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Genre: Trip Hop

Additional Styles: Downtempo and Trip Hop

When I saw this pack, I really loved the concept of a Trip Hop & Scratch sound pack and after checking out is so on point. As the mechanics have to be so right in this genre & this is spot on with the way it has been conceived and put together. Lots of detail & really well put together love it. I really like the fact you get the loops & the separate parts which you can reconstruct or deconstruct in anyway you like, which I always go on about, which is having flexibility which is so important. As I always say Midi would have been a nice inclusion then the Sky's the limit with this packs, but its start in the right direction.............. You're presented with a plethora of Bass sounds from 808 style to brooding synth bas lines even scratched loops which as you can imagine, is across most of all the instrumentation & sounds in this pack, which is great. Love the Drum loops really well processed for that dusty & dirty laid back swung vibe in those low tempos, raging from 65 - 80 very nice indeed. This is the best part you get the Drum Loop Parts which is the icing on the cake, as you can work in a variety of ways which is excellent. FX are good to put another layer for complexity & feel to your tracks, extremely useable. Music loops are up next with a dark & moody vibe which is great & in the minor key, giving tension drama and intensity, great for building your track with an edgy feel. In this genre the Percussion is an important element as this adds a again, a level of complexity and layers adding that gritty feel with movement. Lastly you get Single Sounds, which is great, particularly in this instants, as you can totally build your own beats with every element included from the drums supplied, and with the instrument sound options which is a good addition also. Look forward to more packs like this.


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