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Genre: Halftime

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Halftime

Here we go with what sounds in the description like a perfect library for a dystopian, cosmic soundtrack. And indeed the loops are futuristic, very detailed and well sequenced. But be aware, that you´ll get only the foundation of, what you are looking for. There are no space melodies, no hooklines or other melodic elements. What is marked as Music Loops are Songstarters in my opinion. Nevertheless, its a great library and I would have given it 10 out of 10 if it wasn´t lacking some tonal loops and sounds.

It seems like all I do is sing the Ghost Syndicates's praises these days! They are back with Debris another essential minimal, crunchy, bassy and versatile pack. Sub kicks deep enough to fill the void in the most emo of souls. You can hear a lot of time and attention to detail goes into these packs and they are versatile sitting nicely in DNB / 140 / Electronic genres. Especially love the hats and percussion within this pack!


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