serious contender! also comes with some nice synth loops Hits and divine Fx sounds plus the drums are well neat ! This is a great little beast of a package and having lots of fun playing around with the bass loops cutting and pasting in Acid making them talk to one another a defo must grab for the pro DnB artist and DJ!

    Unstoppable Neuro

    Rating: 10/10

    Unstoppable Neuro mayhem! A well armed package for the serious producer! Mega pack full of filthy bass drums and synths! folder of starter stems to help with creativity and midi files to trigger your own hardware for that xtra edge which i have been doing with my own TD3 bassline synth .This is an amazing display of that rasping sizzling bass sound of neurofunk dnb driven dance music and a must grab for anyone serious in composition and sound!

    Serum Bass Monsters

    Rating: 10/10

    Whoah! Tear Out Filthy dirty bass sound from this package absolutely kick ass! I am having so much fun with this package and gives me great delight to review such a meaty serum pack! 6 folders of stems to play containing some epic bass synths fx and drums to play with and a mega much of Serum presets that rattle any soundsystem to shreads! A must have for you bass heads all things tearout and filthy neuro driven!

    Junglist massive! Oh my dayz! now this is a mega take me back to the junglist days ! Now there is many a junglist sample package out there but this is next level accuracy! The drums totally epic! that real old school ripping apart that Amen break is perfect sound quality and mesmerising twists any junglist will totally love! Basslines are DREAD!! rolling descending sub basses just what you need for that true Jungle sound and comes with some amazing synths and reggae chop loops one could not ask for a better package when it comes to the original sound of Jungle!

    Riddim Upheaval

    Rating: 9/10

    Dabro back again with one awesome epic mega warped sound package well laced with totally mayhem twisted freaked out bass and drum fine and snappy plus great synth loops also comes with 8 folders of stems perfect for dropping in traktor for them extra treats in shows! having great fun playing with this producer pack and the serum presets are also neat and a few midi files which is fun using my TD3 bassline synth! Good all round package for basshead dubstep junkies!

  • BHK Samples - Nasty

    Rating: 10/10

    BHK is back with an outstanding epic new style and twist! NASTY! This is a great neat package and introduction to the realm of " Tearout" and Deathstep" sub genres of dubstep! NASTY manifests that dark edged side of Dubstep perfectly with its dirty warped metallic torn bass sound and off-world synths you bass heads gonna freakin' love! Drums are epic! This is one kick ass package and ideal for new comers to the dark realm of Tearout dub driven dance music

    Oh mega kick ass package of absolute neurofunk mayhem! Singomakers always come up with sonic treats Neurofunk DNA modification is one of the packages that resonates the best of neuro-driven dance music magically rammed with sublime filthy nasty basslines and otherworldly synths and them drums kick ass nice snappy snares and badbwoy kick drums that rattle any sound system! Epic 10 outa 10 and a must grab for you bass junkies!

    Dubstep Crisis

    Rating: 10/10

    Tear Out Dubstep Mayhem at its mega finest! OMFG! them sick twisted warped basslines had me straight away! There are many great dubstep packages around but this monster beast of a producers goodie bag of tricks is up among the greatest packages i have had the great pleasure to review! The package is well laced and armed with utter kick ass drums and nasty rasping twisted basslines and sound any bass junkie would freak on! Lots of midi files serum presets and great synth and fx loops and sounds ideal to start making utter post post-apocalyptic sonic mayhem! A must grab for the serious dubstep junkie!

    Mainstage NeuroFunk

    Rating: 10/10

    Mind warped NeuroFunk Mayhem from Industrial Strength which has manifested an epic new sample loop package of the upmost best in fine quality DNB Neuro driven dance music! Absolute winner! Dirty nasty tearing rattling basslines that rip through perfectly in a twisted form! Drums kick ass nice phat and crisp and epic synths to play with! Loving messing with this beast throwing in at random them basslines you Neuro Bass heads gonna love!

    Mid Tempo Creatures

    Rating: 10/10

    Cyberpunk / Midtempo junkies get ready! This is one mega awesome neat little bag of goodies well armed and ready for playing with! The cyberpunk style basslines with that offbeat rhythm laced with an edge of neuromodulated rattle is perfect ! Having some much fun with them cutting and pasting them all over the place at random created just the right mayhem for you bass heads! Synths are a real treat and the drums are solid thumping ! This is an ideal starter pack for anyone wanting to adventure into the new wave cyberpunk driven dance music scene!

    Mid Tempo Electro

    Rating: 10/10

    Being some what of a Cyberpunk junkie this is right up my street!! The wonderful complex blend of Electro driven mid tempo cyberpunk is well manifested in this neat little package! The drums are an absolute delight and bright! The basslines are perfectly modulated on that off beat mode and synths are an extra treat! This epic bag of goodies is ideal for anyone wanting that little extra cyberpunk edge to their tracks and them bassline work amazing with Dubstep and Neurofunk driven dance music! A must grab for you midtempo producers and perfect for beginners in the realm of cyberpunk/midtempo EDM.

    Drum & Bass Exorcism

    Rating: 10/10

    Sick twisted warped Neuro driven Drum and Bass at its finest! This megaron blast of a package kicks some ass! Drum and Bass Exorcism well armed to the teeth with ripping tearing basslines and phat crisp breaks a perfect treat for you basshead dnb neurofunk junkies! Synths are a nice treat and perfect for adding that little extra push to ones tracks or dj sets! Dropping loops in traktor is also fun adding that spice to one's mixes!

    Tear - Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    TearOut mayhem just the thing to wake up the dead lol most excellent little neat package of sick tearing warped modulated bass frenzy! The drums are tight and crisp , bassloops tearout any soundsystem blasting sonic mayhem! Syhths are a treat nice and moody! Perfect for traktor sets can just wang em all in and boom! This is an ideal neat package for beginners into the tearout /deathstep realm of dubstep!

    Heavy Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This is one killah DnB package well rammed and armed with the upmost of fine sound design! Warped out nasty basslines kicking boss beats and breaks and lush fx and synths plus some great construction kits perfect for dropping in a daw and DJ software ready to rumble plus the serum presets are a nice additional treat! Mega heavy and not for the fainthearted!

    Complex Neurofunk

    Rating: 10/10

    Mega warped freaked out neurofunk courtesy of Industrial Strength! Lush crisp raw dirty bass loops and sound freakin perfect for you bass junkies! also come well laced with the finest of drum loops and single drum hit sounds ready for action! package has some neat synth and FX sounds ideal for that xtra touch to ones tracks and as i often to drop some in tracktor as a treat in a live set.

    Happy Hardcore

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh mega banger of a producers pack ooh this hardcore face melter is well armed to the teeth with the most outstanding of production and sound quality as expected from Singomakers! Booming kick drums that rattle any sound system and synths waped out perfect for them epic drops ! On a personal note love messing around with some of these sounds mixing them with neurofunk and cyberpunk driven mayhem fits a treat!

    Tsunamis: Neurofunk DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Mega Tsunamis ! DABRO hit us again with another outstanding epic full on filthy rasping dirty neurofunk mayhem of a package totally kickin' ass when it comes to the best on warped out modulated bass synths! Armed to the teeth with the best of Drum loops and sounds and the live kit is great! Synths and FX are a treat but where this stands out is in the bass! A perfect combo for you neurofunk bass heads and for you beginners of neuro driven production there are 5 folders of stems perfectly cut to start a new project!

    Tearout Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    EDM Ghost production do indeed manifest some of the best high quality sample and producer packages i have had the great pleasure of reviewing! Lets get to it shall we? This is by far one of the most outstanding Tearout Dubstep packages to date! Puts many to shame lol the filthy tearing machine gun basses are absolutely epic! Crunching tearing warped modulated filth! Perfect recipe for the best in Dubstep driven dance music! Drums bang on crisp and thumping kicks that rattle any sound system with delight and such sublime synths as a perfect addition to the monsters one can create from this beast of a package! A mega 10 outa 10 and a defo must grab for any serious electronic dance musician!

    Gabba Rave

    Rating: 10/10

    ISR back again this time with another epic Hardcore sound package riddled in the finest of techno Gabba ammunition! Well laced with destructive hardcore drums and utterly warped twisted and delightful retro synths any Rave head will totally enjoy! An meggatron 30plus folders of Basses , synths Drum hits serum presets which are sick btw and awesome sounds and not just for techno heads ! I have found myself playing with some sounds on Tearout dubstep to midtempo cyberpunk mayhem and works a mega treat! This is a must grab!

    Augmented Neuro-Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Blind Audio back again with yet another epic atmospheric neuro driven sound package and always a great pleasure to review their works as they are among the best when it comes to sound design and having a unique edge which is universal . This well armed neat package is perfect for you Neurofunk junkies like myself who are experimental and dabble with cross genre music and tempo ! Absolute divine basslines warped and pushing that sub bottom end and wonderful crisp phat breaks and the synths are a real neat treat !

    Phat Bass Music II

    Rating: 9/10

    DABRO comes in again with another epic outstanding producers sound package Phat Bass Music 2 . Sick synths and great kick ass drums ,roaring kick ass Basslines as is always from Dabro wonderful folders rammed with goodies for so many genres or like myself who likes to mash styles .This is a perfect sonic treat for any basshead junkie and ideal for those wanting that little xtra edge to their tracks.

    Hardcore Raver

    Rating: 10/10

    Totally off its nut! Mentalism at its finest! Oh yes bring it on! Now where to start lol ahah this meaty kick ass package meggatron dirty rave hardcore perfection! The kick drums epic as expected and synths ruthless ! Let say anyone into this hardcore style is going to freakin' love this! Plus on a personal note i have been playing around with some of these sounds for my own Celt Islam Neuro-Cyberpunk mayhem project and works a mega treat! Well armed with sounds loops and the serum presets a to treat for you hardcore junkies! a mega 10 outa 10 and a must grab for any serious hardcore raver producer or like myself twist up genre and create mayhem on the dancefloor!

    Kaleidoscope Neuro Drum and Bass has to be among the very best Neuro driven Drum and Bass package to date! Absolute epic of a package well armed to the teeth with everything a hard edge Drum and Bass producer would want! Serum presets are sick! and lets get to the Bass sound! Meggatron ripping rubber metalic sonic mayhem of bass sounds on a personal note i have been trying some with Cyberpunk/Midtempo at 110bpm and they are doing it ! The drums are phat! and synths are lush and dropped down an octave become even more epic! Package also contains all loops as Rex files perfect for us Rex file junkies you know who you are! This is a no brainer! a must have in ones collection of sound packages. Mega 10 outa 10!

    Metalstep Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Metal chugging dubstep mayhem! Oh this kick ass package vol2 from Freaky Loops comes in with a bang! Perfect combination of electro dub-driven punk mayhem meets Metal! Well armed to the teeth with roaring filthy dubstep basses and kick ass drums and the guitar loops ripping are perfect! Real cuttin' edge package for you Bass junkies! and ideal loops for droppin' in live sets giving that xtra push and edge to shows the alternative and mainstream crowds will love! Mega 10 outa 10!

    Cybernetic Neuro-Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    Cybernetic Neuro Hop is a great neat package of Neurofunk driven breakbeat delights perfect for you warped bass junkies alike! Come well armed with some crisp breakbeat loops and filthy twisted basses to which i have a right delight messing with. Synths are nice and rasping plus comes with some neat oneshot drums and fx . This is an ideal introduction to the new wave Neurobreaks sound !

  • BHK - Lifted

    Rating: 10/10

    Great to see the outstanding pioneer of Neurofunk driven Drum and Bass BHK back with avengence! This Epic neat package is mega laced with the most gnarly and rasping Neuro bass driven sounds to date! Kick ass Drums that thump also in Rex format for you REX junkies! lots of great FX Basses and goodies to play with at your pleasure! a real treat for you BassHeadz!

    CARBON: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Once again Ghost Syndicate blessed us all with another epic outstanding producer package and what an absolute gem ! The atmospherics on the sounds are mega mind blowing sublime Basses and Synths and to be honest some of the best sounds I've heard to date ! Fat snapping drums and some kool FX this neat banger of a package bites back! perfect for any serious DNB Neurofunk basshead!

    Phat Bass Music

    Rating: 10/10

    Phat Bass Music absolute mayhem of a package! Dabro has once again come with one mighty beast of a package armed to the teeth with mind warping twisted nasty Basses and crisp phat Drums with epic synths ideal for so many genres . Also comes with some awesome ableton treats and serum presets A perfect package for bassheads and ravers alike!

    Skylines - Mid Tempo

    Rating: 9/10

    Skylines - Mid Tempo is a great perfect introduction to the whole Cyberpunk Midtempo scene and its exciting to hear this little neat package which is mega stuffed with some epic synths Basslines drums and retro sounds ideal for you lovers and junkies of all things synthwave retrowave and alike!

    Freaky loops has blessed us again with some outstanding production and released this 5 folder bag of stems well armed with some dirty rasping acid bass cyberpunk mayhem! 100 to 105 bpm tempo cyberpunk tracks perfect to mess around with and use within ones own tracks or live shows when needing that extra edge to ones sets . A perfect introduction to the world of EBM driven cyberpunk music family.

    ATLANTIS: Future Garage

    Rating: 10/10

    Atlantis Future Garage is a beautiful unique atmospheric bass driven producers package ! Absolute sublime and perfectly crafted soundscapes that are utterly mind blowing! This is by far one of the best packages by Ghost Syndicate to date! Crisp fat drums and wonderful Basses and the synths totally mesmerising!

    Neuro DNB II

    Rating: 9/10

    DABRO back again with another epic sinister dark edge neurofunk driven mayhem of a package! Outstanding mind twisting dark modulated rasping filthy basses and epic synths dry and effected plus kick ass snapping crisp drums that bite back cutting perfect ! Totally on one with this myself chopping up them basses i would say this is for any serious producer that wants that high standard Neuro edge for their tracks and Dj sets !

    Automata - Halftime DNB

    Rating: 10/10

    Automata! Absolute sublime and such a delight to review such an amazing epic atmospheric Bass driven Halftime package and the best so far in this genre! The Synths are off-world dark and have that perfect atmospherics ideal for such bass driven music with depth! Drums are great and the sub basses are perfect cannot wait to drop some of these delights at Glastonbury festival! The whole package is a perfect introduction to the Halftime movement and ideal for producers needing some special depth to their tracks! a must get package !

    Ragga Neurofunk & Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    Ragga Neurofunk stylee is truly a rocking off its head kick ass producers pack mega armed with some big epic raw ripping basslines fat drums that whack a punch and some kool synths and vocals to mess with hey this is well sweet! and a true Junglist ragga neuro driven package for you bass junglists!

    Heavy Complex Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Mega bone crushing Dubstep mayhem! Now this has some megatron bite! Epic Basslines that rip through your body and snapping crisp drums a real Dubstep junkies delight! well armed with some oustanding sounds perfect for the serious DJ and producer who wants that little extra special edge to their tracks and sets!

    Epic monster destruction style dubstep! Mega rasping screechin' mayhem from them bassloops and dread snappy drums! Kool neat package ideal for that festival day time dubstep rave! Also has some neat atmospherics and FX perfect combo for any serious dubstep junkie!

    Absolute bilnder! This new package by Industrial Strength is mega epic! ANA2 sound bank comes with a kick ass punch and sublime destructive sounds! Basses leads and fx are just such a joy and totally mix genre All you Bassheadz dubdriven dance music producers are gonna love this! What is also mega is that this package comes with some amazing loops ideal for that extra edge to ones epic tracks! a total mega 10 outa 10 and a must have for any serious producer!

    Hardstep Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Ooh love this nasty beast of a pack! Hardstep filthy gnarly rasping modulation mayhem dubstep ! Total epic sounds! Edgy basses and snappy drums this little neat producers pack is perfect for you dubstep junkies! Always a pleasure to hear what Freaky Loops manifest! banging 10 outa 10!

    LCY - Bionic Autonomy

    Rating: 10/10

    LCY Bionic Autonomy is an absolute sublime futuristic producer package ! The electro fueled atmospherics in the production are wonderful and very trippy! BPMs ranging from 100 to 160 this neat box of tricks is rammed with great unique drums and off-world synths and bass sounds that will have anyone mesmerized !!

    EBM: Midi

    Rating: 10/10

    Once again! Industrial Strength manifest an epic new dark edge EBM package for you lovers of all things electro industrial fueled sonic mayhem! This neat producers pack is well presented with some fine bass and synth sounds perfect for that dark alternative industrial electro tech edge! and the drums kick ass! mega armed with outstanding fx and Kits to play with and ideal for you Tractor mixers wanting that extra industrial edge to ones set!

    Total Blackout

    Rating: 10/10

    Total Blackout sure does kick some ass to be honest absolutely feeling that dirty sub warped driven sound on the bass loops and some great kick ass Drums! Synths are quite epic and has a unique edge i admire! Also comes with some freakin ace synth presets for Vital and Serum and the electronic percussion is off-world and amazing! a mega all round 10 out a 10 for unique sound and epic quality and a must have for a serious producer!

    Advanced Future Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Advanced Future Breaks is a nice small neat package with some sublime lush analogue edge synths and outstanding gritty neuro driven basslines perfect for cyberpunk midtempo driven sound! Drums are well punchy with some great kicks that thump great. This is an ideal neat package as an introduction to alternative breaks driven dance music .

    Analog Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    Analog Electro is a perfect introduction for anyone wanting to venture into the Detroit style Electro ! wonderful and amazing lush synths /FX and epic Drums bass a perfect combination for lovers of the electro bass genre. Also ideal for you alternative techno and cyberpunk junkies wanting a little extra analogue edge to your tracks and DJ sets.

    INFERNO Drum n Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute epic Drum and Bass package! Filthy dirty rasping warped sound pack to date! Twisting distorted modulated bass and synths are great and such lush pad sounds also . The drums kick ass a big treat for the Junglists without doubt and a most perfect package for any serious Artist or DJ to use within their compositions . A mega 10 outa 10!

    Drum and Bass Secret

    Rating: 10/10

    Drum and Bass secret sure does kick ass! absolutely love them twisted foul dirty nasty gnarly ripping basslines ouff! perfect for any serious DnB Junglist junkie Drums give a mega thump snapping snares and big thudding kick drums shatter any dancefloor! Synths are awesome Perfect neat package for the serious contender ! big 10 outa 10 can't wait to hear more from House of loop!

  • Bossfight Dubstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Bossfight dubstep by Shuriken Audio is an excellent neat little stems package perfect and ideal for beginner producers . This package is basically 5 tracks with their stems in 5 folders each containing the most excellent quality of sound design to date! It is perfect for Djs wanting that xtra edge on their sets . Be amazing to see Shuriken Audio produce a mega producers package as i feel their sound and quality would defo be a winner for the dubstep junkies.

    Planetary - Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute Killah! Freaking love this new wave of Neurofunk mayhem! Planetary kicks some ass! Filthy tearing rasping Bass perfect to rattle anyone's sound system! A very well put together package lace with the finest Neurodriven dance music can provide and ideal for those madheads wanting some extra gnarly filthy sound to their tracks and live DJ sets! A mega 10!

    Industrial Dubstep Serum

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh freaking love this warped out Dubstep package by ISR and as usual they come hard hitting with some sublime nasty Deathstep style filthy gnarly horror basslines and presets! Perfect for so many styles! You Neurofunk bass heads will freaking love it and the future dubstep artists will love playing around with these amazing sounds! A big mega 10 outa 10 and a must-grab for any serious artist wanting that extra alternative edge to their tracks.

    Nootropic Neurofunk

    Rating: 10/10

    Nootropic Neurofunk by Singomakers! oh bwoy ruthless amazing mindwarping sound design ! Hard hitting drums snapping snares and sublime synth loops and do not get me started on the bass sound! Bass loops are freaking awesome as i expected gnarly rasping filthy sub perfect Neurofunk noize factor for any serious contender! A mega warped 10 outa 10 and a must for any serious producer or DJ who wants that little xtra push for their tracks!

    Neurofunk DNA

    Rating: 10/10

    Neurofunk DNA Boom! what an outstanding producers package absolutely mega rammed with the best of high octane Neurofunk driven mayhem! Filthy twisting warped out rasping gnarly metallic growling modulated mayhem of basslines and synths and as always mega kick ass drums and sound FX ! An Absolute must for any serious artist / musician and DJ This is by far one of the best to date! I am playing around with this package all weekend having great fun blasting that Sub and amazing noise factor! mega 10 outa 10!

    Enduser Breakcore

    Rating: 10/10

    Enduser Breakcore is the perfect weapon of choice for you Hardcore dance music junkies who want that little extra edge to their tracks or Dj sets! Well armed with high end filthy Reece basses dirty beats and gnarly kick drums that rattle my soundsystem ! A perfect little neat package ideal for those new to the dark side of electronica.


    Rating: 10/10

    2021 Year of the Cyberpunk synthwave sound and what a most excellent display of modern synth driven retro style producers package to date! Beautiful Pads and Atmospherics laced with sublime arpeggiated and modulated basslines and wonderful crisp LinnDrum style drums ideal and perfect for any serious producer and musician to play with!


    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers are kicking it again with a mega blast of a new Midtempo producers package and as standard the quality is of the upmost best! Absolute filthy gnarly rasping synths and basslines pushing some nice sub and kick ass beats amazing sound fx also some off the wall vocal samples a perfect package for any serious contender and perfect for dropping in live sets!

    Cyberpunk Mid Tempo

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a nice neat intro to the whole Cyberpunk/synthwave sound! has some lush basses and top quality synths ideal for that atmospheric darkwave edge to synthwave and perfect for those beginners of the alternative synthwave movement !

    Gancher & Ruin back in full effect! Need some warped nasty gnarly hardcore edge DnB Techno this is the beast you need! A mega armed package with some kick ass breaks and drum loops nasty bass and sublime synths and hardcore kicks that make any soundsystem rattle! a mega 10 outa 10

    Future Halftime

    Rating: 10/10

    Future halftime by EDM ghost is among the best i have reviewed from their works and enjoying the high quality of sound! Well laced with some amazing folders of goodies from Serum presets to midi files which my 303 is loving btw lol amazing drum loops and great driven basslines and synths perfect for ripping down big rigs sending folks nuts! This is for the serious side of alternative dub driven dance music and perfect for you neuro bass heads!

    Bear Grillz ooh now this is a real treat for you bass and synth junkies! Absolute delight to review this belter! has some amazing Bass loops and sounds and the synths are well odd and alternative perfect for artists into experimentalist bassism! some mad unique sounds in this mega box of treats and a delight to play with perfect for serious musicians wanting that xtra edge to their tracks and Sets / a megatron 10 outa 10!

    Furious Neurofunk

    Rating: 10/10

    Furious Neurofunk sure does rattle my sound system perfectly! amazing production! The Drums are solid and crisp with a nice fat kick and tight cutting snares ! Now the bass loops and sound oh my days! Gnarly filthy dirty distorted mayhem! absolutely perfect! plus some nice od synth loops and vocal samples. This is a must grab package for any serious producer and DJ! mega 10 outa 10

    Conrank Wubbly Jubbly is one sweet neat package nicely laced with some mad sawtooth gnarly rasping bass loops that rattle perfect lol well armed with some lovely and off-world melodic synths loops and neat drums it is an ideal package for that alternative electronic edge.

    Neurofunk Armageddon

    Rating: 9/10

    Neurofunk Armageddon by IQ Samples! Fast kick ass and downright filthy mayhem Love it! what a mega ace package full of rasping sub driven basses and sublime synths plus the drums are kool also ! This is a perfect Neurofunk producers package which bites back with a heavyweight kick! Ideal for folks new to Neurofunk driven production!

    Nami Artist Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    Lush dark atmospheric progressive Drum and Bass producers package by Nami manifests the best in high definition quality of sound design! Perfectly crafted alternative DnB package armed with amazing and outstanding bass and synth loops and additionally fat breaks to complete this box of treats!

    Busted Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    Industrial strength comes up with an absolute banger techno package taking no prisoners! 24 folders each armed with dark atmospheric gnarly techno loops and samples perfectly designed to drop in any daw or DJ set like pure techno magic! Absolute banging kick drums and dark synths and basses many a bass head will enjoy playing with.

    Rawstyle Sabbath

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers have dropped a huge epic package this time! Rawstyle Sabbath! Totally kicks ass! - absolute epic synths from screeches to melodies and them Kick bass drums pushing some weight! some nice vocal treats and sublime fx this is the perfect modern edge Hardstyle package to date! I strongly advise anyone wanting to venture into this dark realm of hard dance music this is the package to get! Finding myself playing with so much of these sound of late within my own Dub driven dance music and i can see many folks from our Neurofunk dubstep community loving some of this! mega 10 outa 10!

    Booyaka Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Booyaka DnB is a kool neat package laced and armed with some mega top commercial style dnb junglist loops and samples! Some amazing Drums nice and lush pushing fat kicks and crisp snares! The basses and synth melodies great and the vocals are a real treat to play with ideal for Djs wanting to drop some soundbwoy style vocals on their live sets . I


    Rating: 10/10

    Oh just loving this mid tempo dub driven bass package! Ghost Syndicate always come with some amazing dark atmospheric deep sounds! Well armed with sublime gnarly rasping filthy sub basses and lush off-world synths ideal for dubstep neuro driven bass-head producers and Djs . Perfect for giving ones live set or composition that extra push and dark edge!

  • VIBES 10 - Street Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    Street Beats oh yes takes me right back to the early 80s breakdancing and flexing moves to Chris The Glove Taylor and IceT ! This is a perfect old school B Boy sound package well laced with some amazing Lindrum and 808 style drums to lush synths and fat basslines plus comes with some mega awesome old school vocoder robot style vocals! This is an ideal package for that old school B Boy edge!

    Psytrance Narayan

    Rating: 10/10

    Psytrance Narayan!!! Narayana, a major Vedic god. another name of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is claimed to reside in Bhavsagar on a gigantic five headed snake named Sheshnaag. Narayan is also used in the following pairs: Nara-Narayana means human and god. Ideal name for such an awesome Psy trance producers package! This is a perfect psy goa indian style psy trance sound! Amazing Basslines from the standard psy triplets to total alternative edge which had me excited! The psy 303 sounding synths are sublime and very trippy! and some amazing vocal samples! A megga psy package perfect for any true psy artist and dj !

    Ooh now this belter package from DABRO is just freakin ace! The gnarly rasping filthy bass synth loops are freakin awesome! In fact among the best i heard ! Drums are sick fat and crisp! and the synths are great! Mad little package rammed with some outstanding loops and sounds perfect for you bass heads! Dubstep Neurofunk breakbeat electro dub driven mayhem its all game here! Megga 10 outa 10!

    Heavy MidTempo Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Now this is one nasty gnarly rasping neat little package! Freaky Loops comes again with some meggatron style bass sound ! That ripping freaked out glitch style bass is just mega sick ! The Bass loops are among the best i heard in the industry! plus the megga huge folders riddled in high quality sound drums is just outstanding ! This neat package is ideal for you bass junkies wanting that apocalyptic dub driven edge to their tracks which big 10 outa 10!

    Summer EDM 2020

    Rating: 10/10

    Summer EDM by Singomakers another epic producers package absolutely laced with the most high end quality of sound as we expect from SM. It is a perfect package for those wanting that extra edge to their summer dance tracks and DJ sets. Outstanding drums and deep bass loops and the drop synths are a true delight with sublime melodies .

    Electronic Body Music

    Rating: 10/10

    ISR come with this mega dredd producers package Electric Body Music! This hard dark edged driven industrial electro bag of tricks has to be one of the most outstanding packages to date! The vast amount of samples and loops is just mind blowing! The high quality of sound is just perfect and lets get down to what is contained within! From Acid Basslines to Dark Drones to drums that rattle my sound system! sublime synths and amazing bad glitched radio FX samples and the list goes on! This maybe an EBM package but such a package can be used for so many a genre and style as its sounds are so diverse and unique! A mega 10 out a 10!!

    Survival DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Apollo Sound come with a sublime and outstanding Drum and Bass package riddled in the most finest of production and depth of sound! Well laced with some amazing drums and mesmerizing synths and FX and lets not forget them dirty Basses that shake venues and festivals with utter sub destruction!

    Dubstep outlaws vs Riddem Gangsters drop another heavyweight producers package for you basshead junkies! Dubstep mayhem at its finest! Rasping growling filthy gnarly basses ripping metalic mayhem! to sublime synths and fat Drums ! Prefect combo for any utter mayhem of a track or DJ set! Ideal for beginners wanting to venture beyond the norm!

    Arabian Vocal Hooks

    Rating: 9/10

    Beautiful Arabic style vocals! perfect for many a genre from House / Psy to Drum and Bass and ideal also for them eastern styled tracks and Dj sets . Also comes with extra folders of Strings and various other ethnic and traditional instruments perfectly crafted and of the most high standard of quality sound!

    Alien Dubstep Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    Dirty nasty rasping filthy Dubstep mayhem ooh yess!! gimme more!! This is one kick ass sweet neat little package megga armed with some amazing off world Gnarly Bass loops and kick ass drums an all around kick ass dubstep producers package! Perfect for you lovers of all things nasty neuro driven dubism!

    Psytrance Nirvana

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers always come with the most outstanding of producers packages of high definition of sound and quality! Absolute gem of a Psy trance package well armed with the most sublime of Basslines Synths and drums and the sound fx are wonderful! plus vocal glitchy loops are divine! a true manifestation of present day Psy trance and most perfect for you Psy Djs wanting an extra edge to ones live shows! big 10 out of 10 and a must get for any serious Psy producer and DJ!

    Acid Techno 2020

    Rating: 10/10

    Acid Techno 2020! now this is what i call a real Acid package with some weight! I am very hard to please when it comes to Acid driven dance music but this belter of a package kicks ass! Okay you Acid junkies! Drums kick ass! perfect quality of sound thumping some amazing kicks and Laced with some sublime 303 Acid lines perfectly gnarly! and sonically warped perfect for ripping into ones own banging tune! in fact i am using some of them for my latest Celt Islam album "Acid Anarchy" out this summer! This package is a defo must for anyone serious about Acid driven dance music! megga 10 outa 10!

    Industrial Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    Now we're talking! Industrial Dub! This has been a long time waiting! and what an an amazing alternative Dub producers package this is! Well armed to the teeth with some absolute mesmerizing Drum loops and sounds! Haunting snares and fat kicks with bass loops sublime! This package gives a real edge of dub driven music and perfect for Dubstep heads and Neuro driven dance music!

    Industrial Bass Music

    Rating: 10/10

    2020 perfect era for Industrial Dub driven dance music ! RV come with an absolute mind-warping alternative edge to Industrial electronica with outstanding gnarly sub Bass and drums also well laced with some megga ace odd synth loops all in Rex or you Rex junkies ideal for any serious producer who wants depth and an edge beyond the lame excuse of mainstream materialistic dribble we all sadly hear too much of lol . :D

    Melodic Frenchcore

    Rating: 10/10

    ISR banging it hard again with an epic Frenchcore package of absolute mayhem at its finest! Totally sick dredd kicks and menacing screeching warped syths from another dimension! Perfect hard edged techno loops and samples for any serious hardcore DJ or producer! It is totally addictive!

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 4

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers come back with a belting storm of a package well armed and ready to annihilate the Drum and Bass scene with some outstanding noise factor for you basshead junkies! The Analogue synths are gritty and perfect! drums lush and crisp plus some amazing push dark atmospherics and totally warped twisted mentalist bass perfect to rip though some neuro driven performance! This is one of the best packages to date! a megga 10 outa 10!

    Ominous Neuro

    Rating: 10/10

    Neuro mayhem at its megga blasting finest! Warped out twisted dutty bass! this fine manifestation of Drum and Bass driven sound is perfect! Nasty rasping basses to kick ass drums and comes with some neat midi files perfect to trigger your filthy bass synths to ! Big al around 10 outa 10!

    Psytrance Revelation

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute dynamite ! This is without any doubt the best Psy trance package to date! Being huge fan of Psy trance and having once been a trance Dj in the 90s, Bigbeat took me away lol but of late i heard some amazing Psy and this just did the trick for me! The Drum sounds are perfect! and the Bass and synths are just totally mind blowing! plus it comes with an amazing sound bank and fx ideal for anything Psy based! Have to give it a 10 out of 10 for production and such a lush sound! Perfect!

    Neurofunk Generation

    Rating: 10/10

    Neurofunk at its finest! Warped lush offworld basses rasping and growling just perfect! Apollo sound have done a great job here this is an ideal if not perfect package for any serious Neurofunk basshead! Well armed with the finest of Drums and Bass sound and totally perfect for you Traktor Djs wanting an extra level push to your mixes!

    Now ACID is my era so i will not shy from criticism when it comes to my No.1 dance music genre! OK lets go! lol This is a very good package that resonates a nice lush side of Acid House with that slight modern edge to production. i can say it's a little laid back but anyone with the right mind will slam on some distortion to them beautifully recorded 303 lines! The package comes with some amazing drum loops samples and amazing TB 303 bassline loops! This is a perfect introduction to the Acid House culture and production plus ideal for beginners in this realm of ACID x

  • Dark Neuro Rollers

    Rating: 10/10

    Dredd dirty Neuro sound! Dark Neuro rollers is one fine kick ass DNB package megga warped ripping bass, lush Synths and crisp Drums ! The FX folder also neat has some good sounds and ideal for traktor or Albleton live Dj Sets but also great for them little extras for one's own compositions . I have been strongly advising those producers wanting to get into the field of Neuro driven dance music and such packages are perfect as an introduction! good 10 out of 10!


    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yeah MetalStep! Now love it when you cross genre especially when its with a hard edge dub driven fuelled mayhem vibe! Nice Metal Style drums and the Bass and synths are a delight plus comes with some pretty meaty guitar licks perfect for them dirty drops!

    Addictive Neurofunk

    Rating: 8/10

    Addictive Neurofunk comes in with a fine lush minimalist style of Neurofunk driven Drum and Bass perfect package for beginners in Drum and Bass sound! Package is great with some lush crisp drums and sublime bass sounds and loops - in fact was playing with it in Traktor and it's perfect for that extra edge to ones own live sets!

    Dubstep Outlaws vs Riddim Gangsters! Banging!! Warped mayhem dubstep at its finest! Amazing package well armed to the teeth with the best of sounds and loops! High quality sound! Drums are clean and crisp but the basses are freakin wild and ripping filthy rasping mayhem - just what you need! Sublime synths and for you VST lovers plenty of sound presets! A mega 10 out of 10!

    Neuro Techstep 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yeah one hell of a beast package well laced with some megga blasting warped out modulated neuro bass sickness! Drums kick some ass also and dredd synthsounds ideal for Neuro driven mayhem producers and Djs alike! Always a pleasure reviewing Singomakers they always come up with the best sounds!


    Rating: 10/10

    Acamar! Now this is one package that caught my ears! Yess finally someone with the guts to fuse styles and sounds especially sitar! The package is mega good; lush bass, nice drums and amazing sitar loops! This is a defo for you Transnational Dubstep heads!

    Dub Noire

    Rating: 8/10

    GS back again with another epic package !This is a nice laid back dark dub/dubstep package with some amazing off-world atmospherics and deep sub bass lush drums and ideal for beginners in this realm of dub driven electronica !

    Hard Neuro DnB Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Totally Dredd nasty rasping Neuro package kicks some ass! Badboy basslines tiwsting and turning and perfect brainmelting sonics also armed with some fat beats/breaks ideal and perfect for you neurofunk warped driven drum and bass!

    Complex DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Freaky Loops manifests again another epic master gem of a Drum and Bass producers package megga well armed with some outstanding loops and sounds ! Perfect high def drums with perfect outaspace deep basses pushing and pulsating perfect! Yeah a mast package for any serious DJ and producer!

    Vibronics Soundsystem have blessed us all with an outstanding Steppas Dub style producers package and a mighty fine collection of new and old school sounds! The package is well Armed with the most Dredd of Bass and Drum Loops and the Keys and Brass are lush and totally perfect for any true Dub production! I strongly recommend this to any serious modern dub producer and is perfect for those just staring the journey with the Dub realm. Totall 10 out of 10!

    Heavy Dubstep Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Heavy Dubstep By FreakyLoops is one beasy monster of a Dubstep package! rasping tearing disgusting ace bass to crisp fat drum loops! A meggatron perfect for you Basshead junkies! Always a pleasure doing a review for FreakyLoops as they always come with the BEST in Dubstep production and creativity!

    Mad & Dirty Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Mad and dirty dubstep indeed! found this amazing package and what a treat! The warped weird rasping basslines are freaking ace and very unique! nice crisp drums and sublime synth sounds! A true Dubstep producers package perfect for you dub driven junkies!


    Rating: 10/10

    Oh yes Ghost Syndicate come again with another explosive epic producers package, well armed with some dirty rasping basslines and amazing freaking drum loops! I am really loving the high quality of the production from Ghost Syndicate and without a doubt have their own sound which stands out from most bass dub driven dance music.

    Stranger Retrowave

    Rating: 8/10

    Stranger retorwave is a nice neat retro style VapourWave / Synthwave package full of electro bliss! The Basses and lush synth loops are great i would say this is a perfect package for any beginner to the world of retro based electro dance music!

    Whoah! Hard edge banging Junglist dub driven mayhem! The freaking Basses are utterly sick twisted and dread! Drums are outstanding crisp and fat! Synths a nasty perfect treat! This is one mega blasting filthy neuro, twisting junglist package! Ideal for you basshead, dubstep, Neurofunk, Trap, DnB, Tecno and breakbeat junkies! always a mega treat from Freaky Loops!

    Drum And Bass 4

    Rating: 9/10

    Darbo Music back again with an oustanding Drum and Bass producers package well rammed and armed with the finest of DnB Junglist sound! Kick ass Drums and Kicks are heavy, perfect for slamming down a sound system! Basses are freaking sick! twisted warped metallic and sublime sub that will tear a hole in a few speakers lol Ideal for new commoners as well as established producers/ artists you can just reach in and pop out so many sounds that will give your Live sets and tracks that extra kick needed!

    Dubstep Disruption

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Disruption Ooh Daym this is one meaty nasty dirty dubstep package! High octane rasping foul growling Basslines that rattle any soundsystem ! Outstanding drums and offside synths a perfect treat and delight for you Bass junkies! The Basses are perfect twisting and melting your soul !

    Spooky Trap

    Rating: 10/10

    Sppoky Trap ! Boombastic! 808 style dance music in full flow and what a beast of a producers package and i must say among the best Trap packages to date! Boom trap! them kick ass drums slam on the 808 beats great! and the bass Ouff ya gonna feel it when they drop down that soundsystem ! off the wall synths! this is a ideal package for true Trap junkies and DJs!

    Psychedelic Dub & Glitch by Loopmasters is a lovely new sonic electronic manifestation which combines abstract and atomospherical depth and quality rare these days with any main stream form of electronica. Very Warp records sounding in parts ideal for you creative souls wanting an edge with depth and meaning. The package is well blessed with sublime drums and Basses but also amazing synths .


    Rating: 10/10

    Basstronic! Oh yes! just where my head is at. Dub driven dance music at its finest. This megga bass package comes with not just amazing dirty low end sub bass, phat kick-ass drums and synth loops but also comes with 5 inspirational track / kits / stems perfect for you Traktor live artists who want that little extra edge to your shows. This is an ideal package for you neuro bass lovers who like a trippy slow tempo to rattle brains!

  • Nerve: Tech DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    NERVE Tech DnB sure kicks some ass! Always a delight to review Freaky Loops wild sonic manifestations! And this package sure does slam out some megga sound! Utter insane mentalist bass perfect for them hardedge junglists! Drums snappy and lush! Also comes with some sublime atmospherics and rasping warped synths.

    Euphoric Trap Ultra Pack is a fine manifestation of futurtist Trap based dance music! Singomakers always come with some grand treats in their producer packages. Well rammed with the best of future trap sound this neat box of tricks comes with some outstanding breaks and basslines! And the synths are a real treat for electronica lovers!

    Dubstep Rising

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep rising kicks ass! This menacing producers package pushes some weight! Outstanding drums that thump but the Basslines and synths are sick! Filthy sub metallic warped bass perfect for you bass junkies wanting to push that extra power in their tracks and DJ sets. This is a perfect package for anyone new wanting to bring that alternative energy to their music.

    Industrial Strength come again this time with Riddim Dubstep VS Drum n Bass! This razor edge bass bwoy package kicks some serious ass! Industrial Strength always push a great raw edge sound and this is by far one of the best DnB Dubstep fusions to date! Breaks and Beats are crisp and fat but the filthy basslines are warped and twisted just how us bassheads like it! This is an ideal package for you lovers of dark edged DnB driven dance music and perfect for you Djs that was a little extra push to your mixes!


    Rating: 10/10

    This is absolutely kick ass! This neat package is well rammed and armed to the teeth with the best high octane filthy bad ass sounds! The drums crisp and basses menacing and raw! This is one ideal package for real alternative electronica artist that wants to expand beyond the fixed commercial manifestations we are bombarded with at times lol. Ghost Syndicate never fail to produce quality sound!

    An absolute sublime modern synthwave producer's package which has had myself in total awe! The beautiful sounds within this package are utterly outstanding and perfect in many ways! I would say this package is vital for any serious synthwave artist or DJ as it contains amazing retro drums, basses and synth sounds of such a high quality besides their beautiful notations! Perfect!

    Dead Symphony: Neurofunk

    Rating: 10/10

    Another outstanding masterpiece of a producer's package armed with sublime, intricate, orchestral sounds and menacing warped Neuro driven basses and drums! This package is perfect for that dark atmospheric cinematic anthemic sound! You Neurofunk junkies will love this!

    Monsta Riddim

    Rating: 10/10

    The new cutting edge sounds from Keep it simple is kicking some ass! Just what the Dr ordered! Meggatron Dirty Bass! Rasping and growling like a beast from the deep depths of space! Synths are a treat but this belter has some basses like no other! The presets are amazing, cannot stop messing with them and will be using some at my shows live this summer at the festivals for sure! Bang on 10 out of 10! A megga treat for you bass junkies!

    Proxima - Dark & Heavy Dubstep is one monster megga blast of a dubstep mayhem of a package! Rasping filthy dirty rassclaat basslines, twsting and turning like they should! And dredd beats! Ideal for you dubstepping bass junkies!

    Drum & Bass Apocalypse

    Rating: 9/10

    Dark heavyweight Drum and Bass at its finest! Drums are great and the Synths and rasping sub Basses are sick! Great Atmospherics and fx Ideal for adding to live sets and perfect for adding something of a little extra to ones compositions.

    Drum & Bass Propulsion

    Rating: 10/10

    Mean meggatron Drum and Bass package well armed to the teeth with the best high octane drum and bass mayhem filth! Kick ass drums and down right dirty filthy warped out gritty bass, most excellent of any style of DnB. You lovers of neuro warped madness gonna love it! Synths are sick also! It's a perfect treat for any DnB junkie producer!

    Dark Neuro DnB: WAV Edition Vol 2 by Freaky Loops Enter the Dark realm of Neuro bassism! Freaky Loops always presents the finest of NeuroFunk Driven Drum and Bass. As expect this megga bomb package is laced with the finest Rasping dirty sublime bass! Perfect for you dark edge Bassheads! Drums kick ass also! Perfect sounds for those wanting that extra edge for their compositions or live DJ sets!


    Rating: 10/10

    The mighty Ghost Syndicate are back again with yet another mega blasting futurist dub driven producers package! Ghost Syndicate have a unique edge and EDGE is what is perfectly manifested here in this box of tricks! Sublime basslines and fat crisp drums and breaks and the synth sounds and loops are dredd! Perfect for you Trap HipHop Dub driven producers!

    Dab Step

    Rating: 10/10

    Dab Step by Singomakers Dirty Rass badbwoy bass if i ever heard it lol Yess love it!! the masters of Singomakers drop the bomb again with a dirty kick ass package rammed with some foul ace dritty bass and sublime crisp and snappy drums and the synths pushing ace ! Love this mad direction of dub driven dance music!

    Great to see Dread Recordings release another belter of a production package and most of all gives me great pleasure to review an old buddy of mine - FleCK! Did some shows with FleCK and he always came up with some mad Dub Reggae Jungle twist that sent the crowd mental. To hear this package is pure delight as it manifests the best of the Jungle culture! Well armed with the finest of breaks and outstanding sublime basslines! The synth sounds are just a delight! Anyone who is serious about Junglist artist and production - this is the package! It is perfect also for those just starting in the world of futurist Jungle production!

    Hybrid Trap Domination

    Rating: 9/10

    Hybrid Trap Domination is an amazing Lush Futurist Trap sound package! Well armed with sublime bass, lush synths and Drum sounds! This is an ideal producers package for those starting producing Trap based music and also for those wanting that little extra push to their tracks or DJ sets and an ideal package for those just starting producing.

    Wow what a bag of goodies this beast has! Absolute amazing futurist neuro driven drum and bass package! The drums dam great which also comes with their own single shot sample folders and the basses are superb! Tearing wobbling subular bliss. I love the atmospheric sound of this outstanding package and you DnB heads are gonna freaking love it!

    Wow love this box of tricks!! Dark electronica at its finest! some well odd synth sounds freaking love it! This is a megga pack for any serious musician of many a genre! The package is well packed with outstanding drums bass and synths a real treat for the more experimental artist!

    Totally adore this producer's package! This manifests the best of alternative futurist electronica. The synth melodies are magical and the basses sick! There us a bit for everyone in this wonderfully crafted package and personally this is among my faves!

    This is one interesting alternative producers package well stocked up with outstanding drum loops Bass and synth sounds topped with some otherworld atmospherics! , every time i open this sublime beast of a package it always manifests something that triggers ones creativity.

  • EDM Boss: Round One

    Rating: 10/10

    DABRO Music comes again with another kick ass EDM Maggablast! Yeah now this beast of a package kicks some ass! The basses are phat! Crisp drums and excellent rasping synths! An ideal treat for you electronica junkies! This is an ideal package for EDM beginners and pros alike! And makes a special treat for many a genre be it D'n'B, dubstep or dub driven mayhem! This is a must have package!


    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers come again with another fine epic of a producers package riddled in the most fine high quality Loops and Sounds! The Drums are lovely and the Basses are a real treat! Loving the whole package and it's ideal for you Future Synthwave / Retrowave artists!

    Roots Rock Reggae inna dancehall rockers style! Dam Dubmatix does it again with an epic Dub driven reggae package wow this one is by far among the best! Dub Drums are totally sick Basses are beautiful and the driven organ / Piano loops are outstanding ! I love how Dubmatix creates that 60s 70s and 80s production beautifully raw which gives Great dub that edge rather than some cheesy crap sqeeky clean dub void of soul like most modern dub!

    Skill-X-Dubstep Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Totally sick Dubstep package rammed with monster rasping bassline and crisp fat breaks, lush FX freaking mentalism! Just what any Dubstep junkie needs! This is ideal for those fresh to the new wave Dubstep sound and want that little extra snap to their tracks and Dj sets! I know been dropping a few myself at Glastonbury festival with delight.

    Perfect 80s synthwave! Love the beautiful bass and synth lines wow takes me right back to the early 80s . This is an ideal little package rammed with some excellent sounds and perfect for new comers to the world of Retro Synthwave based electronica x

    Future Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Future Drum & Bass by Loopmasters Future Drum and Bass package is booming ace! The Bad ass drums are sick! Basses are good and the synths a delight! This is a perfect DnB package for those into more an old school feel and perfect for beginners !

    Biomechanical DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute futurist DnB at its finest! The basses are totally sick rasping filthy beasts that they are :D Drums crisp and fat! Synths a treat! This is one outstanding package and a delight to review! In fact I used a few sounds in a latest track I played live this weekend at Glastonbury on The Common mashing up The Cave and the crowd freaking loved it! Yess Freaky Loops! You done it again! Excellent!

    Bass Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    BoomShakah! Ghost Syndicate mash up it up again with another Killah dirty Raass grinding Bass driven Mayhem! Oh yes The basses are sick and the drums fat and crisp! Some awsome Synth loops and fx this beast is a nice treat for you producers wanting that little extra filth to ones tracks or live sets!

    Styline Power House

    Rating: 10/10

    Sublime House music perfectly manifest in this outstanding House producers package! The sublime sounds of the synths are perfect! The drums are super! and the Bass a delight! This is one megga pack ideal for House producers and Live DJs! Beautifully crafted! And a must grab for anyone who loves house with depth and quality!

    Trap - Dubstep Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Boom TRap Boom! That 808 driven sound just keeps on bouncing the joint! The drums are sick and the basses and synth a meggablast of a delight perfect for the Trap Junkies! Also ideal for newcomers to the 808 electronica dance scene x

    This is one beautifully crafted producers package with the most sublime of atmospheric sounds! Beautiful Synths and dreamy Pianos, sublime lush warm Basses not to mention an excellent selection of string instruments from Harps to rich Cello . This is one perfect package for you ambient producers!

    This is a lovely treat and alternative edge to modern Dub sound! beautiful Guitars Drums and Bass and riddled in outstanding music loops and sounds. This package is perfect for anyone wanting to venture into the more world sound of Dub fusion.

    Heavy Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Boomshakah! This meaty beast is laced with some fine rasping filthy tearing bass Crisp drum loops and lush synths! a delight for true lovers of the Dubstep Sound! Folks gonna have some fun with this package!

    Megga DnB fusion! Stacked with fine crisp drums and Fat basslines with some ace quality FX samples perfect for you Traktor/Ableton live mixers and ideal for new DNB producers who want some quality spice added to their tracks.

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Totally sick freakin ace sound of Singomakers! Yet again back with a monster beast of a DnB megga producers package! The drums great but the basses totally mentalism mayhem! Always a great pleasure reviewing Singomakers as they always come with the BEST!

    Now this is one class collab production package well armed to the teeth with the finest high quality classic Drum and Bass samples and loops at present! Love how each artist has their own folder of goodies Hybrid lacing it with some dark edge energy and Elektrik Blu adding that beautiful edge . The Basses and Drums are wonderful! and the synths are a real delight . This package is perfect if not ideal for any serious Drum and Bass artist today!

    Mainstage Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    DnB junkies gonna love this kracker of a package! The drums are totally sick! and the basses a freaking delight to work with! This neat package comes with sublime synths and FX also and ideal for any serious DNB producer especially those more towards the darker side of deep DnB

    Dope Dubs

    Rating: 10/10

    DubMatix blesses us once again with another outstanding Dub producers package! and bwoy a treat you Dubheads are in for here! Well loaded with the best Dub Reggae Bass lines and Drums and then you have the beautiful crunchy organ and Piano loops wow also loaded is a megga pack of brass Horns ideal for catching on ya delay! This package is for the serious Dubwise producer and Dubmatix always gives the best authentic dub sound perfect for the Dub junkies!

    Dark Bass Vol. 1

    Rating: 10/10

    Boom ! Dark Bass by Ghost Syndicate is one sick meggatron of a dub driven producers package! Yess the Basses are sick! delightful drums and synths a big treat for any serious dub driven bass junkie! Loving it so much i have use some sounds for my latest Celt Islam show for Glastonbury festival 2017 hahah them folks are in for a mayhem of a treat thanks to this belter of samples and sounds!

    Dungeon Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Dungeon Dub by Ghost Syndicate another heavy deep dub bass driven bag of tricks of the most high end quality and depth ! Love the sub basses and the odd synths ideal for the deep soulful dub producers and pioneers!

  • Dark Bass Vol.2

    Rating: 10/10

    Dirty dub driven mayhem! freaking love what Ghost Syndicate produce and yet another megga blast of a production package armed to the teeth of the finest dub driven noize! Kick ass Drums and sick basses as standard by GS and the synths a delight!


    Rating: 10/10

    This is one sublime producers package well armed to the teeth the one finest in atmospheric sound design! The dark cutting edge sounds riddled in off world suspense is mindblowing! Not only is this great for deep compositions but amazing for you dark edge bass junkies who want that extra edge to their tracks or live shows! I am addicted to playing with this set!

    Synthwave Dreams

    Rating: 9/10

    Most excellent producers package ideal for you lovers of all things RetroWave, Synthwave and 80s Synth driven artforms! This neat package has some beautiful and delightful sounds and an excellent starter package for you producers making that change into this cosmic world of Synthwave x

    Trap - Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    This is an amazing megga package of boombastic goodies! 808 Trap driven noize! perfect for you Trap Neuro Junglists! The Drums Synths and basses are sick! one of the best Trap packages out now! a Must have for you serious producers! Megga 10 out of 10!

    Three Zero Three

    Rating: 10/10

    Three Zero Three by Loopmasters Acid Tripping mayhem 303 Bass in ya face too dam right! Now okay folks will use it in their various house tracks but bowy this dam mother is perfect for you Neuro Dub Driven Bass Junkies! Playing with much of this on dirty DnB Dubstep tracks and sounds sick! Yep grab this its a belter!

    Rockwell UK Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Calling all Junglist Drum and Bass junkies! Megga Producers package well armed with the upmost best in quality hardedge driven Drum and Bass! The Breaks and Bass loops are a delight!


    Rating: 10/10

    Now this is one filthy dirty beast of a package! amazing sounds! perfect for you bass driven junkies that like an extra edge to their tracks and DJ sets! Love the breaks and Bass sounds and the synths are megga great!

    Stranger Synths

    Rating: 10/10

    SynthWave heaven! this package is an utter delight! the sounds and samples are beautifully produced and of the best when it comes to all things SynthWave/ Retrowave driven! Anyone wanting that lush 80s retro synth with that modern egde this is the one! 10 out of 10

    DJ Vadim presents a wonderful modern dub producers package here! The Basses and sweet and cheeky and the drums delightfully crafted! As for the Organ/Piano section wow! Perfect some of the best i have heard in some time! This is a perfect minimalist Dub package for beginners and pro's and a delight to play with!

    Beautifully crafted sitar loops and sounds! Ideal for you lovers of all things Indian ethnic and perfect for many genres! Personally i love using such sounds in Neuro Driven Drum and Bass and Transnational Dubstep / Sufi Dub styles but drop any of these belters in House Trance or Trap and Boom you are taking to another level!

    Drum And Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Wicked producers package well armed with the best of the commercial side of Drum and Bass and ideal for any DnB artist or DJ! The Drums are a treat! and the basses are a real delight to play with. This is a perfect introduction for beginners in DnB production!

    Another nice collection of random Ska fulled dub breaks loops and samples from the Dub Pistols camp perfect for you junglists and Dubheads! The Basses and nice and the keyboard/Synths are a delight!

    This is a megga outstanding producers package well armed with the best high quality sounds and loops! The breaks are Phat! and the basses totally rasping sick! as for the synths they are a true delight! so much fun playing around with this belter!

    Neuro driven mayhem is the game for Proxima and what a megga armed package with the finest of Neuro Bassism! The Basses are super and the breaks crisp and kick ass!

    AXEL BOY! Dam this is a hot package! High octane and twisted to the max! the breaks & bass are sick and full of synth delights :D ideal package for you futurist breakz lovers.

    Outstanding Neuro mayhem! This megga producers package is well loaded with the best in high octane Neuro Bass driven sound! Ripping ruthless dirty basses and crisp breaks perfect for anyone mad enough to venture in this sublime world of Neuro driven bass dance music!

    Outstanding neuro mayhem! This neat package manifests the best in Neuro Driven hardedge dance music by far! The Breaks and Basslines are sick! and the synths and FX a delight perfect for any Neuro junkie!

    Cinetools: Space Journey

    Rating: 10/10

    Freaky Loops comes again with another epic Cinematic synth journey! Perfect eclectic sounds ideal for you lovers of the Synthwave movement!

    Singomakers come back with an outstanding Trap driven producers package well armed with the finest of Trap driven 808 sounds! Ideal and perfect for any Trap junkie! also great for DnB Neuro mayhem driven tunes! Also a perfect package for beginner producers and Ablton / Traktor artists!

    Nais Presents Hard EDM

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute smashing it this monster EDM package! Some hard edge sounds to blissful electronica! Bass and drums are sick and the synths are perfect!

  • Monster Bass Music

    Rating: 10/10

    MONSTER!!! Oh yess! now this beast of a producers package is one of the best i have had the pleasure to play with this year so far! Nasty filthy dredd bass! The future sound of dub driven dance music!

    Absolute synth bliss! I know this keyboard well! so to see a package full of electronic goodies from this synth brings me delight and will for anyone who love that lush 80s synth sound!

    Another outstanding mindblowing package well armed to the teeth with the upmost best in high quality filthy Neuro Bassism! Yes The Basses are Sick they are indeed DREDD! This is the sound of the future! only a fool would ignore these Neuro Bass driven sounds!

    Synth Wave

    Rating: 9/10

    Welcome to the Brave New World of SynthWave :D This is one fine crafted Synthwave package ideal for you Analogue retro 80s synth junkies!

    Neuro Meggatron Filth! Dam this is one hell of a heavy producers package well armed with the finest of Neuro driven mayhem! The Bass is sick! and the drums crisp! a total must have for you Neuro Junkie Bass heads!

    Beautifully crafted loop/sound package! The Retro Analogue Bass and synth sound of the Pro One is a real analogue junkies delight! The Bass and Synth sounds are perfect and ideal for you lovers of all things SynthWave !

    Dark edge Drum and Bass mentalism yet again from the super Akinsa! Perfect for you lovers of alternative raw high quality tech Drum and bass and ideal for you DnB live Djs working on Ableton/Tracktor.

    Absolute epic! This bag of goodies well armed with the best of filthy Neuro dub driven bassism! The drums and Basses are Sick! This is one kick ass package any Bass junkie will love with delight!

    Organic Downtempo

    Rating: 9/10

    Ranking comes back again with another sublime downtempo package riddled in lush synths and bass! ideal for you lovers of all things organically driven dub!

    Mind warping neuro driven mayhem yet again from the masters of all things dirty and sublime by Industrial Strength! Nasty foul bass driven neuro synths are a delight here!

    Excellent Dj package with some amazing ripping bass synths and great drums perfect for you Neuro bass driven junkies and perfect for your traktor / ableton abusers!

    Bass Music Lockdown

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute blinder! What an amazing package of the best sonic noize available to date! Drums are great Basslines sick!! synths totally dredd! this neat bag of goodies is ideal for so many genres !

    This is a lovely lush alternative ambient dub package perfect for you dub driven downbeat junkies! The drums are outstanding and the basses / synths a real delight! this is an ideal starter package for anyone wanting to venture into that world of modern dub.

    Man vs Machine

    Rating: 10/10

    What a delight! This sublime retro synth package is wonderful! laced well with sublime Beats Basses and synths for any true retro synth geek! what i love about it most is that there is a sound for all kinds of genres be it Dubstep to House to Techno to Neuro mind bending drum and bass.

    Trailer Sounds

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute sublime package! This massive sounding bag of goodies has some amazing compositions! The dark atmospherics with the various sounds are perfect for you lovers of Neuro driven dance music!Wanting that extra dark anthemic edge for your tracks this is ideal!


    Rating: 9/10

    Synthwave by Freaky Loops Beautiful producers package! The retro synth sounds are perfect! The basses and Drums a delight! this is ideal for you lovers of all things 80s synth driven!

    Neuro House

    Rating: 10/10

    Neuro House by Rankin Audio Kick ass sounds from Rankin! Totally love this package!!! well rammed with some foul nasty rasping bass synths and the rest is just pure delight! A must have !

    Nekrolog1k - Bass Beatz & NI Massive Vol 2 by Industrial Strength ISR come again with another blasting mentalist and exciting bag of goodies! The Massive synths and Bass are sick and as expected great drum breaks! this is a defo for you mad heads on high octane dark edge driven dance music!

    Ed Solo & Deekline Presents Welcome To The Jungle by Bass Boutique Callin yawl Junglists and bassheadz! Ed Solo and Deekline bless us again with a megga Junglist producers package well armed with the finest of all things Junglist driven ! Well rammed with great Drum and Bass loops samples , Ideal for anyone wanting that extra Junglist edge to their production!

    Classic Hard DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Classic Hard DnB by Rankin Audio Rankin back again with a dark edge old school drum and bass package well armed with amazing drums and bass loops and sounds! Rankin always blesses us with the uplost of fine quality sounds !

  • ISR Dread comes again with an outstanding DNB Hard Edge Tech package rammed with some nasty foul rasping amazing bass and mentalist drums ideal for your lovers of dark edge tech DnB

    Freakyloops Best Of 2015

    Rating: 10/10

    Great collection of fine Dub driven electro mayhem by Freakyloops! The various goodies are a real treat for you nasty dubsteping DnB EDM heads! fine collection of Bass and Drums and beautiful synths! Ideal for you Ableton and Traktor performers !

    Beautiful Dub Driven Soul! The collection of samples and stems are excellent! perfect for remixers and Traktor live performers! Love playing around with this unique class sound!

    Absolute banger this one! what a great kick ass DnB/Dubstep producers package! The Drums are great but the Bass is sick!! lots of folders with high octane sound loops and samples ideal for any serious Producer/artist!

    The mighty Dub artist DubMatix blesses us again with an outstanding Dub reggae driven producers package ! This neat bag of tricks is full of amazing samples and loops perfect for reggae dub producers and Dub driven dance music! The drums are excellent and the various folders of Bass , Synths and guitar loops are a real treat! this is without a doubt one of the best Dub producers packages to date!

    Future Bass: Beats & Breaks by Push Button Bang Great neat package of fine quality breaks! the package is basically a mad mental collection of Hats with Kick drums removed so one can add them later as one feels :D perfect for trap dub driven dance music

    Dope Ammo & Run Tingz Cru - Drum & Bass Fusion Vol3 by Loopmasters This is one mighty Junglist producers package well armed with the best in all things "Jungle" The drums are fat! and the Basses are Dredd! Anyone into true Jungle sound of now this is one for you x

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Drum & Bass Ultra Pack by Singomakers This is one monster meaty package from Signomakers! The Ultra pack is well armed with the best in DnB Breaks and dirty rasping Bass and sublime fx and sounds !

    Histibe Presents - Neo Breakbeat by Loopmasters Amazing new wave edgy producers package well armed with fat beats and dirty bass! This Neuro Dub driven break beat bag of goodies you lovers of DnB dubstep will adore!


    Rating: 9/10

    Vocodatron by Loopmasters Totally sublime mentalist and yet beautiful noize factor! What a great neat package of vocoded goodies! This neat producers pack is ideal of so many genres espeically those into otherworld dub driven mayhem!

    Dubwise Vol 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubwise Vol 2 by Loopmasters Perfect collection of the finest Dub reggae loops! this blessed package is ideal for you lovers of all things Dubwise! The loops and sounds are fat and crisp and ideal for sub genres on Dub!

    Dubstep Cinema - Starring Histibe by 5Pin Media Sublime sounds! This sound pack is well armed with amazing cinematic soundscapes ideal for you lovers of the darkside of Dubstep and Nero driven noize factor!

    Complextro & Dubstep Vol. 6 - Wav Edition by Freaky Loops Most excellent warped mentalism from Freaky Loops! Always a treat playing around with these twisted bass synth sounds and loops, ideal for you mentalist producers wanting that extra edge to ones production.

    Chill Out Electronica

    Rating: 10/10

    Chill Out Electronica by Singomakers Beautiful manifestation of chill out sound design! This package has some amazing drum and synth sounds and perfect for anyone wanting to venture into this world of chill!

    Party Bangers

    Rating: 10/10

    Party Bangers by Bass Boutique Absolute amazing package! This mentalist bag of goodies is well rammed with awesome drums , bass and synth licks! Ideal for you bass dub driven junkies!

    20Hz Sound Presents Neurofunk Elements 2 by Sonic Mechanics Megga monster package and wow what an awesome fusion of mentalist basslines and synths! Neuro driven sound is perfectly manifested in this top quality producers package. This to be honest is a must get for anyone seriously into Neuro Bass driven dance music!

    Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music by Loopmasters The Master of the dance Carl Cox manifests the best of his talents and blesses us with a unique and amazing producer package . Well armed with sublime loops and samples ideal for any serious dance music producer and DJ. The Bass and synths are sublime! and as expected the drums are a delight!

    Dark Neurofunk & Cinematic DnB by Freaky Loops Absolute EPIC!!!!! This is one of the finest Neuro Driven packages to date! The Drums are good but the basses are absolute EPIC! Nasty filthy rasping dirty bass that rattles with sub delight! then you have the synths/ atmospherics! This is a must get for anyone serious about neuro driven dance music , i have already used some sounds for my latest Celt Islam tracks which will be blasted this weekend at the amazing ALCHEMY festival UK

    Sufi Vocals - Mystic Qawwali Collection by EarthMoments The Sufiq blessings have arrived! This beautiful Sufi vocal package is wonderful ! Various styles of Qawwali [ Holy Utterances ]a sufiq form of universal spirituality expressed through the voice / Music. I did a remix for Earth Moments / Laya Project using the very same vocals contained within this package named YA Allah [ Oh God ] in which i fused the vocal with a dub driven dubstep feel which you can listen here : Ya Allah { Sufi Dubstars aka Celt Islam & DJ Umb remix feat Dawoud Kringle } Laya Project :https://soundcloud.com/celt-islam/ya-allah-sufi-dubstars-aka-celt-islam I think this vocal package is ideal for ambient Dub to Dubstep and even Neuro driven drum and bass! This is a real treat and most of all a blessing as such vocals are almost impossible to get as these are mostly sang at Sufiq gatherings .

    The mighty Dub Pistols blesses us with one epic top class producers package! Well armed with the best in Breakbeats Bass synths and dubwise horns! This skanking DubSKa Breaks is also ideal for you Dub driven Dubstep Junglist musicians and producers !

  • Heavy & Hybrid Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    Great neat package ideal for you lovers of that 808Beat driven Trap movement! The drums are wonderful and the synths are a delight perfect for those starting on the Trap scene and ideal for Trap DJs using Traktor and Ableton

    Hard Neuro DnB 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Banging dark sample package well blessed up with the most dirtiest of bass and fine drums! Rankin always comes with treats and this is perfect for you Neuro dub driven bass heads!

    Ruff and ready as always with the masters of all things hardcore and bass driven Industrial Stength style! Filthy Bass ! perfect and nasty for anyone into alternative Filthy bass music!


    Rating: 10/10

    Chillstep by Loopmasters I totally adore this neat high quality Chilled dub package! The synths are perfect the bass loops a delight and the drums crisp ! This is a real treat for futurist dub producers and Djs! a total 10 out fo 10! This is a must get for the serious dub head!

    Trap Ultra Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    Trap Ultra Pack by Singomakers Delightful 808 beat driven trap! The drums are a real treat and the bass a delight a nice neat package for the trapheaded 808 beat infested junkie! This package is well armed with great loops and samples ideal for the beginner and the pro!

    Electronic Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Electronic Dub by Delectable Records Beautifully crafted Electro Dub package! Lovely sounds all round!Blissful bass to delighful drums and synths perfect for those wanting to venture into the world of dub driven electronica!

    6Blocc Presents Deep DnB Elements by Industrial Strength 6Blocc slamming in the beatz and basslines deep DnB style again! This megga mayhem bag of goodies is ideal for any DnB Junglist junkie! The sample loops are perfect outstanding quality and ideal for modern day Junglists .

    Dark Heavy Neuro DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Dark Heavy Neuro DnB by Freaky Loops Freaky Loops comes back with a megga outstanding producers package Dark atomospheric Neuro driven bass mayhem! This i love very much! The Drums are great but the basses are DREDD!! this is a perfect package for you filthy bass dub heads!

    Ragga Trap

    Rating: 10/10

    Ragga Trap by Singomakers Nice neat Trap meets Ska Reggae although down as Ragga its more Ska reggae based which is totally awesome as such fine quality loops and samples like these are very rare to come by! This is perfect for 21st Century Ska Breaks and Junglists alike!

    Stadium Drum & Bass Kits by Soul Rush Records Excellent DnB package! perfect for new and young producers as each kit is formatted into compositions ideal for ableton and Traktor performers and enables the producer to see how a great DnB composition looks like plus most of all the package is well armed with great sounds Fat Drums and Bass and epic synths and FX

    Dubstep Onslaught Vol.2

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Onslaught Vol.2 by Loopmasters Mind warping Dubstep with depth is what your going to get with this beast of a producers package! The Basses are dirty and menacing which is what bass sound sound like and the drums a delight fat and fresh! the Synths are a real treat as is the whole package! One of the best Dubstep package series to date! This is a must have for anyone serious about Dubstep / Dub Driven dance music!

    Cause 4 Concern - Drum & Bass Unleashed by Loopmasters Fantastic sound perfect Drum and Bass energy ideal for any serious DnB producer or DJ the breaks are crisp Fat Bass and great synth sounds! this is an ideal package for the Bass driven junkie!

    Neurofunk Bass Weapons

    Rating: 10/10

    Neurofunk Bass Weapons by Loopmasters Nasty rasping filthy delight!!! This is a mega producders packaage well armed to the teeth with outstanding sounds! The bass OH the Bass! freaking delightful! This neat package is perfect for any Dub driven lunatic lol DNB Dubstep Electro Breaks junkies with love this megga dirty beast! 10 out of 10! I shall be dropping some of these loops live during my Celt Islam show at Glastonbury 2015! The crowd will freaking love it!

    Drum 'n' Bass Revolution

    Rating: 10/10

    Drum 'n' Bass Revolution by Singomakers Drum and Bass at its finest!! This heavy weight package well armed with some amazing breaks and Basslines to shake any dance floor! Ideal for DnB Junglist junkies and perfect for pro musicians wanting a little spice to their compositions .

    Dubstep Onslaught

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Onslaught by Loopmasters This is one hell of a Dubstep producers package! This filthy nasty rasping bag of tricks will get any Dubstep Dub driven junkie driven into a frenzy! The basslines are sick! twisted and warped perfectly! Breaks and synths are a real delight! This is a must grab for you dub heads!

    Dark Neuro Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Dark Neuro Drum & Bass by Loopmasters Neuro Bass at its finest! I have to admit I am some what of a Neuro bass addict and always love to hear new creativity in Dub driven dance music and this neat package has to be the best so far! The drums and synths are perfect crisp and phat! and the bass the sickest filthy tearing warped out sound of the best quality! Anyone into dark driven dub based music will adore this package a real treat for Junglists and dubheads!

    Dubstep Apocalypse

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Apocalypse by Singomakers This is one megga warped out fantastic futurist Dubstep producers package to date! The freaking Basslines are filthy and twisted perfectly! The synths are sublime and the breaks perfect! This is one serious soundbwoy bag of goodies ideal for you bass junkies from DNB to Neuro Dub a must get for any serious producer and DJ.


    Rating: 8/10

    Robotica by Loopmasters Neat little package of Robotic noize factor ! Love the qwerky sounds and idea for EDM IDM dub lovers!

    Leon Switch - Deep Dark Dubstep by Loopmasters Most excellent Futurist Dub / Dubstep producers package! The sublime Basses and synths are a delight and the drums of the upmost high quality and perfect for any Dub driven junkie!

    Dub And Reggae Sound Station by Loopmasters This is one megga Dubwise package ! Love the modern meets the old school flavours that this neat package presents! This is perfect and ideal for any Dub lover and excellent for new comers to the world of Reggae Dub the very foundation of Dance music ! The Drums are perfect and the variations of styles is top class! The basses are sublime and the Keys a real treat especially when dubbed up with some delay and reverb! Top Class!! 10 out of 10!!

  • Thomas Penton Main Room Arps & Sequences by RV_samplepacks This is a sublime neat package of delightful synth sequences contained within two folders one effected and the other dry which is ideal for production and throwing into DJ sets , Traktor and Ableton lovers will adore it! The sounds are very 80s and 90s in feel which is perfect these days as such sounds are well received among so many styled from Electro Pop to Dubstep , house and trance.

    June Miller Presents Dark Complex Drum & Bass Vol2 by Loopmasters This is one outstanding producers package! I love Vol1 that was nice but this totally kicks ass! The breaks the atmospherics the bass the synths wow totally sublime and of the highest quality! Folks into Dub Driven dance music from Dubstep to Neuro Dub to Jungle to Drum and Bass junkies will love this! total 10 out of 10! nd a must have for any serious producer, DJ or live digital performer !

    Glitch Hop Massive

    Rating: 10/10

    Glitch Hop Massive by Industrial Strength Records Wonderful neat Glitch Package well armed with some outstanding sounds ideal for anyone into experimental music. The Breaks , Bass and Music loops are a delight and also this comes with NI Massive patches ideal for the Massive junkies!

    Mad Professor - Reel To Reel Reggae Vol 2 The Dub master blesses us once again with an outstanding Rootikal Dubwise reggae sample selection with the upmost high quality and creativity !This megga producers package is well armed with some amazing Drum and Bass sounds/loops and the Brass and piano loops are a blessed treat for any reggae/dubwise producer! This is one box of goodies with treats for everyone possessed by dub driven music!

    Complextro & Dubstep Vol. 5 - Wav Edition by Freaky Loops Freaky loops comes again with a megga outstanding high quality box of tricks for you lovers of all things twisted inna electro dubstep stylee! Some filthy twists and shapes ideal for that warped sound of the future!

    Ultrasonic Complextro

    Rating: 10/10

    Ultrasonic Complextro by Singomakers Welcome to Complextro at its finest! This neat belter of a producers pack is well rammed with some outstanding sounds and loops . The Breaks and Basslines are sick! and the synths a real treat! this is also ideal for you DnB Dubstep junkies!

    Next-Gen Rave Sounds

    Rating: 10/10

    Next-Gen Rave Sounds by Freaky Loops Next Generation Rave at your service! loving this package has some amazing old school sounds from back in the day! ;) plus what i alo really like is the great modern twist of alternative rave dance music . This well armed package comes with some outstanding bass and drum loops and the synths will take any rave to a next level!

    Enigmatic Space Electronica by Singomakers This is one of the most beautiful and outstanding alternative space age electronica packages to date! Comes in various folders which contain stems for each track which is ideal for you Ableton traktor and acid freaks :D The sounds contained are of the upmost best in quality and will take anyone on a perfect space age sci fi electro journey!

    Supercharged EDM

    Rating: 10/10

    Supercharged EDM by Singomakers This is EDM at its finest! The Drums Bass and synths are a delight and perfect for anyone just getting into the EDM scene . This package is well rammed with some outstanding loops perfectly crafted for dropping in any composition or live DJ/ Digital sets .

    20Hz Sound Presents Neurofunk Elements by Sonic Mechanics NeuroFunk at its finest! this neat package is well armed with some amazing high quality Drums , synth and bass sounds ideal for any Jungle DnB and Dub junkie . This neat producers package is a perfect introduction to folks into the realms of Neuro driven dance music.

    Trapstep Massive Presets by Loopmasters Enter the Trapstep! This neat little package kicks ass! NI Massive Trap lovers your gonna like this belter the basses and synths are a delight rasping and screetching perfectly! The lead synths are a real treat not to be missed !

    Monster Dubstep - Massive Presets Vol. 2 by Freaky Loops LOve this neat Dubsteping Massive sounds nice and lush and perfect for playing live at shows Glastonbury Festival has a few of these sounds blasted at them over the weekend and folks loved it :D perfect little package for you dubstepping lovers

    Atomic Drum 'N' Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Atomic Drum 'N' Bass by Singomakers Singomakers are back again this time with a high octane filthy and nasty Drum and Bass producers package. Well armed the the teeth with the best high quality Basslines Breaks and delightful synth/music loops,also most perfect for you lovers of DrumStep dub driven dance music ! A megga 10 out of 10!

    Complextro & Dubstep Vol. 5 - Massive Presets by Freaky Loops Awesome bag of goodies for you lovers of NI Massive synth! This little belter has some lush synth sounds and some amazing dark edgy bass filth perfect for dritty dirt fuelled dance music most perfect for Dubstep / drum and bass and all things electro and beyond!

    Dread Recordings Vol1 - Titan by Loopmasters Dread Recordings come with a Junglist box of delights! This neat producers package is well armed to the teeth with the most outstanding and high quality Drum and Bass loops perfect for any serious Junglist producer! The breaks are crisp and phat! plus the basslines and Synths neat and heavy ! This is ideal for any beginner to Junglism and also a neat treat for you Junglist veterans like myself :D

    Histibe Dubstep and Grime Massive Presets by Loopmasters Histibe comes with some mighty fine rasping NI Massive presets perfectly designed for you lovers of all things filthy and grimey! The basses and synths are warped and filthy which is perfect for live musiciians like myself who want a good preset for playing live and easy to mess with. Its a good all around package!

    Dread - Drum 'n' Bass Vol. 3 by Industrial Strength Records DREAD is back! with another Killah Dark edge dub driven Drum and Bass producers package well armed to the teeth with some outstanding breaks Bass and dark deep synth loops perfect for any serious producer or live artist.Top 10 out of 10 and a must have!

    Space Rangers - Sequences by Particular Enter the universe of delightful oddities! Yes this neat package has some dam right amazing odd and outaspace soundscapes! This package is ideal for any serious producer who wants to add that little extra touch of the avant garde with a sci fi edge! perfect for Dub driven dance music from Dub to jungle and most perfect for you lovers of all things Electro! I dropped a few of these sounds myself at a live show as intros to my tracks and the crowd was loving it!

    Al Pancho & Lenny Dee Presents Ragga Sessions by Industrial Strength Records ISR bounce back with another Killah Raggae vocal session from AL Pancho ! Ragge Dancehall you want it you got it! This is a dynamite collection for you lovers of Dub Driven dance music be it Reggae Dub, Transnational Dubstep to Junglist breakbeat mayhem this will fit in nice for any pro composition to a nice addition to ones live Dj sets!

    Dub & Reggae XL Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    DUBMATIX presents Dub & Reggae XL Vol2 by Loopmasters DUBMATIX the king of modern Dub blessed us once again with an outstanding Dub and Reggae sample loop production package armed with the best high quality Bass Drum Guitar Piano and FX samples Dub can offer! This neat package is ideal for DUb junkies and makes a nice treat for you lovers of Dubstep fuelled bassism! A Megga 10 out of 10! and a must have for any one serious in the world of Dub!

  • This is the perfect package for utter dirty filthy drum and bass! nasty gritty and rasping basses to high energy breaks and off world atmospherics! Perfect for those who love all things gritty and dark within the world of Drum and Bass.

    Chris Octane Presents Drum & Bass Core by Loopmasters Delightful drum and bass package well packed with some off world and sublime unique sonics! The drums are fresh and basses are a real treat and ideal for those venturing in the world of Drum and Bass.

    Freaky Loops blesses us yet again with a fin high quality Complex/Dubstep sounds. The warped rasping basslines are awesome! perfect for Drum and Bass and Breaks as well as Dubstep. Lush synths and crisp drums! Ideal for you lovers of Ableton and traktor live artists and a delight for producers who want a little edge and quality for their compositions .

    Cooh - Dark DnB Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    ISR bounce back with another epic Drum and Bass producers pack well armed to its teeth with the best in Dub Junglist production! Drums tight and crisp and the basses foul and filthy just as us Futurist junglists love it!

    Explosive EDM Arsenal

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastic sound! The EDM Arsenal is well rammed with some delightful sounds! the synth loops are a real treat for EDM junkies and i would strongly recommend this to most Dance music producers as much can be nicely dropped into many styles dubstep to Jungle!

    Freaky loops comes back again with an outstanding new producers package well rammed with some absolute amazing sounds! Bass and synths are delightful ! this is a must have for anyone wanting some lush and sublime sounds for their compositions be it EDM Dubstep House or Drum and Bass

    Mash Up Electro 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Electro mayhem yet again from the master Rankin! was looking for some meaty sounds for one my electro Dub live shows for summer and this came up with some real nice filthy treats! The basses are dredd! and as always the synths are utterly flawless! Anyone wanting a little extra filthy love for their compositions and live mixes this is the one!

    Wonderful neat Dubstep producers package ideal for lovers of that commercial American styled EDM based Dubstep!This is an ideal bag of tricks for beginners and pro producers well armed with some filthy basslines dredd drums and cosmic synths.

    What a megga pack of absolute sonic paradise ! just about every thing one can dream of for some many styles and flavours! This meggatron producers package providing from 60 to 180 bpm plus covers a wide range of quality sounds and loops from Percussion drum breaks to filthy and sublime basslines and delightful synth sounds and loops. From Hip Hop to Trap to Jungle to Dub driven dance music you are all in for a nice treat from this belter!

    Dubstep India

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice neat little package of lovely warm and glitchy Indian styled Dubstep, Some amazing percussion loops and the string and vocal loops are wonderful! This is an ideal producers package for anyone wanting that special Indian Edge and flavour to their sound.

    Rankin come back again with a kick ass set of goodies for the Dub driven dance heads! Dubstep / DnB / ELectro junkies you will love this nasty beast of a producers package the Drums are high class and the Basses are filthy and siblime! then you have a great bag of goodies from the synth section! this is one neat bad bwoy not to be missed! 10 out of 10!

    Biome delights us with a blessed deep and atmospheric Dubstep producers package well packed with some delightful sounds. The Bass and synth / atmopshericloops are divine and the drums a real treat for you dubstep lovers. This is ideal for starters in the realm of deep dub with depth and meaning.

    Awesome dark edgy Drum and Bass package well armed with some high quality sounds! This neat bad bwoy has some dread drums and the basses and atmospherics are perfect! This is one mean package for any serious pro !

    Classic Synthology

    Rating: 10/10

    Classic Synthology by Loopmasters Adorable classic synth sounds ! this is a delightful bag of goodies for anyone into a classic retro synth sound! Ideal for alternative electonica from Transnational Dubstep to Indie based dance music and works a treat with futurist drum and bass.

    Apocalypse Beats 2 - Trap Dubstep Drumstep by Singomakers This is an excellent drum package from that old school monster the 808 to outlandish and sublime of drum kit sounds the kicks and snares are of the best quality which any beat junkie will adore! This is a must for futurist producers and Djs 10 out of 10!

    MediKs come with the best of Drum and bass Surgery ! Drums are crisp and slamming! Bass and Synth sounds a delight to play with . This is a perfect neat packge of goodies for beginners and pros! and you Ablton and Traktor junkies will love it!

    Darkstep Vol. 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Darkstep Vol. 2 by Delectable Records Lovely little package well rammed with some delightful drum sounds and bass synth belters. I strongly recommend this package for new comers to the world of dark dub fulled dance music.

    Tear Out DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Rankin bounces back with yet another dredd sound package this time Drum and Bass with an edge! Basses are sick and the whole package is perfect for DJ sets and for adding a little love to a mix down. Quality sounds not to be missed

    Evil Dubstep Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers come back with another sound blasting belter of a dubstep package just as bad ass as vol1 this second volume has some amazing bass sounds perfect for you mentalist warped dubstep styled bassheads! Ideal for anyone serious about Dubstep production and sound!

    Techno trance electronica guru Eat STatic gives us all a special treat with some sublime broken electronica sounds which trancend genre . This unique producers package is well packed with some sublime loops from bass to synths perfect for you lovers of all things analogue and digital . This package tried and tested will give any serious producer or DJ some fine sounds for their compositions and DJ sets.

  • Freaky Loops comes back with a third edition of their outstanding Complextro/Dubstep producer packages and boom again they provide us Bass junkies with some banging and sublime Bass and Synth loops ideal for Dub fulled dance music artists and DJs ,This is a must grab!

    Dubstep Therapy

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Therapy the now sound of Dub driven dance music! this is one of the best dubstep producers package by far! The drums are perfect! the basses are ruthless and sublime! and the synths are delight! This is a must grab for you lovers of all things Dubstep twisted!

    Fantastic complextro/Dubstep package the dynamics are delightful basses to rip through any style of dub fueled dance music this is a perfect neat bag of goodies ideal for giving a little more edge to live sets and songs

    Rudeboy DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    ISR come again with another soundbowy killah of a DnB package, has some foul ripping basses for those dark edge Junglists i adore , perfect for beginners in this field of Drum and Bass.

    Super fat kick ass producers package for you lovers of all things dub twisted and warped inna Dubstep Stylee! The Drums are super crisp and snappy and the Basslines and basses and a real treat! This is a very neat package of sounds perfect for anyone wanting that extra edge to their compositions .

    Cooh - Dark DnB

    Rating: 10/10

    Dark heavy sound of ISR comes with yet another great producers package well laced with some sublime sounds. Quaility dark atomospherics and diry basses that raise the dead! A must get for you filthy DNB heads


    Rating: 8/10

    Skrillbahton by Push Button Bang Nice dirty neat little Moombah/ Dubstep producers packake and a perfect intro to all things Dub driven be it Dubstep, Moombathon, Trap, Sufi Dub DnB . The beats are crisp and the basslines sick! Traktor lovers will love this for their live digital sets

    Dread - Drum 'n' Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Dread come with a nice neat little package for you alternative hard edge Drum and Bass lovers , this little package is ideal for beginners in the world of darksteping junglism. Well armed with some kick ass Beats and basslines perfect for you traktor artists!

    Great producers package well rammed with the best of quality sounds loops, the basses and synths are a delight and the beats nice and snappy! perfect combination of various dubstep sounds which any dirty dubhead will play with delight!

    Drum & Bass Madness

    Rating: 9/10

    Excellent DnB producers package well armed to the teeth with some deep sound perfect for you Junglist producers! The Drums and Basses are a real delight and perfect for dropping in live loop based DJ/live sets!

    Destruction Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    Rankin come hard edge with an outstanding heavyweight dubstep producers package, well armed with the best bass and synth sounds for you dubstep junkies! Ideal for those new producers on the dubstep adventure and perfect for ableton and traktor users.

    This is one neat Bass Package! well armed with the best in filthy growling textures to sublime Sub Bass and a total unique sound as always from the ED Solo Camp! Bass junkies delight!

    Dread - Dirty Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    This mean dirty beast will wake the dead lol awesome producers package well packed with the high most quality loops and samples money can buy! Dirty Dubstep is the future of dub driven dance music and this is a perfect manifesation of DIRT! :D Ripping tearing bass that will freak anyone out on a dancefloor or festival a must have for you alternative dirty edge dubheads! 10 out of 10

    Excellent display of complextro fuelled dubstep! This neat package packs a punch and the bass licks are deadly! Ideal for live shows and adding a little spice to ones mixes.

    Loopmasters Presents Glitch Hop & Dubstep Massive Presets by Loopmasters Glitch-Hop DubStep Junglist Electro Breakbeat Junkies are in for a big treat here! This is one beast of a NI Massive synth box of preset goodies! You want Dirt? Filthy Rubber metalic warped out basses lines? This is the one! and the leads and FX are also a treat ! Also contains a folder of 65 Bonus Loops and 30 Extra One Shot Guitar Sounds ideal for you dubwise dubstep producers! a perfect 10 out of 10! and already being used for the next Celt Islam album and live shows :D One love! .

    Rasping Filthy super fantastic Massive presets! The Basses are Dredd! and the synths sublime plus each one is wonderful to manipulate and warp into alternative edges and textures most perfecr for Foul Stinking offensive Basslines and leads! 10 out of 10!!

    Doomsday Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Doomsday Dubstep by Singomakers Outstanding , filthy meets sublime! this is one serious kit for any serious producer! Ripping Rasping basses and sublime drums and synths a real treat for not just Dubstep heads but you junglists and breakbeat addicts will love! total 10 out of 10!

    Monstrous Complextro

    Rating: 10/10

    Loving this belter of a package ! this epic Complextro package bitez back with a vengence ! twisted warped rasping Bass and synths that will tear up any dancehall! this is a must get not just for your electro heads but this is a universal sound can be thrown in with Moombah, Trap, Zouk Bass , Transnational dubstep and you alternative breakbeat junglists! ten out of 10!

    Atomic Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Atomic Dubstep by Loopmasters Atomic! Big producers package well armed to the teeth with the finest of Dub driven dance music sounds and loops, the basses kick ass! and the drums crisp and delightful this is one serious box of treats for you dubstepping junkies! Tested it on a live Celt Islam set Boom!!! mashed up the gig 10 out of 10!

    Lynx Presents Eclectic Drum & Bass Vol.2 by Loopmasters This kicks a perfect DnB punch! Great breaks and sublime Basses this neat package come well armed and ready for you junglists and Dub driven Drum and Bass heads.

  • Lowroller - NI Massive Aggression by Industrial Strength Records Foul Stinking downright flithy and lush sublime sounds! Ideal and perfect for any Massive synth junkie like me lol. This is a belter of a package and the presets are a delight to work with!

    Darkstep Vol. 1

    Rating: 8/10

    Darkstep Vol. 1 by Delectable Records Excellent package with some high quality sounds and loops ideal for you alternative edge dubstep bass junkies! Loops are ideal for Ableton and Traktor users .

    Apocalypse Beats -Trap Dubstep Drumstep by Singomakers Fantasico! Having so much fun with this awesome little belter of a package! The drums are sublime! and loving them 808 style beats on the trap section. This is a must have for you beat junkies!

    Ray Keith Presents Original Drum & Bass Vol. 2 by Loopmasters Original King Stepper Ray Keith Don Dadda of Drum and Bass comes with a high octane kick ass producers package! Drums are Fat and the basses are sick! All you junglists and Dubheads! this is one package for the serious producer!

    Dubmatix Presents Jungle Renegade by Loopmasters ALL JuNgLiST MaSsIvE! HoLd TiGhT! A DiS Ya SoUnDBwOy DuTTY RassId JuNglIsT PrOdUceRs PaCkaGe Is SICK!! Comes well armed with the best hight quality Drums and Bass Loops any Junglist could ask for! Outstanding and for anyone who wants that true Junglist sound for their Tracks or DJ sets this is the one! 10 out of 10!

    Effected Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Effected Bass by Industrial Strength Records Outstanding Bass! Perfect for you Bass junkies be you into DnB,Techno or dub fuelled dance music! growling filth to sublime bass no doubt this neat little package kicks ass!

    Dubmatix Presents Reggae Soundclash by Loopmasters Outstanding producers package for you dub reggae junkies! This is well packed with the best samples and loops once can desire as a Dub producer and DJ. Drums and dredd and the basses sublime most of all is that haunting organ and piano loops which are mindblowing and of the upmost best for that raw dub sound! I strongly recommend this package to anyone who is serious about Dub Production it is a total 10 out of 10!

    Ultimate Dubstep 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Ultimate Dubstep 3 by Rankin Audio Nice neat little package ideal and perfecto for you beginners to the world of electro based dubstep, basses are sweet and the beats simple and crisp and the lovely Massive patches are a little treat

    Counterstrike Present Hard Drum & Bass by Rankin Audio Hard Hitting dark edge drum and bass package at its finest! well armed with some dredd breaks and basslines and the bass hits are awesome! this is a perfect producers package for lovers of drum and bass that bites back! 10 out of 10!!

    Stenchman - Dark & Dirty Dubstep by Rankin Audio Warped!! excellent mindbending Dubism! this is one amazing filthy disgusting sublime little belter of a producers bag of goodies :D The basses are filthy grimey and downright offensive which is love the most lol This stenching sound is pushing some boundries and is a great treat for you lovers of all things alternative and edgy

    Destructive Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    Destructive Dubstep by Sonic Mechanics Fantastic quality Dubstep package ideal and perfect for any Dubstep Junkie! Fat Ass Bass and great Drums of top quality sound! Perfect for any professtional artist/DJ

    Drumstep Invasion

    Rating: 9/10

    Drumstep Invasion by Freaky Loops DRUMSTEP INVASION!! outstanding producers package! well loaded and armed with some of the finest and high quality loops and samples for any Dubsteping Junglist! Ideal for those starting out in this world of Dubism! and perfect for DJs wanting a little extra sound for their filthy mixes

    Loopmasters come back again with a downright filthy and sublime Dubstep Bass Package , this one is freaking awesome! ideal for you lovers of that warped rubber metalic modulated dubstep bass sound! This is a must for any Dub Fanatic works well with all forms of dub driven dance music and gives any dubstep or Drum and Bass track a treat! 10 out of 10!!!

    Rudeboy Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Rudeboy Dubstep by Industrial Strength Records Enter the world of RudeBoy Dubstep! Great neat little package well rammed with some outstanding bass hits and bassloops! those ripping filthy rubber basses resonating from Massive Synth are downright dirty! perfect for all styles of Dub driven dance music be it DnB,Dub to Breakbeat Dubism! 10 out of 10! this is a must have !

    Ed Solo Presents Bass Lab Vol1 by Bass Boutique Fine quality Bass! this neat box of treats not only comes with some fantastic Bassloops in Rex format but comes with some delightful testtones and loops in wav ideal for Ableton and Traktor DJs who want that little extra punch in their mix . 10 out of 10 for utter delightful quality rasping filthy bass!!

    Massive Modulations

    Rating: 9/10

    Massive Modulations by Push Button Bang Excellent collection of Massive Sounds! this is one freakin belter of a package for you Dubsteping Complextro adiicts! comes well packed with some sublime basses and synth presets ideal for Massive Junkies!!

    Experiments In Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Experiments In Dubstep by Rankin Audio Another great and fine display of alternative Dub driven Dubstep m this little warped package comes with a right bang! ideal for those heads that want to push the boundries of experimental dub! The Freakin basslines are mad as ever and utterly divine in quality and resonate a passion for ripping any dancehall!

    Awesome little Massive package! If you want rampant raging Reece and lead sounds for your Dub driven Drum and Bass and Dubstep production this is perfect! rasping Bass to sublime lead synths most perfect for you Massive synth live players also!

    Dubstep Synths

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Synths by Freaky Loops UTKU comes bouncing back with a top little loop package of delightful commercial pop Electro driven dubtep, this is a perfect introduction into the world of high energy dubstep ideal for Djs and producers alike, the sound quality is sublime and each loop has its own unique blissful bright character 10 out of 10!

    Riskotheque Presents Neuro-Step by Rankin Audio Loving this ! The direction here is not only fresh but pushing great boundries! this neat package kicks some ass! The basses and Breaks/Beats are sublime! and the synth and FX a real treat for you electro dubstepping junglists! 10 out of 10!

  • Evil Dubstep Sounds

    Rating: 10/10

    Evil Dubstep Sounds by Singomakers Wow! what an amazing soundpackage! this Filthy bag of goodies is totally and utterly amazing! This is one of the best Dubstep packages to date! well armed with the BEST! samples and sounds for the Dub fulled dance producer and ideal for those who work with ableton , Reason and Traktor based live artists. This box of tricks comes with some awesome folders of synths , basses and fx and a grand rex folder for your dr rex addicts :D this is one outstanding package and a must have for the serious producer/artist total 10 out of 10!

    Ultimate Drumstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Ultimate Drumstep by Rankin Audio This is a neat little intro to the next level of dub fuelled dance music " Drumstep" Slightly faster dubstep with that little edge of Junglism. This bag of tricks comes well armed with high class Bass and drums loops and the synths sounds a delight as ever! Perfect for anyone wanting to venture more into alternative levels of electronica!

    Dub & Reggae XL

    Rating: 9/10

    DUBMATIX presents Dub & Reggae XL by Loopmasters DubMatix the Dub pioneer has come again with a dancehall killer of a producers package , this belting and outstanding set of sounds and samples are of the finest dub can produce today! The bass sounds and loops are simpy divine! and i must say the organ and piano sounds are haunting and really has grasped that retro dancehall flavor. This package is so universal and ideal for not just reggae dub but all kinds of dub fulled dance music from Dubstep to Jungle Drum and Bass to Electro dub. Anyone wanting that extra dancehall edge to their music this is the one! 10 out of 10!

    Mash Up Electro

    Rating: 10/10

    Mash Up Electro by Rankin Audio Rankin Audio comes again with a little beast of a producers package :D high octane Electro House with a twist of the modulated Dubstep synthism! This box of delights is well armed with some delightful bass and synth sounds ideal for the ELecto fanatic and perfect for you traktor and ableton users . 10 out of 10 !

    Epic Movie Themes

    Rating: 10/10

    Epic Movie Themes by Singomakers Delightful and sublime producers package, this Epic movie themes is ideal for that little xtra touch of classical depth to ones arrangements. Each folder contains a full sample loop of the full arrangement and then each part as a separate loop ideal for samplers! This is one great package for you lovers of all things Dark and Dubwise be it DnB to Dub driven dance music styles and even dark edge techno and house. 10 out of 10!!

    Adventures At 110bpm

    Rating: 10/10

    Adventures At 110bpm by Rankin Audio Another Great producers bag of delights from High Rankin / Rankin Audio , this little treat comes with some delightful sounds , the bass and synths are an absolute wonderment! this is one box of goodies so many folks can dip into for their productions and DJ sets, be it Dub based dance music to house and even your breaks and drum and bass fanatics ! 10 out of 10 most excellent!

    Ultimate Dubstep 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Ultimate Dubstep 2 by Rankin Audio High Rankin comes again with a sweet box of goodies for you lovers of all things dubstep. This is an ideal little package for beginners and professtionals who want a little bite into their projects. The bass sounds are a delight and the synths are perfecto. Rankin always comes with some high standard sounds and this is one of the best yet.

    Growl - Monster Bass & Creature FX by Push Button Bang Want filthy dirty growling nasty metal tearing bass sound? well this is the producers package for u! be it Drum and Bass, Dub driven dance music to electro break beat madness! This is one of the best sound packages to date when it comes to excellent quality dirty bass! a 10 out of 10 !

    Science of Sound Vol. 2 - Predator by Industrial Strength Records Fantastic sounds for all Predator junkies! this little beauty snaps up some great synth sounds ideal for the alternative edge of things all electronic and beyond.

    Skullstep - The Panacea & Limewax by Industrial Strength Records Perfect gritty distorted foul stinking basses to downright filthy breakz and noizes! this is one for the more extremist in Dub driven dance music, Basshead junkies from dubstep to DnB will love this little crakcer!

    Ultimate Nasty Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Ultimate Nasty Bass by RV_samplepacks Nasty Bass you want well here is a treat for you Bass Junkies! comes well packed with some sublime basses sounds perfect and ready for almost all forms of electronica! Dubheads! check it ! its got some punch!

    Rudeboy Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    RUDEBOY BASS!! Now this is one awesome nasty filthy dirty rasping grinding bass package to date! this is a fine display of bassism most perfect for so many genres and styles! You Bass addicts will love this gem be you lovers of all things Dub to Filthy Dubstep Junglism! 10 out of 10!

    Monster Drumstep VS Drum & Bass by Singomakers Now this is a little great Monster of a producer package love the crossover of Dubstep and Drum and Bass they suit each other well and this package does it some great Justice and well armed with fine quality Drum loops and delightful basses . This is a real treat for you Junglists! Its Raw and its got some kick! 10 out of 10!

    Dirty Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters Present Dirty Dubstep by Loopmasters Dirty Dubstep with a fine twist of Dub reggae culture! This is a fantastic producers package with some of the best dub samples and loops around! Most perfect for all styles dub fueled music. This neat bag of tricks is well packed with top quality drums, basses and excellent dub synth loops not to forget the fantastic sound fx. I strongly recommend this for all dub/ Dubstep producers and you will not be let down! 10 out of 10 for pure quality and creativity!

    Stereo MC'S - Vaultage

    Rating: 10/10

    Stereo MC'S - Vaultage by Loopmasters Fantastic producers package from the Kings of Alternative Electronica The Stereo MCs and what a fine display of production and sonic craftsmanship! This Belter comes well armed with the best in Breaks, Bass, Synths and so much for so many styles and genres! An absolute delight and pleasure for any serious producer ! 10 out of 10!

    Blokhe4d - Drum & Bass Vol. 8 by Loopmasters Outstanding Drum and Bass producers package! A wonderful display of Creativity and a delight to play with, this awesome package comes well packed with he finest breaks and some lush bass loops and the atmospherics are woderful! DnB /Breakbeat/Dubstep junkies will love this one! 10 out of 10!

    Deekline & Ed Solo Presents the Sound of Hotcakes by Bass Boutique Deekline and Ed Solo come back with a vibrant bouncing new producers package well packed with some awesome goodies! You lovers of sublime ripping and rasping bass synths will love this treat! also comes well armed with some dynamic drum and synth sounds ideal for you Dubstep/DnB/Electro breakz hiphop junkies!

    Trafik Toolkit - Elektronika by Loopmasters A great display of quality production and diversity in electronica. This neat big package comes with some awesome synths delights for all electronica musicians be it Dub based dance music to electro fulled house and breaks in fact Drum and Bass producers of the alternative edge will love this box of delights! 10 out of 10

    June Miller - Dark Complex Drum & Bass by Loopmasters Drum and Bass furturism! what an amazing Drum and Bass package! The Drums are out of this world and the bass and synths are a real delight! This is a very well produced package that kicks ass! This is one truly inspiring box of treats! I strongly recomend this for any Junglist DnB fanatic and would go further to say this is also great for those into the more dub fulled sides of dance music! 10 out of 10! love this package! Get it now you will not be disapointed!

    Sounds from the Modular

    Rating: 10/10

    Sounds from the Modular by Loopmasters Delightful producers package! lots of great warm and rasping analogue basses and synth sounds perfect for so many genres especially those into tne more electro/breaks/dub and House side of things will have a ball with this belter! Blasted a few sounds already down a soundsystem and they sound dredd! a must have for any serious producer and artist!

  • Complextro Vol. 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Complextro Vol. 3 by Freaky Loops A perfect display of future electro house! this mega pack comes well armed with some awesome bass , synth and FX sounds perfect for your electro based dance music and great for those into Dubstep and Electro Breaks! This is an ideal producers package!

    Swen Weber - Pure Electro Vol. 2 by Resonance Sound Fine Electro at its best! this is a breath of fresh air for electro dance music production! what also strikes me as an artist and producer is that although this is an electro package it is very diverse and found myself playing with the sounds in my Transnational Dubstep and Drum and Bass tracks and it sits well like a perfect glove. This neat mega package comes with some awesome drum and Synth sounds and the basses are a treat. 10 out of 10! without a doubt! and i strongly recomend this to all fine electronica artists.

    Effected Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Effected Vol2 by Industrial Strength Records is one little neat package of groundbreakin and earthshaking twisted mentalism manifested as sound FX! Great for all types and styles of music i highly recommend it to your lovers of twsited dark Dub fulled dance music!

    Bladerunner Presents - Dread Drum & Bass Dread Drum and Bass is a most excellent little producers package for the beginner of Drum and Bass / Jungle production. Comes well packed with some nice fine Breaks and the bassline loops are awesome! not to forget its nice lush FX sounds and Synth Sounds.

    Future Clash

    Rating: 7/10

    Future Clash by Industrial Strength Records is a perfect introduction to modern dub electronica. This little neat producers pack is sweetly packed with some great Dub drum and Bass loops and hits and some nice steady away synth and dub piano sounds . I strongly recommend this package to all those wanting to venture into the more Dub reggae side of Dubstep and Drum and Bass .

    BHK is back with his special treats of sonic energies! King of all things to do with the darkside of electronica BHK has provides us all with an amazing Massive preset package for you Native Instruments MASSIVE junkies :D Absolutly dark and filthy tearing bass and lead sounds which any Drum and Bass / Dubstep Producer will love! This is by far one of the best Massvive packages to date! an all round 10 out of 10!

    DnB Synths - Thor

    Rating: 10/10

    This is one mean tuff little collection of Thor presets for Reason and thrown into a combinator wow the sounds are sick! The package comes with some sublime atmospherics and great Basses and Leads a nice treat for any producer and reason junkie :D

    K-Tee Shogun Audio Drum & Bass Vol2 by Loopmasters K-Tee comes with a mean hard edge Drum and Bass producers package ideal for the Drum and Bass enthusiast ! Dread Breaks and Bass loops and the synth and pads are great! This is ideal for Drum and Bass DJs and beginners into the realm of Drum and Bass electronica.

    6Blocc - Dirty Alley Drumstep by Industrial Strength Records Heavyweight busting Breakbeat mayhem! what an absolute freaking amazing package of high ocatne Breaks and Beats These belters push the tempo right where they need to be! The Kicks and snares are awsome You Junglist Dubsteppers will love this !! 10 out of 10 ! this is a must have for the serious producer!

    Dark Scapes

    Rating: 9/10

    Dark Scapes by Loopmasters . Great reason refil package full of some sublime and dark amtospherics pefect for any professtional musician and something for any genre be it Breaks, DnB, Dubstep to Electro House and Trance! This is a must for any reason junkie

    Deep Dub Tek

    Rating: 9/10

    Deep Dub Tek by Loopmasters is a perfect little package for you lovers of alternative dark electronic dub / Dubstep. This kick ass little package comes with some dredd breaks and Bassline and some sublime atmospheric synths and fx.

    Dubstep Mechatron

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Mechatron by Loopmasters This is one outstanding producers package from Loopmasters "Dubstep Mechatron" come with some heavyweight tearing foul and damright disgustingly awsome Bass and Syntn Sounds! All you Glitch , Electro Transnational Dubsteping Bassheads shall love this one without a doubt! The dark an deep robotica sounding Bass and synth loops and sounds are of the upmost best to date! This is a 10 out of 10 for not just sound quality, porduction bu for raw energy and creativity most perfect for any modern day electronica producer and DJ.

    Hostage Presents - This is Rave Music by Rankin Audio . Fantastic package of electronic delights! The bass Drums and Synths loops are awsome and a perfect little package of weird and wonderful sounds and most perfect for anyone from Electro Breaks to Transnational Dubstep and Jungle. This is a good little box of treats which i think most producers will find something of a delight to add to their compositions.

    Freemasons 100% Remix Tools by Loopmasters . This is one of the most outstanding Progressive and Electro House producers packages i have had the pleasure of reviewing. Well packed with Goodies some awsome strong Drum Loops and the Bass Loops are fantastic as for the synth loops and sounds well they are totally amazing in sound and texture! This is without a doubt a perfect example of House production at its best! but saying that one will find many a great sound for other genres be it Drum and Bass Breaks or Dub infested dance music. 10 out of 10! Quality!!!

    Aquasky - Future Jungle & Drumstep by Monster Sounds . All you Jungists,DubHeadz and Breakbeat junkies! This is one serious mega power punched producers package around! Comes well laced with some awsome Breaks and Basslines and some great synth loops ranging from 140 to 170plus bpm and the sample hits are a delight! This is most perfect for the modern Junglist of 2012 as it also steps into the realm of Dubstep and Breakbeat culture which for me is perfect as now we enter a time where styles murge and meet together. A total 10 out of 10 !

    Hard & Dirty Complextro by Loopmasters Utku comes back again with some awsome Massive sounds for the deep and dirty Electro underground! This powerpacked bag of goodies is excellent for power synth Dubstepping Junkies! Contains some nice crisp Drums and some dirty foul stinking Synth and Basslines! This producers package is perfect for anyone into house, Trance, Dubstep and Electro Breaks and i would even say Drum and Bass heads would also dig some of the great sounds contained within its Sample bites!. One can have so much fun with this package and perfect for both Djs and producers .

    Phaeleh - Ambient Dubstep by Loopmasters brings some nice fresh dubism to the masses! This unique and great producers package is perfect for the electro ambient side of Dubstep. Comes well packed with some awsome Drum loops and the basses are sublime! Most perfect for anyone wanting to venture into the depths of deep dubism with an electro edge! 10 out of 10!

    Dubstep Massive

    Rating: 9/10

    Dubstep Massive by Industrial Strength Records is a perfect little introduction to Dubstep Production it comes well packed with some Dredd filthy bass loops some nice crisp Dubstep Breaks and the synth loops are a delight :D Also come well packed with some sublime Massive synth patches which any Dubstep Junkie will adore!

    Dubstep Monster Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Monster Bass by Loopmasters Now some say the best things some in small packages! well this maybe a small package but what a kick or filth it delivers! The Bass loops are fithy and downright mentalist screaming dirt! absolute amazing!! love it! this is without the best Bassloop package by far! a total 10 out of 10 for mental creativity and sublime professtional quality ready for any track or DJ mix!

    Glitch Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    Glitch Hop by Rankin audio ! Lets say its been in the waiting! a new direction of dirty filthy bass combined with a Glitch HipHop Breakz delivery! This mean little monster of a package comes well packed with some great Breaks, Ripping foul dirty bass loops and some great glitch and synth loops not to mention the drum , synth and bass hit folders pefect for any sampler :D 10 out of 10 for creativity and a fresh new direction in electronica .

  • Dubstep Basses Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Dubstep Basses Vol. 2 by Freaky Loops Heavyweight! Filthy and downright dirty! thats the best way to describe this belter of a Massive driven Dubstep BassLoop Package ! You want Modulated madness which sounds like twisted and warped robotz inna soundclash well you have it! This is a all round 10 out of 10!! Any Dubsteping , B Boy, Electro Breakz Junglist freak will absolutly love this!

    Laya Project

    Rating: 10/10

    Laya Project by Earth Moments . This is a lovely introdcution to world and ethnic sounds from around the world . This little great package of ethno goodies comes with some lovely folders of loops and sounds from places like The Maldives , India and Indonesia. Each folder also contains some lovely short films of the people being recorded , for me this is a delight to review as i also did a remix for Earth momemnts Laya Projects The track Ya Allah which you are most welcome to listen to here :http://soundcloud.com/celt-islam/ya-allah-sufi-dubstars-aka-celt-islam-dj-umb-remix-feat-dawoud-kringle-laya-project This package is most perfect for most styles espeically Entho house and Transnational Dubstep! I strongly recomend this excellent package to any serious producer and artist. 10 out of 10!

    Loxy and Resound - Drum And Bass Vol. 8 Awsome Drum and Bass producers package from Loxy and Resound ! comes well packed with some high octane Beats and Basslines! and the synths and FX are a delight to any Junglist junkie! This is an excellent start for anyone wanting to get into DnB Jungle production and DJ will have a ball with the loops in Tracktor and Ableton.

    Ital Tek - Bass Electronica by Loopmasters . This is a perfect marrage between Electro and Dubstep this powerful little producers package comes well packed with some sublime goodies for anyone into deep electronica to Dubstep and even DnB and Breakz! The wonderful folders contained within come well armed with some awsome Beats with a twist of the 808 feel and the bass and synths are great! This is a perfect producers package for any one serious and wanted that little extra to their mix. 10 out of 10 for creativity and style!

    Loopmasters - Dubstep Basses Reason Combinator Presets. Loopmasters come back with a hig octane growling filthy bass and synth preset package for Reason Combinator!! As a Combinator junkie myself this is a delight to play around with and perfect for any dirty dark dubstep and Drum and Bass sound!

    6Blocc Hard Talking

    Rating: 10/10

    6Blocc Hard Talking by Industrial Strength Records !! Boom now this is one serious megga super sonic boombastik producers package i absolutly love! The Filthy Dirty sounds of the bass and synths are just out of this world! Rightfully dressed and ordained with the cult classic GodZilla artwork truly reflects this monster sound package. This is a total 10 out of 10 and i highly and strongly recomend this producers package for any serious musician producer and DJ.

    Loopmasters Present Dubstep Synths Massive Presets!! Now this Massive collection is some powah punching gut bubbling filthy dutty Dubstepism any dubstep head will absolutly love! Comes well packed with some hard stepping ripping bass to some sublime synths this is without a doubt one of the best packages for Massive i have had the pleasure of playing with in fact some of the sounds from this package feature in my track " Inifada by Celt Islam " out on 26th march 2012 on Urban Sedated records . This package i highly recomend to any serious basshead from DNB to Dubstep a total 10 out of 10 from the Celt Islam family

    Massive Dubstep - Nebula Womp by Industrial strength is a fine collection of Dubsteping goodies for ones Massive synth comes well packed with some powah punching Basses and synths a real treat for any Dubsteping Massive Junkie! a good 10 out of 10!! and a must for any serious producer in the world of Dubstep.

    Dubstep Basses

    Rating: 10/10

    DUBSTEP BASSES by FREAKY LOOPS!!! AWSOME!! DREDD! AND DIRTY STINKING MASSIVE SOUND! This is my no 1 Bass loop package I have had the great pleasure of reviewing! The Twisted filthy bass in this package is without any doubt a Dubstep Junkies Delight! a total 10 out of 10 and a must for all DubHeads!

    PRO II

    Rating: 8/10

    PRO II by Wave Alchemy. This is a warm and nice collection of sounds ranging from Pads, Bass and Lead Synth sounds. This is a great little package for any electronica musician and DJ and i higly recomend this for any producer who wants a nice crisp and warm sound for their compositions .

    Utku-S Electro House Bass - Reason Combinator !!! This is a superb collection of bass synth sounds from Hardcore sawtooth to squarewave sublime sonics!! This is such a nice package for Reason lovers be they DubStep heads to Trance and Electro house junkies! a total 10 out of 10 from me! In fact i have just used two sounds from the Combinator patches in my latest track and folks are going mentalist over the dirty rasping bass sound :D ! UTku-S Well done!

    Heavy Bass Oneshots

    Rating: 10/10

    Heavy Bass Oneshots by Rankin Audio is a fine collection of bass sounds from modulated wobbles to dirty ripping and tearing bass ! Most perfect for any Bass Junkie! This is an ultimate 10 out of 10 for Bassist creativity and i stronly recomend this for any serious Dubstep and DNB producer!

    Complex Electro Tools Vol. 1 by Noisefactory . This little banging producers package is ab absolute winner! The Bass, drums and Synth sounds are fantastic and i love the glitchy fidget sounds in the Fidget toolbox folder! This producers package is most perfect for any electronia artist or DJ and you will not be let down by any means as it comes with some Kick Ass sounds to satisfy the electro Junkie :D This is a good 10 out of 10 for creativity and quality!

    Midi Focus- Dubstep Synths ! This is a sweet little package of Dubstep goodies! Perfect for any professtional Dubstep producer , it comes with some nice folders of Bass, Drum , synth sounds for Massive synth, Live8 and Reason plus some extra dubstep drum loops nice for those who use recycle . I strongly recomend this package not just for Dubstep producers but for any Electronica based music.

    BHK Heavy

    Rating: 10/10

    BHK HEAVY ! BHK comes back again with an apocalyptic Reason combinator refill! Comes with 5 folders from Wobble bass to Bass/Reece lead sounds. This is without any doubt the best Dubstep/ DnB Combinator refill i have had the pleasure of playing with and what users will find is that the way BHK has set up and programmed the sounds he has made it user friendly for those who want to expand on each preset. If you want Dirty growling foul stinking sub ripping bass sounds this is perfect ! I strongly recomend this package for any professtional Dubstep and Drum and Bass musician ! A grand 10 out of 10 !

    Alien Robot Vox

    Rating: 9/10

    Alien Robot Vox by Loopmasters This is a warm little package of vocoded goodies! This electrifying producers package comes packed with some awsome 808 style beats and breaks , wonderful synth sounds and the vocoded voice loops are a real treat for any electronic number! and perfect for usuing in Traktor samplers for doing live DJ sets!

    DJ Cabbie Presents Drum And Bass is a great package for the Junglist drum and bass head! This awsome producers package comes well packed with some high octane folders of goodies from Fat breaks, Dirty Bassline and some sublime synth, FX and pads! This is a pefect introduction to Drum and Bass production and a delight for DJs!!

    Ultimate Dubstep

    Rating: 10/10

    Ultimate Dubstep by Rankin Audio ! A wonderful display of Massive synth generated Dubstep! This groovy package is full of great dubstep goodies most perfect for any dubstep junkie! Awsome Bass and Synth loops and some nice grimey sounds from the FX folder ,this is by far the best Rankin Audio loop package a total 10 out of 10 and a must for all Dubstep DJs and Producers who want a little edge to their sound.

    Kanji Kinetic Presents Drumstep & Mutant Bass V1 by Monster Sounds !! Absolultly love this producers package, its well packed nice with some awsome Drums and Bass Loops which is most universal for many a genre be it DubStep, Electro Breaks to DnB. The package comes with some nice vocal loops from the Ragga Twins and also some great Bass, synth and FX sounds and loops which any Bass junkie will find a delight!!. A total 10 out of 10 for quality and pushing the boundries sound!

    Lee Mortimer - Wearhouse Music by Monster Sounds !! Wow what a great awsome producers package absolutly love it!!! The fine quality of Drums, Bass and synth loops are divine! This is one mega package which bites back a total 10 out of 10 for quality and diversity! I strongly recomend this package for any serious prodcer and DJ.

  • Octane and DLR- Drum and bass rollers! this is a nice small but sweet Drum and Bass producers package perfect for the Drum and Bass enthusiast and beginner in the world of Junglism! It has some lush breaks and awsome bass lines and some lovely synth and FX samples a real treat for Reason and Traktor lovers!

    Re-Zone Presents Big Room House Essentials!! This is one awsome House producers package with CLASS!!! This belter contans some awsome Kong drum pacthes for Reason and an awsome rex folder full of great Drum, Bass and synth loops plus folders of various loops and hits as Wav and FX. This is a must for any electronica artist or DJ and although it is House i find the sounds very universal and suitable for Dubstep and Electro Breaks a grand 10 out of 10 from me :D

    PunX Soundcheck presents Dubstep Electro and Fidget!! Wow now although this is a small package do not be missled! I absolutly love ths package!! The drum breaks, basslines and synth loops are an absolute dream and the filthy dirty sound of them are ACE!! This is a gret package for anyone into Dubstep and Electro Fidget but also Drum and Bass and filthy Dub Breakbeatism! 10 out of 10 !!

    This us a little gem of a producers package!! Lots of great drum, percussion sounds, FX, sublime bass sounds and loops! Anyone into Electronica from Dubstep, DnB, House, Tech and Electro breaks will love the sounds in here!

    This is a nice introduction to the world of minimal dub electronica , this producers package contains 17 construction folders of beats , basses, fx and synth loops and sounds, perfect for dr rex in reason, it also contains drum hits and sampler patches, i highly recomned this producers package for the serious minimal dub.dubstep producer and DJ.

    Loopmasters presents :Radiophonic Synth Workshop ! This wonderful delight of a sound package is an electronica junkies dream. The textures and Sound Fx are sublime and most perfect for so many styles of music ,personally i would highly recomend this for serious producers from Dub to Electro but aprt from that this is also pefect for Virtual DJs using such software as Traktor in fact i have done two performances so far using these sound with added fx and the crowd absolutly loved it! 10 out of 10!

    Ragga Vocals Vol2

    Rating: 8/10

    Ragga vocals by Booty Farm is a delightful package of absolute Ragga Delights . This is one perfect sample package which is universal to many styles of music today. I highly recomend this for DJs and alternative electronica artists from Dubstep to Drum and bass.

    Wave Alchemy Electro Collection is a great package for the electro producer and DJ the various folders of goodies are great!from the Electro House progressions to Electro house Underground each with dynomite refills from basses breaks to syths and fx sounds. This is a perfect package for any beginner in this field of music!

    Jungle Ammunition

    Rating: 10/10

    Jungle Ammunition ! awsome collection of goodies for the Junglist ! This neat little package has some great Drum and bass sounds and its packages of loops are a delight for any Junglist DnB addict !This is a must get for any serious producer .

    Business Class Refugees - Producer Collection by Earth Moments is great producers package its bass drum and sitar loops are divine and each folder contains some delightful sounds i highly recomend this to any serious musician/producer.

    Electro BassLines

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters presents ELECTRO BASSLINES This is one mean serious bass package! It says Electro but that can be missleading! this package is so phat that i think anything from HipHop, Dub, DNB to House and trance will freaking love this! personally i think this is the best bass package i have heard so far! Its a Must for all producers and DJs An Absolute 10 out of 10!

    BHK Fidget

    Rating: 10/10

    Industrial Strength Records Presents f1D9et!!! Now is this is one serious producer's sample bag of goodies!! The bass, drums, synths and fx are a dubsteping junglists delight! There is not one package from ISR that doesnt blow me away with fantastic sounds and creativity! This is a must for all serious producers! A 10 out of 10 without a doubt!

    DJ Krust presents Bristol Drum and Bass is a nice steady away simple Drum and bass producers package, it contains some lovely drums breaks and some nice lush Bass sounds. This is a perfect little package for any drum and bass producer and DJ.

    Tech Therapy

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters present TECH THERAPY! Now this is a nice treat for you Electro Techno Bassheads! Such great Drum and Bass loops and the Freaked out vocal stabs are nuts! In fact awsome :D and the music loops are a synth addicts delight! A total 10 out of 10 for awsome creativity and although this is a tech package I think anyone from DnB to Dubstep will love some of these sounds!

    Dubmatix Automatic reggae is a magnificent display of modern reggae with a touch of the classical revival sound. This exellent producers package is fully loaded with some awsome loops and sounds. The Lovely Bass and drum loops are a real reggae delight and the pianos and chops a dream. I rate this a 10 out of 10 for production and classic reggae creativity.

    Light Textures

    Rating: 8/10

    Light Textures is a wonderfully sublime sample package with some lush pad sounds to some outstanding fx and synth sounds a pefect combination for any style and is most definatly a must for those lovers of electronica.

    Nick Thayer Breaks Producer its a great producers package with a punch! The beats , awsome basses and great synths are a dream and a delight for any breakbeat junkie :D plus it also comes witn some nice combinator patches for reason users. I give this a grand 10 out of 10

    Infinite Element

    Rating: 10/10

    Infinite Element is an outstanding producers pack from Push Button Bang, since I downloaded this I havent stopped using it! Its deep and amazing sounds is totally outstanding from the combinator patches to the Rex files this reason refill is without a doubt one of the best refills I have had the pleasure of having. I give this a total 10 out of 10 for creativity and outstanding professional sound and diversity, this refill can be used for all kinds of music genres from Electro House, DnB to Sufi Dubstep and much more!

    New Sound of Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    New sound of Dubstep is a delightful Dubstep producers pacage with a punch! It contains some awsome Basslines and the Drum loops are lush and crisp with a thumping kik behind them and the sound fx are a treat, this is a lovely starter kit for those Dubstep enthusiast and is also a nice bundle for those who want to drop some nice dirty sounds inna a dj set .

    BOMB SQUAD Tactical Beats and sample Artillery is here! What a fine collection of filthy grimey and total lush sounds inna Bomb Squad stylee! This massive producers package contains 7 drum folders of outragous and eclectic drum loops I have heard in many a year. The way the drum loops are created with real and electronic drum sounds is just a breakbeat junkie's delight but also transcend into the avant garde :D and there is more!!! 4 fx folders of pounding sonics, ambient and music loops which trancend across all genres, then there is the bass! What a monster! Wow - anyone who likes bass will absolutly love it. This outstanding collection of sound is so diverse that I think any Musician and producer from HipHop to Transnational Dubstep will find melt into subsonic ecstacy! This for me is a total 10 out of 10 for not only creativity but for its futurist and anarchic energy that pushes all the boundries!

  • Voice Of India

    Rating: 9/10

    Voice of India by Earth Moments is a beautiful collection of vocal recordings and loops with some amazing textures and styles. The delightful vocal package contains 8 awsome folders of goodies from bollywood to tradtional Qawwali. This is a perfect bundle for any composition and would complement any style.


    Rating: 9/10

    Rise by Push Button Bang! is a fine collection sounds which can compliment any form of electronica. The various sounds come in a high quality Format and its various folders from Climbers to Transistional elements are a delight of sonic sound! This is one awsome sound package i can higly recomend for any serious producer and DJ .

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 10/10

    Woah! What an amazing collection of sound FX. This package contains 18 folders of absolute divine and high quality sounds that personally made me shiver when blasting a few of them among my live set this year at Glastonbury festival. In fact the sub and sonic sounds totally melted people into sonic delight and ecstasy. This is a 10 out of 10 for quality and creativity! I strongly recomend this for any serious musician and DJ.

    DUB FX comes with an awsome producers package full of his tricks and blissful vocal textures. This package has some awsome bass loops and the vocals are wonderfully sublime! this is a perfect little soundpack full of goodies for any electronic producer and DJ.

    6Blocc - Dubstep Ammo

    Rating: 10/10

    Industrial Strenth records blesses us all once again with a huge high octane dubstep package "6BLOCC DUBSTEP AMMO" and what Ammo is it for any Dubstep Enthusiast , it comes with some awsome folders of goodies from Hard Wobble Basses, Fat Beats to outragously awsome synth loops and the Sound FX are a treat! a total 10 out of 10 for this one! All you Dubstepin Junglists out there! this is a must have!

    High Ranking comes again but this time he blesses us with some of the best dubstep and drum and bass synth sounds i have heard in Years!!! for me the dirty ripping bass sounds are an absolute dream and wil give any dub track what it needs and thats kick ass filthy modulated bass . This is a total must for all serious producers! i rate this a total 10 out of 10! Boombastik filthy bass in ya face from High Rankin!

    DARK MATTER An absolute winner! this producers loop package is totally awsome! this package contains some of the finest quality loops i have heard , the crisp and fine breaks to glorious basslines which any Dubstep fanatic would love. Although its a Dubstep Package i would also highly recomend this for Drum and Bass heads and Alternative Nu School Electro Breaks. 10 out of 10!!

    Maximal Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    Maximal Electro is a great package for you lovers of the Electro world, This package contains some divine sounds , its beats and basses are fantasic and the synths and fx are great! The retro feel to some of the sounds are great and this package is so universal i think any producer from House to Dub will find this a great tool and give a speical additive to ones mixes. Top marks!


    Rating: 10/10

    S:amplify by Davide Carbone is one awsome grand collection of sample goodies for the Drum and Bass Enthusiast. It contains a great collaction of Drum Loops and some awsome griity filthy basslines which for me personally are fantastic :D but for me the Bass, Pad and fx samples are totally awsome.

    ASC Presents a fine flavour for the Drum and Bass scene and this producers package is a fine collection of sonics to please anyone into electronica with an edge . Although this package contains some amazing Drums , Bass, synths etc what took me the most was the Atmospheric pads wow they are wonderful ! 10 out of 10!

    Perfect combination of sounds for any dubstep or drum and bass producer, the gritty dirty basses are great its a definate must to have for any user of Massive synth, I rate this a good 9 out of 10

    Prince Fatty Crucial Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    CrUcIaL DuB !!! Prince Fatty stylee! This is a sublime collection of goodies for any Dub and reggae producer. This package has some awsome drum sounds and its bass is a delight to any basshead plus its fine collection of soundFX , Piano and guitar chops are just perfect! I rate this a 10 out of 10 and a must for any dub producer be it Steppers, Sufi Dub, Dubstep or Dancehall.

    BHK Special Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    Awsome BHK Special Edition a perfect starter kit for any Drum and bass or Dubstep producer. The filthy bass sounds are superb!Drums nice and crisp and the atmospheric pad section a dream and to top it all off with some awsome SoundFx. Small and sweet package which is a must for any producer into the darkside of electronica.

    Warped Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    Totally Warped!! Yes a fine mixture of warped sounds and fantastic futurist bass filth :D just right up my street. I love the mad blend of textures and styles in this producers package and personally i think anyone into alternative electronica is going to love this gem of goodies. The beats are totally offside and mental which is ace and the filthy basses are a delight for any bass junkie. A total 10 out of 10 for this one , highly recomended for those into adding a little Warped flavour to your track or Dj set.

    BHK S.E.4 Drum Step

    Rating: 10/10

    BHK always deliver the best goodies for anyone involved in Drum and bass to Dubstep . This edition Drumstep is awsome! the breaks and Flithy basslines are utterly sublime! Although this is aimed at Drumstep i find that this package has some goodies for everyone be it Drum and bass, TransNational Dubstep to alternative industrial techno . This is one of my favorates so far from Industrial Strenth Records and i rate this a joyful 10 out of 10 .

    Indian Emotions

    Rating: 8/10

    Indian Emotions is a lovely package of sublime sounds from Sitar Dilruba,Santoor to violins and bansuri flutes its a good mixbag of Indian classical goodies and a perfect collection for any genre of music. I higly recomend this package for anyone who wants to add a little Indian spice to their mixes and composiions.

    High Rankin Dubstep TearOut! says it all if you ask me :D What an amazing package of sonic goodies. This producer package is rammed with some serious dirty filthy basslines to crispy fat breaks and the synths are super!! Although this is a dubstep package it can be used for so many styles and is a perfect must for any alternative and mainstream musician. 10 out of 10 for this fine masterpiece

    Dub Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    Dub Tech is a great producers package and personally i am happy to see such a great package as its a wonderful introduction for any producer who wants to venture into the ever evolving world of Dub Music. The Bass Sounds are awsome!! warm and just at the right key to get that fullness of sub. The drum loops are great and those hihats are some of the best i heard in a while ! The Synth sounds with that dirty delay fx is also a dream . 10 out of 10 !! This is a most for all dub producers.

    Great collection of soundbites from the legend HorseMan! This package is a delight for any live act be it dj set to live digital sets easy to drop and the production is sublime :D All you Dub Junglist to Transnational dubstep heads this is a must!!

    Now this is an electro delight to my ears!! awsome retro sounds and abolsutly loving the synths!!! top quality! This is a perfect producers package for anyone into electronica and personally i think this is a great introduction for any producer who wants to venture into the world of electro be it house to dubstep there is something in this package for everyone!

  • Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Dub Dark 2 wow what an amazing producer package this is by far one of the best alternative Dub packages so far. The production is awsome and this will be a great tool for any Dub artist today . I highly recomend this package for those into the alternative Dub scene from its bass sounds and loops to the filthy dirty amazing ripping synths and tone-loops to the sublime vocal soundfx and the list goes on. Welcome to the future of Dub Music welcome to Dark Dub/2 i rate this 10 out of 10 !!!

    Electro folk vol 1 is a wonderful taste and introduction into the emerging world electronica scene. This package contains some lush loops and great filtered effected instuments although the sitar sounds like it was made from a guitar it still gives a nice quality and edge for any alternative peice of music. Electro folk vol1 will provide any producer with a little gift for their mix be it house, Drum and Bass, Dubstep or even mainstream pop. This package is a must for all Transnational Dubstep producers!

    Indian Sessions Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great continuation from the Vol-1 Indian Sessions , I love mostly the sitar and the percussion on this producers pack much better than vol 1 although Vol1 has great vocal samples. This is a well produced package and most suitable for any genre. The package has much to offer for any producer with an open mind for eastern music.

    Twisted Dub

    Rating: 10/10

    A great manifestation of modern dub! A modern Dub producer myself i find this is the kind of sample pack i have personally wanted to hear for a long time. The Drum loops are awsome and the bass loops super! love the piano loops and the dubstep wobbles are a dream. I think anyone who is into alternative dub music be it steppers, Sufi Dub, Transnational Dubstep or main stream Dubstep will find this producers package a delight. Twisted Dub 10 out of 10!