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Genre: Trance

Additional Styles: Trance



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BPM: 138 - 140

Banging beats and blistering bass, courtesy of the darkest dancefloors from Berlin to...

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Hard Trance Europe is one of my favorite labels for Hard Trance music, and I feature their tracks weekly on my radio show. So, discovering this sample pack was a delightful surprise, and it did not disappoint. Although the pack is relatively small at under 1 gigabyte, which slightly affected my rating, the quality of the samples is outstanding. It's like having their entire discography from Beatport at your fingertips. Hard Trance is, in my opinion, one of the more challenging genres to produce at a high level. However, this pack provides an excellent starting point. The samples are top-notch and true to the label's sound, making it easier to dive into production. With a few focused sessions, you might just create a track worthy of their next release. This pack is a must-have for anyone looking to excel in the Hard Trance genre.


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