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Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Drums and Jazz


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BPM: 120 - 120

Really excited to see part 2 of this great collection. Like the first addition this is full to the brim of great Jazz Drums. If your into Jazz, or any syncopated rhythms this is a perfect introduction, which can inspire your next production. From Drum Loops, Tops, and Hits you have the ability to fully lay out your drum foundations in this genre specific art form, but also allowing you to diversify into downtempo, electronica or hip hop or were your imagination takes you. Brilliantly put together with excellent recordings, every element sounds so good. Excellently played with so much detail you will be so inspired to create amazing drums putting your own personal stamp on your rhythms and having your ready to go drummer on your next track.

This dude's tub-thumping skills are evident from the off. FansĀ of the first instalment...

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If you are looking for excellent Jazz drum samples with grooves, this sample pack will give you all the drum elements to add a Jazz drummer to your music productions. So natural and humanly played, they will add creative beats and swing .


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