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After just four short years Anile has established himself as a competent producer/DJ with releases forthcoming on lables; Renegade Hardware, DeepSoul Music, Cylon, X-Tinction Agenda and Broken Audio plus residency at Kent’s coolest Drum & Bass event Liquid Sessions. With bookings spaced all across Europe ; from Italy to Slovakia and all in the middle the demand for Anile is Global The South East uk based artist, influenced musically by a range of genres from Heavy Rock to Classical music and everything between, has projects in the pipeline with June Miller, 2Shy MC, Gremlinz, Manifest, Raiden and many more. ‘Orthodox’ released on Cylon Recordings ‘Various Art EP’ , last year remains to be a definitive dance floor classic across the globe. With 12"s forthcoming on Phunkfiction, Deepsoul Music and Renegade Hardware plus support from artists Data, Loxy, Spectrasoul, D Bridge, Total Science, S.P.Y, Lenzman, Ink, Manifest, Raiden, Spirit Instra:mental and Gremlinz, Anile is certainly one to watch in 2010.


  • Zenith Loop pack is outstanding. The depth of samples used in this pack are versatile and exactly what any budding dnb producer is looking for to equip their sample folder. I love the texture that the bass stabs incorporate. Laying different distortions and automating the various filters really bring these samples into another dimension. Each sample allows the user to manipulate to add their individual identity. This pack is dark and rolling and I was not left unimpressed and I know that if anyone downloads this pack they will not be disappointed. Those bass layers will give anyone listening a guaranteed war face!! I will definitely be looking out for more sample packs created by Ghost Syndicate.

    The Vanguard Project are a serious drum and bass outfit that have been pushing their craft for years and when I saw they had delivered a sample pack I knew that this was going to be special and I certainly was not disappointed. The sample pack contains everything from drums, bass lines, pads, synths and so on.. Its really varied which gives the user so much choice and I would say this pack suits both those who are new to the music making game or those who have been doing it for years. The sounds are expertly crafted and you can tell these guys are professionals in their field and have taken time in making this pack sound right!! For me its really hard to choose an area of the pack that stands as everything is so consistent. Dont hesitate to download this pack.. these guys know what they are doing!!

    Ambient Moods

    Rating: 8/10

    Really love this pack, especially the way all the sounds use fantastic and well balanced combinations of synthetic and organic sounds. You can really set the mood and emotion with your tracks using these amazing soundscapes, there's something really for everyone, deep melodic, to fast moving arpeggiated layers. The crisp hi res sounds stand out for me, subtle pops and instruments that fold in and out of each corner of the spectrum, some sounds that fold in don't even catch your attention yet they make such a huge difference if you were to remove them, some really clever sonics in deed. Be it, trance, dnb, dubstep or techno, there is really a need for all producers to have this pack in their armory.

    This was my first SmallPrint sample pack to be added to the collection. This pack included some really fresh approaches to samples with crisp atmospherics and melodic loops. The samples are very clean which allow the user to really work the smooth textures using such techniques as eq's and different filters. The individual guitar loops stand out as they have been expertly recorded and offer a real organic vibe to this pack. Equally the percussion loops really drive any 4x4 drum loop with swinging sample loops and varied tempos. The synth patches are very creative and can be layered with pads which gives this pack a multifunctional element. This is a great pack to add to the collection if your looking for organic smooth melodic textures.

    If your looking for super sharp drums and percussion specifically with really interesting swing and textures then thi has it. This pack is full of great samples, not only the drums and percussion but the fx's are stand out too. I love how each sample is massively different, some packs contain samples which are the same but slightly modified to increase content, this doesn't, each sample has its own identity and sounds great. I cant wait to explore this pack more as time goes on. Some real dnb gems inside.

    Atmospheric Pianos

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is great, the piano options inside are really versatile. Meaning there's a piano loop for everyone. The loops are across the board, different types of pianos have been clearly used instead of one monotonous sounding flat piano that has been in the corner of a room for 50years. Each loop has created its own atmosphere, with long winded tails and short stabby bursts, the velocity and sustain of envelopes has been carefully approached and thought out. There's some great synthetic loops ready to play with also, not just those whispy organic pianos you immediately think of when you see a piano sample pack. This pack really caters for everyone and is well worth a peek.

    This sample pack is one of the finest artist packs around. Each individual sample has been crafted and time has clearly been spent on ensuring individuality. Each sample has still enough room to manipulate and create your own version. Every sound is trademark Commix, simplicity and yet fullness. Perfect. My favorite section is the bass samples, so warm and textured. Clearly a lot of time has been spent in creating this pack for everyone to enjoy no matter genre. 10/10

    This pack is a beast, so much content to get your head around. I love all the synth stabs and fx. Everything inside this pack is full to the brim with crafted samples taken into account no mater what style of music you produce and on what level there is something for everyone to enjoy. I always find myself reaching for this pack especially when I'm in need of some inspiration. Some great synth stabs and loops that are just waiting for someone to really get their teeth into. The texture is everything in this pack, warmth and sonics are all on point. 9/10

    LoFi Keys

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastic pack again by RV themselves. Some cracking loops inside, so many variants of chords and different types of keys being used. Ive never been disappointed with RV products as I can tell the amount of time and love that has gone into producing previouse packs. I love how already alot of these samples have been engineered with floaty, dusty fx really enhancing the vintage, LoFi sound that people would be looking for when downloading this norty pack. Ooozzzzing those summer time, sundown flavours.

    Soul Jazz Piano

    Rating: 10/10

    Fantastic pack. So many variations and interesting loops inside this pack. Its a really good tool for the producer who isnt piano trained and needs some inspiration or just a straight up killer sample for their production. Full bodied, full textured and full of vibes. Cant knock this pack at all. One of my go to piano loop packs right now. big up 10/10

    This pack is solid. Great use of synths right across the board. I love how the samples have that texture you can really bring out with some good old fashion plugins. If your looking for a sample that is thought provoking and that gives you the atomony to really go to town on and make it your own then i found this pack really offers that. Nothing worse than getting a pack where all the sounds are perfect and dont need you to add your own identity too. Straight up pads and synth hits inside that are for any genre. great pack!

    Nordic Electronic

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack offers a real different angle to anything ive heard before. I love the versatility and use of atmosphere in this pack. Theres so much to be said for a pack that you know has had so much time and attention put into it and it shows. Full of body and ever evolving as the atomosphere and pad samples go one. Could definatly be up for a ' Nordic Electronic sample pack 2' ? Get on it Loopmasters!!!

    What a fantastic pack from the amazing Erised! I've been a great fan and friend of the band for some time and this didn't disappoint. I love how all the samples reflect everything about this band and the samples they use to create to produce their music. The Pads and synths especially stand out to me. So musically orientated yet they have this great way of merging organic vibes with synthetic techniques that really bring out some different sounds within this pack. Great pack guys really great!

    Such a solid pack here. So glad I stumbled on this. All the hits are so rich and full of texture. The synth hits especially are my go to right now. So interesting, not just your normal run of the mill bog standard sounds. These have so much personality! The bass stabs really do hit low as well! Love this pack. great instalment into the library!

    Always a bit dubious of getting stuck into a dnb pack my this has come out on top. The drum loops roll and they are really well EQ'd straight from the get go. Interesting loops as well, you got it all covered in here organic into the synthetic. There's really something in here for everyone! Can't fault the synth hits or bass hits either, nice and punchy analogue warmth all wrapped into one. Big up Soul Rush for bringing the goods and representing!

    Deep House Essentialism

    Rating: 10/10

    Sounds mad to say this but I've really struggled with a lot of the Deep House packs I've come across, but this really overshadows that opinion. Some very nice experimental synth one shots and bass stabs inside this pack. Can really feel the analogue textures throughout the packs, so much grain and colour. Cant fault anything in this awesome sample pack. Always find my self opening it up to see what I can find if im in the lab! Artisan Audio down a fab job!!

    Been a massive fan of Pedestrian for a long time. Love his approach to production, and this pack really gives you an insight into what he brings to the table when constructing a masterpiece. Some beautiful ambient electronic scapes backed up with sonically mastered beat loops. This really is a s@#t hot pack for anyone to get started on. Don't sleep peeps

    I'm always on the look for a solid techno pack and I stumbled across this beast and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest and for the paying customer you certainly wont be either. Some super analogue synth hits with loads of character, bass shots which will warm any tune up to that next level! Perfect li'l pack .. get on this people. its savage!

    Vintage Synth Licks

    Rating: 9/10

    Some very interesting synths oin here and that was what I was hoping to find, theres no bog standard licks inside this ride. I love all the texture that is layered onto the synth loops which really gives the samples great color. Theres really subtle white noises and bops that make these loops stand out from other packs. I know its minimal but its those details to make this pack what it is for me. 9/10

    Organic Downtempo Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    I was a huge fan of the first installment from this series and I certainly wasnt disapointed at all! Its hard to describe this pack without suckin it off but its really great. I love the musical loops especially. So warm and undiluted. Every loop is perfectly constructed ready to be stretched and brought to life with a rolling drum track!

  • This pack really hits home the importance of Detroit sound, no matter what genre you produce. I certainly wasn't disappointed with this pack. I really enjoyed playing with the synth hits. Full of texture and warmth. Also the drum hits do stand out. Check out the musical loop features as well. Great pack for any user.

    Blissed Out Synths

    Rating: 10/10

    An excellent sample pack full of deep, emotional synths.. loops & one shots. Everything covered and unique. You can tell alot of time has gone into making this pack and it shows greatly. I love it. Every time I venture back into the pack I hear something new. Theres something for eveyone here and I cant recoment it enough. Amazing. I will definatly now be on the hunt to review some more RV sample packs! Very impressive

    I downloaded this pack I was very interested to see how it sounds. Bit of a curveball in the collection. I certainly wasnt disapointed. I ;love how weighty and analogue this pack sounds. The bass shots escpecially have some balls, ready for use in any production. A very well made and clean cut pack. Dont hesitate to get on this! Worth every pennny!

    Grime Ammunition

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really big typical grime esque synth hits which is really nice as it does exactly what it says on the tin. Huge bassline and sub samples to choose through some with LFO fx and some without, those without are perfect to really start messing around with. You can have some great fun also changing the vocal stabs about as they are really dry, so loads of room for tinkering!

    Cracking pack.. Vocal stabs are so interesting.. loads of glitchy stabs to give any track loads of movment. I really like the darker synth loops also, theres plenty to go through such a wide selection. Great percusional loops also as expected. These really do bring the production to life... Cowbells, triangles... all the usual stuff but with some good energy. Nicey nice

    Deep Transmission

    Rating: 9/10

    Some really great longed out deep pads in this park.. really ambient too. Loads of different textues always moving around for any producer no matter what style of music they are producing. Great drum hits to, really snappy full of colour and again anyone would find these of interest. Bass loops are full of sub so plenty of warmth inside, which is what we all want!

    Modern Techno 2

    Rating: 10/10

    On opening this pack I was sifting through the Loops area and really surprised how different the samples were. Like most Techno packs its hard to tell the difference between alot of those. This pack contained some really interesting sounds which I was really pleased to hear. Loads of texture and ideas for building your composition. Great stuff

    Raw Skillz

    Rating: 10/10

    Best sample packs in the game.. really cant say anymore than what I've said in the past about Rawcutz. Again packed full of soo much goodness.. A real sense of quality over everyone else inside. Everything from heavy drums right through to deep Rhodes. There really is something for everyone and they wont be disappointed at all. Hurry up and make some more packs haha :)

    All the classic sounds and more you would expect to hear from a dub pack. Love the fx and spring delays used on alot of the samples and so much texture on the drums. This pack will get alot of love from most genres as its well put together. Cant wait to delve into this one in more detail! Big up

    Deep Sound Of Berlin

    Rating: 7/10

    Great pack really feeling the synth loops, clean cut and full of shinney sounds ready to distort up. vocal stabs aswell are tidy. Was hoping the musical section didnt have drum loops on it as theres some really nice sounds in that section which i felt would be best seperated out into stems perhaps. All in all a nice little pack to have.

    Love all the ad libs and full vocal hooks. Perfect for that cheeky stab in your production. Clean and well produced theres not alot more a producer needs to do other than cut & paste or add some additional effects.

    Without doubt one of th finest producers in the game.. Lenzman delivers a great debute installemnt with this pack. Trademark lenzman synths and drums really make this pack worth purchasing. I love everything contained and makes a great contribution to the studio libary. No hesitation, if theres any pack you need its this.. 10/10

    Liquid Drum & Bass 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great installment by the Rankin Audio team. This pack delivers some fantastic sounds throughout.. The vocal stabs are one of my favorite parts of this pack. Some weird and wonderful vocal stabs which can really give your productionalot of character.aswell the bass loops are very interesting, full of texture this pack is becoming useful by every studio session. 9/10

    Eveson brings an organic element to his production like no other and is a huge inspiration to many. This pack delivers every aspect and more to Evesons production style. Love how much texture there is in these breaks and the low end on these bass shots are full! Great breaks and bass.. what more do you need?

    Organic Downtempo

    Rating: 10/10

    Rankin Audio going in once again with a great selection of sounds. Everything from piano riffs straight through to vocal phrases perfect for any production. Extremely happy with this sitting in the libray, cant wait to really get stuck into it.

    Neon Horizon

    Rating: 8/10

    If its super shiney and synthetic vibes your looking for then this is for you.. Some great synth riffs ready for those big breakdowns and build ups in EDM. Great use of progresion in the synths also, unlike many these are full of texture and colour. Can imagine neon lights when I hear these samples, very 80's orientated too. Never a bad thing :)

    The undisputed bassline dr brings a pack out which is offkey. This contains everything a budding producer needs to get started on. The one shot basslines, drums and synths are incredible, theres no let up in Breaks collection here. The loops are rolling as you would expect and the fx just keep building and building. Get on this if you havnt already.. its a classic

    This Wideboys pack is very tongue in cheek. I love the vocals stabs and bass hits all remind me of growing up listening to Garage. If your looking for big beats and bass then this is the pack for you. I can imagine having a lot of fun with these samples especially if i was a UKG producer. No complaints at all, putting the fun back into production. 10/10

    Some really laid back sound scapes perfect for intros textures and breakdowns. Again some very interesting beats in this pack which can be used on any production or genre. Extremely universal sounds & creative full stereo samples. Looking forward to really getting stuck into this pack what with the summer finally here!

    Smokers Unite

    Rating: 10/10

    Have every Rawcutz pack there is to date and each time Im never disapointed ! These packs are what I've been wanting to hear for such a long time! Pure Organic, textual sounds perfect for any production. Love Love Love!! 10/10

  • Abstractions

    Rating: 10/10

    Great pack, love how unique and technical these samples are. Really drawn out and feel like they dont end so theres plenty of sample to play with, edit or cut. Great use of layered textures and every thing from dark to romantic vibes!! To be fair id say this pack has some very very useful loops if its pads or textures your looking for!

    Future House & Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    Some very moving synths and progreesive hits to really get the track jumping in the club. Really into messig with the rex loops, so much fun and versatility. Huge basslines as well, nothing short of big in this pack at all! Great textures on the drum tracks, full hits and subby kicks! Well worth a purchase if you're in the mood for making a really energetic tune.

    Another Artisan pack that really is top knotch. Again these guys dont fail on delivering amazing samples... the Pad & musical loops really rock and leave the producer to stamp his or her vibe on the loops. Cant wait to download more Artisan sample packs as im so impressed with everything Ive heard so far! 9/10

    Wow what a pack Reso brings to the table... Everything about these samples echo vibez and engineering brilliance. There is nothing inside that doesnt lack a certain quality that this man producers in his tracks. For me the drum loops have so much swing and texture, especially using breaks Iv heard over and over again but in a very unique way! Treat yourself for a solid pack before xmas and not be disappointed at all... this is for you 10/10

    Never had a downloaded an Artisan pack before and now im addicted. These guys really know what they are doing... some beautiful pads and textures which are crying out to be heard. Also there are some really interesting drum hits too. If its an un synthetic and organic pack your after then look no further... 9/10

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 4

    Rating: 9/10

    As Movie Dialogues go this is interesting to say the least. Its pretty across the board, there's everything from humerus vocal snippets to serious vocal debates about politics. So there's some thing for everyone here and worth the download. Perfect for those breakdowns and cheeky before the drop sections. 9/10

    Really enjoyed this pack, great percussional loops that are really different from most packs. Loads of different sounds here full of texture and the loop patterns are unique. The atmosphere and FX section again stand out in this pack with slow moving builds that shape different sections in your production. 8/10

    Organic Electronics

    Rating: 10/10

    Fantastic sample pack. Certainly wasnt let down here. Alot of the synth loops and pads are beautifully constructed and still leave room for editing. Love the drum hits too, everything from warm moving percussion to stabby single hitting snare shots. The odd vocal loop too is worth a play with in the multipack loop section. Cracking pack defiantly not regretting having this in the library.

    Soul Brothers

    Rating: 10/10

    Rawcutz are THE sample pack people to have in your library and this pack does not let the team down at all. Full of sooo much funk and soul this pack delivers everything and more. The sound quality is so on point and there is also alot of room for changing editing the samples your self to fit any genre that you feel right too. Most of all its the details for me that make Rawcutz a step above the rest. The small white noise and crisp engineering that goes into all these samples is apparent and what makes these guys the best in the game..


    Rating: 10/10

    Yet again another masterclass of samples from the Rawcutz cru! I'm totally addicted to Rawcutz because there samples really bring organic textual sounds to the for front of music and this pack is no exception. Expect graceful, colourful & tonal sound bytes, from raw bass to blissful piano chords! 10/10...

    Voice Vol. 5

    Rating: 9/10

    Love what Industrial strength bring and I'm never disappointed. Some cracking stems in here with some very useful vocal hooks that can bring your track alive. Defiantly worth a purchase and defiantly worth a place in the vocal library.

    Kate Wild is really bringing the vocals on this pack.. Some fantastic adlibs & phrases perfect for any production style. I like the fact the vocals are about an interesting and not the same old content. I get the impression this pack wasn't rushed and was carefully thought out, the vocals are all on point!! 10/10


    Rating: 10/10

    Rawcutz are quickly becoming my favourite sample producers. Another fantastic instalment of ultra smooth samples, all unique and full of textures perfect for ambient subtle breakdowns. I love that again like most of the Rawcutz packs the samples are all consistent in their keys. Looking forward to some fresh stuff.. 10/10

    Home Grown

    Rating: 10/10

    Another great Rawcutz volume for the library. This pack is ultra kool and brings a real organic vibe to the samples. Its like the samples have been carefully crafted and selected for a mature ear! If your looking for a smooth sample that fits that classy hip hop break then honestly look no further!! 10/10

    Robert Owens delivering a fantastic instalment of vocals for house producers and alike. Sooo much to choose from spoken words and sung arrangements. Love the theme of the vocals, not to cheesy and very versatile to use in any production. Great vocal pack 8/10

    Another fantastic instalment, well worth the download as I use the original pack so much! The rex files are all so useful, love everything in this pack especially the live bass hits. There are more vocals in this pack than previously with the 1st edition which is great! This pack has so much to offer any producer. Organic and full of amazing textures!! 9/10

    Third Planet

    Rating: 8/10

    Such an interesting pack with 2 folders full of samples that are unstructured and totally abstract at times. Most of the samples have some really great white noise that I found really use full when EQ'in or filtering. The drums that are to be offered are extremely hard hitting and have so much texture. Maybe a little to much hard hitting perhaps, certainly would of liked to hear more subtle hits but I wouldnt have this put you off at all. Great pack indeed 8/10

    House Acapellas Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack contains some super vocals, for me the adlibs really stand out. Some really longed out phrases perfect for creating ambience and subtle textures. Also the rex fles are very versatile because the vocal hooks are cut up in such a way that rearranging them can be very creative and well worth the time doing so what ever bpm your working in. Love the use of dry and wet versions also. Will definitely take a peak at volume 1 if this is anything to go by. 10/10 Great pack

    Was a huge fan of the first Tom Middleton Deep Bass pack and soon as I see this up I couldn't help myself and I wasn't disappointed. What stood out for me were the warm subtle pads that even un-layered on their own sound fantastic. Well worth the asking price just for those! Also there are some super tight drum hits in here, backed up with the usual topz and drum loop Rexs which can be found. There's also some very creative synth hits which I love, to many packs include very similar hits but this pack has a handful of very unique sounds which is always welcoming to any producer! 9/10

    Jungle Drummer has to be the top dog for live beats!! This pack contains some great varied genres of breaks all bringing a different edge to each. Every hit is tight and the groove is on point! Love the shuffles and most importantly those flanges on the snares give it that extra touch!! Great pack, hope I dont rinse it toooo much haha... big up 10/10!!!!

  • Mortem is a fast growing star within the dnb scene and this pack really lets the user know he means business. I real stand out element to me and Im sure many would be the bass lines. so many cheeky edits and really useful samples to play with here, its hard to find samples that dont fit what your looking for. Aswell as the bassline samples are the drumz which carry some really neat percusional loops which are as far from those generic drum loops you most probably have heard already...A great sounding pack!! 10/10

    Fantastic selection of fx samples in this pack, all unique and different in each way, great build ups all with epic tails that fold and stitch really nicely into that big drop. I was also really impressed with the synth stabs, which are mostly in key of C. So even if your not the sharpest tool in the box, you can find it easy to pitch into your composition. Drum hits are very tasty too, lots punch on those snare and a varied mix of percussion also which is always very use full. All in all a very consistent pack.. 9/10

    Atalanta Chill Vol2

    Rating: 9/10

    I was a huge fan of volume 1 and this has come big as expected. Love all the pads and musical elements this pack has to offer, just like the first instalment everything is super shiny and full of emotion! As well is punchy tight drum hits this pack offers an all round producer must have for his or her library. 9/10 Great pack

    Essential EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack contains some really great sonically produced pad & synth combinations which I found very useful as the layers and filters were so well engineered and full of amazing textures. Amongst the popular sounds there are a few really interesting hits that can be used in any production outside of EDM.

    Swedish House Hits

    Rating: 8/10

    Came across this pack after hearing some really exciting main stream samples being used in a few minimal tracks which inspired me to get have a go. It wasn't long untill I realised that the drum loops are super tight. Hard hitting beats with alot of attitude. Kicks which really thud through the loudest tunes going. So if your looking for loud beats, id say this is what this track has to offer. 8/10

    Nice little pack here with some super club tastic basslines which will take any production to the next level. Also drum topz section is really useful, adding loads of great shuffle ideas and texture to your tracks. Loving the synth arrangements and individual hits in this pack, some super techy b2b with some original fx sounds. Theres something in here for everyone especially those who want that current club sound.

    Live Deep Jazz House

    Rating: 10/10

    What an amazing pack... I was on the hunt for some warm organic sounds and this couldn't of been more on point. This pack is key matched so everything you want to use is really helpful as you know what key your working in. Also the sax riffs are really unique to anything iv heard especialy the muted brass instuments, aswell dropping some reverb on the top of those rex files will make any production warm up ! Synths and pads are also a really good find in this pack! 10/10

    Atmospheric Vinyl Breaks

    Rating: 10/10

    Some of the warmest breaks iv heard in a long time, the fact you can have the stems for each individual break including the vinyl fuzz noise is a great touch. All the breaks are very different from one another so theres alot of choice and pretty much anything for anyone. These breaks are so worth having in your collection, as we all know breaks which havnt been rinsed are hard to come by, grab it now! 10/10

    If your looking for engineered compressed snares then there is a great section with untold selections all with their key matches attached witch is very handy to have rather than doing all the long processes of finding the key. Also there are some norty layered snares with loads of different pitches of claps and various percussional hits. Disappointing with the lack of perhaps live snares for that organic production but never the less, its still a great production for electronic producers to get their heads into. 8/10

    Great atmospherics and combined pads all with their own keys attached which is really handy to have, saves precious studio time!! All the pads are very unique in their own selves, most already evolve using filters and textures throughout, and very well engineered at that. It certainly doesn't give the producer to much room for creativity because of all the fx on the sample already but never the less these are without doubt some of the better pads iv come across in any sample pack. 8/10

    Nu:Logic yet again setting the standard for drum n bass sample packs. Couldn't rate this highly and 10/10 doesn't do it justice. Any budding producers who want to follow in the step of both Logistics & Nu:Tone need to learn the ropes and take a sneaky stepping stone with this awesome pack. Every thing from running synths and ambient pads, monster breaks and classic basslines is included plus a hell lot more...huge value for money!!!! get involved peoples, not one to miss out on!!! 100/100

    Really interesting pack, I was really surprised to find how organic this pack really was. Certainly there's alot of synthetic surprises also but I couldn't help feel that the organic sounds stood out for me! Great drum hits including some awesome percussion rhythms and plenty of low end subby kicks that take your production into the depths. 9/10 smoooth pack in deed!

    Loop Masters have teamed up with another top drum n bass producer and figure to give you the best samples in the scene. Strung out basslines with loads of attitude to the individual drum hits with lots of color and character! Some really great breaks to get your teeth stuck into, so much texture and clarity. Such a good sample pack and would highly recommend to any budding dnb producer who wants the latest sounds! 10/10

    Voice Of India

    Rating: 9/10

    Says exactly what it says on the tin. Great organic, traditional Indian vocals. A great mix of male and female vocals all unique in their own right. Long dragged out vocals perfect with a bliss of re-verb and short snappy rap like chants to get your piece moving. 9/10 Great pack

    Live Lounge

    Rating: 10/10

    One of my favorite packs to date, such a vast selection of soulful, warm and organic samples. 10/10 For me the pads section really stands out in the pack, full of life and the subtle filters opening and closing give these samples a sense of being. Also there is a great selection of drum hits in this pack, live fills and organic percussion perfect for any genre! Amazing pack

    Laidback House

    Rating: 8/10

    If your looking for smooth synths, sat back drum hits and swooping fx then here is your pack. Synths that glide with no hard hitting peaks allowing a these great hitting drum samples to pass through. Watch out for those kick samples they are really neat and well worth a look alone! Long sweeping fx ready to build and drop your production perfect in any genre.

    The Total Science guys have gone and landed another first class dnb sample pack. This certainly matches if not exceeds their last offering in my opinion. 10/10 For me the super tasty percussion loops stand out within this pack. Theres so much to really get stuck into, everything from Tambourines to pitched up tom toms, nothing short of giving your track that extra bit of sexy shuffle it needs! Of course you can expect big juicy subs and sweeping pads to accompany you along your journey into the Total Science sample pack, and most of nothing is regurgitated in here from the last sample pack they compiled. This 100% fresh and ready for any budding producer!

    Soulful Glitch Hop

    Rating: 9/10

    When i stumbled across this pack i wasn't sure what to expect. When i took it into the studio i was very surprised. I really love the Rex loops, combining organic piano melodies with subtle glitchy edits through out the sample which is really different and i can see this working well with any production if your looking for some future soul. There is also a large library of one hit beats which i found very use full, all full of texture and color, nothing regurgitated like a lot of sample packs around. All in all a great pack which i would recommend to any producer no matter what genre they find themselves in. 9/10

    One of the most versatile producers in the game brings a sample pack like none other. Everything is covered in this pack, rolling beats, crisp synths and loadsa bass stabs to keep any budding dnb producer more than happy. Love the synths, very interesting and full of textures that pull through in the mix. 10./10

    If your looking for some right cheeky catchy dance floor vocals then here is the answer... some great licks all rolled into one. From build ups to ad libs this pack is perfect for that norty studio session when the vibe is right. Great vocals!

  • Some serious sounds in this packs, Berlin has and always has such a strong musicical scene across all the genres and this pack is a great homage to that. This pack contains some sick bass shots, perfectly made, but not over engineered, this gves the producer a great starting point to add his or hers vibe on the samples, to fair 95% of the samples in this pack are like that. Also some really exciting drum hits also, alot of packs are very dull and re-regurgitated, this isnt, some interesting and well organised sounds ready for any genre!!

    Cracking pack from the Particular cru, jam packed full of analogue samples with some very unique sounds. Alot of the samples are very cinematic and twisted which has potential to fit into any genre. Each folder is broken down into bpm's which makes it hard if your not working within those bpm's, but it does gives the producer a chance to be creative and make the sample work for his/her production. If your looking for a twisted, unique and analogue set of samples for your library then this is the one for you.

    Atnarko brings the pressure with some amazing deep deep deep sounds. Really feeling the chords section, one hit sounds with so much potential and versatility for any production. Also contained in this gem of a pack are some right norty warm basslines, perfect for those cold winter studio sessions! Get involved 9/10

    Trafik have produced a top quality sample pack here full of fresh and exciting ideas, synths that cry out for attention, and beats that stand out clear in the mix full of texture. Also really feeling the basslines, some serious low end going on in some of those samples, does exactly what it say on the tin. Couldnt ask for anything more from this pack, is was hunting for electronik sounds and found exactly what i was looking. great pack, 9/10

    Mr Robertson has really set the bar here. Such an interesting and unique library of samples to add to anyones collection. Some beautifully crafted one shot basslines that sound great all the way up the scale, so much texture, adding disortion to alot of the sounds just create norty attitude. Also, if the synths are anything to go by then producers wont be seeing xmas, by the time your finished playing around with these its the new year, say goodbye to your partners, if they arnt already then they are going to be studio widows now. 10/10

    Fidget house is killing it right now so i thought id dive in the deep end and get some inspiration from the contents of the pack, i wasn't far off at all. Some amazing synth loops perfect if your using the rex loops format gives you so much scope to really move around individual hits to make it your own! Big punchy beats as you would expect from a pack like this. Not disappointed at all

    Electro Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Electro tech is an awesome pack, beautiful stretched out synths, ideal for manipulation. So much variation also in the beats department of this pack, great weighty kicks and glitchy snares which can be used in any production. Crisp Hats perfect for adding texture and bringing your track alive. Even if you sample library collection contains 1000's of beats then your still missing these one's... grab it here!! 9/10

    This pack contains some serious sounds. Digging through the SFX library this collection throws up some very interesting and unique sounds which can be teared apart to create something very useful.Percussion wise the Rex. patches offer a really diverse collection of treats, including some really abstract and groovy bongo rhythms to give your track some added swing and funk.. Also worth a peak is the Bass section, in hear your find some really analogue & textual patches, ready warmed for any ice cold production. Great Pack well worth the purchase in deed... 10/10

    K-Tee has really made this one of my favorite dnb packs of all time. If your a budding dnb producer then this is the pack for you, rolling drums, and Hench bass-lines to put any production on the map! Most of all from this pack i cant stop using the individual drum hits, some really beefy snare and kicks which iv been sorting through of late, really worth it just for these. All the effects and pads are again worth getting stuck into aswell, there's enough content to get lost in here, big things from Mr K-Tee... 10/10

    Deep Dub Tek

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters bring it to the table with this slice of dark samples. Buetiful vocal edits tampered with smooth re-verb and delays that really bring productions to life. The percussive grooves are really twisted up once layered, giving the track a life of its owns especially when the deepest pads are underlay-ed setting the mode for the rest of the tune. Really great, user friendly pack of versatile samples to create depth and most of that dark vibe! 10/10

    Downbeat & Leftfield

    Rating: 9/10

    After listening to alot of lounge music, I relised my library was lacking that organic vibe, I was keen to check out Leftfield and came across this. Some really interesting organic sounds, from airy string arrangements to cheeky piano edits this pack offers you a far away ticket from the usual electronic overdrive of today's music. Step back and open your self up to sounds of Downbeat & Leftfield.

    Once again BHK bring the standard of dnb samples to the scene with their sub genre'd collection, touching on deep & minimal which is a term associated with dnb right now which is really pushing the genre foward. Some really interesting sample collections inside, basslines that are unique only to dnb, yet with so much influence from other genre's. If your looking for that dnb texture your productions then look no further, BHK have collected a large library for any dnb producer to get his teeth into. Don't miss out on this collection,wicked bass stabs and musical samples for any producer to enjoy. once again BHK setting the bar. 9/10

    Opolopo Electro Funk

    Rating: 9/10

    Opolopo going in on some super fresh electro funk sounds. all the sounds in this pack are perfect for creating a really fresh approach to any genre of production. Opolopo has layerd some super fresh synths to create big punchy production, off beat swing edits which sit really nice over a straight 4x4 beats giving the production character perfect for that funky upfront sound which is so popular right now.

    Blu Mar Ten are one of those essential producers that keep the scene fresh & moving. So expect 100% detail within this pack, for me every aspect of this pack stands clear from every other dnb sample pack i have come in contact with. The musical pads for me are amazing, so much texture and width is to offer within that section. The drum section is second to none, clean, crisp and beefy sequences, not just your normal 4x4 rolling, but this section offers so much style, giving the producer a chance to experiment with his or her project! 10/10 AMAZING!!!

    Classic dnb sample pack here, so many recognizable samples from tracks in the scene. If your looking to be create and put your stamp on some real industrial sounds then look no further. Big reece's laden with huge synths always goes down well on a production. Drum lines to make anyone move, get creative and your be surprised what potential these samples have to offer. Another great pack from the ndustrial Strength crew...10/10

    Smooth Deep House

    Rating: 9/10

    Deep House going in smooth, exactly what it says! beautiful synth patterns and epic moody atmospheres perfect for any genre or bpm. Try layering samples up to create that perfect scape for breakdowns really gives your track character, its all in here for that! This pack has to offer some great textures that can enhance your production ten fold, give your track some emotion and delve into the melodic state of deephouse! 9/10, great smashing pack!

    Phaeleh is a serious producer of that dark ambient dub sound. So expect some big low down subby bass-lines. Some really great musical scapes in here that fit any genre, from orchestral structure through to synthy stabs. Really feeling the offbeat swing drum patterns also, suming abit different from that 4/4 beat, gives producers some idea of versatility in drum sequencing! For any producer this pack really brings some serious amo to the studio front line! 9/10

    BHK Heavy

    Rating: 9/10

    BHK are always one of my favorite sample packs, if your looking for real analogue, industrial sounds then you won't find anything better than this collective. My favorite area of ths pack was the large reece selection, some real gritty bass-lines to mould from, massive textures and LFO's to shape any production around your drum pattern. If you in need of topping up your reece collection then this really has everything. Another sick pack from BHK Heavy collective

    Another serious Drum n Bass sample pack to get everyone talking about! Two of the most versatile producers in the scene bring a huge pack full of amazing and inspiring sounds. In this pack contains instantly recognizable drum hits and patterns that can bring your production alive and give it the punch you have always wanted to create. Some amazing pads and fx, and if your sifting for old rave samples ths has them all!! 10/10 extremly serious pack!

    Lynx bringing the minimal dnb sounds to another level. Straight up clean drum hits, perfectly engineered cheeky bass samples and effects to shape everything into that rolling spaced out production. You can hear Lynx's signature sound over any track, which is what makes him stand out from the rest, this is what every producer needs in their librery... I wouldn't expect nothing less than this, Lynx engineers, creates and shapes the sound of 170! 10/10 perfect perfect perfect!!!

  • Cabbie is a machine, this pack involves everything you would expect from drum n bass's leading Jump up producer in the scene. If you want to add big synths and super catchy riff's to your productions look no further! Really feeling all the drum tops that sit real neat behind a basic drum track this was my favorite part of the pack. ,Must Check!! Huge textures and percussion that bring your drums alive, sub low hits and biiiiig fx that will get any producer excited. Get on the download and start building!! 9/10!! CABBIE BRINGING IT!

    Jazz Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    Wanted something organic for a new production and stumbled across this sample pack. Some very special jazz orientated instruments in this rex pack. From Hammond to trumpets and piano to brass if you want to funk up and jazz out a composition then this ones you! Really enjoyed mostly from this pack was the use of chord changes in the piano sections. some interesting characters in all the key arrangements.

    Once again another amazing Loopmasters sample pack, extremely well engineered production. All about the musical elements and creativity on this one, the area that stood out for me was the combination's of pads and melodies which can be used for any style of production. Great layering techniques with open and closed filters perfect for filling breakdowns or even creating a catchy riff to your track. 10/10 :)

    Deep Trance And Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Some serious synths on this pack, was exactly what i was looking for to create that catchy bridge between sections of my composition! Techno & deep house packs are always my favorite get some real surprises that work with other genre's! Experimentation is the key to originality!

    Brillent pack, was really interested again to try a different genre of music to broaden my libary of sounds. Originaly I was mostly interested in the techy synths in the Rex pack but when i came across some really versatile scapes perfect for creating a really dark breakdown i was extremly pleased, infact i layerd a few of these and it gave great effect. Grab this pack whilst you can, some amazing scapes and synths perfect for any budding producers libary no matter what genre you are creating. 9/10

    Probably the best pack iv ever had, everything in this is worthy of using in production, baselines, stabs, drums & FX this is not to be missed for any producer of any genre especially drum n bass! OD have been killing it since their first release and this pack is a small incite into the methods and skills that are so apparent in their lab. 10 out of 10 from me, don't not miss this one!

    I was browsing the site and felt i needed a different angle in my production, sumin like a wild card from the usual hard hitting, bassy dnb packs iv had in the past and collected over the years. Looking into this i found some amazing FX which just fill the empty space's. Great collection across the board,defiantly needed in any producers library of amo..get on it!!

    Atalanta Chill

    Rating: 10/10

    Seriously amazing pads and chord sequences with real ambient and atmospheric arrangements! If your looking to create a musical composition which captures an emotional state then look no further!! Open this pack up and not feel disappointed at all, value for money!

    Heavy Bass Oneshots

    Rating: 9/10

    Serious gully baseline's, Rankin audio delivering the goods once more... guarantee you if you were to purchase this pack at least one sample would find its way into a production you had ticking away! All bpm's covered, personal Favorited is the reece, can never get bored of that raw sound!! Nothing more to say then absolute perfection, does exactly what its says on the tin!!

    wow another amazing pack from Hospital Records camp. This one is serious, big beats, bass's and trade mark rhodes! London Elektricity has gone in deep on this pack. For me the beats are so clean and well arranged, its so hard not to use at least two or three drum samples in your composition. The Rhodes are fantastic, classic hospital sound captured perfectly well in this sample pack...10 / 10

    There's alot of deep house sample packs out there, where do you start?.. well look no further, if its big musical loops or crazy funky drum patterns then get involved with this. Some really well engineered bass samples inside, big punchy sub low patches perfect for your production to sit on! Don't hesitate 9/10

    Its really hard to come across a really good appreigator sample, in here is loads. Very clean and well engineered appreigator samples ready for any bpm, try staying away from the casual 128 and really experiment and im sure what your get is a surprise!! There are also some really great synth shots in here but tbh once you have found the appreigator section then its guna be a while tll you take a look at anything else haha

    Elektro House Producer

    Rating: 10/10

    Other than the sexy woman that admittedly I and many others was drawn to, this pack is extremely big! All the synths and bass rex's really work well together, layering the different individual sounds gives you this massive electro sound which I thought was only possible using some really warm analogue synths. This has been created to really inspire the producer and what better way way to do that than giving it top draw samples to work from!! 10/10 proper!!

    Utku S. brings the damage on this one. Great use of analogue sounds, with perfect warmth and texture which we love and know. The most usefull part of this pack are the drum sounds for me, some really great punchy samples!!! There is so much variety with in this pack, from pop-tastic to deep underground sounds, there isn't going to be much left from this pack that the producer isnt guna be using in his/her time as a budding producer. Get on board this one!!!

    Had a bit of a thing for deep electro synths and pads of late and came across this pack. After having it stored away on my hard drive I decided to open her up. Some really amazing percussion Rex's which also incorporate some glitchy pads which are very useful and to be honest, very different, I like different, different is good :) This pack is a must if you're looking to fill your sample library with little percussion samples that give your drum pattern that little extra funk.

    Tech House and Minimal

    Rating: 8/10

    Really focusing on tech & minimal house sample packs as im being surprised every time, and this will not disappoint. Immediatley i opened the drum hit percusion section and got what i was looking for in a track i was working on at the same time. Perfect synth arrangment's, gives you a real nice scape feel if your looking to focus on breakdowns. The bass shots are so great, not over compressed or over engineered, just basic analogue hits wich gives you the chance to add your own creative touch to. I give this 8 / 10, from a gully bass stab to perfect synth scape, you need this amo for your sample collection.

    Berlin Falling

    Rating: 9/10

    Some really great synth samples layered with glitchy drum hits instantly hooked me straight away. If your struggling with creating the perfect breakdown before the drop then these sample combinations are perfect, great use of atmosphere with intelegent stereo field use. Any bass freak will be impressed with the use of analogue stabs, loads of old vintage bass synths with obscene amoutns of low end, look no further as its all here. Some packs can be found abit repaative with the same old moogs etc... this really opens the spectrum. A really great sample pack with thought about samples perfect for any producer, whether its creating atmosphere or just tearing up a drum sequence without right bass, get involved, 9/10

    Tropical Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    Instantly grabbed by the woman on the front cover, straight away thats scored points for me haha :) Basically stumbled across this pack as i havnt really heard of tropical tech and was really interested in what it had to offer, and i wasnt disapointed. I went straight into the percusion section was like wow, really really clean percusion samples from all over the world. Percusion can really boost a tracks timbre and groove, and there's plenty of samples in here which iv found can do this. Once again, looking into the unknown can always be a surprise, definatly go for this if your percusion is needing updateing in your sample collection.

    I was looking for some-thing a little diferent and came across this gem. I was on a hunt for some really deep analogue synths and this done exactly what it said on the tin. Everything is very user freindly, simple synth arangements which can sit perfect on a drum track still allowing the beat breath. This packs deserve's all the attention it can get, no matter what genre of electro music production your into, there's something in here which will add to anyone's studio sample collection.

    Wow, amazing sample pack, Fracture delivering the goods on this one. Any budding dnb fan who wants to educate them selves outside the box then look no further. Great clean well engineered samples once again, showing off Fractures creativity and skills. Classic breaks with big synths all broken down into individual layers. Atomoshpere's & textures moulded into scapes. A fine examples of how sample packs should be made. 10/10, well worth a purchase!

  • Experimental drum n bass was what really got me excited about dnb when the likes of ASC and D Bridge brought soul back to dnb after a few years of it imo being lacking slightly, with the form & success of Autonomic. So to see a producer pack which had so much relevance to myself I had to grab it. Everything I expected to hear in ASC's sample pack was here and more. Using the reason Refill's there are great some really great and inspiring loops, musically and technically. I think the drum loops have to be the highlight of the pack, if you are aware of ASC's tracks then the re-verb and warmth he gets on his drums are second to none, all included within this great sample pack I rated 10/10. Big up!!!

    Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 7/10

    First impressions of this sample pack was that it could possibly contain your classic some what boring dubbed out samples which we have all heard before. I was surprisingly shocked to find inside it hard a great fresh dub sample sound, great bass-lines and even better drumbeats to mess with. There is alot of dub sound sample packs out there but this is one of the better one's. If your want to delve into the deep world of dub then look no further, start here.

    Soon as I saw this up for review I thought Christmas had come early. I couldn't think of any one more established than the Total Science boys, and for them to put together a sample pack was great to see. With a well laid out sample pack the user will not be disappointed. If its vintage with a fresh lick sample be it pads, vox or even a classic break warmed up through a range of out board fx and equipment then look no further! I was mostly impressed with the 'musical loops' area of samples, there are some great arrangement and clean Rex loops to use in any composition.

    Essential Dance Basses

    Rating: 7/10

    So many bass samples to choose from, all dance genre's are exploited in their raw element! Wether it be old analogue reece sounds or over compressed trance bass stabs its all covered with this user friendly sample pack. This sample pack gives the producer a good starting block with some real dry bass samples, ready for you to put on that extra dose of distortion or filteration and make it your own.

    Ed Solo is just a legend in any scene he takes his hand and ears too. Bass-lines were always his forte and to see a sample pack by Mr Ed Solo was great and id feel ashamed at my self if i didn't take time out to see what he had to offer. If you know or heard of Ed Solo before now then by all means;... ''Bass Lab'' some thing that goes hand in hand with this producer. You get the impression that Ed Solo he has literally gone in the lab for a month and just tore his synths and oscillators out and made a super nasty bass-line sample pack.

    Swedish house has dominated the commercial and underground scene with instant success. Big synths, big drums and catchy riffs, if you want to create a track with instant appeal, look no further these samples we defiantly make people move.


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