Another wicked pack by Loopmasters. Big selection of quality sounds. Music loops are amazing, already using some of the samples on my next project. Loving the chord and synth sounds in this pack. If you are House Music producer you should certainly check this out.

Atnarko brings the pressure with some amazing deep deep deep sounds. Really feeling the chords section, one hit sounds with so much potential and versatility for any production. Also contained in this gem of a pack are some right norty warm basslines, perfect for those cold winter studio sessions! Get involved 9/10

I'm not sure when it happened , but suddenly House music in it's warmest and most naturally harmonious form has risen from the playlists of the coolest into the itunes top 10 . In sharp contrast to EDM's harsh upper mids, Deep house's warm underbelly suddenly feels like dance's teenage kids have gotten over their rebellious phase , met someone pretty and just about to have a summer they'll never forget dancing in a club where the San Miguel is brewed locally.

Warmth is always connected to analogue and what Atnarko has done perfectly here is get everything to sound like it just fell into a bucket full of tubes on the way to an SSL . I'm currently on the hunt for the prefect house clap and it's all in the dynamics and reverb processing - this is obviously something Atnarko does naturally - his short verb processing is top drawer throughout

Don't expect your master hook to be found in here , that is still down to you as it should be, but you'll find all the accompaniments you'll need

This is a very useful pack. Everything delivered here is imediately useable, and while there are some hits and loops that could serve as musical basis for your tracks, what this pack really excels in are backing loops, processed percussions and synth-pads and atmo-loops. Something most of us keep searching for. A good buy.


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