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Paul Mendez

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“I’m not trying to be Underground , credible or Commercial,” I’m creating music that i feel and love & hope everyone else feels it to. It’s very easy to produce or DJ in 1 style as it has a formula that to be honest can be boring, i don’t believe in holding back because you have been told to create a certain sound or you have to stick with a certain genre, who made up these rules?, I’m trying to be innovative and always forward thinking in my productions and more importantly in my live DJ shows.” This explains why Paul has sold hundreds of Thousands of records worldwide in 35 territories in 6 different genre’s under many guises from Trance to House, Rock and Chillout.


  • Melodic Techno Rawness

    Rating: 9/10

    This enormous pack, boasting 2 gigabytes of high-quality samples, is an essential resource for producers in the melodic techno genre. As one of the most prominent styles in the global electronic dance music scene, melodic techno is being shaped by incredible artists like Tale Of Us, Artbat, and Adriatique. With this pack, you can join their ranks and create amazing music too. Packed with over 1000 files, this collection is designed to ignite your creativity and help your projects soar. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, these samples will provide the inspiration and tools you need to craft your next melodic techno masterpiece. Dive in and let your creative juices flow with this indispensable pack.

    Quantum Pulsewave

    Rating: 8/10

    Ztekno has been at the forefront of sample packs in the Techno genre for years, and they've become my go-to resource whenever I start a project under my alias 'Kai 5'. This latest pack is truly massive, offering 2.5 gigabytes of high-quality underground sounds that meet the high standards we've come to expect from Ztekno. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned producer, this pack makes the creative process effortless. It provides all the tools you need to spark a multitude of ideas for new tracks. With Ztekno’s reliable quality and extensive array of samples, you’ll find it easy to dive in and start producing right away. This pack is a must-have for anyone looking to create standout Techno music.

    Hard Trance Europe

    Rating: 8/10

    Hard Trance Europe is one of my favorite labels for Hard Trance music, and I feature their tracks weekly on my radio show. So, discovering this sample pack was a delightful surprise, and it did not disappoint. Although the pack is relatively small at under 1 gigabyte, which slightly affected my rating, the quality of the samples is outstanding. It's like having their entire discography from Beatport at your fingertips. Hard Trance is, in my opinion, one of the more challenging genres to produce at a high level. However, this pack provides an excellent starting point. The samples are top-notch and true to the label's sound, making it easier to dive into production. With a few focused sessions, you might just create a track worthy of their next release. This pack is a must-have for anyone looking to excel in the Hard Trance genre.

    Latam Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    "Step into the world of classic Tech House with a twist! While the current EDM-infused Tech House is making waves, there's a certain raw authenticity to the older style of the genre that some of us absolutely adore. This pack delivers that vintage charm, enriched with Latin-style vocal samples that add a distinctive flavor. With a hefty size of over 1 gigabyte, this mega pack is an absolute treasure trove. It's not just a collection of sounds; it's an inspiration factory. In my experience, it sparked ideas for multiple tracks that, when brought to life, sounded both fresh and fantastic. Honestly, these tracks might not have seen the light of day without the creative spark from this pack. If you're looking to explore the world of underground Tech House and yearn for that raw, authentic vibe, give this pack a go. It's your ticket to producing quality tracks that resonate with the underground music scene. Dive in and start crafting your next masterpiece now!"

    Rave Game

    Rating: 8/10

    as usual from Ztekno this is a massive pack with nearly 2 Gig of techno goodness, everything you could possibly wish for in a pack is present in this one from solid drums to dark stabs to fat bass lines, as i always say when reviewing these packs it is in my opinion a great starting point for any track to just open an audio track and start flicking through until you get the main parts that work for you then add and build from there. I am really happy with this pack and i am sure there will be a lot of happy customers and great tunes coming out soon because of it.

    Techno Guide

    Rating: 9/10

    Ztekno has consistently been my go-to for top-tier techno sounds over the past few years, and their latest pack lives up to their reputation, oozing with quality. This pack is a true behemoth, boasting over 2 gigabytes of pounding kicks and slamming samples that will immerse you in the creative zone from the get-go. In today's music landscape, techno is undeniably reigning supreme, and many DJs are venturing into production to share their music with the world and gain the recognition they deserve. If you're looking to embark on this journey, I can confidently say there's no better starting point than this pack. It's a sonic treasure trove that will equip you with the tools you need to craft techno tracks that stand out in the scene. With Ztekno's expert sounds at your fingertips, you'll be well on your way to making your mark in the techno world. Don't miss out on the opportunity to kick-start your music career with this exceptional pack.

    Future Techno Rave

    Rating: 8/10

    I didn't know what to expect from this pack due to the title but as soon i as listened to the demo i knew i had to give it a download and start to have some fun. This pack is basically throwing Morten & Guetta in a blender with some solid Techno sounds and this is the result, perfect for harder techno tracks and in general hard hitting future rave genres. The size of the pack could have been a bit larger but overall the quality is definitely there and present throughout. I am sure there is going to be a few future Beatport top 100 tracks made from this pack coming soon.

    Techno Market

    Rating: 9/10

    Techno Market has the correct name as i feel like i found a gem out shopping, just under 1 gig in size this pack ventures more into the darker side of techno with stunning dreamy vocals and the synths are top notch to go along with thumping kicks and driving percussion. A perfect pack to kick start your new productions and to finish off ones that have been sitting gathering dust, get this into your DAW and start producing some madness.

    Techno Aliens

    Rating: 9/10

    once again ZTEKNO deliver the goods with another large pack at around 1 gig in size, this pack is perfect for all levels of producers as it basically has everything you need to create an idea for a track and then once you have the basics add your own parts and it pretty much guarantees a top quality production. As usual with this company top notch analogue synths and baselines are on offer alongside the usual drum parts, this pack is more on the dark driving side of Techno which i personally love and i am sure you will too when you hear the quality.

    Hard Tekno

    Rating: 10/10

    go hard or go home is the motto for this pack and blimey it delivers with over 1 gig of absolute slamming techno that borders on the industrial genre at times, don't let that scare you though as this pack is full of quality from banging beats to ferocious drum parts that will literally set your productions on fire, get it on loud and explore the depth of this pack and warn your neighbors as it may get heavy.

    Melodic House & Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    A pack that crosses boundaries on all the new genre names but really being an old school producer this is progressive house and Techno and it suits several of my production alias names to a tee. Over 1 gig of samples that promises a raw analog sound and to be fair it does deliver with a crisp high quality sound that is easy to just drop into your project and start creating that next big dance-floor tune.

    Techno Wasp

    Rating: 9/10

    over 3 gigs of pure techno madness in one pack, my first thought is this is the modern warehouse techno style that is on top of all the Beatport charts and being played by the more popular djs back on the scene. i have already completed 2 ep's from the ideas and several sounds used from this pack, all in its top quality and well worth the purchase.

    Not necessarily the sound i produce now but I've always been a fan of the Organ donors from the early 2000's and to be honest i liked the idea of taking their hard trance/dance sounds into my hard techno tracks i am producing and it has worked a treat so far. With just under 1 gig in size this pack is a must for anyone looking to produce high quality Hard edged tunes.

    Techno Injection

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are a fan of main room Techno then this pack is a must for you, sitting at just under 4GB this is simply a massive slice of producer heaven to get ideas and to get started on your next big release. The quality of the wav loops is excellent and i have to say the vocal pack included is superb, all in a must purchase for serious Techno and underground creators.

    Progressive Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    I've been using this pack for a few months now on alias projects and it works a treat, i especially love the old school sounds and the trance Arpeggios which fit well into today's techno sound. overall a solid pack that i will be using for months to come.

    Melodic Photons

    Rating: 8/10

    first off to mention is that Zteckno packs are all 100% royalty free and can be used in any production you wish, the only slight downfall to remember is that other producers who buy the same pack have the same samples so my opinion is get creative and make the samples and sounds your own and create your own distinctive tracks. With that being said this is another superb pack with high quality sounds as expected from 'Ztekno', they really do capture the sound of NOW and if you like the Beatport top 100 techno then look no further than this.

    first off i am a big fan of Cristoph as his sound is always top notch and in my opinion pretty much perfect, when i seen his name on this pack it was a no brainer to download it and start working his magic into my magic. What i love the most is the size of the pack at over 1 gig and it is melodic, progressive and techno which is perfect for producers like myself who do several different alias projects, over all a superb pack but it was fully expected.

    one for the progressive purists that has all the elements of your favorite pryda or camelphat track at your disposal, This pack has loops, one shots and keys to make your life easier and quickly enable you to start a production with a solid idea and a path to follow with quality sounds.

    Techno Animals

    Rating: 9/10

    a massive pack from the Ztekno team who know how to create big sounds, similar to another pack i reviewed for them this once again showcases the sound of techno right now, slamming beats, rave stabs, acid riffs and all 'Analog' which gives that edge in the sound quality department. If you want to create and produce like the Beatport big hitters then this pack will definitely point you in the right direction.

    Techno Wish

    Rating: 9/10

    if like me you prefer the harder side of techno from labels such as Drumcode and artists like Anna and Amelia Lens then this pack is a must, over 2 gig of thumping beats, dirty acid riffs, sultry vocals and enough rave stabs to keep your ears ringing for weeks. Another point is the sounds are all analog so the quality is already there and needs very little tweaking in the mix.

  • This pack is top quality with the main focus of the sound very much like the label Dom is from ' Mau5trap' , That being said it does offer producers from progressive to melodic to techno an avenue to explore the different paths your productions can go down which is a great learning experience whether the finished tracks sound good or not. A solid pack that does exactly as it says on the tin so as to speak.

    Melodic Techno & House

    Rating: 8/10

    So many different genre names but for me it's all progressive house,This is a big pack with excellent high quality synth loops which have such a warm analog sound, also expect the usual high standard bass, perc and drums plus a bonus 50 midi files which sometimes you don't get. Overall i would give this a 8/10.

    D.O.D Future Jack

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack pretty much sums up a day at tomorrowland as it has all the main stage sounds associated with the ever changing EDM and festival sound, a big pack with WAV and presets that should get your future & Electro House style tracks sounding fresh and professional.

    Underground Psytrance

    Rating: 8/10

    Very high quality sounding sounds and presets with an array of options that is sure to get your Psytrance tracks sounding like they have been produced and mastered in a top notch studio setting. This pack is just under 1gb in size and should be enough to get you noticed.

    EDM 4

    Rating: 7/10

    labels keep telling me this sound is old yet every single dj that has played the main stages at this summers festivals still drop these bangers and this pack is sure to help you create your next big tune.

    Grooved Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    as an avid fan of techno in my alias productions i have always had a thing for the driving side of the genre and this pack gives me the tools to do this with the drum loops being exactly what i want, i also love the old school sounding synths which again take me way back to my comfort zone, if you like the sounds of drumcode and the tougher side of things then this pack is a great purchase.

    first off this is dedicated to real deep house and not the commercial one that has become big the past year or so, this pack can be used in my opinion for melodic techno, tech house and progressive house also as the synths and drums are an open deep sound which works for me in these other genres, great sounds with superb textures makes this a must pack for the underground enthusiasts.

    techno comes in many different interpretations so lets get to the point and declare this pack is on the harder side of things with a melodic vibe that is created with excellent sounds and im guessing hardware as it is vibrant and clean, i love this pack and what it offers, i have already laid out 5 different project ideas and i am sure more is to come.

    excellent pack that is tech & melodic and can suit several styles including progressive,tech house & techno. The pack is just under 1 gig in size and features high quality samples in the usual folders from bass to synth and drums, i have found this pack to be very good for starting an idea then building from there, i have also used several of the synths to make tweaks and finish off tracks that where just not ready. overall super sounds and a big thumbs up from me.

    Deep Melodic Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    a lot of producers and djs for that matter have a misconceived sound in their heads of what techno is, there is several different styles for Techno ranging from minimal to hard industrial to melodic which this pack offers in excellent fashion. the checklist is here from atmosphere to bass to beats and everything in-between which gives the producer a perfect opportunity to feel and create the vibe they require in the studio. This pack can also be used for other genres especially progressive house which i have done already to great effect, a big yes from me so enjoy this pack and get working those high quality samples.

    Its funny how one genre of electronic music still has 2 completely different sounds in different parts of the world, America grabbed Progressive house and threw it in shovel loads to the EDM generation in the states the past 5 years and the sound became synonymous with main stages at festivals but the connoisseurs among us from Europe always had something to say about hijacking the genre which for us is a beautiful progressive deep and melodic sound which became famous with Sasha & digweed, This pack brings all those memories and sounds right back and with the resurgence in this style right now around the world experienced and young producers will appreciate how perfect a pack this is and the samples on offer, buy it, get listening and get producing gorgeous music and lets get our genre back where it belongs.

    EDM Ultra Pack 4

    Rating: 8/10

    When you get a pack over 3 gig in size you straight away feel happy as it must be value for money. This pack says EDM and you guessed it, it is exactly that with hundreds of synths, drums, loops and more in very high quality that you would expect to hear in the majority of main stage tracks just played at Tomorrowland. With the quality on offer this pack is for beginners right through to professional producers, all in a must for this style.

    Ministry of House

    Rating: 8/10

    I would say this pack is more on the new genres of house from future to tropical, there are high quality synths from stabs to riffs to piano and drops that will rock in the Oliver Helden's style that is of course big right now around the world and a sure fire way to get noticed with labels if you have the ability to use this great pack to create your big house hit.

    EPYC Sounds

    Rating: 9/10

    If you love progressive house in its real style you will love this pack, lets face it Eric Prydz is the best producer out there for this genre and this pack tries to recreate his style and it does a good job. A great help for those dark arpeggio style riffs and it also has multiple options for several keys which gives a far better idea for starting a new project, a super pack and a must for Pryda fans like me.

    Sergeant Lazer

    Rating: 8/10

    The "in" dance style of the past few months, this is a perfect pack that has different kits with all you require from loops, drums and synths to create your own track, kick start an idea or even use as loops in the mix, good quality and overall a great pack for this in-demand style.

    Hard Future Trap

    Rating: 7/10

    A massive pack over 1 gig in size with samples ranging in genres from Trap to Dubstep and Future Bass styles. If, like myself, you like to try out new genres and learn the way they are programmed and laid out differently - this pack is a perfect tool to do this and of course to try your hand at your own track or remix. I didn't know what to expect content wise but I was pleasantly surprised with sheer amount of samples on offer and I incorporated into other genres and it worked very well.

    Trapstep Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 8/10

    If you are a fan of artists such as Major Lazer & Party Favor don't even pre listen just download this pack now and get on with producing your own dance-floor destroyer. This pack guarantees high quality sounds and samples in 24 bit and... wait for it... it is over 2 gig in size with simply hundreds and hundreds of individual sounds.

    I've been a fan of Kid Massive's packs for a few years now as he always delivers high quality and this pack is no different. This pack is tagged as Deep House which might confuse some new school producers as it's actually what us old heads in the scene regard as proper deep house but it does have a commercial appeal in the overall sound. A great pack which I am sure will feature in a lot of upcoming released tracks this summer.

    EDM 2017

    Rating: 8/10

    Very high quality sounding pack for all the producers out there making big room sounds and trying to get on the main labels for this sound. This pack is just BIG in every sense of the word from pounding beats to stabbing synths to drops that are just craving hands in the air and smoke cannons. A large pack at 1.5 gig so it is a must purchase in my opinion if you are serious about taking your productions to that next level.

    Raw Underground Deep

    Rating: 7/10

    Very deep sounding pack that can be used in various styles of house from progressive to tech to deep, a lot of the synths are old school Chicago era in my opinion and that can work well mixing it up with new sounds and mixing techniques. A massive pack with hundreds of loops and over 1 gig in size, excellent demonstration of underground sounds.

  • Innovation Series: EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    for all big room styles this pack is a must, take away all generic edm sounds and replace them with this fresh sounding pack for 2017, i am digging the darker rave style stabs on offer in this massive 1 gig pack which is getting a full on studio session from me.

    G-House Ultra Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    first off this pack is massive in size at 3.66 gig, there is so much on offer that it really will take you a few studio sessions just to listen but once you do that the sounds that you get are pretty awesome. My feeling is this pack is suited more to the Deep house sound and if that is your thing i am sure you can upgrade your sound perfectly.

    NextGen EDM Vol 2

    Rating: 8/10

    high quality collection of the biggest 'big room' sounds around with hundreds of audio samples and midi files included, this pack is a must for all styles with that big room sound from house to edm. I have already laid down and finished several tracks using this pack that have been signed so the proof is there.

    Euphoric EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    this really is a massive pack with nearly 2 gig in size full of awesome edm sounds with hundreds of audio samples to choose from for your next big idea that could be your first or next big single.

    Global EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    So you're a producer and you are looking to produce that next big hit but are stuck for ideas that will stand out?? Then lucky you that this pack is available as it covers more or less everything you require from loops to presets to midi files in all styles of big room EDM.

    think summer, beach parties, pool parties and then throw in the sound of 2016 and you get the delightful pack which just oozes quality from start to finish. Tropical house with names such as Sam Feldt & robin schulz has dominated dj sets around the world with a lot of live elements from guitars to kalimbas to drums, this pack has it all and in no time you to can get those ideas for your own slice of sunset bliss.

    future house has quickly overtaken the EDM style as the main festival sound and this pack delivers everything required to get started on your own big room banger with over 3 gig of the highest quality sounds from dirty bass lines to gritty synths and everything else in between, a true monster of a pack.

    with the EDM sound now splitting into different genres and markets the trap sound has evolved into the not only edm but in the hip hop scene with a lot of new productions and artists switching to the Twerk revolution which is causing a major stir in the charts and clubs, bleeps, beats, tweaks all taking a twisted turn in this extremely useful pack which is a must for experimental producers looking for a change.

    Maximum EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    this stands out from the usual edm styles as the overall sound quality is top notch,expect the massive main room festival sound with over 1 gig in size and 200 plus loops to help get the creative juices flowing for your next smash hit.

    Real Progressive House

    Rating: 7/10

    finally a pack that is proper progressive house in the European style and not the hijacked US version. if you love that raw atmospheric underground sound then this pack hits the point with bass lines, synths and drums with impressive sound quality and thought put into it. i would say a must buy for serious progressive producers.

    Modern Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    i would say the title is perfect as with most styles now there is so many sub genres that it is difficult to keep up with, the modern sound of techno in my opinion is captured perfectly in this pack as it represents the sound of techno at festivals and big room superclubs that is championed by djs such as Adam beyer and Filterheadz. great pack filled to the brim with creative ideas.

    High quality selection of Tech house audio samples including bass,drums and synth loops in 24bit Wav that will give any track you are working on that extra slice of fatness in a tech house or techno groove. Also included in this impressive pack is massive presets which will enable the more hands on producers the opportunity to manipulate and tweak into their own specific sound. all in a great pack for most producers who want to up their tech game.

    Prygressive House

    Rating: 9/10

    If like me you love the Pryda sound then this pack really is a must for your collection as it is tailor made for the real progressive house sound that has been a staple for decades in the European clubs and festivals.with over 50+ audio samples and rex,reason and ableton loops this pack should and will satisfy all.

    Deep Progressive House

    Rating: 8/10

    deep, techy and progressive are all words best to describe this wonderful pack which includes over 100+ audio files and midi files for whichever style of producing you prefer and of course for on the fly dj sets. get creative and with the aid of the sounds on offer you will be sending off high quality underground tracks to the big labels in no time.

    over 3 gig in size with every possible sounding lead & bass sounds that will take your next don diablo type production to the next level and probably get you that record deal and plays from the big djs, high level samples that sound great with little mastering needed.

    Future House Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    if you are looking for something just a little bit different from the normal This pack has a lot more traditional sounding leads and bass riffs taking from the uk garage scene alongside your 2015 sounding house style, a great pack for ideas and inspiration to get started on a top notch house production that can be sounding polished with a few tweaks here and there. the vocals and drums are also very good.

    if you listen to radio a lot then you will have heard this latest style of deep house or tropical house from artists such as lost frequencies & robin schulz that is dominating the airwaves and clubs this summer, a lot of these big tracks use live instruments played in the studio and to be honest a lot of younger producers and bedroom guys cant afford to do this so when a pack like this comes along and offers these live elements then this has got to be a must buy.

    Spin In Deep

    Rating: 8/10

    future house, deep house..whatever you fancy calling it we all now know this sound that has took over from festival edm the past few months. this pack is up there with the leading sounds that you will hear in a heldens or diablo set and is a sure way to get the sounds and ideas to take your tracks to the next level and possibly get you noticed.for me though the synth and bass presets go further than what you would expect and there is some awesome dark sounds that could be even techno so grab this pack now and get producing my friends.

    Future House Tools

    Rating: 7/10

    the new festival sound is alive and well with this future house pack that will keep your tomorrowland memories fresh and get you producing the next big track in this ever evolving scene that is just getting bigger and bigger by the day. everything you require is in this tight little pack from trance style synths to house beats to garage basslines.

    with the big room scene all sounding the same now it is getting harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas but i feel this pack delivers big time with over 1 gig in size of loops,bass-lines,melody's all in named keys that can help you get started on your next big track and it is sure to sound amazing using these quality sounds.

  • the hardwell festival edm sound may be losing a little popularity but it is still strong and kicking and with the sounds on offer from audio boutique this pack is a BIG help in landing you a deal with one of the big boys, everything you expect to hear from a top notch production team and it does not fail to deliver, one of the better big room edm style packs around,think showtek meets guetta and you won't be far off.

    EDM Ultra Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    with 3 gigs worth of tutorials,audio,templates and more this pack is just massive and perfect for young producers looking to up their game and for established guys to get new ideas and to keep their sound fresh. if you like the beatport top 100 festival sounds then grab this pack as it really is a must.

    UK House Essentials

    Rating: 8/10

    perfect pack for all your house music production needs in several different genres,the bass-lines especially are very old school sounding with a Korg M1 feel which gives definitive warmth in the mix. if you love that UK garage sound or traditional sounding house then the 1 gig of sounds on this are just what you require.

    one of the best packs i have used in the past few months, the Melbourne bounce sound takes from the old UK hard house genre and recreates it in a big room EDM style which is catching up with the drop sound and replacing it with off bass-line energy, perfect for raves and those big room Vegas style venues who like nothing better than a good bounce.

    Small Room House

    Rating: 8/10

    if you are like myself and you like different styles of house music then this 'Small room house' pack does the job perfectly as it covers most genres in a massive 1 gig size that will have you tinkering for days with all the awesome basslines, riffs and drums that just seem to flow into your track like it was always meant to be there.

    Future Bass House

    Rating: 8/10

    Future bass house can be a bit misleading in the title as not everyone knows the genre style associated with the name and may think this is all basslines which is far from the truth,a massive pack of over 1 gig in size that offers all you need to kick start a new track in the rapidly progressing style from the UK that is a merger of several genres from the past including speed garage, house music and sprinkles of drum & bass.get this pack opened and you will be hooked for hours upon hours as your brain tries to decipher your next big tune.

    Late Night Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    im not really sure why its titled 'Late Night'as in my opinion this is very much simply deep house? apart from that this pack is full of quality sounding samples that in theory could produce 20+ tracks, i am sure it will be used like in my case for ideas and to get an original off the ground or to get that remix sounding better.


    Rating: 9/10

    this pack has very old school sounding techno samples which if used correctly and incorporated into a new school approach can work wonders and help you get that final product that the labels are looking out for.Techno is probably the hardest genre to get a good release on a top label so packs like this can only help you in the studio.massive 1 gig in size and has all you need from drums to basslines.

    its getting harder by the day to keep big room edm type synths and drops interesting but i think this pack manages to deliver with keeping it simple and effective, over 1 gig in size and full of goodies which will keep you ahead of the game in the over saturated electro/progressive house style.

    fantastic pack which i have already produced 4 brand new tracks from, great for ideas, sound quality and drums of which there are plenty. must have pack for a budding or top name producer as this pack has all you require.

    rightly or wrongly the most important part of a big room track this year is THE FILL which builds up your track into your killer drop. if you dont get this part right forget about it. this pack is perfect for those moments in your track which will define it and make it stand out.

    i have been an avid fan of Techno music for 20 years and in my production opinion it is the hardest to produce a high quality track that will be accepted by the best labels and djs in that genre. this pack is pretty damn good at helping rectify that situation as the sound quality on the audio samples is superb and will 100% improve your overall sound.there is over 1 gig of samples from basslines to perc to kick start your next proper underground track with a distinct techno feel.

    with Deep house gaining in popularity packs like this from Delectable records are going to be a mainstay in your production folders. deep house always sounds very simple to produce as all you really hear is kick,perc,bassline and a lead. the fact is they sound that way down to great production, trying to make a deep house track stand out should be your first step and this pack will certainly give you the ideas and sounds you need to accomplish that goal.

    Total EDM Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    build up, drum roll, DROP! if that is how you like your peak time club moments and productions then look no further as Noisefactory deliver what you require in this phat , pumping big room pack.

    so to start things off i think we should rename this pack Deep progressive house sessions as i believe there is more progressive elements than what us UK dj/producers would class as Deep house but with all the genre meshing that goes on nowadays i fully get it.the one thing that stands out for me is the bass-lines which are phat and sound very analogue which is great for the old school vibe which i love to create when doing deeper tracks under my alias 'Mendexx' , overall a high quality pack with everything you need to get you on your way.

    Summer EDM Festivals

    Rating: 8/10

    type beatport top 100 into Google and don't be surprised if this pack appears :-) , seriously though for all aspiring big room edm producers that follow spinnin, ultra, romero, hardwell etc.. this pack is a must with over 1 gig of good quality audio samples that are quick and easy to import and use.on top of that you have the usual Massive patches which are always handy as it really does save a lot of time tweaking which then allows you more time to develop and progress.

    EDM Hooks and Drops

    Rating: 8/10

    another high quality pack that focuses more on the build ups & drops which is dominating the EDM scene currently so you will have to get your thinking cap on to make the rest of the track as professional sounding as these samples.over 1 gig in size this pack truly is a monster that surely will put your productions on the right path to getting those record deals.

    Top 100 EDM MIDI

    Rating: 8/10

    this pack is perfect for those studio days when you have writers block, take a few midi melodies you like, rearrange, add to it and hey presto! the writers block has gone.if you are a fan of the big EDM sound then this really is a must as it gives you direct access to the type of sound that Hardwell, Tiesto etc.. are all doing and could be the 1st step to getting you onto their playlists.

    Supercharged EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    rezone always manages to capture the most popular styles & sounds in dance music and gives you them in these excellent packs, this one in particular is again fresher sounding and a big upgrade on previous packs of the same styles on the market. The audio samples are all high quality 24bit and the pack is over 1 gig in size so you know you are getting your moneys worth.

    Essential EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    a massive pack of everything you need to create that next big room edm track, full on drop synths and basslines accompanied by driving percussions. most of todays big tracks in this genre all stick to the same formula, structure and sounds and if you have a good ear for production you could well be joining the ranks of the producers hitting the chart positions.

  • EDM MIDI Weapons 2.0

    Rating: 9/10

    i admit i have been working a lot with Audio lately and i really needed a kick up the backside to start using my vst's, this pack is very good as it gives you fresh sounding ideas that sound very much like today's edm tracks and with it being midi it allows you to basically re-arrange and create your own chord structure which i like doing to try and stay original.

    Umek is without doubt one of the best producers in the techno scene and i can guarantee many producers around the world were smiling from ear to ear when they seen a pack from the legend. as you would expect this pack has everything you need to create professional techno & tech house music that sounds amazing.Nearly 3 gig in size this pack is a monster with his typical driving basslines to funky percussions. A great pack and probably one of the best collections i have heard.

    rough tech house is a very deep and minimal style techno pack with all the usual on wav audio from bass to percs to synths, there is also a good selection of patches for your preferred vsts. overall if you dig deep this pack can lead you into some great ideas for your next tech house stomper.

    Explosive EDM Arsenal

    Rating: 8/10

    if you are looking to produce the next big room anthem and get a release on spinnin or Ultra then explosive EDM arsenal is a must for your collection, think Martin garrix meets firebeatz and you have what you need.over 1 gig in this pack of basslines,synths , drops and patches for native instruments Massive Vst which if you are like me i use a lot. an awesome pack ready to launch you into the big time, all you need to do is make that killer track now.

    Ultimate Tech Sounds

    Rating: 7/10

    this pack is perfect for tech and deep house tracks with an extra sized drumloops and the usual 50+bass, synths and fx etc.. the styles vary a lot and i'm sure with a little bit of productivity you can make several high quality sounding house tracks.

    i wouldn't really call this swedish house but i see where the title would come from, in my opinion this pack is full on electro big room EDM. massive break down synths with Power and of course the 'drop'. overall a great pack with elements that are waiting to be put together and get onto a cdj ready to explode.

    Swedish EDM

    Rating: 7/10

    synths, breakdowns, drops, kicks, driving percussion, this pack is tailor made to produce a big room edm track on the spot, forget your vst packs, you don't need them, everything you require is on point and sounding big.

    i was shocked to see a edm pack from Kid Massive as i always associated him with house music so i opened it up with a lot of interest and to my humble surprise it is an exceptional balance of drops, big basslines, synth stabs that rock and superb drum kits. overall a very stylish and pumping pack from a surprise source.

    excellent pack for making deep house to tech house. all the elements you require to make a track that will glisten in the sun in Miami or Ibiza this summer, gorgeous leads and bass-lines accompanied by beats and percussion that will be having you saying 'boots & pants,boots & pants' under your breath.

    EDM Warriors

    Rating: 8/10

    were do we start other than to say Big, Loud, Powerful pack is ready to explode with synths that sound bigger than big room , drops that the EDM kids are crying out for and those phat kicks that no longer belong to 'Showtek'. a massive pack in more ways than you could possibly handle.

    edm big room style has a certain formula that is not too difficult to produce to a good standard, what that leads to is 'How to stand out'from the other thousands of productions in the same style that is released every week and that A&R workers have to listen through. my theory is sound & mastering, for 'sound', packs like this are key to giving good ideas and a different take on that all important breakdown and drop. this pack has 1.34GB of material with over 50+ Synth Loops & Drum Loops. now remember most of the major djs only have around 20 tracks in their sets so to be in that list you have to think, re-think and produce to the best of your ability and my friends this pack is the perfect way to start.

    when you read the title you get big expectations and this pack delivers. if you need inspiration for tracks that rock and you have lacked the energy, the sounds or the ideas for that main key element of your track this pack comes in with all guns blazing. if you are seeking that sound from Martin Garrix to Hardwell then this is perfect.

    Future Groove House

    Rating: 8/10

    in my opinion most forms of instrumental house music is the most difficult of all electronic genres to produce to a high standard and keep exciting and interesting with what sounds like few elements. the key is in the energy created from percussion's and a high quality bass line that creates the overall groove. Future groove house offers hundreds of drum options and a good selection of bass & synth loops for creative ideas.

    i enjoyed this pack as it has a lot of old school sounding house sounds and percussion's which work well and create a different energy with electronic sounds off today. excellent vocal stabs and bass lines which will fit into nearly all genres and make your track sound just a bit fresher and more up to date.

    quality pack that ive been searching for a long time, the title is slightly misleading as you can make several genres of house from this pack.drums,basslines,perc all in that jacking mode we love, a must buy for all house head producers needing that extra idea or energy.

    this pack stands out as everything is ready waiting in high quality to be taken into your DAW and turned into a techno classic. if you use your imagination you can produce several tracks and include as samples for dj performances.

    Tokyo To Berlin Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    i find making techno tracks that stand out is very difficult as most of the skill involved is arrangement, percussion, a bassline that rumbles and mastering. everything is very minimal but has to be extremely high quality for top end labels & djs to consider, the good news is that this pack delivers all the elements for you to arrange and perfect.

    Complextro Hits

    Rating: 8/10

    monster pack for all your electro goodies, i actually found myself making several different genres with this pack and all sounding fresh. excellent synth lines with a disco feel and a big room of the best packs so far from quantum loops without a doubt.

    EDM Power Pack

    Rating: 7/10

    if you like the beatport top 100 then this pack is a must for your production needs, it actually sounds like a few tracks out there just now which gives you an idea of the quality on this pack. a must have for the EDM producer looking to get an edge.

    awesome quality for big room EDM tracks that sound like Hardwell meets Steve aoki in a dark room and the outcome is this pack. you could literally make 5 high calibre tracks and with a bit of intuition and production quality a few top 10 hits. what are you waiting for?

  • Monstrous Complextro

    Rating: 8/10

    the name says it all really as this pack is MONSTROUS with high end synths that are powerful and mastered to a good standard, wobbling basslines that can be used in big room EDM or dubstep and all the fx , percussion and beats you could you in numerous tracks and still have a batch left over.

    Deep Tech Grooves

    Rating: 9/10

    deep house seems to be on everyones playlist just now so the expectation for high quality sounds and tracks is in demand,this genre is 1 of the hardest to produce to a high level so a pack such as deep tech grooves gives you a solid base to work from.this has most of all excellent bass lines and top leads which should give you the perfect ideas for a complete track.

    think Will I am versus Bingo players and you will have the perfect pack here in big room elements as all the signature leads and bass lines are present.this pack makes it easy to create a track that if produced to a high standard could well be in the sets of some major djs soon.

    Ultrasonic Complextro

    Rating: 8/10

    slamming pack of bleeps and twisted basslines with great breakdowns, big room sound all over this but with a different sound to the usual beatport style which is a breath of fresh air.

    Electro - Mix Starters

    Rating: 7/10

    this pack is more about giving you ideas than actually putting together a full track, this is great for the overall progress in new producers who are learning the basics and for older studio heads who have a little writers block.good selection of sounds and drums.

    Total Tech House

    Rating: 9/10

    Don't be fooled by the title, this is a lot more than just 1 genre, i can hear deep house & techno elements in this pack also. perfect for your underground tunes. superb bass lines,drums,stabs, this pack has the lot and can be used for numerous tracks.

    Club Tools Vol2

    Rating: 9/10

    superb hard hitting big room sounds already for 2013 tracks needing electro, progressive and overall edm sounds that are being produced by all the big name djs and producers out will not be disappointed by this pack and i am sure you will enjoy the studio time.

    EDM Bassline

    Rating: 8/10

    as it says on the tin this is a major edm bassline paradise, blistering, bleeping chords on most keys that will enhance any EDM track to new heights.

    if you like deadmau5, zedd, wolfgang gartner you will not be disappointed in this pack, all set up with powerful sounds and so many to choose from, a perfect pack to help and educate on the electro scene for producers of any age and experience.

    these vocal packs are great for producers who can write chord structures to complement them. good high calibre session singers on offer here and it saves you the time looking online which can be a lengthy process.

    Piatto Italo Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    I have been producing a lot of tech house and techno recently as a side project to the EDM style.this pack is perfect for both styles, you can literally make a full track ready to sign to a label from the packs on offer here from the uber italio producers Piatto who are no strangers to the high class techno scene in europe.

    this pack has all the perfect big room edm elements you would expect from the title but if used correctly you can produce high quality progressive house & trance also.some great chord structures with high class synths on offer here.

    EDM Chords

    Rating: 8/10

    the name of the pack is EDM chords and that is exactly what this pack offers in an abundance, whether you are a beginner or professional this pack is ready to load up and play and make thumping electronic dance music.

    Miami Beach House

    Rating: 9/10

    I was searching for a pack with minimal sounds in the deep house genre and this delivers and more with amazing high quality sounds which sound very professional and ready to use.get yourself a pina colada, put your shorts on , get a fan and start making music for the beach.

    EDM & Main Room House

    Rating: 8/10

    Singomakers really are on top of their game with another pack full of big room peak time sounds in both wav and midi files which allows easy access for full on phat sounds that i am sure will drive most dance floors wild.the only slight issue is trying to pick melody's for 1 track at a time as they all sound great.

    EDM MIDI Melodies

    Rating: 8/10

    there is so many EDM type packs out there just now you really do have to be picky, its about quality not quantity,this pack has all the quality required to produce major sounding tracks that are sure to alert the bigger labels and djs out there.

    The Swedish house mega pack is perfect for big EDM tracks that you would hear in most djs sets at EDC or Ultra music festival, if you are thinking Swedish house mafia or Hardwell you are on the right lines. massive synths with wavs and midi files to allow extra tweaking with your own vst sounds just in case you love the melody but not the wav sound supplied. overall an excellent pack.

    Insane Complex Electro

    Rating: 8/10

    as it says on the label, this is an insane pack full of phat basslines , glitches and massive synths, old school sounds aplenty as well make up complex electro. everything you need for a future floor filler and productions that will sound professional and big.

    i over used volume 1 of this series so it was a pleasure to get my hands on some more of the excellent macrobits and glitchy fragments on this volume 3 pack. similar to the previous version with loops, fx and instruments galore to keep you happy with your pumping electro house tracks.

    i was expecting the usual style of the past 12 months but i was slightly surprised to find this pack had a lot more old school traditional sounds and percussion which i found handy for a bit of mix and match. the synth loops include some really nice piano solo's which i have already used in a finished production.

  • Swedish Elements

    Rating: 7/10

    first thing is do not be fooled by the name, this is not a pack full of Swedish house mafia sounds, it is actually full of main room techno beats and progressive synths on the darker side of house. i was surprised by the styles on offer and will be using this a lot in the coming months.

    dreamy, progressive house or trance is best used to describe this pack, think of your favorite beach club at sunset and then open up this pack and produce your feelings. excellent and powerful sounds through out.nice strings, synths and beats.

    Mash Up Electro

    Rating: 8/10

    awesome pack for the sounds you hear in nearly all big room progressive tracks out there just now. you really can create a track using Mash up electro identical to a current top 10 beatport hit. all the elements are there, the trick is putting it together but thats the fun of using audio packs.

    Progressive Electro

    Rating: 9/10

    love this pack. to put it as clear as possible within 2 days of downloading i had produced 3 new tracks, it is literally just as easy as doing a remix with how crisp and clean the audio samples are.this pack is also useful for several different genres such as progressive house & trance and electro if you decide to go that direction.

    the basslines are tough & rough and like to growl out your speakers, the drum loops represent several different genres and if cut up are very useful for hits and fills.the synths are good and effective. fot me the basslines stand out in this pack and i have already used 2 lots for new tracks and will be definitely using more as the power for an audio sample in my opinion matches a good vst.

    Electro & Dutch Hooks

    Rating: 9/10

    i have been looking for samples like this for a long time as making on a vst takes forever, this is a perfect pack for all elements of house type tracks been played in clubs right now, everything you need is on this including excellent fx, all those afrojack type stabs and hooks you used to wonder 'how does he get that sound' .. well now you know and now you have it, enjoy and make some pumping tunes.

    i always tagged freemasons as being funky house so when i started listening to this pack i was happily shocked as it contained a lot of uplifting progressive & electro sounds which are among the best i have heard so far from loopmasters. it just reinforces the 2012 merging of genres.good solid pack with great sound quality and again if used in the correct production layout there is a few gems to be found.

    with the change in house music the past year this pack is perfect for the new crossover sound that is taking place. i for one am very happy with the sounds in this pack as it enables me to give my tracks that extra bounce, excellent pack for all styles.

    this pack has everything. you literally could make 5 full tracks from all the goodies inside, great sounding bass, the kicks and percussion are solid and sound nice in the mix,the chords are easy to manipulate and the FX is sharp. if you want to produce like Kaskade this pack is the only one you need.

    for me bass sounds are always the hardest part of putting together a top house production as in my opinion it is the main element of the track so this pack is just what i needed to keep my tracks fresh. very good selection of drums and fx also which are always handy.

    I always find progressive tracks are the most difficult to produce as there is less obvious elements and its the sounds and production that make this type of tracks stand out. this pack as every element you could ask for in a progressive track literally down to the point of throw the full pack into your DAW and let the magic happen.

    Considering nearly every house track in the charts just now have a rap of some sort this pack is just what the doctor ordered. perfect for little snippets or a full on verse or chorus. And the fact the rappers do sound professional.

    I have been playing a few of their productions recently so was happy to see if this pack would be in contrast to their style and it was which was great to hear. This pack is what you need right now for producing high quality house tracks which work on dance floors with a commercial edge or underground.

    Ghetto House

    Rating: 8/10

    I was intrigued to actually hear what Ghetto house was and was pleasantly surprised, some excellent cut up style samples I used in more dirty dutch style tracks I was working on, good basslines and drum samples also. Good all round package for more pumping house styles.

    I love the fact prog tech beats could mean so much in terms of what you would expect and offers something slightly different. some very good percs and beats and as I found not only for progressive type tracks, i used samples from this pack in house and trance tracks so a very good start out package and for intermediate producers.

    very decent pack of samples which can be used in House and Trance, I actually got a lot of good ideas from flicking through the pack, I produced 2 new tracks in 3 days from this pack alone which i never thought possible!

    I play a lot of this sound now as a DJ and was finding my productions lacking a little in this sound, the drums especially are great and just what i needed for that extra punch!

    This pack is awesome and just what I needed to freshen up my productions. It has quality loops and FX throughout and is one of the best I have came across. excellent job and one I would recommend 100%


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