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Genre: Grime

Additional Styles: Bass Music and Grime

Ghost Syndicate are once again on the pulse of the sound. This time its a grime pack that has street swagger and that transcends the confines of that genre. These classic sounds can be used in almost any Bass genre. The brass/strings and stabs in here are laser sharp and engineered to punch in all the right frequencies. These sounds alone are what made us want this pack! The melodies and basslines are seriously infectious and have that catchy quality to them! That being said the actual bassline timbres deviate from your stereotypical 808 which is refreshing. As an added bonus they've added the drum hits in a drum rack for Ableton Live!

This is the best grime pack I've come across yet. Heavy beats, raspy synths and crunchy drums, all held together with a good degree of swagger. What I really like was that a lot fo the packs were ready to drop straight in as a full track, but also broken down into parts allowing for development of ideas without having to reverse engineer the sounds! Great stuff.


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