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Producer / DJ / Label Owner / Big Shot Magazine Singles Reviewer Lenny Dee is one of NYC’s earliest techno and house pioneers. He produced classic UK chart-hitting techno with Frankie Bones (as Looney Tunes), Victor Simonelli (for Nu Groove and Def Mix) and Tommy Musto – including their ‘Fallout’ track – now heard on the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’.

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  • Hard Dance Madness

    Rating: 10/10

    Another amazing sample collection for the hard heads. Anyone out there looking to juice up Hard Electronic music productions. This pack is it. The Kick Drums are tight and loud with enough room to be creative. The Synths are dope. Very usable and great to chop up. All the content is high quality for sure. Hard Dance Madness can blend into modern Hard Techno with ease. The Bpm's are set to charge up any Hard Dance track. I do recommend you check the demo and free samples. That says it all.

    Techno Warp

    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers are back with a killer sample collection for Techno. The pack is well-produced. Not as loud as other packs which is a welcome for adding effects to the sounds included. The kick drums are solid and work well in tracks, I felt the up-bass parts were a little hard to manage with other sounds not included in this pack. The overall style of the pack can shift to multi Techno genres. The synths were cool as well. Over all its a great pack worth checking out.

    Wow! Amazing Hip Hop Samples for sure. I was looking for tight clean hip hop loops and elements for a current project. I have to say i was very impressed with the quality of the loops and music elements included in this pack. Premier Beats also features kits which contain one shots and great sounds. I don't use Live Racks or Machine. So don't be put off by the title of this pack. All the audio is all in here and it's ready for you to tear into no matter what software you use.

    Universal Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Universal Techno is a really good pack. Features what you need to get a standard techno track underway. The sounds are solid and can work with tech-house with no problems. If you're looking for a solid techno pack with modern sounds this might be what you're looking for.

    VIBES 13 - Post Punk

    Rating: 9/10

    I grabbed this pack as I am working on Electronic Punk tracks at the moment. I was looking for drum samples to layer, plus see if there were any extra bits to get inspiration from. I got what i was looking for. I found the drums to be quite usable. They gave me a great sounding drums to pick at and reference. I think the guitar and other elements sound really amazing, but might have limitations as punk music is written around songs and attitude based on the song. This might limit the writing as you’re confined to what's on offer. By no means is it bad. If you’re just looking for layers and sounds to expand on your production OR If you’r a singer and don’t have a band - or a band missing a bass player for example, this pack is it. The pack can really give you some great stuff to practice and write too. The music is totally punk. I was into the music elements for sure. Spot on. The sounds and the riffs are quite punk. The pack sounds amazing very authentic and I can see myself using this in many different ways on my project. One thing to note. I also felt the kit folders could have been organised differently. All the audio is in one folder ( per kit ) making it bit difficult for me to find what I was looking for when in a hurry to keep the session going. Other than that if you’re looking for punk then this new Loopmasters pack must be checked out. 9- 10

    This is an amazing sample pack. It features perfect drums for nu disco, and nice set of one shots to create new drum beats which I did in my remix. Came back perfectly. The collection also features a dope set of music elements, bass lines and just about everything u need to get the nu disco ,electric funk style vibes in your next creation. Great pack !

    Bass Circus: DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    Freaky Loops are back on this one - I was interested in the pack due to the demo, It featured everything i was after. The pack over all sounds as u would expect from the design team at Freaky. Tight, Very modern sounding, and the loops are very usable. I found a few things I was not expecting some strange loops and Atoms sounds that were really off center. Not your typical DNB content but very interesting and usable to say the least.

    Techno Convergence

    Rating: 9/10

    I was in need of some new inspiration for my production and remix work. This is a great pack for sure ! - definitely what I was looking for. It features loads of chunky sonics and great elements to twist up any of my techno tracks and remixes. The sounds are tight and upfront as u would expect from the 5Pin Media design crew. I think this pack will come in handy time and time again.

    Tech House Loops 2

    Rating: 8/10

    HY2ROGEN is back with cool pack for tech-house. This pack has one folder. Simple to find all the bits included. This pack is pretty direct and to the point - It has loads of tech-house loops, just as the name implies. You get no fluff just essential top loops, percussion loops, and every type of tech-house groove u will need to get a dope back beat on the go. Wicked pack when your in a pinch. the Loops are top notch and will be great for Techno and House producers as well.

    Wow - If you're looking for serious drum content then this pack is a must have. This amazing collection offers up loads Drum Loops. There are enough Drums in the pack to keep you going for a very long time. Great for Drum n Bass. The tempos included are perfect. The loops can be doubled up to fit Hardcore as well. Not to mention funky groove music, nu soul, hip hop. Just use your imagination and these tight loops should do the trick. The recordings and or the mixes of the loops are top quality. They are solid while looping as you would expect from a Loopmasters sample pack. The effected drum loops folder is a trip! Not your typical effects. Over all this pack is a no brainer. No matter what style you make, or want to make.

    This new pack from House of Loops is great ! Loads of really nice Drum Loops with all the bits separated for maximum use. Im sure to use a few. The sound is solid. The pack has all you need to get a full track or remix on the go. Cool baselines and Effects make this a top choice for tech-house producers

    Drum & Bass Shadows

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a slick drum n bass pack - it offers up loads of content dope breaks and of course some dark bass elements to really fire up my sessions. The drums are the best for me in the pack. it features a modern Tech vibe, with tight snares and hats, which i can use in loads of other styles. if you're looking for a solid dnb pack - don't lurk in the shadow - come into the light - Loopmasters has kicked this one! A studio must have!

    Drums drums and more drums. This amazing collection gave me what I was looking for, a clean set of live drums with loads of room to tear into the samples. I love the that pack comes in various tempos, and features different styles to rework to create new grooves. There is nice set of full loops in case that's what you're after. I think this pack can cross into house, nu disco and techno if you use the pack wisely. If you seek some south american vibes this might be worth checking out.

    BKs Hard Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters is at it again! Ever pushing forward with the best collections on the market. I am a fan of BK, so this pack was a must to check out. If you're into classic hard dance music, this pack is for you. It's geared up for modern hard music. This pack is ready to drop into any modern DAW. BK’s Hard Beats is loaded up with amazing top loops, smooth rolling bass lines and a dope selection of drums which is critical for any hard music production. This pack has all the Loopmasters extras, so if u are using Rex2 and popular samplers, this pack has got the goods. You also get Fx and drum shots to re-program your own beats and builds while using this headbanger collection of audio goodness. If your in the hunt for hard dance then no need to look any further. BK is in the House !

    Monsta Riddim

    Rating: 9/10

    Monsta Riddim is a great pack. The 24 bit audio in the pack was spot on. All the essential elements of this style are all present. The atoms Fx were all good, and work with the other elements in the pack. The Midi files included are handy to kick start that inspiration in no time flat. The presets are really kicking as well. It's an all in collection. Though I must say the audio is great but there is not a lot compared to other packs. With that said I have to say if it's quality you're after you won't be disappointed.

    Future Bass 2K18

    Rating: 9/10

    Singomakers returns with another sonic explosion for your DAW. This pack is super well produced. All the sounds are keyed up and ready to go into your session. I found the synth folder was very good with some real stand out riffs. The bass folder felt as though they are great for layering into a tight drum beat. Speak of which, the drum loops and shots are perfect. If you're looking into the future. Maybe it's right here.

    Dark Atonal Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack was not what I expected I must say. The pack has loads of one shots. The drum shots are pretty tight and very modern sounding, but nothing too outstanding. The kicks, snare and rides are a different story. They are nice and chunky, and I can see myself using a few of these. The Audio FX are also cool in this pack. The impacts are really cool. The real meat is in the loops and this pack has you covered. Not sure what is atonal about this pack, but hey I’m digging it! Nice audio nuggets in here.

    Techno Tools 2

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a tuff pack for techno. Just what I was after. Chunky drums and thick sounding music audio to manhandle in my next tracks. It has enough stabs, and synth loops to keep me happy. I felt the bass shots were a little unnecessary, but hey! - def handy if you need them. There are some familiar techno riffs in here as well as other techno elements you can use for inspiration. Very usable pack. Last bit to wrap it up, the arps and bass loops are very usable and there is a nice selection of drums and loops to keep me going. Worth a check for sure.

    Hell Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a massive pack for producers looking to dive deep into cinematic drum sounds.The pack has great loops and loads of sonics to layer up and effect in many ways. I found this pack quite usable across loads of different styles of music. The pack offers a great selection of sounds to use and abuse. Essential collection for anyone looking to expand on new sounds in electronic music.

    Drum And Bass 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a savage sound pack for sure. Love all the great drum loops and heavy bass sounds included. Wicked section of SFX to drive parts in a build up or drop. It has some really nice breaks to bite into or just mangle up with other sounds in your tracks. This heavy hitter also is great for Hardcore and other fast paced electronic music no doubt. If you're looking for a super dope pack with extra bite, this one is for you.

  • Culprate hits up a wicked crazy collection of usable audio sounds to really drive up your next creation. This pack has tons of one shots which i love and feel they will find their way into my tracks and remixes. Sick loops and nice Fx round it off in a big way. Love all the nasty bass sounds. Over all it's a great pack for loads of underground styles of electronic music.

    I love tech-house. This sample pack is a real slamming collection of audio that you can not over look. The bass loops are dope, very usable and really up front. The full drum loops are top notch, really kicking and very powerful. This collection also features a really nice set of music loops to dive into. To finish this pack off with a bang, the top loops and FX will have me coming back for more. Solid banging tech-house audio all the way round. You can't go wrong with this new sample pack form Vangelis Kostoxenakis. If you're into banging head over and buy this collection! It won't disappoint.

    Stacked Claps

    Rating: 10/10

    This collection from Connected Audio is Clap central if you're in need of claps. Not much to say other than it's very good and has a lot of cool claps to use in multiple genres. It can also be used to layer different claps or snares into these amazingly cool claps. The Clap Loops included are also handy in case you just need a loop to get the job done. The one shots are great to use for your own patterns. This pack also comes correct with sampler instruments already set up and ready to use if you use any of thee popular samplers. All bases covered here. Go Clap crazy!

    I love Jules. His work all these years has been spot on. This amazing Loopmasters collection is no different. Each sound has been made to perfection. The Music files are very good and inspirational. Nice Effects in this one as well, Bass section of the pack is cool, and there are some really usable files all around in this sample pack. Rex.2 files are handy to chop the loops up further which is always nice. The drums are dope as. Very well produced as you would except from a Loopmasters artist collection. It comes with full loops and some top loops. However i did feel the top loops could have been broken out more in order to get into the loops more deeply. Some are a bit full, i was hoping for more tops to mangle up. With that said they are extremely useable and it should not put any off in any way. The drum shots included should get your patterns going with ease. Ace pack Jules!

    I love Rpbbie Rivara's music. He is a wicked producer for sure. This sample collection will not disappoint in any way. Just what you would expect form this heavy weight producer. The Drum loops are 100% spot on. The percussion is highly usable and will find its way into one of my tracks without a doubt. The bad ass Bass and Synth loops really push the collection into over drive. With all the rex loops and One shots this is another essential Loopmasters pack. If you don't believe me check that smoking hot demo track.

    This is an amazing pack for sure. The pack features loads of high quality samples which can be used in many different applications and music styles.The vocals included are a delight to use. A must have sample collection for any forward thinking producer

    Dark Night Techno

    Rating: 7/10

    Sound Box returns with another cool sample pack for techno producers. The drums in the pack are very usable and i found them cool to mix and match the top loops with my own kick drums. The music elements were not for me. I felt the drums were much stronger and inspirational to get my groove on !

    House & Techno Chords

    Rating: 10/10

    This incredible pack offers up some dope techno chords. I found this sample pack very useful and I can see myself coming back for more bits to grab. If you use loops, this pack has you covered with tons of bits to use and abuse. I loved the fact that it contains sample patches, it was very good to replay my own riffs, and the single hits were great to sequence in the day as audio. If you're in need of inspirational techno chords, hey - this is it!

    What can I say, Bash does it again. The collection features amazing percussion sounds, the loops are very creative and usable in loads of styles. This pack features this amazing percussionist in a big way! This is a must have sample pack from Loopmasters.

    EDMBOX by Mad Twinz

    Rating: 10/10

    EDMBOX is a very creative sample collection featuring totally sick Beat Boxing. Unlike other packs this collection offers DNB, Dubstep and House producers a fierce selection of mouth breaks which can be used and mangled in these popular styles like never before. The tempo ranges are on point for each style,The patterns are really dope and offer tons of inspiration. I think this collection is a must have for modern producers looking for some fresh and creative samples to incorporate in remixes, production and just have fun. Beat Boxing is nothing new, but this pack kicks off in super modern way and cannot be over looked. The samples are a bit clicky, and very processed but should not pose any real problems in your next session or remix.


    Rating: 10/10

    Climax is just that. A sample collection of builds and effects which add to any climactic event. This pack works very well in pre and post production. and can work very nicely in Music production. The Foley fx sounds can also be used in Hip Hop and just about any Electronic genre. If you looking for Whoosh's Passer Buy, and reverse Fx this pack has enough to keep you coming back for more. There are so many its like a one stop shop for this type of effect. There is enough usable content in here to build up your own cinematic climaxes in no time flat. The sounds can be layered and or used as is for a quick fix.

    Push Button bang are back up with a very strange collection of Audio for sure. This pack includes a wide array of organic textures snd sounds for modern production. How you can use this sample pack might vary from person to person. This collection features a lot of content like Bass shots, Atmos mixed up with stabs and Fx. Abstrakt Tech should find a home with more experimental products, chill out and it can be a handy tool for exploring sound design. This pack can also be really nice for layering when creating soundscapes. If your looking for the Abstract, i don't think you need to look any further.

    Styline Power House

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters always sets the pace and this pack is blazing in my DAW. This collection of samples from Styline is a top notch set of tools to really knock off banging tracks and back beats. There is plenty of bass and music ammo in this sample pack to get your studio buzzing in no time flat. Power house also features nice set of REX2 to get you chopping up loops with ease. I did feel the pack was really light on the Fx side of things, but it more then makes up for it with a dope set of usable audio that will have you reaching for more.

    New York Deep Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    Sound Box hits it again with another super charged studio pack. Being born and bred in NYC, I have to say it reflects the sound of the more house side of things. This collection is full of wicked loops, tops, drums, bass and synths. This tight sounding audio can be great for mangling up and great for inspiration when in need. We all love inspiration. The cool pack also contains loads of full loops for you guys just starting out. Wicked pack!

    Tech House FX Sections

    Rating: 10/10

    Tech House FX Sections is a great collection of FX drops hands down. This amazing pack offers break kits which can be easily used in loads of creative ways, or just as is. Over all this is an essential pack if you're struggling with FX breaks or need inspiration to create new drops and build ups. Everything in this collection is worth a go. Top notch!

    This pack is load with everything Tech-house. I felt the music loops were not so musical but offered a few cool elements that can be used and chopped up quite nicely. The vocals included had some great clips. The evolving bass folder was a bite light but has some very cool audio to use in a track. The best part of the pack are the drums and fx drops, which are totally on point for tech-house production. With all the REX2 & sampler patches this is a good pack to get you started.

    This is a crazy production pack for tech-house. It's got tons of content in here that really does the business. I found so many loops and interesting audio to use it's insane. The pack also comes with REX2 which i feel it did not need but it can be super handy for users that want REX2 to instantly chop the audio. If you're looking for a monster tech-house pack, here it is.

    This is an older pack, but this sample collection still slams for techno producers looking for loads of great top loops and percussion for music production. The 2nd edition is also a kicker !


    Rating: 8/10

    Wave Alchemy Techno is an over stuffed sample pack ready for studio action. This wicked collection offered up some nice Drum and Percussion Loops, loads of usable Top loops which is essential for Techno. The pack also included Midi which was a really nice touch. You can expand on the Bass and Drum patterns using these files which is great for layering or swapping out with your own sounds. Over all this is good pack. I found the Synth and Bass Audio where not as strong as the Drum portion of this pack. I think it could have been better to focus on this rather then the Rex files which are handy but a not necessity for making Techno. If u are looking for tons of banging drum grooves, this pack is deaf one to check, but the collection is a little thin on the music side of Techno.

    Techno Tools

    Rating: 8/10

    Techno Tools offers a great selection of Top and Bottom Loops so you can reconstruct, chop up or just layer over the top of your track with ease. The files are tempo marked and keyed up so its easy to use just at a glance. i think this is a cool collection for techno heads in need of some extra inspiration. There is more then enough content to have you coming back for more.

  • Back To Techno

    Rating: 7/10

    Great pack - Loads of production tools and loops to twist up !

    This is a sweet pack for some club standard tech synths. If you're looking for some solid sound with some room to mash up this one might be for you.

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    Well you can't get any more complete then this over stuff drum pack. With 2gig's of drum sounds this huge collection of multi purpose shots and hits will be a go to pack for any producer looking to beef up there drum library. This sample pack is loaded to the max with a wide array of modern and vintage sounding drum tools to create and devastate any rhythm track in any style. You need some ammo ? This pack is open for business.

    Dark Neuro Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Loopmasters delivers a full on assault for any bess producer hungry for the darkness. This essential pack features a formidable set of drum loops and one shots which are tight;y mixed and totally usable across loads of studio applications. If your looking for some really great DnB sample's with loads of inspiration to boot, then this should your next go to pack.

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 10/10

    Resonance Sound delivers a full on Fx pack for loads of applications. The pack is stuffed with loads of unique sound effects, impacts, Atmos and drum shots which are nice and tight. I think the pack can be great for Dnb and Hardcore producers as well as any other style in need of some mechanical mayhem. SOR Transformation offers so many variations and different sounds you can create serious tension in a film, game, or a section in any track or drop. Great pack !

    Total EDM Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    Total Edm Drops will bring the goods to your next track. This Noise Factory sample pack comes correct with slick audio bits, Kick drums and midi files which are totally rocking to have all in one pack. The pack has enough content to really dig into when doing your next break down or build up. Great studio time saver and wicked sounding audio all in one pack

    I Love these Massiah sound sets from Noise Factory. The collection hit's it again with a sweet selection of great patches for Ni Massive. The pack hits loads of styles spot on plus all the patches are pretty sold and useable, i am sure this pack will find its way into my next production

    This new pack From Push Button Bang really supplies a cool selection of fx audio to use when creating drops The pack is not that bigm but has loads of usable fills, lead ins and drop downs that make this pack a great time saver especially when you want to get your ideas down fast with not much fuss. Sweet studio tool for sure.

    I love Noise factory packs, and this compilation of kicks form the masters of main packs is no exception. The packs is loaded to the max with a tight selection of kick drums to keep you coming back for more. There are many subtle changes in the kicks, but each one has its place when used in the right back beat or track. If your looking for a dope set of kicks for EDM well get your helmut on cause this jackhammer is about kick it off.

    This is a absolutely large collection of straight percussion loops which lock well to 4x 4 beats, with such a selection this is a good pack for the long haul. nice one.

    RV brings another great collection of samples right to your daw with a no holding back selection of super tight kick drums. This pack is loaded to the max with a great sounding and totally usable kick drums. The kicks in this pack a great for Edm and just about any style of dance music. Don't miss this pack if your in need of the almighty bass drum.

    Epic Metal Guitars

    Rating: 10/10

    I'm totally into hard music, so when i saw this pack i had to give it a go. I am glad i did. The riff's are truly epic. Horn's up ! This pack is loaded up with bang on guitar bits that sound super tight plus they are really usable. EMG is totally cool for high tempo tracks or if you just want to flip your EDM track into a metal monster in a break down. If your looking to fuse sum metal guitar into your track, then look no further, this pack has go what you need and then some.

    EDM Power Pack Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Rezone bring another super powered collection of audio and presets for producers looking to take there productions up a notch. This is a great well rounded pack sure to give inspiration to any track in need. Highly recommend. I love the drum sounds and presets !

    Dubstep Therapy

    Rating: 8/10

    i needed some therapy, and this pack has a lot, down and dirty, just up my alley, sum sick audio in this pack, great for all dub steppers looking to put some step into there music.

    I was looking for sum monster bass, and i got it ! this pack is loaded up. Some wicked bits in this pack, great for snipping and chopping into !

    Essential EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    Loopmasters and Rezone serve up sum pretty tasty samples for Edm producers looking to beef their arsenal of sounds. This clean cut sample pack dishes up some hot drum shots and effects while offering up a cool selection of drum loops and synth shots. The drum loops are dope, and can be used across a lot of Edm styles. The music loops are also very cool and useable if you need to get inspired. Over all another banger pack form Rezone to sink your teeth into.

    I decided to check this pack when i was in pickle while using Live. I must say Live is not the Daw i normally work on. I was helping to make a Dj mix with premastered tracks, Fx, super tight edits, pretty much a full on mash up with 30+ tracks. He needed the mix to be loud so he could play it out on a pod cast, so i thought i would check out this pack out as we only had the plugs that came with Live. Well, i have to say, although the settings on the chain had to be modified, which was to be expected. The chain held up to the content it was dealt with, yielding very good results. Out the box it added a lot more top end and tightened up the lows while creating a wider stereo field when A-B'ed. After a a few quick tweaks on the compressor, Eq and the width, it was job done. I then tossed a unmastered 32bit 88.2khz track to give that a test run. The results were also ok, but not as clear cut as the DJ mix. I felt the chain needed a lot more attention to detail in order to suit the tracks' needs. It def made a difference in the level, width and it kept the track quite even throughout once the settings were under control. For new producer using Live, and looking to get a cool signal chain to premaster, test out mixes and learn about the signal chains that are offered up in this pack it might be a good thing to check out especial for the price point. I feel if you're looking to make commercial sounding masters, then this might not be the end all be all, but nothing ever is. Over all its a great product that might give you the extra edge you need to get you one step closer to your sonic goals.

    Noise Factory offers another great collection of audio production tools to dig into. This beefed up EDM sample collection features up all the good stuff you need to get a pro sounding track on the go in no time flat. With loads of file types there is no shortage of bits to use. The samples are crisp and tight , easy to mix up and drop in the daw so you can start creating with no fuss.

    Club revolution VoL.2 was super bad ass, so i had to go back and check Vol.1. This packs features all the love as vol.2 and sets stage for blinding sound set for any Edm producer looking for another mean sound source for production. the pack is jammed to the max with great sounding loops and bits to mash and call your own. This pack is a good choice if you need to unleash the beast in your next track.

    Dubstep Metal Guitars

    Rating: 10/10

    On my quest for the most interesting and unique sound sets for my production work, Frontline delivers a wicked pack for producers looking to take it up a notch, Dubstep producers stuck with the same old, look no further this fuse of metal guitars and Dubstep is a sick twist on the norm. This forward thinking sample pack features a well produced set of guitar licks all edited and mixed super tight so drop in your next production with ease. With the right touch of Efx and creative thinking there is no telling what can come out of these samples. Time to go for it.

  • Piatto Italo Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    I love music from Italy. The sound italian producers and studios get has been legendary since the early days of electronic music. Piatto Iltaio Techno is a blinding pack for those of you looking for a wide range of EDM sounds with a clean cutting edge sonic attitude. I loved the one shots in the pack as i like to program my own beats. When i combined them with other samples they really shined thru. The drum loops were really basic but totally groovy and ready for effects. The nice selection of top loops locked to my groove in no time flat. I think you can cross a lot of styles into this pack for sure and i can see it being one of those packs you go back to find inspiration and of course cool samples !

    Funk Guitar

    Rating: 9/10

    i knew Frontline made good packs, i just did not realize how good. I was i need of sum guitar licks for a groovy edm track i was working on and Funk Guitar Chips n Chops really came thru in a pinch. The riffs were solid, well played and totally useable. The audio sounded great when i used my filtering chain to make the chosen riff in my track really cut thru in the mix. The amount of cool riffs in the pack will have you coming back for more. i highly recommend this pack if your searching for tight guitar loops to twist and mash or to use as they are with mild effects in a mix.

    Noise factory's 2nd edition of presets for NI Massive is the perfect add to the first pack which was a studio killer. This follow up edition has loads of cool saw bass's with loads of macro's across most of the presets. Over all it's solid pack with load of beefie sounds, ripping bass, cool lead sounds. The pack is perfect for modern EDM productions if your looking to take it up a notch.

    I liked this pack. This pack is not your average percussion pack, It contains a wealth of samples that i feel can be really great for sound design and production work. The loops on there own are quite savage and contain a lot rhythm's which can be great for looping and layering into loads of styles if you keep a open mind. i found the one shots are great for layering and can add a solid texture to any sound. The sounds are great when programming drum patterns in there own right. The over all sound and space of each loop is clean and clear. If your doing electronic music and you need some very interesting loops and one shots which can be used across lots of situations this pack features loads of formats to make your job that much easier when using this pack.

    I was looking for something to bring real world elements to a dub track i was working on and Celt Islam's pack fit the bill perfectly. This pack contains a great selection of pumped up drum loops, super dope middle eastern samples and super phat sub lines. I know the pack might be a older pack. But this pack stands the test of time. if your looking to get deep samples with a eastern flare. This pack is a jammer.

    Massive Modulations

    Rating: 7/10

    What a cool patch pack. Push Button have put together a great go to pack full of wicked modulations which are critical in todays modern electronic dance music productions. The pack also features a nice selection of lead sounds which work well with the other presets in the pack. The patches are easy to tweak to get cool results when sporting these sounds in your track or remix.

    if your looks for a super tight techno pack look no further. Swen Weber's 2nd edition of Electromatic is a banging pack that delivers a great selection of loops to mash into your track with ease. This pack offers up any techno producer the goods they need to get instant results. The first pack was off the hook, This new pack brings even more Techno goodies for your sonic palette.

    Get the kids ready its time to head of to Ikea, This one stop pack offers everything u need to get down Sweedish style. This truly mega pack features all the tools you need to get a dope production underway. I love Singomakers packs, all the sound always seem to cut thru any style EDM track and just sound awesome when used in music production . The samples in the pack are pumped up and are all looking for a good home in your next production.This pack offers up a wicked selection of tight drum loops, super big riffs, a nice selection of slick bass grooves. This latest pack has all the bells and whistles to get this popular style in your daw in no time flat.

    Noise Factory have gathered up all there power house effects from across there sample packs and jammed them into one mega EDM effects pack. This fantastic 24 Bit audio pack contains all the best of the best for dance music producers. Impacts, Risers, Falls and the list goes on. I love the fact that i can go to one folder and find a wicked selection of usable effect's in not much time. The quality is high the selection is high, and you be high not to get this pack if you need a fantastic collection of effects for your studio work. 10-10

    What can i say Fundamental Dance Drums a dope collection f essential one shots for any modern ddm track, Noise Factory have delivered some great packs and this pack is no exception. This collection i can see being a go to sound source when i need tight upfront drums to cross multi EDM genres. The clean processed drums are great when time is tight and you looking for usable sounding EDM drum hits with no fuss this pack is wicked for production and drum replacement. There is enough goodies to keep the kids happy.

    Particular really brings a interesting sample pack to the dinner table. This tasty Fx pack as audio, is a nice pack to use for electronic music production. However to get the max out of this pack you need to use it in the way it was intended. You need to import the audio from this pack into a convolution reverb so the reverb emulates the impulses of the audio you choose to import. I use Cubase, so imported the audio into my REVERENCE Vst as instructed in the handy video that came with the pack. When used, i found a lot of wicked impulses that yielded great results from the word go. It turned this plug in which i normally use to create real sounding rooms for vocals and drums into a beast Fx machine, it brought new life into this plugin, and i can see can myself using REVERENCE in a much more creative way. I cannot wait to try it with other suitable plug ins. There are loads of Fx packs on the market, so if your looking for a what's hot at the moment EDM Fx pack, you might need too look else where. If your in need of sum pretty slick impulse's to juice your Fx in mixes, sound design and production work with cool audio samples to boot, then Spectrality should be your first choice.

    I like Re-Zone products, they are well packed with sonic goodies, they sound great and i think they can cover the beginner and pro a like. Techno Sessions is no exception. There is a wide range of pumping drum loops and great one shots to choose from. Building up a track with this content is as is easy as eating, just dig in an chow down on these dope samples. I like combining these sounds with other sounds from other sources. They really beef up a back beat. No dout, if your looking for a well rounded, clean cut techno pack with a bit of bite, Techno Sessions is a good place to look.

    CFA delivers a high powered pack for NI's Massive. With lots of packs on the market CFA's newest pack shines thru in a big way. The sound set is phat and chunky as you would expect a Complextro preset pack for Massive. I love the midi construction kits in this pack. They would be great for anyone starting out or if ure looking for a quick fix of Complextro in a flash. Over all this pack is dope as and should not be over looked esp producers looking to add edgy sounds to there Massive preset collection.

    What can i say about this pack other then it's wicked. Colin Dale is a Techno Legend, and in this latest sample pack for Monster Sounds it really shines thru. I loved all the percussion loops and slick selection of one shots which i am very keen on getting into on a up coming track i have in the works. The pack features a slew great bass and drum loops to keep u chugging along for days. The extra kits are great for easy use of the samples. If u seek a well balanced super banging pack with all the extra's then look no further Mr Dale delivers the goods.

    Swedish house big room is a super slick preset pack for NI Massive. I had a lot of fun with this pack. i found many of the patches worked with Tekno and Dubstep tracks with no problems. The juicy leads and cranking macro's will have tweaking away with no end in sight. if your looking for a well rounded preset pack with loads of phat sounds that can cross styles then i think Singomakers has go you covered !

    Dubstep Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    If your looking for tight and driving Dubstep drum loops for your next production or remix look no further. Freaky Loops is back for a round of slamming beats to get your music bits fired up and ready for action, i love the top loops included in the pack as they are the most difficult to make on the fly. The loops in the pack can be mashed up to create new patterns and textures. If your just starting out in Dubstep this pack will help you along the way !

    What can i say - i love Hot Cakes, and Deekline and Ed Solo def know how to cook them up and serve it up just right. This pack is jammed with dope loops to twist and mash. The cool old school UK riffs and mixed music bits are great to re work or just use as is. If your like me and love to use lots of bits in a track then get ready to be served a mad dose of gems for your next production. The drum loops are great in this bad boy pack there are a lot of cool ones to choose from and they sound amazing with my effects added to them. Nothing like a hot cake in a cold studio !

    To start off, i am not a big fan of Logic. However i am a fan of this pack. Big time. Logic Channel Strip gave me the power to to have a nice selection of great sounding strips in place for my partners to jam out on the fly with no fuss. The strips were logically set up and saved me loads of time fiddling with plug ins i was not familiar with as Logic not my daw of choice. What a great sounding time saver. The strips all delivered a great sound and i highly recommend them to engineer/ producer just starting out. You can learn a lot by using this pack if your unsure how how to get certain textures and sounds sounding like the pro's.

    I was looking for a cool preset pack to help out on a few sessions which were not in my comfort zone. Dutch House had enough great go to sounds which made my session fly Patch Worx Dutch House supplied the goods and brought the sound of Holland right in my vst. The sounds were all thick and solid sounding which gave me great starting points to easily tweak them further for my clients in a pinch. The pack is a really nice sound source for any producer looking to juice up there Sylenth 1 soft synth. This latest Patch Worx pack gave me wide selection of options for the sonic picture i was trying to paint. 2 thumbs up on this one !!

    Growl is a up front pack loaded with strange and nasty effects which i found to be good to have on hand. These sounds and audio effects will be cool when its time to unfold some madness in between a transition of a track . The animal effects mixed with other sounds created a interesting selection of different textures which are not normally found in other sample packs. Over its a cool pack if your looking to add some bite to your next production.

  • What else can i say, Chris Cowie's Re Nerve expansion is a fantastic pack. The drums sounds are solid as a rock and really do the business when using them in a track. The Kits in Kontakt are absolutely great, i loved the sound sets, and i found them all very usable for a lot of styles. This will be a go to pack for me on a lot of up and coming remixes and productions for sure. If you don't own the vst version then this Kontakt version is thee next best thing. This is a must have product for any producer looking for the most modern drums sounds for any dance production. It's Kinda like water you need it.

    Killer Acapellas

    Rating: 9/10

    Looking for killa acapella's ? - Look no further this sample pack delivers the goods! With a nice selection of mini songs, you can find your way thru the pack in a logical manner in order to recreate these acapella's in your own backing track. Like most vocal sample packs it might take a bit to get over the fact its a sample pack, But once you start adding these vocals to your music and use them in a totally creative way, you just might score a really hot track with out having to get a singer and writer involved. If you want to learn how to mix and use vocals in a music production and don't have a good singer on board then this pack is mega must to have. I think this pack has a lot of potential beyond just using the vocals in a track. Especially if you wish to learn about vocal production and mixing vocals. And as many of know, vocals are the hardest part of mixing hands down. This pack can be a essential tool for those of you that wish to take your skills up a notch.

    Elevation FX

    Rating: 10/10

    Im always on the hunt for a great effects pack and Elevation FX is just one of those sound source's that is a must have. The amount crystal clear effects in the pack is outstanding. The uplifters, impacts and side chain Effects are great for my productions and even more so in my mix work in. One of the key things in which to help beef up parts and transactions is exciting motion within the stereo field. There is enough goodies in this bad boy to keep you going back for more. So grab on to something tight cause Elevation FX is move its way into your next track with ease !

    Epic Electro and Tech House brings a wide selection of loops which i found to be very good when i used them in a on going session. The clean sounding audio cut thru the track giving me the sonic texture that i was looking for. The impressive bundle of one shots is a real treat as i can see myself going back to explore more possibilities when i need to create a cool kit. The pack has loads of great drums sounds. I also found the Rex.2 loops really cool to mess about with esp. the top loops. If your looking for a loaded pack to have in your collection which will deliver the goods when needed, well then here ya go !

    Club Tools Vol1

    Rating: 9/10

    Wow what a cool pack, Club Tools features a totally usable selection of excellent drum loops which are perfect for my production work. The loop folders are loaded with dope striped down grooves plus a nice bunch reverb loops which are great to side chain to any of the great club kicks this pack has to offer. I dig the bass groves and the effects which i found to be very handy to have, Once again Loopmasters brings another essential studio pack to the table.

    Drum Fills

    Rating: 7/10

    QL005 is a very versatile drum pack with lots of usable loops at 125bpm. Its got almost every type of drum fill or effect you could think of in one form or another, including some great droppers and rise fx. I was also impressed with the wide range of percussion sounds and grooves and build-ups. Besides lacking slightly in the toms department this is an well-rounded pack that any producer can make use of. Good organization, and consistent sound quality are some other strong points. Plus its got a lot of unique building blocks to get a track off the ground.

    Complextro & Dubstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Freaky Loops is back to attack your Ni Massive in a big way. This supa mega patch pack has what you need to get the party started when your looking for dope sounds to get your Complextro and Dubstep production off and running. This pack is a perfect tool to add that extra bit of sonic love that your track deserves I am definelty looking forward to rocking a few of these patches in my next Remix.


    Rating: 7/10

    Get ready to shake and rumble your studio with this little bad boy. This pack is crammed with juicy drum loops which i found to be very useful, in fact i used a few of these in a surprise break in a new remix i was working on. This slow tempo pack is great for mashing into other styles and if ure looking to put a little core into your Moomba productions look no further freaky loops has got you covered with enough usable bits to get your groove on

    I've been looking to build a tight new sound set to fuse with my edgy Techno tracks and this Big Room pack really was jammed with some cool offerings that i found totally useable as soon as i went thru the pack. The effects and the drum shots included in this big sounding production pack were totally on point and gave me that big room drum sound i was looking for.

    Matteo Dmiarr newest release contains a slew of great sounding house elements all in one super charged pack. All the samples i thought were useable and great to fuse into each other. The pack has fantastic top loops and percussion loops, super heavy house drums and kicking grooves which i found to be quite effective when adding into my on going tracks when i was checkign this pack. I think this is a great house pack that should not be over looked !

    If you feel the need more sweed in your next production then this bad boy follow up is the perfect pack to get in your sample collection. Swedish House Volume 2 supplies you with even more great loops and a really super fresh selection of grooves and effects to keep the party train moving while jamming in the studio ! Loopmasters rocks another stellar pack for the club minded producer

    Big Room Tools is a treasure chest full of sonic goodies that can excite any track or remix .If your in need of main room sounds and crowd pleasing drum loops then look no further This pack has everything you need to get rocking. This wicked sample pack is going to be a perfect weapon on some of my up and coming mixes and productios for sure !

    Swedish House Essentials is pure bliss. This outstanding sounding sample pack is loaded to the max with some really super charged drum hits and rock solid loops which worked perfectly in my last Techno track. The music loops were spot on and locked into my drum track with no fuss. The sampler patches for Kontakt really made finding and using the samples a real breeze. The only problem i had was which sample to use first ! 9-10

    Drum Construction 001

    Rating: 7/10

    Drum Constructions is jammed with plenty of drums hits for any modern electronic music style. The pack has enough kicks, snares and Hi Hat variations to keep you creating new drum kits for ages. Quantum Loops even threw in a nice selection of bonus loops to get you grooving in no time flat. The acoustic kits were also a great addition to this pack if you want to layer the electronic drums hits further. if your looking for tight processed drums to juice up your next jam this new drum pack might be just what your looking for.

    Midi Focus has it eye on the ball yet again, this time the focus is Techno. This pack dives in to the dark side of life which suites my production work just fine. The pack features the perfect amount of midi files with a dynimite selection patches making this a power tool in the studio. Weather you play a keyboard or not. this pack had got you covered. The edgy sounds are great for berlin style, hard Techno, and just about any sub genre of Techno out there. You can even cross these patches and midi parts into other styles of electronic music with no problem. This new releases is a must have for any beginer or pro looking to add a great selection of soft synth patches and midi grooves making this a fun and highly recommend pack for any session in need of Techno elements. 9- 10

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 9/10

    If you cannot find usable effects to excite a break down in your track, then your looking in the wrong pack. The sheer size of this pack is going make it one of those packs you keep on going to over and over again. The variations you can create are only limited by your imagination. The quality of the sounds are top notch and ready for action. i like that the effects are dry, which is great as the effect samples will fit better in a track. Now all you gotta do is grab this pack and start effecting your golden moment.

    Well what can I say, Noise Factory has done it again. This collection spans a wide selection of sonic options giving your Sylenth-1 a extreme boost of power to charge up any track. The pack is loaded with fantastic lead and main room sounds. They are just as thick and rich as the Noise Factory's Massive pack, making this latest collection the perfect studio partner. This new sound set offers you the best sounding presets for electronic dance music all in one diverse pack. If your looking to get that super pro sound from your Sylenth-1 your search is now over.

    Complex Electro Tools Vol.2 contains all the juice you need to squeeze out phat Electro all in one ready to rock sample pack. The sounds are thick, tight and very upfront. The drum loops really got my production pumping fast and I like fast. When i went thru this bad boy a bit deeper, the one shots stood out and are recommended if your looking to pimp out your next drum beat with some fresh sounding modern electro shots. Noise Factory's latest addition is going to be a super heavy weight tool in your beat box.

    Lee is back with his second addition of loopable mayhem for your daw of choice. This pack features nutty top loops, broken down synth nuggets and all good stuff you need to spruce up your track with real warehouse elements all in one pack. Vol. 2 keeps on giving the gift of sound by supplying cool injection of one shot goodies for drum production and over dubbing making this a well rounded studio pack worth checking out.

    Noisefactory's new NI Massive pack is exactly what i have been looking for. This patch collection is a real studio weapon when on the hunt for big room sounds. Cant say how many times in session i am searching or taking time making sounds like this. This pack is a real big help when the idea is fresh and u need a solid sound to make happen fast. This perfect selection of sounds on offer comes correct with dope sounds to really get your riff smoking hot in no time flat. This pack is also must for electronic pop producers looking to get a sound set of top notch patches for remixes and productions.

  • Stereo MC'S - Vaultage

    Rating: 10/10

    What can i say other then this pack is totally rocking. Back in the day the Stereo Mc were dropping bomb shell tunes when i was Djing the biggest parties in the Uk with Frankie Bones. Needless to say i was excited to check this out this new pack. Vaultage really hits home with some classic vibes as well as offering a fantastic collection of loops and one shots for modern studio production. The Ni Kontakt kits that came with the pack are absolutely wicked and were handy to have when i was going thru the large supply of content included. The Mc's Busted out a real deal sample pack i am sure to use in my next production. This is a really outstanding pack

    Laya Project

    Rating: 9/10

    The Laya Project is a seductive selection of really well recorded sounds, long stems and loops from all over the globe which i found to be quite impressive. This pack will give you a wide range of use in the studio if your looking to add some raw eastern spice in your mix. The content is fairly dry so effecting the samples is not s issue. I especially liked the vocal samples and the percussion was very tasty indeed. if your like me when it comes to finding unique samples Laya is stuffed with more then enough samples to rip into. The Raw Effects & Amb samples are totally ready for intros, layering and beyond. The bonus videos that came in the download really give you a look into the places this was made which was a very nice touch.

    Mr. Hobo really takes Loopmasters Ni Massive collection into battle for a full tour of duty with this blinding Dubstep patch collection. Just like his videos he tares into loads of great patches for Dubstep productions. I love the gnarly grit of the bass sounds in this bad boy. Over all the pack is well rounded as it comes with a nice selection of effects and essential sounds for the most upfront Dubstep production. This hand built collection of sonic bangers is a great source of go to patches hands down.

    Kanji Kinetic really blasted a booming follow up sample pack. This fierce creature features all the ruff drum loops and phat bass loops i was craving. The drum one shots were really dangerous and i found great use for a few. Of course the Ragga Twins vocal bits are a must have for any up front production. 10/10

    Ultimate Dubstep

    Rating: 8/10

    Ultimate Dubstep is really packed with all the essential elements you might need to kick off any production. The bass riffs are really ruff and the drum loops are very tight. I totally dig the drum one shots. The patches are really usable and were very easy to modify further. Great over all pack.

    This pack brought the fierce into my daw. Mutant bass has a lot of cool bits to twist and mash making this a great pack that can be used many times over. The Ragga Twins vocal samples are dope as weed and totally usable. The bass lines are phat, the drum loops sound tight and the top loops work well. I think any hard electronic music producer looking for cool stuff to add in there tracks would be hard pressed not to find something fresh and current in this pack ! Hey just grab a few bits and start rocking !


    Rating: 9/10

    Push Button Bang does it again ! This is a totally fierce effects pack which i found really great for my production work. The pack had a lot to offer in terms of variation and sonic depth. The movement within each sample was incredible. When i layered these bad boys up, i found that i got a lot of new textures and even more movement in the part which really gave life to what seemed dead space in the track i was working on. Two Thumbs on this one !

    Loads of wicked vocal samples in this pack I found when searching thru the pack it really contained great vocal snip its for my Hardcore tracks. For sure I can also see these samples finding a home in my Dubstep and Grime productions that need that little extra something to drive the production home.The timing of each raper is on point and the vocal tone they give off has a lot of attitude which makes this a really usable pack. I think Real City Rap Accapella's can be used over the course of time with new results each time. It's a gem !

    Dirty Dutch House

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is absolutely booming, the drums sounds are tuff as nails, i love how all the drum loops are broken up and work with each other. You can really get great results if u combine them. The bass loops sound phat and the synth loops are totally rocking. This pack is also very cool for other styles of harder music which really attracted me to it in the first place. In a nutshell you cant go wrong with this bad boy.

    This pack has super selection of vocals bits which are really great for my Hardcore and Techno productions a like. Each vocal stem has a great vibe and the vocals samples are really great for mashing and chopping so i can rework them any way i like which i feel is important to keep a original vibe when using the vocals. The pack defiantly brings that cool old school Nyc rap flavor !

    Funk Sesssions vol1 This pack contains a great selections of modern sounding funky drums loops and super clean percussions bits. This pack would also be great for Nu Soul producers as well. The Kontakt kits are wicked, really handy to have the drums at my finger tips to start creating my own beats. I loved the funky bass lines, super clean yet each bass sound is full and still retains sum of the grit i love so much in funk bass. I am sure some bits in this pack will find its way on to one of my remixes in the future. 8- 10


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