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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub

Aim Audio on fire again, from the amazing Dubmatix & Phil "Illorn" Horne. Really great combination of Dub, & Breakbeat Culture with Scratch Samples on Vocals, & Dub Horns & all various instruments giving a great texture & feel to this pack. Again know surprise production values are high & the level of detail is so good. You have all you need to really come up with something very unique. You have a good size folder of Bass, next is Drum Loos, & what I like is you get the tracked out elements from separate Hi Hats, Kicks, but also various Grooves, which is great, plenty of scope to sound design your beats. FX are always good to check out as this can set the mood & texture of your tracks also little nuggets of inspiration. Then incoming is the instruments from Horn Stabs, Keys Organs. Percussion is next to really fill out the groove elements giving you a tasty rhythm section. Synths loops are very nice, still having a vintage feel, but also a modern sounding feel to future proof yourself in this style & genre. Lastly small selection of vocals, to add atoms & interest to you arrangements. Look forward to more of the same in the future.


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