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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Breaks, Funk, Guitars, Hip Hop, and Jazz


One Shots

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BPM: 86 - 115

The legends that are the baker brothers are back and i must get every pack they release. The quality and variety of amazing drum fills hits and breaks are refreshing ad rich. There is also a heavy amount of guitar horns and key lps and 4 tempos of bass folders all of which can be twisted up. I would also recommend the baker brothers funk session series.

The Baker Brothers packs are always superb. A real class act from Monster Sounds here. Real cool usable riffs and leading to a massive temptation to just make whole tracks from the pack alone. If this is the vibe you are after then there really is no better option. Great players, great recording, great loops. GREAT GREAT GREAT.

Instead of running out of music TBB have increased the size of their 3rd pack. More funky bass, key and drum riffs than you'd possibly need and all well recorded of course. Unlike some of the 'live' packs which can drift a little timing wise - these are nailed to the floor and can be used in the background or forefront of many dance styles


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