Over the last few years the word 'British' has appeared in music tech to describe famous EQ curves, compression settings and now the very month the British media is hinting at the chart return of guitar music comes a pack celebrating everything about the UK pop history of guitars .. Great thing is certain decades are interchangeable - You'll find the 70's orientated riffs stripped from any backing sound decidedly 90's and the cheeky 80's eqsue cockny riffs sound like Olly Murs is about to start singing over the top ..

What sets this pack firmly at the Top of Pops though is the playing and recording - Both are second to none ...Wandering though the pack you start coming up with ideas instantly as they actaully sound like songs parts which is something most guitar packs miss - guitarist -created packs too often end up wandering off into riffing nonsense , but every part of this pack is concise and instantly usable ..

Would be 10/10 if there were more but I'd much rather have quality instead of quantity .. can we do a processed / 80's version too ? (although more Flock of seagulls than Van Halen please )

Does exactly as it says on the tin, vintage 6 string sounds. This is a solid collection of guitar loops and tools that can work as a good starting point or handily slotted in o an existing arrangement. They've been recorded well and in decent sounding room.


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