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Genre: Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Lo-Fi Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 61 - 177

Really classy pack, and always pleasantly surprised by some of the Sample Diggers sound libraries and look forward to their more jazzy, Downtempo additions. In this case full to the brim with great sounds, starting with the Instrument Patches, very useful for building and constructing your own sound pallet & sketching your ideas to fully fleshed out arrangements. Next is the Single Sounds, which are great for expanding your hardware samplers or soft sampler, to have the building blocks to create your own unique patterns & song starters. Finally you the get the Music Loops, a nice selection of sounds with a dusty feel & contemporary. Would liked to have of seen a possible inclusion of Midi or even composition stem options to take this pack to another level & giving you much more flexibility & a longer shelf life. But all in all, a nice pack to work with.


Instruments Effects And More

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