Wow, this is a very large and comprehensive set of 'Western' and 'Spaghetti Western' style loops and construction kits. This set can be used for a variety of genres, dance to pop to trap/ hip hop as well as for film and tv work. You get 37 mini kits, which are basically a loop but everything is broken down to give you full flexibility. You get a folder of single drums hits which are great because they fit with the genre specifically- and are not typical dance or hip hop drums. Same goes for the folder of drum loops. You also get a folder of effects- which are good ear candy. You get a folder of great guitar riffs on their own as well as folder of guitar stabs/ hits, although I'm not sure how much can be done with those. There's also a folder of live drums loops which are really nice and finally an instruments folder of various musical loops to add. If you have the need for something like this sound and you like things that are somewhat not so 'typical'- this is a great set for your arsenal of sounds. Great job MMS!

Beautiful guitar playing, inspired by the classic soundtracks of Spaghetti Western movies,...

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