I was really excited to load these patches up especially as I haven't used Predator for a while and this fantastic pack of sounds has got me back using this classic soft synth. A very well produced and laid out patch with useable sounds covering the gnarly and the deep textured sounds that we are all looking for.

Nice set from ISR for the Predator. Predator factory sounds are ok, getting a set like this gives you a lot more of a better sound base to work off of. Theres a bunch of good sounds- especially the basses which are very thick. Good mix of fx, leads and bass sounds. The "SEQ" patterns are excellent as well. Overall, the sounds are very hard- great for the club.

Science of Sound Vol. 2 - Predator by Industrial Strength Records Fantastic sounds for all Predator junkies! this little beauty snaps up some great synth sounds ideal for the alternative edge of things all electronic and beyond.


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