Some fantastic sounds in here. Not only handy for general use, but moreover it encourages you to experiment yourself, by trying out similar channel strip settings of your own using different sounds as starting points. It's very easy to get stuck in familiar territory with your own method of working, but being presented with all of these various settings can be a huge help in getting you to follow a different direction. Looking forward to the next one!

To start off, i am not a big fan of Logic. However i am a fan of this pack. Big time. Logic Channel Strip gave me the power to to have a nice selection of great sounding strips in place for my partners to jam out on the fly with no fuss. The strips were logically set up and saved me loads of time fiddling with plug ins i was not familiar with as Logic not my daw of choice. What a great sounding time saver. The strips all delivered a great sound and i highly recommend them to engineer/ producer just starting out. You can learn a lot by using this pack if your unsure how how to get certain textures and sounds sounding like the pro's.


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