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Genre: Jungle

Additional Styles: Jungle


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 174

Singomakers always come with some gems & some nice surprises. Very Infectious, rolling Jungle vibes on this & done really well. From the demo its a heavy hitter with a very authentic feel from yesterday year but a enough flavour for future proofing your productions moving forward. Full to the brim of sounds, starting with Bass Loops really good to get start your ideas & allowing you to sketch out an arrangement in this iconic genre. You the then get full Drum Loops, which I have to say are so good with swing which is not always the case in other packs attempting this genre, really nice details which will make your beats production stand out. Fx come next & yes really nice & useful adding layers of soundscapes to your tracks and giving a dubwise feel & all the Riser you will need to add tension & great for builds & drops. The Melody loop pack is an instant idea pallet for you giving you endless possibilities. One Shots of course give you that added individual stamp were you can mix & match & create & put into your sampler of choice to manipulate & conjure up your next heavyweight jungle riddim. You get rex files fore flexibility across your daw of choice. Sampler Patches are included which is the standard in packs worth their salt! and giving you total control over your production toolkit. Finally vocals, just to add your own personal MC should you need one.


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