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Trafik is an English progressive house duo consisting of Andrew Archer and John Elliott. They have released three studio albums and several singles on Global Underground and performed remixes for labels including Lost Language, Audio Therapy, Proton Music, and others. They performed the mix work on GU10 among other Global Underground releases. Their tracks have featured in tv shows like CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, and the Nike-developed exercise games EyeToy: Kinetic and EyeToy: Kinetic Combat.


  • Typical marvellousness from the wonder that is Weatherall and sonic partner, Walsh. For anyone starting out in house music production of a left-field persuasion this is the place to be. Wonderfully produced and compiled selection of hits, bits, pieces and loops that will help give your productions more than a hint of class. Full marks.

    Tropical House Serum

    Rating: 9/10

    Brilliant set of Tropical synth sounds. Straight 'out of the box' sounds, that perfectly utilise the immense power of Serum. Whether you're looking for bendy panpipes or punchy bass pulses this will be exactly what you're after.


    Rating: 9/10

    Massive pack of teeth-grindingly disturbing sounds, all produced at a wonderfully high quality -as you would perhaps expect from the title. All of the Cinetools packs tend to be a class above and this one doesn't disappoint. great as a tool for any video based sound design, but, also spot-on when you want to add some jarring layers of ambience to your musical projects.

    Dungeon Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Not really being dub producers the gold that attracted us to this pack was in the atmospheres, fx and one shots. There's obvious love, care an attention gone into each of these samples, as where some sample packs can become repetitive and perhaps without care here you'll find brilliant variation and quality. Great sounds, souped up with classy dub sonics and deep, dark atmospherics.

    Sergeant Lazer

    Rating: 7/10

    Solid selection of loops in the vein of current chart dominators Major Lazer. Does exactly what it says on the tin - if you're looking for a collection of loops to construct something in this vein, or perhaps using certain vibes as a starting point this pack is for you!

    Very solid collection of drum sounds, well worth adding to your percussive arsenal. Whats especially worth mentioning that bonus has been put on quality rather than quantity - so what you get is a tight, varied selection of hits that is easy to use, as opposed to having a wall of sounds that all sound mighty similar.

    Drums Of Sparta

    Rating: 9/10

    A peach of a find for anyone who loves their music with a touch of the Zimmer on the down beat. Beautifully put together drum loops that either give you a one stop shop for cinematic rhythm sections, or act as a great jumping off point for creating unique sounding drums for any genre. Worth mentioning that there is great range of tempos also.


    Rating: 10/10

    Without doubt one of the highest quality cinematic sound design packs available on the market. Producing with real punch and presence, there is a huge selection of transfers, ambiences and hits - and every single one of them an absolute gem.

    If like us you depend on a little 'real' to juxtapose your 'synthetic' then you always love it when a pack like this comes along. This a beautifully constructed set of hits and loops that whilst are certainly organic in their parts, are perfectly suited to the more electronic genres in their sum construction. Stand out section is perhaps the foley hits, which provide several variations of each sound, making them hugely usable. Good stuff.

    Fragments 02

    Rating: 10/10

    Its a rare thing when a sample pack comes along and sounds exactly how you imagine it will, and this did just that. We were looking for dark, broken electronic textures and 'fragments' to add weight to a score and this came a long a did exactly what was required. A beautiful collection of modern electronic sounds. Top notch.

    JQR - Drone & Noise

    Rating: 10/10

    In twenty years of hunting sounds we've learned that what is perhaps the most valuable resource for production, is having a strong library of the 'less thought-off' sonic dynamics that are needed to create a unique vibe - and this is a fantastic example of just that. In other words, this is a beautiful collection of wonderfully produced, other-worldly moans, glitches and groans that are ever present in modern electronica.

    Anyone who's ever pointed a mouse at a DAW knows that the ability to produce a high quality snare and clap sounds is the holy grail of music production on all genres. Thats where quality sample packs like this come into their own. The ability to reference 'all the snares' is a powerful weapon in the war to achieve successful, mid range punch. Great variety, great quality.

    Every producer waxes lyrical about being able to create drum tracks from the percussive noises created by every day objects, but few (including us) can ever find the energy to actually do it. Fewer have the microphone and recording know how to pull it off so that a ruler snap can sit comfortably into a full dynamic mix. This sample pack nails the art to the extent that the identity of the source becomes less important to the quality of the percussion sounds themselves. So despite the fact that what you buy is a sample pack of sounds created from and labelled as keyrings and soldering irons, what you're actually getting is a very high quality percussion sound set, full of strange and obscure noises suitable for any genre. To top it all off, the loops are interesting and really well programmed. Top notch.

    The biggest problem that we find with sample packs is that they can occasionally be too dependent on the norm and as a result can be a little uninspiring. Especially when sometimes what you need from them is to provide the last little touch of 'je ne se quoi' to an almost-complete production. It is that that this bundle of love provides. It is packed to brimful of interesting drum and percussion sounds and loops that have been invaluable to add flavor to what might be considered bog-standard drum tracks. Brilliant.

    Designer Dance Cymbals

    Rating: 10/10

    Love these packs - the Kick and Snare/Clap packs were top notch and this collection of cymbals are every bit as impressive. Huge props have to go to the RV guys for the work that goes into these drum libraries - as far as stock sounds go, the Designer Drum series are our fist port of call every time.

    Cinematic Fx Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is a great addition to the cinematic fx collection. This time out the sounds err towards the electronic side of sound design and provide an interesting and high quality selection of glitches and beeps along side the ever necessary collection of rumbles, ambiences and transfer effects.

    Absolute gem of a sample pack. We're always far more excited to get a hold of sample packs that don't fixate on a genre, or sometimes in this case, musicality as a whole. It allows far more versatility when implementing moments into existing productions, though that is in no way saying that there aren't sounds and hits that will inspire you to create new music. All in all, an amazing pack of atmospheric wonderfulness that will work whatever your musical tour de force.

    Explosive Glitch Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Does what it says on the label. Punchy, well produced and well placed set of samples that are bang on the money when it comes to constructing the glitchiest of hop. The musical loops are nice and varied rather than re-hashing the same hook which is always nice. Definitely worth a gander.


    Rating: 10/10

    This is just wonderful. A huge collection of clean, brilliantly produced sound effects that have come in handy for both music production and sound design. There's a nice range of modern, full quality whooshes and bangs, as well as lots of noodley little 8 bit glitches and much, much more. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

    Daft Funk

    Rating: 9/10

    Does exactly what is says on the tin and more. Great collection of funk/disco samples with a huge wedge of filter house chucked in for good measure. No surprise at all that its currently best seller. Bang on trend and bang on quality. Good stuff.

  • We really liked this sample pack. Bang on the money drum sounds, great for all of the current electronic music trends. Tight where necessary and phat where needed. Nice little selection of sound effects as well! If you're looking to get some modern club grooves rocking quickly, you could do a lot worse than picking this up.

    Blown away by the quality of this pack. Drums recorded in a flattering way, in what sounds to be a fun room to work in. Nicely tuned toms are always a plus, (yet often over looked.) Tight as f**k playing as well. Was looking for the tighter drums sounds, but was impressed with some of the more open sounding playing. Regardless of genre there will be something here for you.

    Great selection of vocals which have been lovely recorded and produced. I've mainly been using them as a starting point for sound design, but the quality of songwriting is as strong as you'll ever hear from a sample pack. On a final note it's always good to hear no effects on the files - no one needs an acapella with echo!

    Wonderfully crafted collection of destroyed synth and noise loops. An amazing mixture of melodic synth glitches and all out noise effects. A lot of work must of went into this and it was worth it, in my humble opinion. Breath of fresh air to hear something this handy that isn't genre specific.

    Funk Guitar

    Rating: 10/10

    Easily the best selection of guitar licks we've ever seen. Great recordings, great variety and a great range of tempos and keys. Can't really think of a genre going that these samples wouldn't come in use for! Great stuff.

    Does exactly as it says on the tin, vintage 6 string sounds. This is a solid collection of guitar loops and tools that can work as a good starting point or handily slotted in o an existing arrangement. They've been recorded well and in decent sounding room.

    Brilliant collection of hits for beats 2, 4 and more. This is an immensely conclusive assortment of snares and claps. Well produced and a great variety of hits. I really can't speak highly enough and certainly cant think of a reason not to buy this pack.

    Love the man, love the sample packs. Inspiring collection of beats and basses that bode from the more cultured side of house music. Great slow grooves, wandering bass lines with some eye-blinking deep-down-dirty-detroit techno hooks thrown in for good measure. Sky reachers need not apply. Which is nice.

    The 'Ultimate' series of packs are shaping up to be some of the best sample packs available. The depth of variety around a theme is always quite staggering and this collection of samples is no different. Does what it says on the tin, in short it's an immense mix of drills, whoops and womps that will help inject that dynamic 'je ne sais quoi' into your tracks.

    Transitions FX

    Rating: 10/10

    The usual wonderful stuff from Quantum loops. This pack is a real life saver for injecting life into structural and dynamic shifts with a few deft strokes of a cursor in a library. A lot of FX packs seem to come straight out of the RAM of a 1980s Casio, but there has been very apparent care and attention given to creating some cultured tasteful sounds. Lovely.

    Cinematic FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Without doubt, a most useable pack of dynamic effects that I've been using a lot for score work over the last couple of weeks. Wonderfully produced and with all of the eerie twistedness required for the majority of cinematic material. This said, these effects used in the right way would add some serious impact to any of the various dark electronic genres. Good stuff.

    Ultimate Dubstep 2

    Rating: 10/10

    More of the same from the Rankin Audio stable. Huge, aggressive and useable. I've been using these hits, fx and loops to augment anything from Cinematic work to underpinning more solid electronic material. Drum hits are punchy, synth hits are snarly. Top marks.

    Designer Dance Kicks

    Rating: 10/10

    The sign of quality in anything to do with music production, whether hardware or software based, is how easily it fits into your workflow - be it speeding up the process or improving it. This little pack does both. Not only will you get a better kick sound than you've previously been working with, but it'll happen in seconds.

    Ultimate Massive Presets

    Rating: 10/10

    Dirt, just sheer dirt. The kids are really going to love this one. Remarkable collection of sounds for the world's most popular plug in and not a filler in sight. Must have for purveyors of electronic grunts and groans.

    Very handy sample pack that hit's the nail on the head as far as current trends for club music go. Great selection of drum hits that have being obviously lovingly produced. Nice mixture of beep percussion hits and beefy kick samples etc. Great selection of utility sounds here as well in the shape of dub tones and moog rasp hits that are great for underpinning stand out lead sounds in any production. Good stuff.

    Live Lounge

    Rating: 8/10

    Great set of sounds produced to a seemingly perfect quality. Does exactly what is says on the tin. Working on a project to demo a new female songwriter and this sample CD helped a week of work progress without a hitch. Really well thought out.

    Disco Drops

    Rating: 10/10

    These are seriously high quality drum packs, that have obviously been put together with a huge amount of love and attention. They do what they say on the tin, genre wise, but the level of detail and complexity in which the drum stems have been delivered is what really sets these libraries apart. If you're looking to build a great sounding disco record of any style/era then this is a brilliant starting point. But, not just that, with only a certain amount of creativity and a decent pair of virtual scissors, there is a huge amount of resources to be garnered for p[producers of any style.

    Very usable set of sounds here, was a few bits and pieces that we used straight of the bat which is always a good indication of a quality sample library. The loops are going to appeal to the messiest of tech-heads and the glitchiest of the electro-lovers.

    A vast range of quality samples from a quality producer with a vast range. Nice to see a wider spectrum of tempos, which means regardless of the music your making there's something here for you. Must have.

    Outstanding drums and dirty ass basslines make this a must have sample pack release from the legendary Meat Katie. The FX samples are of particular note, highly recommended.

  • Beautifully constructed pack of sounds for all electronic producers, not just those that are techno-logically inclined. Sounds with wonderful ambiance and snappy glitchy-ness everywhere, all produced to the very highest standard. Deeper than afternoon tea with Mahatma Ghandi and the Dalai Lama.

    French Electro House

    Rating: 8/10

    Great set of sounds for those wishing to take a stroll down the Champs 'Elysee of house music. All the right amounts of distortion on the bass lines and the right amount of snap on the drums. Tres Bon.

    Excellent mix of sounds that could fit into house production of any description. A lot of unique, cool music loops on this one but for me the drum samples are the real gem of the pack. The kicks sound as fat as they should and the snares as snappy as they ought to be. Good stuff.

    Wonderful bunch of sounds from some true electronic masters. For me the beauty is in the details here, some awesome one shots and effects. Must buy.

    Nice set of sounds from Mr Maas. The kit sounds are the stand out here, wonderfully rounded kicks and snappy snares and hats. Great as a utility for fattening any tech fused production.

    Very excited about this sample CD. Certainly some of the best snare hits around and without doubt some frickin' huge bass hits. If this doesn't bring out your inner 'wobble', then nothing will.

    Great set of sounds that are bang on genre. The Bass and Musical are the big highlight for me here. Wonderfully crafted and effected pack!

    Excellent sounds from a great producer. Does exactly what it says on the tin. From the outset of the basis of tech production to adding a final electronic sparkle to any productions, its bang on.

    Wonderful utility sample pack from a breaks master. Tight kits and wobbling basslines all the way. Must have.

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 10/10

    Stunning collection of dynamic effect for all kinds of electronic music. Not limited to you're common or garden white noise whooshs and woops either. Some seriously nice bits of noise.

    Lovely set of house kits in this pack, massively punchy with a good hit of snap. Also Jay-J serves up a lovely bunch of grooves which will nestle neatly into a host of house beats.

    Funk Guitars

    Rating: 8/10

    A great little find for us on the site. A great set of riffs. Lot's of tones and styles, all wearing a very dashing, funky and most of all, flashy hat.


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