The Master of Dub is back, Dubmatix is again bringing the heavyweight sounds. A really in depth sound & musical architecture is Dub culture. Really pleased to get another sound pack from Renegade Audio & it dosen't disappoint. Loop Folder is loaded with Bass Sounds, really nice, from Squelchy Synths to Subs. The Drums are meticulous & really well put together & can work in so many ways with such a variety. With also Individual hits, which gives more flexibility to program your own Riddim Patterns. FX are nice a small selection & useful. The Music Folder, gives you the foundations to build & start arranging your Dub tracks but also doesn't limit you to explore other genres very versatile giving you lots of options. Their is a Vox Folder, giving you the opportunity to expand your Dub Palette including vocal edits to your tracks. Finally you get One Shots which are so useful to really sculpt your own sound & version....... Again I would love to see a Midi & Sampler Folder in these packs as this would make this the perfect sound pack in this genre as its so true to the Dub Culture that it would be so resourceful.


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