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Pember, also known as Meat Katie, is a London-based tech-funk producer and DJ. He has gained popularity in recent years in developing his style of tech-funk, combining techno, tribal, electro, breakbeat and house music. He currently manages and records for his record label LOT49 alongside Dylan Rhymes. The labels artists include Dopamine, Kid Blue, Vandal, Odissi, Elite Force and Lee Coombs.


  • it's a quirky and off the wall this pack, exploring some different & alternative types of melodies, sort of Techno and sort of Electronica, I can't put my finger on it but it's certainly unique, I'm pretty sure anyone will find something they can use here.

    Piatto Italo Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice deeper rolling techno pack, I have used a lot of these guys drum sounds over the year on my Meat Katie release's, they are full and well made, Piatto are legends of the Italian Techno scene so it's great to get an insight into how they produce, very nice pack indeed

    Miami Ultra

    Rating: 9/10

    Exceptionally well produced pack! you could use any of these sounds and drums in various context and mulit genres, don't let the dodgy name put you off! This is a cracking pack.

    Ultimate Dubstep 3

    Rating: 8/10

    Another competent release from the man like Rankin. Perfect for the Bass music producer but other genres shouldn't dismiss this especially as it has some great individual drum hits and Massive Patches.

    Afro Tech Vocals 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Very handy for the producer arsenal. Straight out the box, ready to go vocals that will suit many genres particularly the 4/4 genres and bass music.

    Not my personal genre of production but yet again another fantastic collection of loops and samples from the Rankin stable. Professionally recorded and will appeal to Bass Music producers first and foremost but some great elements for all producers.

    A solid selection of loops and samples showcasing the deeper side of Mr Loveys production sound. Very useable in multi genres. Looking forward to using the drums especially.

    Ableton Live Projects

    Rating: 9/10

    Very Impressive Ableton projects covering varied Bass music genres. I wasn't surprised this pack was as good as it is coming from Bass music's most consistent producer.

    Indian Sessions Vol. 4

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastic collection of Indian samples and sounds on this well produced pack. Great for producing more alternative styles or for slipping in a slice of Indian magic into your productions.

    The Sound of Trap 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastic follow up to the 1st release. Rankin Audio hit the nail on the head again with this masterful collection of bouncing Trap sounds.

    Experiments In Dubstep

    Rating: 9/10

    Another big Dubstep collection from Rankin Audio. Full of huge mainroom sounds and samples that you only get from this great production house.

    Another boomin pack from Rankin Audio who has captured the Bass Music end of the market. Having not heard of Neurostep I was pleasantly surprised of the versatility of this collection of sounds.

    Dub & Reggae XL

    Rating: 8/10

    Hi quality original sounding recorded loops and samples on this pack. Ideal for bass music tracks or for just straight up Dub and Reggae bidniz

    Locked in infectious grooves that will set you in the right direction on all things tech. Well presented and produced pack which will get used in my productions.

    Stacked with big beats, basslines and synths. This pack is very well produced and is a breakbeat producers dream collection. Covering a lot of Bass Music genres I would expect this pack to do well.

    Nu School Funky Tech

    Rating: 7/10

    Solid selection of sounds and samples that covers the funky tech scene and pretty much all house heads will appreciate this collection. Ideal loops for song starting or full track production.

    Very useful collection of drums in a tribal fashion that will lift your drum programming no matter what the genre you are producing. Well produced and very effective samples in this pack. Great for the drum arsenal!

    Well laid out pack with useable loops and samples that will help producers create drums for most 4/4 genres. Looking forward to getting use out of these loops in my productions and remixes.

    Drumstep & DnB producers will get much enjoyment from this collection of well produced loops and samples. The demo sounds great and the content lives up to that demo. Looking forward to delving further into this pack of treasures.

    Deep Future Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    A well produced tight collection on this pack with some very eclectic samples and loops. The drums especially will favour most 4/4 genres while the synths and bass cover the deeper end of the music spectrum.

  • A classic collection of from one of UK Techno's earliest innovators. A varied and very usable selection of samples and loops which will see their way into music makers productions from Minimal to Tech House to Techno.

    Well produced pack but personally speaking I found it a bit on the trance side rather than the progressive side which it is billed as some cool drum sounds in this pack and I am sure it will work well for people just starting out who are looking for ready to go loops.

    Sonically absolutely flawless extremely commercial in places which in this case is not a bad thing I have a feeling these samples are going to be popping up in a lot of peoples tracks this is a diverse pack which I really like in fact one of the best I have heard for a while.

    Just loaded these packs straight in to Massive. Usually a large collection of sounds would lean to lots of filler patches but I must say I am impressed with the selection of quality sounds here. Rankin Audio has hit the G spot again with this release. Top work!

    Great selection of loops and samples in this pack spanning many of the house sub genres. Perfect for Deep House and even Minimal. Very well laid out selection with some nice processing on the drum loops. Ideal for that summer house sound famed on the white isle although many producers in the house scene will benefit from this pack.

    Total Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    A very eclectic selection of loops and samples that is well recorded and suitable for multi genre productions. I think deep house, tech and chill styles will really feel this pack.

    I was expecting these patches to be cheesy and not my cup of tea but was pleasantly surprised to hear some very useful patches in this pack. There are lots of Dutch style sounds but also some very useful lead sounds that I am looking forward to using.

    Classic House Keys

    Rating: 8/10

    Although this pack is titled Classic House Keys it has the potential to be used for much more than producing House music. Clean tight and well produced loops which can be utilised for multi genre productions with a little work. Impressive stuff.

    Atmospheric Guitars

    Rating: 9/10

    Well recorded loops and samples on this pack. Very useful for many genres and I will look forward to crafting these into my deeper tracks and productions.

    Big pack with straight up no messing sounds. Well produced and tight programming make this a must for all DnB music makers.

    Great tool for digital Djs and music producers alike. Great selection of drumloops and music loops that are very useable in your Dj sets and could be quite easily crafted to use in productions or mash ups.

    Very good tools for digital Djs. Tight production, well mixed loops and very current of the Complextro sound. Another Utku S. pack by the sounds of it.

    At first I was like.....Another bunch of Massive patches....Really? I was pleasantly surprised with the array of sounds and even though it promotes the pack in the Dubstep genre I think Electro, Complextro and Bass producers will love this pack.

    The Blues Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Loving this huge pack with its many inspiring loops. Although this pack is titled as Blues it crosses the funk barrier which I like a lot. I will find much use for this pack in my down tempo productions especially with the very well crafted Bass loops and drums.

    Moombah Carnival

    Rating: 7/10

    Out of my production zone but an interesting pack that will please producers of this genre. I was expecting it to be annoying childish hooks but was surprised at the infectious loops and grooves. Obvious to hear the time and effort gone into producing this collection.

    Good selection of processed loops that will suit Breaks and Electro producers. If you like Krafty Kuts then this wont disappoint. Drums are of a good standard and the riffs would suit the more commercial styles within the scene.

    Deep Dub Tek

    Rating: 8/10

    Amazing sound fx that will fit all styles of production on this pack. Lots of great soundscape and mood setting loops and samples. I am looking forward to getting in amongst these. Some filth mixed in amongst the moody which makes a nice change.

    Intelligent and sublime loops and samples from one of the industries most notorious producers in the scene. Very useable pack that is genre'd as Deep House but will definitely favour other styles of dance music.

    Although not useable for my productions this pack is instant big riffs and hooks and will find it's way into many upcoming killer tracks. Every loop is a huge songstarter that really grabs your attention. Perfect for all mainroom styles from Electro to Swedish House to Progressive.

    I was really excited to load these patches up especially as I haven't used Predator for a while and this fantastic pack of sounds has got me back using this classic soft synth. A very well produced and laid out patch with useable sounds covering the gnarly and the deep textured sounds that we are all looking for.

  • A huge pack of great useable samples. Not what I would call Electro as we know it today but definitely some tough loops that could be tweaked for that scene. Big selection of drum & synth loops that will appeal to multi genre producers.

    A very handy go to collection of sub hits arranged into sampler patches for ease. I used the EXS24 patches and was impressed with the quality of the samples. I will get a lot of use from this pack.

    Club Tools Vol1

    Rating: 8/10

    Big Swedish House and Dutch influence in this pack with some tech and house samples too. Not my style musically but I found the drums very useable and tightly produced. This will appeal to a broad spectrum of house producers especially those making peaktime club tracks.

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 5

    Rating: 7/10

    A well sourced collection of movie samples that will benefit most producers especially those producing beat styles such as Glitch, Hip Hop , Breakbeat, DnB and Dubstep. Having the sampler patches is a great bonus so you can easily flick through and check each loop out quickly and with no fuss. A timeless pack that will definitely get used in my productions.

    A huge release like this would usually carry a lot of dead weight but I was very impressed with the amount of useable sounds. I am looking forward to delving deeper and using these well crafted samples. It is a strong and tightly produced pack with loops that would suit most 4/4 styles and some beats styles too.

    Another well laid out and tightly produced themed pack from Aquasky. Big, bold and ballsy loops ready to use for any uptempo main room production. I can see this pack getting spanked!

    Nu School Deep House

    Rating: 9/10

    Although this is titled as deep house I found the loops very useful for other genres. A well produced, tight and cleanly produced pack. Very useable.

    Glitch Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Another top release from Mr Rankin. Good quality loops that are straight to the point and well genre defined. I will get a lot of use out of these loops in my down tempo productions.

    Great collection of German house. Nice to hear some melodic influences. Produced to a high quality as to be expected from a highly regarded producer.

    Another cracking pack from Swen. Big brash bold electro bass lines & lead lines that will no doubt be featured in any self respecting Electro producers tracks for the next 6 months. Quality is stamped all over this pack!

    What can i say ..... As expected The percussion lines on this pack are simply the best out there! Matteo Dimarr's trademarked perc loops are now avaliable to everyone... Thank you! I can't really say more than that!

    Stereo MC'S - Vaultage

    Rating: 10/10

    This is one of my favourite Loopmasters pack ever I come from the days when discovering samples on old funk/soul records was how we got inspiration to write original material and this pack has that same kind of approach we had a saying amongst me and my friends when we were starting out 'Its not what you sample its what you do with it that counts' and those words sprang to mind when I first heard this pack. I absolutely love this pack!

    Absolutely awesome pack, recorded to the highest standard all the folders are jam packed with gems the bass loops are simple but extremely usable my only issues is I wish there was more, but i guess its quality not quantity in this case.

    An extremely well recorded pack with versatile vocals that can pretty much work in any kind of genre, I am still using these vocals on all my new tracks as stabs and as one liners. because of how clear the delivery is these vocals glitch up extremely well too.

    I wasn't expecting this to be so versatile. Pleasantly surprised this pack is very well produced. Many tight loops that will satisfy even the more advanced producers out there.

    Always been a fan of Santos and his work. This pack is hugely versatile and although it states Tech House genre it most certainly covers all aspects of House and Techno too. Very strong work from arguably Italy's best producer.

    Great collection of sounds especially if you are looking for atmospherics and effected drums and percussion. I'm big on drums and this has some very useable effected loops that will slot well into almost any style. The keys and basslines are well recorded and as a whole this pack could cross most genres.

    Again Utku S. comes with the big main room loops and samples. Having released his music on my label I know his production quality is high. Now he has made it easy to replicate his peak Electro House style with this large selection of very useable sounds and loops.

    French Electro House

    Rating: 9/10

    Big sound from Turkey's number 1 Electro Don. Utku has expertly made eclectic pack which is not just going to be of use to Electro House producers but to many Genres in the Big Room Peak Time area.

    Killer Drums. Hats & shuffle the Bass-lines are really solid, cool synths..... to be honest this is the best pack i have heard for ages.... i could gush on about the finer details but whats the point, I should be keeping in quiet as this really is a little gem of of a pack;-) Impressive stuff!

  • Solid well structured tools on this pack containing grooves that cover multi genres. These packs are not only for the laptop Djs although the format is very well suited

    MIDI Focus - Bass Line

    Rating: 8/10

    For me its all about the Midi parts in this pack, loads of really cool ideas thats clearly writiten by someone that knows their Sh*t some rocking little bass hooks in there, i am also really impressed with the Ableton pack it works like a dream.....

    I really like the Drums on this pack they have a real dusty sample like quality to them, the perc loops are also really interesting I can imagine i will be reaching for them to add a little funk to my techno, all round a pretty decent pack!


    Rating: 8/10

    I think where Percussionism comes into its own is the single hits section, the loops are pretty cool, but i love all those little 'Reach For' sounds that we always need but are not so easy to find, its not a pack like the producer series that has the Wow factor, but i can imagine i will be using this pack on a day to day basis more than most i have, good quality sounds too. Very pleased i pick this one up. x

    Wow, this is a great pack, so many kicking loops, i love the tribal and techno feel, very much a sound i try to achieve myself, i am actually thinking why bother when i can lift these now ;-) So many of these loops are simply a great place to start your tracks, very inspirational and as always fantastic quality.

    An instant collection of loops and samples here. I was impressed with the quality and diversity of sounds. This pack would also inspire producers from other scenes such as Electro House & even Techno.

    Groove Tech

    Rating: 7/10

    Ideal mix of sounds for most styles of production. Drums especially well mixed. A good all rounder this pack.

    Although this is not my style of production, I found the pack to be extremely versatile and certainly the drums which seemed to lend themselves to most styles of electronic music I am used to working within, (mostly Breaks & Techno) Techno especially benefitted from some of their rich crisp loops. Overall a really useful pack.

    Being a fan of Mr Anderson's productions I expected a lot from this sample pack......Dissapointed......I wasn't! Great drums and some seriously usable bass loops and effects. Great work.

    Very well produced mixtools. Although this is not my genre I have made some great edits and loops from this product and I look forward to using them while djing.


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